; Workers pull girl from SUV
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Workers pull girl from SUV


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									The Indiana Gazette                                                                                         Region                                                                          Tuesday, February 14, 2012 — Page 9

  Workers pull                                                                                                                                       HONOR ROLLS

  girl from SUV                                                                          Purchase Line Jr./Sr. High School
                                                                             PURCHASE LINE — The                                       Honors                          Jacqueline Patton, Ashley       Crawford, Allison Goodlin,
                                                                           following students were                          Courtney Boyer, Shane                      Prugh, Cody Richards.           Ashley Goodlin, Hannah Grif-
    Continued from Page 1             the driver’s seat and the            named to the honor roll for                    Compton, Kelsey Davis, Cody                    Brianna Riva, Morgan          fiths, Jessica Harvath, Brooke
overturned vehicle that               door.                                the second nine-week grad-                     Fetterman, William Harmon,                   Scalese, Lacy Shultz, Sophia    Jones.
was nearly full of water.               “I jumped in and got her           ing period at Purchase Line                    Carrie Johns, Vincent Lovejoy,               Smith, Jonathan Snyder, John       Kelsee Lazor, Kip Mattis,
  State police did not iden-          foot out and pulled her              Junior/Senior High School:                     Taylor Meckley, Laura Miller,                Stibrik, Alec Sunderlin, John   Sierra Misko, Carly Mumau,
tify the girl, but workers            out,” Harkleroad said. “She                     GRADE 12                            Taylor Mills, Joshua Moss.                   Vernot, Morgan Weis, Shawna     Madelaine Peles, Kelly Pierce,
involved in the rescue said           was unconscious. I got her                     High honors                            Ryan Mumau, Johnna                         Yeager.                         Sarah Smith, Mikhala Stover.
her name is Carmen Bills.             up on the bank.”                       Kalyn Blake, Bo Blose,                       Orosz, Joseph Price, Tanner                              GRADE 9                           Honors
  There was no cellphone                Dave Marshall, the con-            Emma Brady, Alan Deyarmin.                     Reitz, Dustin Roddy-Karadus,                           High honors              Brady Caleb, Dylan De-
service at the site of the            struction company’s man-                         Honors                             Karli Rorabaugh, Jacinda                       Caitlyn Gardner, Gabriella    twiler, Matthew Dixon, Cody
crash, so one construction            ager, started CPR on the               Shalee Antisdel, Jennifer                    Schuring, James Spaid, Luke                  Scott, Kira Smith, Tabitha      Farmery, Brooke Faught,
company           employee            girl, then Harkleroad took           Baker, Katherine Batten-                       Stolitza, Dannielle Thornton,                Yates.                          Jaycelyn      Fleming,    Tyra
rushed to the office to call          over, helped by an Elderton          Kime, John Bouch, Victoria                     Bethanie Vasbinder.                                       Honors             Frantz, Jammie Goss, William
911 while the others                  police officer who had ar-           Chilcote, Brittany Curley,                                GRADE 10                            Royce Bish, Cassandra Bor-    Harkins, Jonah Nichols,
jumped into the water and             rived on the scene.                  Khelsey Daisher, Stephanie                               High honors                        ing, Rebecca Carnahan,          Larissa Rearick, Chance Self,
attached a nylon strap                  “She started to cry and            Dilts, Bethany Duck.                             Sydney Baker, William                      Michael Curry, Charles De-      Jessica Stanford, Samuel
from their pickup truck to            breathe” and was con-                  Nicquelyn Fetterman, Alle-                   Brady, Amy Elling, Gavin                     yarmin, Emerald Dotts, Eric     Stanford, Haley Sturgeon.
the upside-down SUV.                  scious and still crying when         sha Fridley, Seth Goodlin,                     Ewing,      Adam     Farmery,                Faught, Hannah Gallaher,                     GRADE 7
  When the tires on the               paramedics took her to a             Bryanna Hart, Nicholas                         Miguel      Gracian,     Anna                Randy Greene, Brandon                      High honors
pickup started to spin, the           waiting medical emer-                Hudak, Denna Lee, Cassan-                      Harkleroad, Megan Hudson,                    Gromley,      Shy   Harmon,        Sara Buterbaugh, Kayla
employees jumped on the               gency helicopter to fly her          dra Long, Kaylee Maughan,                      Zackory Jennings, Cassandra                  Cheyann Johnson.                Mikesell, Nathan Moore,
back to give it more trac-            to a Pittsburgh hospital,            Ashley McLaughlin.                             McCoy, Evan Ober, Nicole                       Alicia Leasure, Toni Low-     Kayla Nichol.
tion, Scott Harkleroad                Scott Harkleroad said.                 Paige Nichols, Bonnie Reil-                  Phillips, Crystal Shaw, Brooke               man, Christopher McClead,                     Honors
said.                                   Bruce Harkleroad, the              ly, Breanna Ruddock, Emily                     Temchulla.                                   Katie Mertens, Aubrey Mills,       Paige Boarts, Kristen Ger-
  “We pulled the (over-               company’s owner, said his            Small, Amy Stiffler, Amy                                    Honors                          Rachel Phillips, Kayleigh       lesky, Sarah Gromley, Oressa
turned) vehicle up on its             employees        periodically        Sullinger, Brianna Wasiw,                        Taylor Antisdel, Brittani                  Rice, Jedidiah Schuring,        Harkins, Lexie Huey, Brandy
side” and broke out a pas-            complete CPR training.               Kristina Wise, Patience Wolfe.                 Bell, Anna Blose, Aaron Bor-                 Travis Smith, Matthew Weis,     McCrory, Casey Pearce,
senger side window, he                  Police said Christopher                       GRADE 11                            ing, April Boyer, Kirsten                    Jeffrey Zurenko.                Hunter Rice, Montanna Rice,
said.                                 Bills suffered a minor in-                     High honors                          Chverchko, Monique De-                                   GRADE 8             Brooke Riva, Veronica Scott,
  The rescuers could then             jury.                                  Jacob Crawford, Eric Dixon,                  yarmin, Tyler Fridley, Saman-                          High honors           Caitlyn Smith, Joseph Sowers,
see that the child safety               Carmen Bills is in critical        Deanna Duman, Devin                            tha Junod.                                     Jordan Barr, Benjamin         Victoria Stibrik.
seat in the rear of the vehi-         but stable condition at              Ewing, Summer Fisher, Brett                      Ashley Karlinsey, Garrett
cle was empty.                        Children’s Hospital in Pitts-        Lomman, Sarah Peles, Joshua                    Karlinsey, Carrie Keith, Zoe
  Then they spotted the               burgh, a hospital spokes-            Pierce, Cheyanne Rice, Au-                     Long, Koren McCullough,
girl’s foot stuck between             woman said this morning.             tumn Shellhammer.                              Jenna Neff, Tyler Nunez,

Man dies of burns                                                              Elderton High School
                                                                             ELDERTON — The follow-                       Tedesco.
    Continued from Page 1             related expenses, from               ing Elderton High School stu-                               Honors
  Christian Haller, who               medical bills to food and            dents have achieved the                          Samantha French, Morgan
worked with his sister to             housing in Pittsburgh and            honor roll for the second nine                 Hollabaugh, Bethany Meyer,
establish a trust fund for            including any funeral ex-            weeks reporting period:                        Kylie Minnich, Bethany Pe-
the family, said Hostettler           penses.                                          GRADE 12                           tras, Marissa Shaffer, Marissa
is survived by his wife,                “The way we set it up                    Distinguished honors                     Smail.
Mattie; and four children,            was (for) anything related             Alyssa Clark, Alena Frazier,                             GRADE 9
ages 7, 6, 5 and 2. A private         to the fallout from the fire.        Amber Hobbins, Zared Hol-                            Distinguished honors
funeral will be held                  Essentially I left it so it          labaugh, Stephanie Lightner,                     Chayce Cockroft, Brenden
Wednesday.                                                                 Michelle Loughner, Ryan                        Glover, Joelle Padgett, Ashley
                                                                                                                                                                       1/2 Day of School Hangout
                                      would pay for anything,
  He also said that two               where the family’s con-              Miller,       Karlee O’Harra,                  Szul, Zoe Zahorchak.
families shared the home              cerned,” Hemmes said.                William Robertson, Hannah                                   Honors
that was damaged by the                 Donations to the trust             Scholl, Jenna Schrecengost,                      Megan Bandi, Toby Boyer,
                                                                                                                                                                         (a safe place to send your kids after the early dismissal)
fire, and the Amish com-              fund should be sent by               Lauren Schultheis, Tiffany                     Dakota Branan, Monica
munity repaired the dam-
age the day after the fire.
  The trust fund is set up at
                                      check, payable to The
                                      Ervin & Andy Charitable
                                      Trust, care of Jess Fleming,
                                                                           Smietana, Brianna Switzer,
                                                                           Laina Walker, Erica Wissinger.
                                                                                                                          Branan, Zachary Cousins,
                                                                                                                          Carrie Cramer, Bailee DiFilip-
                                                                                                                          po, Haylie King, Laura McIn-
                                                                                                                                                                                Friday, Feb. 17
First Commonwealth Bank               First      Commonwealth                Tucker Glover, Brandon                       tire, Shanna Rupert, Sarah                                           12 noon -3:30 pm
in Plumville. Hemmes,                 Bank, 224 Main St., P.O.             Hagofsky, Ashley Hankinson,                    Smietana,            Nicholaus
Haller’s sister, said it was          Box 687, Plumville, PA               Casie Humenik, Fred Laird                      Tlumac.                                                         at GRAYSTONE CHURCH
designed to cover any fire-           16246.                               III, Haley McCoy, Kaitlyn                                  GRADE 8                                                 640 Church St., Indiana
                                                                           Meyer, Kelly Meyer, Michael                                 Honors
                                                                           Norman, Carissa Smith, Cody                      Devynn Crissman, Chloe                                               It is time to pre-register
                                                                           Smith, Jacob Valasek, Cassan-                  Hill, Holly Lightner, Courtney                                          Grades K-6 for the fun
    Search continues                                                       dra Wright.
                                                                                       GRADE 11
                                                                                 Distinguished honors
                                                                                                                          Orr, Alyssa Peters, Sydney
                                                                                                                          Prugh, Zachary Ramer, Car-
                                                                                                                          men Riggle, Hannah Schre-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 activities and free pizza
                                                                                                                                                                                                   lunch! To register call
                                      to operate the plant here.             Travis Anderson, David                       cengost, Stephanie Schrecen-
    Continued from Page 1                                                  Batistig, Kody Beer, Brooke-                   gost.                                                                   724-349-5556 or email
someone to buy the plant                On Monday the receiver
as quickly as possible in             laid off workers who al-             lyn Christy, Corbin Crown-                                 GRADE 7                                                    balter@graystonepc.org
order to preserve Gorell’s            ready had been furloughed            over, Madison Davis, Taylor                                 Honors
customer base.                        for the seasonal winter              Eastlick, Jillian Glover, Claire                 Lauren Bowser, Madisyn
  According to Terry With-            slowdown. It is retaining            Smathers, Cassandra Tlu-                       Cockroft, Carly Cornman,
erow, president of Local              about 144 people; the com-           mac.                                           Devin Fairman, Theresa
88611, which represents               pany employed roughly 285                          Honors                           Fouse, Baylee Frazier, Katelyn
production workers at the             at one point.                          Neil Hickman, Emil Ihnat,                    Glover, Aaron Gray, Jeremy
plant, people were touring              County officials, who had          Zachary McCall, Katlyn                         Hebenthal, Cole Hickman.
the facility yesterday, but he        mounted an unsuccessful              Reesman, Tyler Wofford.                          Matthew Kersten, Emily
had not heard whether any             effort to keep the plant out                     GRADE 10                           Kimmel, Zachary Manarelli,
deals were in the offing.             of receivership, are keeping               Distinguished honors                     Jared McCombs, Jordyn
  He said he simply hopes             in close contact with the re-          Kelsey Altman, David Bat-                    Meyer, Kelsey Minnich, An-
the company is able to find           ceiver as the search pro-            tistelli, Danielle Blatt, Brooke               drea Orlosky, Jessica Rearick,
a buyer willing to continue           gresses.                             Brocious, Evan DeFalco, Kari-                  Mackenzie Scott, Christo-
                                                                           na Fouse, Jennifer Gabrielcik,                 pher       Sheffler,    Chasey
                                                                           Kaitlyn      Smith,       Natalie              Townsend.
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