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   Domestic Animal Services Dogs ... Deserve Daily Walks                                                           February 2012
   Domestic Animal Services Dogs ... Deserve Daily Walks                                                           February 2012

                                                                                     Letter from the Editor
                                                                                     We are delighted to feature a great photo of
                                                                                     Chief Minister Katy Gallagher MLA with her
                                                                                     dogs. The Chief Minister is a strong supporter
                                                                                     of the DAS volunteers’ program and over many
                                                                                     years has been a wonderful advocate for dog
                                                                                     We have a terrific photo of DAS volunteers at
                                                                                     the Christmas party in our new T-shirts, with
                                                                                     thanks to the photographer, Ranger Zoe. The
                                                                                     T-shirt design was generously produced for
                                                                                     volunteers and donated by designer Carolyn
                                                                                     Our feature article is about the ARKs.
                                                                                     Volunteers often see these parked in the large
                                                                                     yard and many have wondered how they are
                                                                                     We also feature DAS volunteer Jennifer
                                                                                     Marshall, there is another great dog book and
                                                                                     some good news from DAS about greyhounds.
                                                                                     Happy volunteering!

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher MLA with her lovely dogs Tommy
                                                                                     Di Johnstone
                                                                                     DAS Volunteer and Editor
(left) and Monty (right). Monty was adopted from the RSPCA.

   More volunteers join up in 2012
 Thank you to the volunteers that put in the extra hours and effort over the silly season, keeping the walking
 program going and the dogs in care happier. Well done!
 Many of us finished last year by attending the annual DAS volunteers’ Christmas party which provided an
 opportunity to celebrate our great efforts during the year and to discuss common issues and experiences
                                                                                                                   Simon Tadd on
 shared. I believe it is important that we know we are part of a dedicated team that really does make a huge       the BBQ.
 difference to the lives of the dogs that find themselves in care.
 Over the holiday period I have received over thirty new enquiries from prospective volunteers eager to join the program—a great
 response. The 2012 roster is now filled and there is a long waiting list as back-up. Due to the huge interest received I will not be
 taking further names for the waiting list for at least three months. I find that people who come forward to volunteer want to start
 as soon as possible, and to make them wait six months or more is not reasonable and leads to dissatisfaction with the process.
 I expect to have six volunteers rostered for each day that DAS is open. This may mean an oversupply of volunteers on any given
 day. If you turn up and all the dogs have already been walked, please look for the medium-sized high-energy dogs and let them
 have a second walk—they will appreciate it.
 Simon Tadd, DAS Volunteer Coordinator

                                                                                                 DAS volunteers at the Christmas party.
   Bo ew
      vi          Oogy ... the dog only a family could love
                           Written by Larry Levin • Published by Hachette Book Group
     This New York Times bestseller is a poignant book about a dog that had a terribly hard
     start in life. Oogy was a puppy rescued by police from a dog fighting ring and taken to
     an animal hospital. He had been used as ‘dog bait’ for fighting dogs and had appalling
     injuries. One side of his face had been ripped off and he was not expected to live, but a
     dedicated vet was determined that he should. His severe injuries required many surgeries
     and dramatically affected the way he looked.
     Oogy, a Dogo Argentina, a dog bred for hunting wild boar and puma, was adopted by
     the Levin family. Despite some initial concern about his breed they had tremendous
     sympathy for his plight. Oogy proved a handful at first and became a very large dog but
     was also very affectionate. He was a much loved companion to the Levins’ adopted twin
     This story is a stark reminder of the horrible consequences for animals used in dog fighting and that this terribly cruel
     and illegal activity still goes on. One of the vets notes drily that, in the US, dog fighting groups often obtain ‘bait’ animals
     from newspaper advertisements offering cats and dogs ‘free to good home’. A heartwarming but sobering book.

                                                                                   DAS volunteer profile
     Ask the Registrar ?                      use this?                      Jennifer Marshall
 Can I bring my own collar and lead and
                                          ever, dogs must be
 You may bring your own lead. How
 walked on a choker      chain supplied by DAS.
                                               us behaviour issue with
 Who should I tell if I think there is a serio
 a dog that I have walked/exercised?
                                           you notice any serious
 You should inform a DAS Ranger if
  behaviour issue.
                                             on the kennel?
  What does it mean if there is a red dot
                                            nel gate because of a
  A red dot may be placed on the ken
                                           es. The dog is not to be
  dog’s health, age or behaviour issu
                                               ever, be exercised in
  taken on the walking trail. It may how
  one of the exercise yards.

Dog obedience: some options
    So you can’t get your dog to do what it should? Tried
    everything you/your relatives/well-meaning friends can
    think of without success? Or just think that it should be a
                                                                                                    Jennifer Marshall with her beautiful rescue
    bit better behaved at home or in public places? Many of                                               dogs Harry (left) and Mouche (right).
    us have dogs that need a bit of help.
    There are some commercial suppliers of dog training but              I am Jennifer Marshall, retired and a long term dog lover. As
    you could also try one of the following organisations:               a DAS walker I share a 15-20 minute walk with as many of
                                                                         the dogs at the DAS pound as can be fitted into a two hour
    ACT Companion Dog Club at Narrabundah                                session—generally five or six dogs in a morning. I am more of                                                    a large dog person, but of course that is balanced out by those
    Belconnen Obedience Dog Club at Mitchell                             who prefer the smaller breeds. My group of walkers also like to                                                      have a chat about the current dogs we see in the kennels, and
    Tuggeranong Dog Training Club at Greenway                            a quick hello to the rangers.                                                      There is always the temptation to want to adopt particularly
   RSPCA shelter at Weston Creek:                                        appealing pooches, and this happened a couple of weeks                  ago after we lost our beautiful German Shorthair Pointer,
   puppy-training                                                        Sophie. Mouche has now joined our family and is fitting in
                                                                         wonderfully with us and Harry our rescued Afghan.
   In addition DAS has a DVD which you can access by
   e-mailing:                                      I especially value the fact that this form of volunteering is as
                                                                         good for the volunteer as for the animals— the exercise is
   So there is no excuse for your dog being other than well-
   behaved in Canberra!                                                  doing you, as well as the dog, a lot of good!
                                                          Feature Article

                                                  Our ARKs
                                                 by Jason Ritzen, DAS Ranger
The ARK trailers are an important asset for DAS and provide a command and control point for the re-location and/or control of
animals affected by a major event such as a bushfire or disease outbreak.
The ARKs were designed by former DAS Registrar, Drew McLean and the DAS Rangers after the 2003 Canberra bushfires. The project
was funded through the Emergency Management Australia Local Grants Scheme. The ARKs were also featured on the ABC ‘Inventors’
The ARKs are designed to travel to emergency situations and be set up as an assigned Recovery Centre. The victims of the
emergency can bring their pets to the ARK. People who have found lost pets can also bring these to the ARK. The animals that can
be managed by ARKs include domestic pets such as dogs, cats and guinea pigs. The ARK also includes portable stockyards for the
care of livestock including horses.
The ARKs are ‘mobile pounds’ on wheels and also serve as trailers to carry feed for animals in distress. Both ARKs are self sufficient
with generators to run their fridges, UHF radios and the lighting system.
On one side both ARKs have an office in which the Rangers may impound an animal and can take all its details. The animal is issued
with a DAS yellow tag with ‘ARK’ printed on it so the Rangers can differentiate between DAS tags and those of other organisations on
the animal. The details put into the database include the name of a pet, its owner(s), contact details and alternative contact details,
ear markings, distinct markings, microchips, the location to which the animal is being sent, a photo of the animal and the condition
of the animal. The ARK database is available online to be easily searched.
The other side of the ARKs is fitted out with the ‘mobile pound’ equipment which can hold up to 30 dogs if needed and more if extra
cages are brought in. The ARKs have a basic medical kit supplied within them to allow a Ranger to provide care for injured animals
                                                          until the Ranger can safely and quickly have the animal transported to the
                                                          nearest veterinary practice.
                                                          The ARKs have been deployed several times in the field, including for
                                                          the recent Mitchell chemical factory fire in the ACT. Both ARKs were also
                                                          deployed to assist during the Victorian bushfires in 2009 and Rangers Matt
                                                          Guest, Brendon Frost, Tim Gibb and I were sent to help during this Victorian
                                                          disaster. The ARKs were deployed to various locations including Flowerdale.
                                                          They were utilised to deliver feed to stock and other animals and to
                                                          transport native and domestic injured animals to veterinary practices for
                                                          Both ARKs also contain bio-security equipment for use in an exotic disease
                                                          The ARKs are usually located at DAS in Symonston ready for immediate use.

        Inside the ARKs

                                                             The ARKs and Rangers on duty during the 2009 Victorian bushfires.

     An ARK in use during the Mitchell chemical fire in September 2011.
                                                                     Information for migra
                                                                     DAS will make a presen
                                                                     Resolution Service’s Healt n at the Conflict
                                                                    Expo 2012 at the Cook Co Neighbourhood
                                                                    Sunday 4 March 2012. Th munity Hall on
                                                                                               e Expo will be held
                                                                    from 10 am to 2 pm and
                                                                                             this year will have a
                                                                    multicultural focus.

          DASNEWS                                Rules for the Arboretum

                                                                                         tum on a Sunday during
                                                 You can take your dog to the Arbore
                                                                                       to roads and paths at all times;
                                                 daylight hours, but you must keep
                                                                                           s; and your dog must be on a
                                                 be vigilant for wildlife and site hazard
                                                                                           dler at all times. Owners must
                                                 lead and under the control of the han
                                                                                         by the dog and comply with all
                                                 also ensure wildlife is not impacted
                                                                                        as picking up dog poo! You also
                                                 relevant Territory regulations such
                                                                                         that have been sighted at the
                                                  need to be careful of brown snakes
                                                                                          the Arboretum site is closed. For
                                                  Arboretum. If there is a total fire ban
                                                                                         ra Connect on 13 22 81.
                                                  further information contact Canber

              Good news for gr                                   muzzle exemption d
                                    training course to provide               mmence
              The ACT’s first dog r the Domestic Services Act 2000 co for
                                   de                                      se
              for greyhounds un 12. The five week socialisation cour e Bullivant
              at DAS in January
                                   20                                that Dav
                                                 behaviour training initial course is
               greyhounds    is part of the dog         ngs at DAS. The
                                  on Saturday morni g and its keeper undertake the
               of Dog Tech runs
                                     r five weeks. If a do                  requirement
               one hour a week fo d will be exempt from the current currently
                                     un                              urses are
               course, the greyho               ic places. Similar co ation about future
                to wear a m uzzle in ACT publ               ore inform
                                        Queensland. For m 599 949.
                on offer in NSW and                        11
                                     avid Bullivant on 04
                courses, contact D

          Rescue Groups ...
                                                    The major Canberra based dog rescue organisations working cooperatively with DAS are:

                                                                   RSPCA ACT                         Canberra Pooch Rescue
                                                                   ACT Rescue and Foster Inc. CARA
                                                           A number of breed-specific organisations also rescue dogs from DAS.

                                                                                                                    To become a volunteer
                                                                                                                       Telephone 6207 2249
                               Domestic Animal Services (DAS) works to ensure the welfare of domestic                 For more information
                               animals in the Territory. The DAS facilities at Mugga Lane, Symonston cater              Telephone: 13 22 81
                               for dogs found roaming, straying or lost in the ACT.                                       Fax: (02) 6207 2252
detach here

         Comments—please tear off and leave at DAS reception with any views, suggestions, or questions for the editor.

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