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					     Dr. Joan Lanier
It’s Really Me & Only Me ID

      Alicia Temoche
       Ana Martinez

 Presented by: Alicia Temoche
     Business Summary

 Dr. Joan Lanier is an endodontist
 Dental practice in Southfield, Michigan, near
 Dr. Lanier has invented a unique Dental
  Examination and Identity Protection Program
 The existing website is
  Business Objectives
 Improve the web presence of the dental
  practice to improve the patient’s experience

 Market the It's Really Me & Only Me ID kit
  to patients, dentists and other groups.
Success Metrics
   Dr. Lanier launches the new website
   Patient’s and other visitors to the website
    like it
   Patients and others give positive feedback
Operation Models

  Click and mortar dental office
  Promoted by referrals from general
   dentists and existing patients
  Retain customers and get their referrals by
   providing exceptional customer service
  Business Models
 Referrals from general dentists who
  determine the patient’s need for endodontic

 Both the practice and the ID kit are marketed
  to both businesses and consumers

     Transaction Model: B2C/B2B
     Future Growth

 Attracting and retaining new patients

 Exceptional dental techniques and superior
  customer service

 Market the It's Really Me & Only Me ID kit.

 The practice will promote the website, and vice
 Comparative Analysis

Dr. Lanier’s current website is missing some
 obvious pages:
     directions to the office
     referring doctors form
     dental procedure description pages
Competitive Landscape
We found two other Endodontic offices with
websites in the area:

   Renaissance Endodontics PLLC

   Professional Endodontics PC
Industry Analysis
 The field is highly specialized
 If the general public’s oral hygiene
  improves, there will be fewer patient’s for
  each endodontist
 Endodontists must maintain a high
  standard of customer service – part of this
  is online presence
       Market Segmentation
Families, dentists, physicians, hospitals, healthcare
providers, schools, businesses, human resource
departments, government agencies, travel agencies,
and relocation agencies

Primary Target:
   Families
   Dentists
   Health care providers
Customer Needs
    Ability to contact the office for an appointment
    Online referral information for referring dentist
    The ability to find the information online relating
     to ID kit.
    The patient must have a pleasant experience
        In office
Marketing Strategy

Patients will be gained from patient and
doctor referrals
  Value Proposition
       Quality dental care with unique ID protection service

   Positioning Strategy
       Marketing her services and invention to patients and dentists,
        offering ID kit training to dentists

   Market Entrance Strategy
       Dr. Lanier is already treating patients and selling ID kits in her
Project Plan
   Dr. Joan Lanier
It’s Really Me & Only Me ID

        Alicia Temoche
         Ana Martinez

    Presented by: Ana Martinez
Design Plan
Site View / Wireframe
   Header: Dental ID logo, Dental Practice name
   Images & illustrations
       Dental kit
       Dental office
   Content:
       Home page paragraph
            Brief description of services under header
       Content organizational and task based
   Global navigation:
       Bottom left of the home page
            Contact us
            Directions
 Site View / Wireframe

     Navigation
     Purchasing
     Information retrieval
Primary links
     Home
     Dental ID kit
     New patient info
Page Views /
User Interface Design

    Easy to navigate
    Not crowded (like previous site)
    Consistent
    Website is divided in two main sections:
        Dental Kit
        Dental Services
    Navigation Design
   Clear and simple
   Same format for all pages
   Menu bar on left side top to bottom
   Global links part of the main menu bar
   Links reduce navigation time, hold interest,
    achieve goals
       Contact us
            Ordering / Appointments
       Download forms
       Directions
Visual Design
   High resolution images
   Used by people requiring dental services and
    business users
   Colors: Red & White & Blue
       brand recognition – using original logos
       Colors consistent with medical products packaging
   White Background
   Testimonials on a timer
Editorial Style
User Platform
   Users with:
       Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Home edition XP,
        Vista, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Apple 9 and OSX
   Internet connections:
       Dial-up modem (56K), T1, DSL, Cable Modem and
   Browsers:
       Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari and
Developer Platform
   PC or MAC
       Website developed using:
            Adobe
            Dreamweaver
            Fireworks
            Flash
            Swish
       HTML code can be edited using other
Test Plan
Consumer Testing
   Design / Interface Testing
       Feedback from users of current site
   Navigation Testing
       Repeated testing
       Ease of use
       Three layers deep
   Usability Testing
       Dental office employees provide feedback
            Compare new site with old site
Business Testing:
Content Checking
   Content provided by business:
       History
       Testimonials
       Press releases
       Products offered
   Check spelling
   Updates
   Revenue generation
       “Place Order” must always work
   Can user
       Find required information?
       Track orders?
Business Testing
Functionality Testing
   Quick, to the point
   Think like users, determine optimal functionality
        Monitor functions
        Jpeg format not gif for best picture resolution, function
Browser/OS Compatibility Testing
   PC and Mac users have different:
        Operating systems
        Internet connections
        Browsers
   Does site always function normally?
   Dr. Joan Lanier
It’s Really Me & Only Me ID

        Alicia Temoche
         Ana Martinez

   Presented by: Alicia Temoche
Marketing Plan
Website Marketing
 Innovator

 Revolutionary identification protection
       Dentists
       Dental patients
   Develop brand recognition
       Word of mouth promotion
       Promotion in office and on the website
Threats to Substitution

   Low threat of substitution currently
       New product
   Medical records increasingly kept
       Others may introduce similar service
   Dr. Lanier has patent protection
Online Sales Strategy
   Create competitive advantage with superior product
   Promotion
       Dentist
       Dental office
       Website
   Oprah Winfrey show with QVC shopping network
   Monitoring customers
       Emails
       clicking patterns
   Look to improve the website
       What motivates our customers?
       Understanding patients’ needs
       Fast delivery and immediate availability of services.
Channel Management
   Website, and dental offices, will offer the ID
   Dr. Lanier will offer training on ID exam
   Dr. Lanier will provide quality service
   A sales force
       Dental offices
       Nursing homes
       Schools
       Government agencies
   Selective distribution will be implemented
Brand Management
   Great value
   New brand
       Needs strengthening
       The “It’s Really Me & Only Me ID” name will be
   Easy to remember, recognize
   Repeated use of printed and electronic
    information with brand’s logo and tagline
Customer Relationship
   Its vital
   Training for examiners
   Website will enhance customer service by
    transmitting the information the user wants
   Dr. Lanier will certify other professionals as
   Website will promote her customers and her
    endodontic practice to new patients
   Dr. Lanier will be available to answer
    questions and provide support

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