Korea by zhouwenjuan


•   Japan took over Korea
    in 1910
•   In 1945, the Japanese
    troops in the North
    surrendered to the
    Soviets and the troops
    in the South
    surrendered to the U.S.
•   The separation was
    unnaturally made at the
    38th Parallel
    Two Countries Form…
North Korea               South Korea
•   Official Name:        •   Official Name:
    Democratic People’s       Republic of Korea
    Republic of Korea     •   Leader: Syngman
•   Leader: Kim Il Sung       Rhee
•   Capital: Pyongyang    •   Capital: Seoul

      Both leaders claimed sole
         leadership of Korea
             Korean War
• June 25, 1950 North Korea invades
    South Korea
•   Truman, in the name of containment,
    orders naval and air support for South
•   UN passes a resolution to aid South
    Korea militarily
  MacArthur leads…

    • 520,000 UN troops
       (90% American)
• 590,000 South Korean troops
June 1950 – North Korean troops
invade South Korea and captures the
capital, Seoul

September 1950 – North Koreans push
South Korean and UN troops south to
the perimeter of Pusan

Sept-Oct. 1950 – UN troops under
MacArthur land at Inchon and move
north from Pusan, driving North Korea
from the south. UN troops then push
into North Korea, take Pyongyang, and
advance to the Yalu River

Nov. 1950-Jan. 1951 – The Chinese
intervene and force UN troops to
retreat across the 38th parallel.
     MacArthur v. Truman
• MacArthur wanted to invade China
• Truman said “no” – back to containment
• MacArthur attacks Truman’s decision
    through newspaper articles and
    Republican senators
•   Truman fires MacArthur
                 Cease Fire…
•   Talks start in July of
•   But didn’t end until
    July of 1953!
       Armistice line at 38th
       Demilitarized zone
        (DMZ) between the
        two countries

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