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					             Jan/Feb/Mar 2011

         In This Issue                              Tanglewood Annual Meeting                                                             Critical Vigilance:
                                                                                                                                      Why We Need Environmental
                                                           Saturday January 22, 2011                                                        Enforcement
President’s Perspective...............2
Wish List                                                          2pm-4pm                                                             Lieutenant Richard Thomas
                                                                                                                                           NYS Environmental
                                                                                                                                           Conservation Police
Curator’s Corner ......................3                         Guest Speaker
                                                                                                                                      Lieutenant Richard Thomas
Membership/Memorials/Donors/                       Lt. Richard Thomas, NYS DEC Police                                                 supervises the Bureau of
Grants/Bequests .......................4                                                                                              Environmental Crimes
                                                                                                                                      Investigations for DEC’s
                                                      Wine and appetizers will be served.                                             Division of Law Enforcement
Annual Appeal Donors .............5                                     •                                                             in both Regions eight and nine.
                                                  Volunteers and accomplishments recognized,                                          The Bureau pursues felony and
Volunteer News ........................6                    Annual Report unveiled                       misdemeanor level environmental crimes involving solid
                                                                        •                                and hazardous waste, air and water pollution, pesticides,
Programs ..................................7                                                             habitat destruction and the commercialization of our fish
                                                       Help us review 2010 and usher in
                                                     Tanglewood Nature Center’s 38th year                and wildlife resources. Lt. Thomas will provide an overview
Photo Contest Winners ............8                                                                      of the Bureau’s work and some of the laws they enforce, as
                                                         of service to the community                     well as compelling evidence of the citizen and government
                                                                        •                                vigilance necessary to protect critical biodiversity and
                                                          $5/person suggested donation                   human health and safety.

      Please check out
      our Wish List at                         Tanglewood Programs/Events                                   Tanglewood Changes Hours in May

                                                                                                            S                     Get out…Get Fresh in 2011                                          tarting in May 2011, Tanglewood’s new hours
                                               Jan. 22     Annual Meeting              2–4pm                      from May 1 through October 31 will be
                                               Feb. 5      WinterFest                  10am–3pm                   8:30am–4:30pm. From November 1 through
                                               April 4–8   Spring Break Camp           10am–3pm             April 30, our hours will continue to be 9:00am–
                                               April 30    Bag the Blues Fundraiser     7–10pm              4:00pm. We changed our hours of operation to be

Get Out…                                       April 23    Earth Day Eggstravaganza    2:30–3:30pm          more accessible to the schools for programming during
                                               June 19     Tanglefoot Trail Run        10am                 our busy education season. This was the opportune
                                                                                                            time to change our hours as we will be printing a
Get Fresh!                                     July/Aug.
                                               Oct. 22
                                               Nov. 19
                                                           Summer Camps
                                                           Haunted Happenings
                                                           Fall Feast w/the Critters
                                                                                                            new rack card/trail guide brochure, thanks to a grant
                                                                                                            from the Community Foundation and to PS Graphic
                                               Dec. 17     Christmas w/the Critters    2:30–3:30pm          Design. Look for it in the coming months!
                                                                                                               Please note that our trails are still open dawn ’til
                                               Saturday Fun with Nature                                     dusk, 365 days a year.
   The Mission of Tanglewood
    Nature Center & Museum                     First and third Saturdays, 2:30–3:30pm, year-round
 To lead and support education and             Nature Strollers Program at Sperr Park
  preservation efforts in our region           Select Fridays, 9:30–10:30am, April–December
 to achieve a heightened awareness,
  understanding and caring for our             Winter Wiggles PreK Program
        natural environment.                   Wednesdays, 10–11:00am, November–March

                                                                              The youth of Southside
                                                                              Community Center
                                                                              participate in Tangle-
                                                                              wood's Nature Rangers
                                                                              program. This year they
                  Nature Center                                               decorated and sent cards
                     & Museum                                                 to wounded soldiers as        Merrill Lynn has served as Tanglewood Nature Center’s
                    the PACE of nature                                        part of a community           President of the Board of Directors for six years. We celebrated
                                                                              service project.              his 80th birthday this past fall. Thank you, Merrill for all you
                                                                                                            have done for the nature center.
                                                  President’s Perspective

                                                           he holidays are a special time at            endowment. With a proper endowment we
                     Nature Center                         Tanglewood. Our staff is enjoying            can survive through the lean years by using the
                                                           a brief respite from the hubbub of           interest for programs and expenses. Some of
                        & Museum                  summer camps and school visits. It’s a time to        our board members have made heroic efforts in
                       the PACE of nature         reflect and recharge our batteries. The break         the past to increase the endowment, but to this
       2011 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                    is short-lived, however, as planning for the          point we haven’t had the hoped-for results. This
             Jim Emmick, President                2011 year is already underway. Before we know         year we will re-dedicate our efforts by presenting
         Linda Hillman, Vice President            it, April will be here and with it the pace of        a series of seminars on planned giving. We are
      Beverly Morrell, Second Vice President      activities picks up again. Our major fundraiser,      hopeful that this new approach will produce
             David Smith, Secretary               Bag the Blues, will be held at the nature center      positive results. When your invitation arrives
                TBD, Treasurer                    in late April. The fundraising committee is           in the mail, please come up and listen to the
                                                  already hard at work, trying to make this year’s      program. We are excited about the possibilities
                   Donald Brooks                  event the best ever.                                  and hope you will be too.
                    Mark Herrick                      This time of year is also a time to reflect and       Before I sign off, many thank yous are
                  Jonathan Hodge                  evaluate. How are we doing? What can we do            in order. To our staff, Elaine, Emily, Cathy,
                     Jake Hover                   to improve programs and shore up our financial        Val, Ian and Rich, you guys are the best.
                    Deb Lauper
                                                  situation? In this economy it has been tough          We couldn’t do what we do without you. To
                   Chris Longwell
                                                  for us to maintain our level of programs and          Merrill Lynn, outgoing president, thanks for
                 Janet McLaughlin
                  Charlie Mitchell
                                                  retain the staff we need to carry on our mission.     seeing us through these past six years. It hasn’t
                Lewis W. Morse, Jr.               The last few years have been good ones, but           always been easy and we appreciate your calm,
                    Merrill Lynn                  we know that without the generosity of our            thoughtful guidance. To our members, thanks
                  Anthony Pagano                  members, board, and donors we would be in             for sticking with us. We appreciated your help.
                 Joseph Schroeder                 tough financial straits.                              To our volunteers, thanks so much for your
                 Bonifer Schweizer                    To try to find answers to these tough             time and effort. And to our Board, thanks for
                   Paul Schweizer                 questions, our staff and board met on a Sunday        your guidance. Just being here at 7:30 am for
                   Roger TenEyck                  last September for a strategic planning session.      meetings shows how much you care.
                Raymond Thweatt                   Our task was to identify and prioritize the               We are anticipating another exciting year
                  Johanna Webster                 major issues that we need to deal with over the       at Tanglewood. Please come up and see what
                          •                       next five years and beyond. Board member Janet        we are doing. Bring friends, family, anyone
                       STAFF                      McLaughlin led us through a very productive           who could use a dose of fresh air, exercise, and
         Elaine Farwell, Executive Director       afternoon of self-evaluation. When the smoke          environmental education. More about the new
        Rich Gridley, Buildings & Grounds         had cleared we were left with a clear set of          year in the next newsletter. Until then, we wish
 Valerie Heywood, Curator of Animals & Exhibits   priorities for the future.                            you good health and happiness for the new year.
 Emily Hofelich, Volunteer Coordinator/Educator       The top priority that emerged from that                                              —Jim Emmick
       Ian McLaughlin, Naturalist/Educator
                                                  session was financial stability for Tanglewood.                                                 President
                                                  The obvious solution is to increase our
         Cathy Morroni, Office Manager

                      •                                                                         Wish List
    Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum                                                       For the Animals
            443 Coleman Avenue                                                    Parrot food and toys • Pine shavings
              Elmira, NY 14904                                            Yesterday’s News litter (found at Petco or Petsmart)
                607-732-6060                             Fresh fruit & veggies (esp. non-iceburg lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus,                                               sweet potatoes, apples, strawberries)
      E-mail:                                      Gift cards from Petco, PetSmart, grocery stores
                                                                        Generator (to keep animals warm when we lose power)

                                                                                         For the Office/Building
                                                                             White or colored office paper and/or card stock
                                                                                    Bottled water • New fax machine
                                                                                        Earth/floor friendly ice melt
                                                                                     Indoor/outdoor thermometers (2)
                                                                               Free chimney cleaning • Fireplace matches
                                                                            Canvas log carrier • Log rack • 16-ft. stepladder
                                                                         Gift cards from Staples, Sam’s Club • New (metal) roof

                                                                                     For Programs/Exhibits/Trails
                                                                            Commercial gas weed eater (new or gently used)
                                                                           New or used minivan or SUV for traveling programs
         Promoting the Pace of Nature
                                                                                     For Fundraisers/Facility Rental
Preservation • Awareness • Caring • Education
                                                                               Refrigerator for rentals/caterers to store food

2 • Tanglewood Talk
                                                               Curator’s Corner
Whooo’s Outside?

           ur resident owls can be counted
           among Tanglewood’s winter outdoor
           enthusiasts. Sophie, a Great-
horned owl, and Lucy, a Barred owl, are both
accustomed to cold temperatures. In the wild,
Great-horned owls can be found as far north
as the Arctic Circle. The range for Barred owls
extends to northern Saskatchewan. Sophie and
Lucy are both at Tanglewood due to injuries
that make it impossible for them to survive in
the wild. Knowing that they will spend the rest
of their lives in captivity, we attempt to make
their lives as interesting as possible.
Most of the year our raptors are kept busy in
their capacity as animal ambassadors, however
things slow down for them in the winter.
Spending time in their outdoor enclosures
provides them with the sights and sounds of
nature, which keep them mentally stimulated.                   Sophie, a Great-horned owl                             Lucy, a Barred owl
Volunteer Kevin Orvek has been working hard
to modify the enclosures so that the owls can
safely remain outside longer. Another volunteer,
Tina Verhalen, is creating beautiful hand-
painted signs with the owls’ picture and name
to hang on the enclosure. On the very coldest
of days, the owls will remain inside. Otherwise,
look for them in the outdoor enclosures while
enjoying your next winter hike.
                                    —Val Heywood

                                     TANgLEWOOD MEMBERSHIP FORM
            q New q Renewal q YES! I’d like to volunteer. Please contact me.

            Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________
            City _________________________________             State ____________ Zip _____________________________________
            Phone ________________________________             E-mail: ____________________________________________________

            Standard Memberships                          Supporting Memberships
            q $25 Student                                 q $60 Hummingbird
            q $30 Individual                              q	 $100 Bluebird
            q $40 Senior                                  q	 $250 Wood Duck
            q		 45 Family
              $                                           q	 $500 Heron
            q		 55 Group Non-Profit
              $                                           q	 $1000 Owl

                                            BECOME A MEMBER AND ENjOY THE BENEFITS:
       Advance notice of events/programs • Members Only events • Quarterly newsletter • Discounts for events, Gift Shop and equipment rental
                                                         THREE EASY WAYS TO jOIN:
                       Send form with check to: Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum • 443 Coleman Ave., Elmira, NY 14903
                                          Call: 607-732-6060 to pay by credit card

                                 Your membership helps us to maintain our facility & trails. Thank you for your support!

                                                                                                                                 Tanglewood Talk • 3
               Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum • Donations/Memorials/Grants/Bequests
New Members                         Corning Inc. Foundation              In-Kind Donations
Individual ($30)                    for Deborah G. Lauper                Brandon Von Ahn               Gift card, pet food, birthday cash
Sharon & Robert Decker                                                   St. Mary Our Mother Church    Garden tools
Rosalyn & Clarence Fleming          Corporate Members                    Wendy & Duke Carroll          Cleaning, office & kitchen supplies
Neil P. Ha                          Banfield Baker Corp.                 Pepsi Bottling Group          Water & soda for Woodfest Event
Dorothy D. Smith                    Chemung Canal Trust Company          C.A. Systems                  Audio and labor for Woodfest Event
Jane Tucker                         Chemung Supply Corp.                 Norm & Margaret Ward          Bags of sunflower seeds
                                    Corning Beagle Club                  Merrill & Lydia Lynn          Subscription: National Geographic for Kids
Senior Family ($40)                 Corning Credit Union                 Charlotte Gook                Large fish tank, filter, and supplies
Linda & John Farley                 Corning Inc.                         Charles Friend                Kitchen supplies and food
                                    Elm Chevrolet, Inc.                  Rick Haldeman                 Laundry supplies, planner
Family ($45)                        Elmira Savings Bank                  Lynn & Larry Walz             Software, battery backup, PC speakers
Laura & Bill Bouton                 F. M. Howell & Company               Linda Hillman                 Paper products for facility, office supplies
Amber Brooks                        First Transit                        Kevin Orvek                   Materials, labor for outdoor bird enclosure
Elizabeth Clawson                   Gentle Family Dentistry              Arthur Thompson               Thermister sensors for HVAC system
Dean Hackett                        Hale Roofing                         Andy Avery & Shawn Crater     Services and signage for our parking lot
Bethany Healy                       Hesselson’s                          Mike Perry                    Services for new trail guide
Sally MacNeal                       Hunt Engineer, Architect, & Land     John McLaughlin               Defibrillator and accessories for facility
Judene Wint & Arthur Martin         Surveyors PC.                        Ray Thweatt                   Cat food, paper products
Valerie Mis                         James D. Barrett Funeral Home
Patrick Perl & Family               John S. Varga DMV
                                                                         Haunted Happenings Donors             Joe & Cathy Schroeder
Stephanie & Chad Risley             Lindsay Lawn & Garden, Inc.
                                                                         Carolyn Moore                         Karl Schwesinger
Virginia Raus                       Maple Valley Farm Market
                                                                         Sharon Moore                          Carmella Coppola
Alicia Salvatore &                  Minier Property Development
                                                                         Pauline LeShure                       Bonnifer Schweizer
Pete VanWert                        Northern State Auto, Inc.
                                                                         Wendy Carroll                         Linda Hillman
Janet & David Tuma                  Perry & Carroll, Inc.
                                                                         Roger TenEyck
Elaine & Leon Wilson                PS Graphic Design
                                                                         Bonnie Schweizer                      Haunted Happenings Sponsors
                                    Southern Tier Custom Fabricators
                                                                         Matt Heywood                          Cameron Manufacturing &
Bluebird ($100)                                                          Merrill & Lydia Lynn                     Design, Inc.
Thomas & Marie Finnerty             Monetary Donations
                                                                         Gary Farwell                          Dimon & Bacorn, Inc.
                                    Dr. Joseph & Cathy Mathey
                                                                         Maple Valley Farm Market              Five Star Bank
group Non-Profit ($55)              Beverly J. Morrell
Staff of Capabilities, Inc          Joseph Schroeder
                                    Donna & Joseph Cotner                Grants
Matching gifts                      The Park Church                      Community Foundation-Presenting Tanglewood
United Technologies Matching                                             Margaret Todd Tanglewood Nature Center Fund-Unrestricted
Gifts Program                                                            Kiwanis-Gandhi visit
for Gene Herber-Heron                                                    Chemung Canal Trust Company-Operations
Membership ($500)                                                        Eat Well Play Hard-Children’s Sensory Trail Signage

Honors and Memorials                                                     Sponsor an Animal
In Memory of Allyn Hoffman                                               Barred Owl: David J. Merritt
                                    In Loving Honor of Mr. & Mrs.
Ron & Laurel Gabel                                                              in honor of Isabelle Merritt
                                    Lyman D. Gridley
                                                                         Bearded dragon: Zachary Tsaklis
                                    From Grandchildren: Lindsay,
In Memory of Henry Shaffer                                               Black rat snake: Cole Rogoski
                                    Jamey, Nate and Jake
Dolores M. Cleveland                                                     Broad-winged hawk: Jacob DeRosa
                                                                         Caiman: Jackson Greene
                                    In Honor of the following from the
In Memory of Arlene Arnold                                               Ferret: Elyza Greene
                                    Girls at Finger Lakes Orthopedics
Staff at the Hobby Lobby:                                                Florida king snake: David E. Smith
                                    William Bishop MD
Lynn, Sharon, Deb W., Crystal,                                           Great horned owl: The Alternative School for Math & Science
                                    Thomas Boman, MD
Lila, Bonnie, Deb D., Carol, Kim,                                        Leopard gecko: Theo Lyon Gibson
                                    Matthew Brand, MD
Jen and Sandy                                                            Madagascar hissing cockroaches: John McLaughlin
                                    Jennifer Burfield, NP
                                                                         Opossums: Marlene Andes
                                    Kevin Coughlin, MD
In Honor of Brandon VonAhn’s                                                    in honor of Michael Holchuck & Northern State Auto, Inc.
                                    Eileen Feltner, NP
Birthday                                                                 Painted turtle and African clawed Frog: Northern State Auto, Inc.
                                    Mark Gibson, MD
Patricia & Matthew Church                                                       in honor of Mary Walten
                                    Allison Gorenflo, PA
Lynn Gillie & Quentin S. Huss                                            Rabbit: Micayla Graham
                                    Brenda Miller, FNP
                                                                         Rabbit: Beverly J. Morrell
                                    Kenneth Wrigley, RPA-C
In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Hull                                          Timber rattlesnake: Lydia & Merrill Lynn
Dr. Frank & Linda Gudas                                                         in memory of Isaac N. Keyes

4 • Tanglewood Talk
                  Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum Annual Appeal (through mid-December)
Annual Appeal                      Jacqueline Egger                 Arlene McMahon                     Julie Spicer
Julie & Steve Albertalli           Jim & Sharon Emmick              Margaret Menges & Art Reed         Frank Steed
Tedd & Carol Arnold                Evhen Farmiga                    Bev & Arthur Morrell               Jerald & Myra Stemerman
Cheri Atkinson & Gary Myers        Thomas & Deb Fennell             Mary Muse & Kevin Coughlin         Marc & Shannon Stemerman
Elizabeth Ball                     John & Judy Forrest              Mary Nevin & Paul Donnelly         Charlie & Peggy Streeter
Alice Bartholomew                  Barbara Friedman                 Kaye Newbury & Nicholas Borrelli   Mary & William Tryon II
Beth Bentley & Ed Dougherty        Charles & Murial Friend          Goryun & Jeannine Nigogosyan       Erica Verkleeren
Gary & Adrienne Bernhardt          Richard & Gail Gerard            James Norris                       Kirk Vieselmeyer, P.E.
Matt & Anne Brand                  Joel Grace                       Emma R. Novotny                    Jeri Wall & Jay Schissell
Dean & Linda Brooks                Richard Habeck                   David & Michelle Pastel            Norman & Margaret Ward
Donald & Norma Brooks              Jerry & Linda Haley              Mary Anne Perks                    Joyce Wasserman
Mary Jane Brown                    James & Kerry Harter             Matthew & Joy S. Perry             Janet & David Webb
Ruth Bruning                       Joan Heywood                     Ann Gaughan & Rocky Peters         Alice Weeman
Joseph Buck                        Linda Hillman                    Robert Petzke                      George & Paula Welch
Linda & Joel Buice                 Reeve & Karin Howland            Dennis Pierce                      Hope Smith Welliver
Barbara & Tom Butterfield          Edward Hunkele                   Sue Pirozzolo                      Marian Wladis
Dean & Janice Butts                Amy Irvine                       Lynette Rexford                    Joan Woloson
Robert & Rose Byland               Steve Kantz                      Mary Booth & Ralph Roberts         Earl & Sally Wright
Giuliana & Joe Calderone           David & Katrina Keefe            Peter & Mary Rocchi                Ruth & Charles Young
Barbara & James Cantrill           Lee Kiesling                     Nicholas & Katherine Rossington    Dean & Judy Zimmerman
Mary Ann Caroscio                  K.W. Kistler                     Joan & John Russen, Sr.
Robert & Wendy Carroll             Robert Kramarik, Jr.             Jean Schauffler                    Annual Appeal - Corporate
James Carter                       Peg & Sam Kutchukian             Joe & Diane Schiefen               Kimball Realty Group, Inc.
Vincent Collins                    Lee Larrea                       Kyle Schweizer                     Antique Revival
Matthew Collins                    Margaret C. Locke, Jr.           Stu & Lucia Schweizer              KV Engineering, PLLC
Anthony & Susan Cooper             Chuck & Teresa Lockner           William Schweizer                  Elmira Savings Bank
Edward Cordes                      David & Marianne Lubin           John Slechta                       Elmira Structures, Inc.
Yvonne Cutler                      Merrill & Lydia Lynn             Lynn Smith                         Fur, Fin & Feather
Natalie Denton                     Ian Mackenzie                    Bebe & Arthur C. Smith, Jr.        Surface Finish Technologies
Ivan N. Dietrich                   Colleen & Corey McCall           Polly Smith-Blackwell              Fingerlakes Orthopedics
Dr & Mrs. Dave Dozack              John & Janet McLaughlin          Joanne Sonsire                     Corning Beagle Club, Inc.

                                Second Annual Photo Contest Winners (see story on Page 8)

      Best of Show and People’s Choice                          First Place                                Second Place
               Steve Brinthaupt                               Emily grimmke                              Matthew Burroughs
                  Old Shaggy                                 The Journey Ahead                               Fall Colors

                                                                                                                    Tanglewood Talk • 5
                                  Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum • Volunteer News

Volunteer Spotlight                     Youth Volunteers 2010                     Peg Densberger      Jim Nasoni

         t this time of year I get      Allison Anthony                           Margaret Donnello   Dave Orlovsky
         to honor two amazing           Alex Beck                                 Jennifer Dusek      Kevin Orvek
         volunteers who have            Jack Coughlin                             Gary Farwell        Michelle Page
committed their time to make            Ryan Donnelly                             Debbie Fennell      Sheila Palmer
Tanglewood an amazing place. I          Hannah Farwell                            Chuck Friend        Bonnie Passmore
try to keep these names a surprise      Matt Farwell                              Muriel Friend       Patrick Perl
but love to give hints and let our      Anna Heywood                              Rick Gilchrist      Mimi Petrillose
membership know how lucky we            Evan Heywood                              Lynn Gillie         Debbie Rockwell
are as an organization.                 Nora Heywood                              Linda Haley         Jay Schisell
     I am going to start with           Colton Hillman                            Tom Haskell         Karl Schwesinger
the Lynn-Morse-Brooks Award             Gavin Hillman                             Tom Hesselson       Agnes Shon
Winner. This person has                 Tristan Hillman                           Geoff Heywood       Cathy Schoeder
committed a majority of his             Jacob Hunkele                             Matt Heywood        Tessa Shove
Spring/Summer to ensuring our           Erik Koch                                 Betsy Hilfiger      John Slechta
trails are clear and safe for travel.   Dylan Lagonegro                           Frank Hillman       Jack Slocum
He has built drainage using only        Ben Mertus                                Rich Hitchcock      Phyllis Slocum
the natural materials. Keeping the      Kate Mertus                               Donna Holmuth       Art Smith
integrity of our trails intact for      Sam Mertus                                Rebekah Hrynkin     Lynn Smith
visitors young and old. The person      Nino Ronsivalle                           Josh Hunkele        Matt Smith
also helps with fundraising by          Luke Shaw                                 Adrian Hulsebosch   Polly Smith-Blackwell
chairing a yearly event during the      Michael Suhey                             Dan Jackson         Renee Staffeld
summer. He does almost all of the                                                 Jessica Janowsky    Edward Steinhauer
publicity, event organization, and      College Volunteers                        Blair Jennings      Laurie Sterling
“runs” the event that day. Thank        Matt Atchinson                            Pauline LeShore     Dr. John Varga
you for all you do and we will see      Taryn Smith                               Colleen LaDelia     Kevin Vecellio
you as soon as the snow melts.          Nathan Francisco                          Dennis Lockard      Tina Verhalen
     The youth who are being                                                      Meg Lowman          Lynn Walz
honored this year are a group of        Adult Volunteers                          Lydia Lynn          Larry Walz
individuals who share their time        Sarah Arnold                              Chris Malcolm       Mark Watts
with us twice a week. They care         Jennifer Bertron                          Ryan Marsh          Jill Winkky-Wade
for our critters, enrich our animals’   Carolyn Bossard                           Jon Mazzaraco       Tom Walushka
lives and enjoy every minute of         Lisa Burns                                Colleen McCall      Monika Wood
it. The best part is they love our      Dean Butts                                Martha McKinney     Kim Wyckoff
Opossums and take them out to           Ann Cady                                  John McLaughlin     Melissa Yearick
play every time they visit. They        Guiliana Calderone                        Forrest Meekins     BOCES
can also be seen working together       Duke Carroll                              Ralph Miller        Corning Diesel Plant
washing the windows, sweeping           Wendy Carroll                             Kathy Milliron      Leaders and Scouts of Troop 101
the floors and vacuuming. They are      Gerry Caruso                              Carolyn Moore       Parley Coburn Elementary School
the reason this building stays clean.   Jim Chely                                 Ralph Moore         Pine City Elementary School
We are grateful for all they do.        Vinnie Collins                            Sharon Moore        RSVP of Chemung County
     I wish I could recognize           Don Davis                                 Terry Morroni       Southside Community Center
all of the volunteers because           Tina DeMott                               Mary Muse           Woodlawn Community Center
without them we would not be
the organization that is before
you. We are truly honored to be         Linda Forest won a special session with
working with such an amazing            Icarus, our Broad-winged Hawk at the
group of people. Thank you to           Kiwanis Auction this year. Here she is
                                        holding him for the first time.
everyone for all of your time and
commitment to the environment
and Tanglewood Nature Center.
Enjoy the snow!

6 • Tanglewood Talk
                                       Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum • Programs
Winter Wiggles                                         5th Anniversary of Winterfest                           Saturday Fun With Nature

T                                                                                                              S
         his exciting, fun, and FREE Wednesday         on the 5th of February                                        tarting in January 2011, Tanglewood will

         program for preschoolers is here all                  ebruary 5, 2011 marks the fifth                       be offering this free Saturday program
         winter from 10:00am–11:00am in our                    Anniversary of Tanglewood’s Winterfest                on the first and third Saturday of each
library. During the program children will learn                event. We are excited to have some very         month, instead of every Saturday. Please note
about animals, and then get a chance to see and        fun activities this year: guided hikes, 50/50 bake      that due to certain special events and holidays,
touch some of them. Afterwards we usually do           raffle, live bagpipers, free arts/crafts and free       we may need to cancel some Saturday Fun With
arts/crafts and then go for a museum tour.             games with prizes, a live animal show, food and         Nature events.
The schedule is as follows:                            refreshments, story time for the kids, s’mores by       Schedule (includes some special events):
1/5/11 Sophie, the Great-horned owl                    the fireplace and more…                                 1/1/11 New Year’s Day (we are closed)
1/12/11 Roxy, the ferret                               Admission:                                              1/15/11 Radical Reptiles and Amphibians
1/19/11 Turtles and tortoises                          Adults (16+) $2 each                                            2:30pm–3:30pm
1/26/11 Pinwheel, the new hedgehog                     Kids (15 and under) $1 each
                                                                                                               1/22/11 Tanglewood’s Annual Meeting
                                                       February: 5th on the 5th
2/2/11 Cute and cuddly                                                                                                 2pm–4pm
2/9/11 Geckos                                                                                                  2/5/11 Winterfest – 5th Anniversary on
2/16/11 Icarus, the Broad-winged hawk                                                                                 the 5th
2/23/11 Whiskers, the Bearded Dragon                                                                                  Admission: $2 adults, $1 kids
3/2/11 Sugar or Cinnamon, our bunnies                                                                                 10am–3pm
3/9/11 Corn snake or Ball python snake                                                                         2/19/11 Animals in Winter – hibernation,
3/16/11 Coming out of Hibernation                                                                                      tracks, etc
3/23/11 Baby, the Richardson’s ground squirrel                                                                         2:30pm–3:30pm
3/30/11 Winter Wiggles Party                                                                                   3/5/11 Animal Senses – National Save Your
        Bring a dish to pass                                                                                          Vision Week – hike the Sensory Trail
                                                                                                               3/19/11 Annual Spring Bluebird Hike

                                                       Marley Bogart sits with our African Spurred Tortoise,
                                                       Bernice. Marley is one of her regular visitors.

    2011	entry	form

                                                                                      To	be	announced

     Tanglewood	Nature	Center	&	Museum                                                2011 GUIDELINES
                                                                                      •	Submission	Deadline:	November	15,	2011.
                                                                                      •	All	photos	are	to	be	of	nature	in	content	and	taken	within	the	local	
                                                                                        Finger	Lakes	region.
                                                                                      •	Entries	should	be	delivered	to	Tanglewood	Nature	Center,	along	
                                                                                        with	a	$10	entry	fee	per	photo	for	TNCM	members.	($15	for	non-
                   2011 photo	contest                                                   members)
                                                                                      •	Children's	category	for	ages	12	and	under
                                                                                      •	Limit	3	entries	per	person.
    Office	Use	Only
                                                                                      •	Entries	should	be	8"	x	10"	or	larger,	framed	and	ready	to	hang.	
    Entry	Form	#	                        	     M			NM			Paid	$	                         They	will	go	on	display	in	the	order	in	which	they	are	received.
                                                                                      •	Judging	will	be	based	on	both	composition	and	presentation.
    Name	                                                                             •	Judges	will	determine	Best	of	Show,	First	Place	and	Second	Place.	
                                                                                        A	People’s	Choice	Award	will	be	based	on	public	votes.
    Phone	                                                                    	       •	Winners	will	be	informed	by	e-mail	by	November	30,	2011.
                                                                                      •	Photos	will	be	on	display	at	Tanglewood	Nature	Center	through	
    E-mail	Address	                                                                     January	2012.
    Title	of	Entry																																								                              T
                                                                                      •		 anglewood	Nature	Center	reserves	the	right	to	reproduce	
                                                                                        submitted	entries	in	any	of	its	future	promotional	and	marketing	
    Value	if	item	is	for	sale:																																																          materials.

                                                                                                                                         Tanglewood Talk • 7
                                                      2010 Photo Contest
  TanglewoodTalk                                      Winners Announced

          is published quarterly by                            his year’s Nature Reflected photo contest
   Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum                           winners are Steve Brinthaupt, who
             443 Coleman Avenue                                won both Best of Show and People’s
              Elmira, NY 14903                        Choice for Old Shaggy, Emily Grimmke who
  Phone: 607-732-6060 • Fax: 607-732-6210             won First Place for The Journey Ahead, and
      Email:                 Matthew Burroughs who won Second Place for
  Web site:            Fall Colors. All entries were photos taken on
                      •••                             Tanglewood property.
              Hours of Operation                          Thanks to all those who entered the contest
  Trails are open every day, sunrise to sunset        and to our judges, Polly Smith-Blackwell, Ann
      (Parking lot open only during business hours)   Cady and Vinnie Collins. Also, thank you
     Nature Center & Museum Building                  to Tom Hesselson for donating a $100 gift            Photo contest winners from left to right: Steve
  May 1–Oct 31: Tues–Sat: 8:30am–4:30pm               certificate for the Best of Show award.              Brinthaupt won both Best of Show and People’s
                                                          Next year’s contest will include nature          Choice for “Old Shaggy;” Emily Grimmke won
  Nov 1–Apr 30: Tues–Sat: 9:00am–4:00pm
                                                      photography from an expanded territory               First Place for “The Journey Ahead;” and Matthew
                                                      of the entire Finger Lakes area, as well as a        Burroughs won Second Place for “Fall Colors.”
   The building is closed Sunday & Monday
                                                      children’s category. The deadline for the 2011
  and the following holidays: New Year’s Day,

                                                      contest is November 15 so mark your calendars
    Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day,

                                                      and get shooting. Please use the entry form
       Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.                 on Page 7 for your submissions, or go to
  For membership information, call 732-6060.
 Since we do not charge admission fees for
 the use of our trails, or to visit our museum,                                                                                photo contest
 your membership and/or donations are greatly
 appreciated. Your support helps us to maintain
 the trails and update our exhibits. Thank you!

                                                                                                                               natural environment.
                                                                                                                          respect and appreciation for our
                                                                                                                          recognized leader in promoting
                                                                                                                             Our vision is to become a
                                                                                                                            Nature Center & Museum
                                                                                                                            The Vision of Tanglewood

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                                                                                                                     443 Coleman Avenue
                                                                                                                     Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum

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