MAYOR'S REPORT TO THE ASSEMBLY TO Gary Knopp_ Assembly by zhouwenjuan


									                                 144 N011h Binkley Street ill Soldotna, Alaska 99669-7520

                                      ToII·free within the Borough: 1-800-478-4441

                                    PHONE: (907) 262-4441 ill FAX: (907) 262-1892


                                                                                    DAVID R. CAREY
                                                                                   BOROUGH MAYOR

                            MAYOR'S REPORT TO THE ASSEMBLY

TO:	          Gary Knopp, Assembly President
              Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly Members

FROM:	        David R. Carey, Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor

DATE:	        November 9, 2010

Assemblv Requests/ Responses
   a. None

Agreements and Contracts
   a. Recap of 2010 Surplus Property Auction
   b. Authorization to Award Contract for Tritium Exit Sign Disposal

   a.   Litigation Status Report
   b.   Capital Projects Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Progress Report
   c.   2010 Road Service Area Project Achievements
   d.   Senior Grant Program 151 Quarterly Report
   e.   Non-Department Grants 151 Quarterly Report

Mayor's Report	                                                                      Mayor's Report

                                   KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH
                              144 North Binkley Street @ Soldotna, Alaska 99669-7520

                                   Toll-free within the Borough: 1-800-478-4441

                                 PHONE: (907) 262-4441 @ FAX: (907) 262-1892


                                                                                    DAVID R. CAREY
                                                                                   BOROUGH MAYOR

TO:           David R. Carey, Mayor

FROM:        Mark Fowler, Purchasing & Contracting Office~V
DATE:         October 13, 2009

SUBJECT:      Recap of 2010 Surplus Property Auction

The auction held on Saturday, September 25, 2010, realized total gross receipts of $62,065.00,
which included sales for the City of Soldotna ($605.00).

North Pacific Auctioneers Ltd. conducted the auction for a 9.7% fee of the gross receipts
($6,020.30 from the total sales). A total of 165 buyers were registered, compared to 148 in 2009,
144 in 2008, 133 in 2007 and 204 in 2006. All of the registrants were from the various
communities within the Borough as well as Anchorage.

A total of $4,181.69 was spent on radio and newspaper advertising, $2,213.40 for rentals and
miscellaneous material costs. The auction effort was supported by five (5) Borough and School
District employees.

Attached is a printout of the disbursement of auction proceeds and a detail of the auction costs.

                                                                               DISBURSEMENT OF201 0 AUCTIONPROCEEDS                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ,I
 TOTAL GROSS RECEIPTS (Borough)                                                          i
                                                                                                                                        I                                                      i    $                                               61,460.00 !
                                                                                       ""j                                                                                                                                                               ............................ j
                                                                                                                  ,                                                                            i    $
 TOTAL GROSS RECEIPTSl                                                                                                                                                                                                                             . ~~,~~f):~~i
                                                                                         i                                              i
 AUCTIONEER'S FEE (Borough)                                                l             i                                              i             9.70%                                    t'                                                   ($6,020.30) I                                      i
                                                                                                                                        ,                         j
                                                                                        '1I                                             ,
  NET TO BOROUGH FROM AUCTIONEER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I
                                                                                         j                        i                                                                          i      $                                               56,044.70 J!
                                                                                                                                        !                                                  "I
 ADVERTISING COSTS <radios/newspapers)                                                                                                                            ,                                                                                ($4,18:um)I
                                  ,                                                                                                                                                            ,
                                                                                         I                                              \
 OTHER COSTS <rentals/supplies)                                                          1                        i                                                                                                                                {$2,2i3~Lioj'1
                                                                                         !                                              !
                                                                                                                                                                  I                                                                                                                                    I
  NET TO BE DISTRIBUTED                                                                                           I
                                                                                                                                                                                               i    $                                               49,649.61 ,
                                                                           i                                                                                                                                                                 i
                                                                           I                                      j                                               !                                                                                                                                    i
                                                                                                 Less                                                 Less                                                                                          Less
                                                               Auction         %of            Advertising             Advertising               Additional             Additional                          %of                                   Auctioneer's                             Net Total
                                                               Gross           Total             Costs                  Costs                         Costs               Cost                          Gross
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fee                                  Due to                Revenue
                                                              Receipts         Gross           (% Total)              Adjustment                    (% Total)           Incurred                                                                    (9.7%)                                Account               Account #

 Equipment Replacement Fu                                     $16,800.00       27.08%          ($1,132.59) Reimbursemenl                            ($599.49)         Amount to be                           27.08%                                 ($1,630.30)                           $13,447.35            705.39301
  City of Soldotna                                              $605.00         0.97%             ($40.76) of advertising
                                                                                                      ...................                   .....
                                                                                                                                                     ($21.58)          reimbursed                                 0.97%                                    ($58.68)                          $483.98 :::heck to            ofSoldotn
 Nikiski Fire Service Area                                     $2,700.00        4.35%            ($181.92) costs from S.D.,
                                                                                                                                                     ($96.29)         to Purchasing                               4.35%                                 ($261.90)                          $2,159.90            206.39301             ...................

 North Pen Rec.                                                 $640.00         1.03%             ($43.12) service areas,                            ($22.82)         (miscellaneous                              1.03%                                    ($62.08)                          $511.98            225.39301             ...............
 Central Peninsula Hospital                                    $3,355.00        5.41%            ($226.05)             Soldotna                     ($119.65)           supplies,                                 5.41%                                 ($325.43)                          $2,683.87            600.39301

 Road Service Area                                             $4,250.00        6.85%            ($286.35)            and General                   ($151.57)          and rentals)                               6.85%                                 ($412.25)                          $3,399.84            236.39301
 Anchor Point FSA                                              $1,100.00        1.77%             ($74.11)            Fund to be                     ($39.23)                                                     1.77%                                 ($106.70)                           $879.96             209.39301
  Central ~                                    Services        $8,700.00       14.02%            ($586.17) reimbursed to                            ($310.26)                                                14.02%                                     ($843.90)                          $6,959.66            211.39301
 KPB School District                                          $18,510.00       29.82%          ($1,247.13)            Purchasing                    ($660.11)                                                29.82%                                 ($1,795.47)                           $14,807.29            241.22210
                                                              $56,660.00       91.30%          ($3,818.20)                                      ($2,021.00)
 General Fund                                                  $5,395.00        8.69%            ($363.49)                                          ($192.40)                                                     8.69%                                 ($523.31)                          $4,315.79            100.39301
                  Purchasing & Contracting                                                                              ($,t   11.69)                                    (:Ii? '~1 :'1. LIn)                                                                                                               100.11227.43310 ..................
                                       TOTAL          I       $62,065.00 100.00%               ($4,181.69)                                          ($2,213.40)                                         100.00%1                                    ($6,020.03)                           $49,649.61
                                                                                                                                        I                         i
                                                          I                                                                             1                         I                            i                                             i

                                            KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH
                                      144 North Binkley Street. Soldotna, Alaska 99669-7520
                                      Toll-free within the Borough: 1-800-478-4441, Ext. 2260

                                                                                         DAVID R. CAREY

                                                                                        BOROUGH MAYOR


     TO:            David R. Carey, Mayor

     FROM:          Mark Fowler, Purchasing & Contracting     Officer~
     DATE:          October 19,2010

     SUBJECT:       Authorization to Award Contract for Tritium Exit Sign Disposal

     The Purchasing and Contracting Office formally solicited and received bids for the Tritium Exit Sign
     Disposal. Bid packets were released on September 8, 2010 and the Invitation to Bid was advertised
     in the Peninsula Clarion on September 8, 2010.

     The project consists of the shipping and proper disposal of339 tritium exit signs.

     On the due date of September 24,2010 two (2) bids were received and reviewed to ensure that all the
     specifications and delivery schedules were met. The low bid of $25,425 .00 was submitted by Data
     Memory Sales, Inc., dba Tritium Disposal.

     Your approval for this bid award is hereby requested. Funding for this proj ect is in account number
     241.41010 .43011.

     David R. Carey, Mayor      -=J                                       Date

                                                                     FINANCE DEPARTMENT
                                                                        FUNDS VERIFIED

                                                                ACT # 241.41010.43011 - $25,425.00

                                                                                    DATE:       loll!(/)0

                    KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH                                   ."
                     PURCHASING & CONTRACTING

     BID TAB FOR: ITB11-020 Tritium Exit Sign Disposal

                    '-IUNIt'<A'-IUUK                    BAlSl::. BIU

     Tritium Disposal                                  $25,425.00

     Isolite Corp                                   Non-Responsive             )

     Absolute Services                                 $49,494.00



     DUE DATE: October 6, 2010 @ 2:00 PM

                        "-Mark         Purchasing & Contracting Officer
                                     KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH
                                                         Legal Department
                                      144 North Binkley Street e Soldotna, Alaska 99669-7520

                                      Toll-free within the Borough: 1-800-478-4441, Ext. 2120

                                         PHONE: (907) 714-2120 • FAX: (907) 714-2379


                                                                                         DAVID R. CAREY
                                                                                        BOROUGH MAYOR


TO:	                 Gary Knopp, Assembly President
                     Joe Arness, President, Board of Education
                     Members of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly
                     Members, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education

THRU: O;£f;)A:,;~pavid R. Carey, Borough Mayor

FROM:          lColette Thompson, Borough Attorney

DATE:	            November 9, 2010

SUBJECT:	 Litigation Status Report

    Following is a summary of the major lawsuits in which the borough and school district are
    involved. This list does not include the real property tax foreclosures and numerous standard
    tax collection cases pursued by the borough.

1.	 Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers, Inc. v. KPB. Case No. 3KN-06-1129 CI / S-13596 and
    S-13883. The Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers, Inc. ("ACT") sued the borough for alleged
    violations of two initiatives: 1) limiting the sales tax to 2 percent and requiring 60 percent
    voter approval to increase it; and 2) requiring 60 percent voter approval before spending more
    than $1 million on a capital improvement project. Final Judgment was entered July 30, 2009,
    in favor of the borough on both issues. ACT appealed to the Alaska Supreme Court and
    briefing is complete on that portion of the appeal. The superior court awarded attorney fees to
    the borough on the sales tax issue but declined to award attorney fees to the borough on the
    capital improvement issue because it held ACT qualified as a public interest litigant on that
    issue. The borough appealed the public interest litigant finding to the Alaska Supreme Court.
    The borough filed its opening brief on October 14,2010. ACT's brief is due on November

2.	 Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers, Inc. v. KPB and KPBSD. Case No. 3KN-07-896 CI /
    S-13594. The Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers ("ACT") sued the borough and school
    district asking the court to require the assembly and school board to vacate the seats occupied
    by members elected in October 2007 who had already served two consecutive terms based on
    initiatives approved in October 2007. The court held that the school board term limit

Litigation Status Report                    November 9, 2010	                              Page 1 of3

     initiative was not legal, that applying the assembly term limits to candidates elected in 2007
     was not legal, and that the rest of the term limits ordinance on the assembly was valid. The
     parties filed cross-motions to determine which party prevailed and whether ACT is a public
     interest litigant. The court entered an order dated July 28, 2009, concluding that neither party
     prevailed for purposes of awarding attorney fees. ACT appealed that order to the Alaska
     Supreme Court and is also seeking full attorney fees from the borough. Briefing and oral
     argument are finished and we are awaiting a decision from the court.

3.	 Horan v. KPB Board of Equalization, Pacific Park Limited Partnership. Case No. 3KN­
    07-686 CI. Appeal of the July 11, 2007, board of equalization decision regarding the
    valuation of Pacific Park Limited Partnership apartments. The superior court issued a
    decision in October 2008. KPB (Horan) appealed that decision to the Alaska Supreme Court
    (S-13333). Settlement negotiations were not fruitful. Briefing is completed. Oral argument
    before the Supreme Court was completed January 25, 2010. We are awaiting a decision from
    the Court.

4.	 KPB v. Kingsford. Case No. 3KN-09-399 CI. After repeated efforts by the school district
    and borough to have Vern Kingsford remove encroachments on the Moose Pass School site
    property the borough filed an ejectment action and a motion for summary judgment.
    Kingsford filed motions for a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order in efforts
    to prevent the borough from fencing its property as part of a school district safety corridor
    project. The borough prevailed in its defense of these motions and is proceeding with the
    safety corridor project. The court granted the borough's summary judgment motion. The
    borough moved for final judgment on October 8, 2010, and is waiting for a court ruling.

5.	 KPB and City of Homer v. Baycrest Investments Corporation. Case No. 3KN-08-974 CI
    / Case No. 3KN-10-779 CI. Baycrest Investments applied for a plat waiver, which the
    borough planning commission denied. This decision was appealed to the BOA, which
    remanded it to the planning commission for consideration of additional evidence. The
    planning commission considered and adopted 34 findings of fact supporting its decision to
    deny the application. On appeal, the BOA reversed the planning commission and approved
    the plat waiver. The borough and City of Homer both appealed this decision to superior
    court, which recently reversed the decision of the board of adjustment and remanded for a
    determination of whether Baycrest's proposed subdivision meets the five-acre minimum lot
    size requirement. The BOA found the lots did not meet the minimum lot size requirement but
    nevertheless granted the plat waiver. Both the borough and city appealed the BOA decision
    to the superior court. A briefing schedule has been issued by the superior court.

6.	 State v. Offshore Systems-Kenai. Case No. 3KN-08453 CI. The State sued OSK to enjoin
    it from blocking public access to the beach across property now owned by OSK. The borough
    filed a motion to intervene in this case, which the court granted. Motions for summary
    judgment have been filed by all parties and the court denied the state's motion for a
    preliminary judgment that would have allowed beach access. A two week trial was completed
    and post-trial motion work is finished. The Court issued a final judgment in the borough's
    and state's favor and the borough was awarded costs and attorney fees as it was designated a
    prevailing party. However, OSK has appealed to the Alaska Supreme Court and was granted

Litigation Status Report                  November 9, 2010	                               Page 2 of3

     a stay of award pending resolution by the Supreme Court. aSK's opening brief is due on
     November 29, 2010.

7.	 U.S. v. McGahan, KPB, et al. Case No. 3:08-CV-0087(USDC Alaska). This is an income
    tax foreclosure case. The borough is a named defendant due to its interest in taxes on the
    property subject to foreclosure and filed an Answer to the Complaint. The U.S. Attorney and
    the borough have entered into a stipulation to preserve KPB's creditor rights. The U.S.
    Attorney's office has settled its claims and dismissed the case. The borough's rights are

8.	 Washington's Army v. KPB. Case No. 3SW-07-20 CI. Individuals who refer to themselves
    as Washington's Army filed an appeal from the Mary Lowell replat which would finalize a
    partial vacation of Washington Street in Seward. The City of Seward is considering
    relocating the proposed Mary Lowell Center which would in effect moot the case for the
    "Army." Therefore the "Army" requested a stay to which the borough did not object as its
    only interest in this matter is approving a plat, regardless of when that approval occurs. The
    court has granted the parties' motion to lift the stay which initiates the time frame within
    which the National Park Service could file the final plat. The National Park Service has
    indicated to the platting division that it would not proceed with the plat. If a final plat is not
    filed in the time frame, the parties will move for dismissal of the case.

Litigation Status Report                  November 9,2010	                                 Page 3 of3

                                       KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH
                                    CAPITAL PROJECTS DEPARTMENT
                                47140 E. POPPY LANE, SOLDOTNA, AK 99669
                                   PH: (907) 262-9657 FAX (907) 262-6090

                                                PROGRESS REPORT
To:                 David R Carey, Borough Mayor
From:               Dan Park, Capital Projects Director
Date:               October 25, 2010
Subject:            Capital Proj ects Weekly Highlights 10/18/10-10/2211 0
School District Projects:

      e     Aurora Borealis School Paving - Contract work was substantially completed on 8/20/10. Project is under
            warranty phase now until September 2011.
      e     Fireweed Academy Renovation: Facility is operational. Project is under warranty until September 2011.
      e     Nikiski High Track Scoreboard -Substantially completed 8/10/10. Warranty in progress until Aug 2011.
      e     Ninilchik ElementarylHigh School Bus Turnaround - Bid Sept. 7th • Contractor is Cornerstone Equipment.
            Work is approx 94% complete. All work should be completed by the end of the month if light poles arrive on
      II	   SOHI Sports field fencing - An RFQ was issued on September 16th for the installation of a 48" Chain link
            fence. Four seasons Fence was the apparent low bidder. A Short Form contract was forwarded to them for their
            approval on 9-24-10. The fence end and line posts are set and the project should be completed by October 22.
      e	    Ninilchik ElementarylHigh School Re-Roof & WindowlDoor Replacement - Final Inspection was completed
            on Aug. 30 th . Roofing mfg making site inspection for warranty approval. The School requested we add (5)
            operable windows to contractors scope of work for the nurses room and Home-Econ classroom. This will
            conclude the final field orders. Windows should arrive about Nov 12th .
      II	   Soldotna Elementary School 400 Wing Re-roof - In warranty period.
      II	   Razdolna Portable Classroom Installation - Classes are in session in the portable. The village abandoned the
            volunteer effort and has hired Alex Barsargin to complete the construction. The Septic System was installed
            and now Borough Maintenance personnel should be able to begin on the plumbing and electrical work this
            week scheduling permitting. Capita! Projects will provide                 and Electrical      Maintenance will
            need to         their own Admini:;lrators f(w Ill,.: ;n:slaUation and Fire Marshall approval.
      II	   Tustumena School Water Treatment building - Work was substantially completed by Aug 20th th . The warranty
            has started. ADEC has been asked to issue approval to operate and come off bottled water.
      "	    West Homer Elementary (weeping walls). Will start on this project when staffing time allows. Visited the
            school 9/14 for the annual review. It is time to re-caulk all the exterior windows. A spray-on elastomeric stucco
            product is being considered as a partial solution for the leaking Blocks. This work may stay within the
            Maintenance Department.
      "	    Sears to Mountain View Portable Classrooms - The portable was moved Thursday Aug. 19th . Work is
            complete with the exception of metal handrails. P.O is underway to fabricate-install 4 handrails to D&D
            Equipment Services. Work should be complete by Oct 27.
      e	    School District-Wide Roof Renovations - Phase 1 of the roofing replacement project, will include 6 of the 11
            school roofs with work to include approximately 50% of the roof area. State Reimbursement grant documents
            were completed and sent off June 30, 2010. Bond was approval by the voters, design work to commence as
            soon as upfront funding is set aside on Nov 7th .
      II	   District Wide Security Grant Application - FY 2012 grant application was completed and sent to the School
            District for signatures.

Capital Projects Weekly Update	                                                                             Page 1 of 4

   •	     Nikiski North Star Elementary - Classroom renovation - The Maintenance Department requested the
          assistance of the Capital Projects department to provide code review assistance and scope suggestions.
Emergency Services:

   "	     Bear Creek Fire Station - Design complete. Some funds available for utility relocation. Assisting as needed to
          seek constmction funding. Project cost estimations have been refreshed and probable project budgets have
          been established for both single phase and multiple phase constmction projects. Assistance was          to the
          tin: district in       th.~ scope of worl{ fOf tlK          application.
   •	     CES Fire Water Fill Sites - Invitation's to Bid - July 15 th • Pre-Bid meeting - Friday, July 23 rd . Addenda #1 ­
          Monday, July 26 th • Bid Dates were extended to July 29 th for Ciechanski and Aug 5th for Oliver Street

              1.	 Ciechanski Site: well came in at 100 plus gpm. Wel1 pump was installed Aug 3rd • Holden Company
                  was low bidder for 2 bay garage unit at Ciechanski at $146,424 ($127 Ipsf) on 7/29. Notice to Proceed
                  given on 8/27 Contractor currently working on exterior painting and drywal1-tape-text work

              2.	 Oliver Street Site: Bids received August 5th after issuing Addendum #2. Z & D Const. LLC was low
                  bidder on Oliver Street 2 bay Garage at $143,500. Garage Doors are to arrive in a couple weeks.­
                  Mechanical and Electrical fInish work to continue over the next 2 weeks.

    "	    Kachemak Emergency Services (KESA) Diamond Ridge Fire Station - Design at 99%, waiting on funding- no
          change. Meet wi KESA to discuss other shelter possibilities to house equipment needed to be strategical1y
          placed on site to allow for quicker response. Design funds left over from the Fire I louse project may be utilizcd
          for interirn solution design.
          Nikiski Fire Station - Most of the uncompleted items are electrical in nature. A fInal change order has been
          created and is in the approval process. As contractor completes the few remaining items, the fInal payment
          w:ill be processed. The Radios and PA system became operational this week, The Fire Department has moved
          out of the old facility and are now        ont of this station.
    '"	   Nikiski Fire Station Boat House - [Bid: Aug. 10 th . Contract signed/Notice to Proceed: Sep. 1 with 60 day
          constmction period. Target completion date: Nov. 1] Interior painting has been completed, Doors have arrived
          and wiJI be installed this week. Electrical and Mechanical final trim and hoolHlPS               completed.
          Substantial                                 ()ctober

    •	    Nikiski FS 2 Hose Tower - Drawings are complete and ready to issue for bids. The Fire Board has requested a
          review prior to issuing the RFP, Fire board will be meeting with the community council to determine fInal
          closeout items of their rental agreement. RFP for the hose tower proj ect is on hold pending that discussion.
    •	    Nikiski Fire Station #1 Signage. General Contractor has requested that this work be performed by others so as
          not to impact his completion date. An RFP has been issued for the work. Contractor declined to provide a
          quote. Will issue RFP for spring work.
    •	    Nikiski Fire Station Flag Pole & Light Request for Proposals. The actual flag pole will be purchased under a
          separate purchase order. The flagpole has been ordered and w:ill arrive the fIrst week of October. An RFP has
          been issued for the work of base installation and flag pole erection. Contractor declined to provide quote. Will
          issue RFP for spring work.
    •	    Nikiski Fire Station #1 Parking Improvements - A pending project.
    •	    Nikiski Fire Station #1 Water Run off Project - A pending project to resolve mn off concerns at the existing

    Solid Waste:

    •	    Central Peninsula LandfIl1, C&D cel1-Advertized June 9th • Pre Bid Conference June 16th. Bids opened June
          23 rd ; CIC Inc. was the apparent low. The contract was fInalized July 15th. Notice to proceed issued Monday
          July 19th . Operations began July 21 st . Common Excavation began July 26 th • The project was completed on
          September 8, 2010. Final payment will be released once all required documentation has been submitted by the

Capital Projects Weekly Update	                                                                             Page 2 of 4

    ,.	   Central Peninsula Landfill Cell 2 - Project advertized - June loth. Pre-Bid Conference - June 17th. Bids
          received - July 8th . Completion - 360 days of Notice to proceed. South Central Construction Inc. - apparent low
          bidder. Authorization to Award and Contract on July 20 th .. Contract returned to KPB on July 27 th . Pre
          Construction Meeting held - August 13. Notice to Proceed given same day at the Pre Construction Meeting.
                excavation was sianed Oil ()ctober ! 8th. Some materials have been         Oil site Project is on schedule.

    ,.	   Cooper Landing Transfer Site Bulkheads - Project advertized - July 22. A Pre-Bid was held July 28 th . Bids
          received - August 4th . The apparent low - Smith Brothers Construction Inc. at $128,688.00.Bid amount
          exceeded the budget. A Resolution was approved by the Borough assembly on Aug. 17 for the required funds.
          Intent to award went out on August 18th . Work appears to be completed on site. A Substantial Comp,letion
          inspection was requested by the contractor and is scheduled for October
    ,.	   Homer Transfer Facility - A Draft Development Options Plan was received from CH2M Hill on June II th.
          Since funding will not be put to the voters, a change of plan will need to be considered regarding the
          completion of the design. A draft Schematic was delivered on 7-1-10 for review and comment. A review
          meeting for the Schematic Design Draft was held on July 12. A final Schematic estimate was submitted for
          review on July 21 st • Review has been competed. Two preliminary options are currently under review for the
          future scheduling of the completion of the project. A           with the         Solid waste and Capital projects
          was held on Oct.       Clarification to several option discussed will be provided to Purchasing and Finance at a
          follow up          scheduled for November 4"'.
    •	    Moose Pass Transfer Relocation - This project is in warranty Phase for one year as of July I st. The completed
          Driveway Permit application was sent to AKDOT on July 29 th . All As-builts have been approved.
    •	    Remote Cameras @ Solid Waste Dumpster Sites - Utilities installation completed. Systems are currently in
          operation and recording to an onsite data storage unit. Utility agreements and connections are still being sorted
          out at several locations but on site data storage is currently active.
    ,.	   Solid Waste Office Facility - Initial discussions have started to determine location and method of procurement.

    ,.	   CPH Mountain Tower Shell Space Build-out -Bid opening - August 24 th . Blazy Construction at $817,000. A
          preconstmction meeting was held on Friday September 9th . Notice to proceed was give on September I 3 for
          Phase A. The submittal approval process on all major lead time items is under way. On site activities began
          September 28 th . An approved Change Order for the Phase B portion of the work was provided to the
          contractor. A construction meeting was held on October 12th . An updated Schedule was provided. Some of the
          medical equipment is identified as having a longer lead time than allowed by contract. A phone conference was
          held on Oct. 15 to discuss options for expediting the delivery. Several options were discussed and initiated. A
          report on their progress is scheduled for the next project Construction meeting on Oct. 26 tl1 • The project is on
          schedule for Substantial Completion December 31 sl.
    ,.	   South Pen Hospital Phase 2 - All warrantee periods have commenced as of the end of June. All Phase 2 now up
          and operating. Quotes were received to move old (out of service) KPB office trailer to Homer landfill for dry
          unheated storage. The lowest quote was $10,500. Another option was considered and discussed to save
          substantial money in several department collaborated. Further discussion will continue next week.
    ,.	   South Peninsula Hospital MRI - Initial funding was approved at July 6th Assembly Meeting. Assembly
          approval for the Change Order received Aug 2nd • Jay Brant Construction contract - $986,134.00. Change
          Order for Design team prepared 9/9. Building is dried in and heated. SPH is now pursuing the acquisition of
          the latest model Siemens Aera model. Any additional building costs required for this unit are to be covered by
          SPH directly. Roughin for plumbing, mechanical and electrical is underway. Importance of receiving ASAP
          'for construction' plan sheets for this model has been stressed to SPH to minimize schedule impacts. The work
          is progressing well.

    ,.	   Kenai Spur Road Extension - Submitted request to modify grant language and scope (Congressman Young) ­
          the intent is to diminish the scope such that it can be achieved with the current funding. Project is idle until
          further notice from KPB administration. Met with Pamela Day - Chief of Staff for the Don Young to review
          resources needed to provide property access to North Road lands. Met with Jeremy Price representative for the
          Don Young. An effort will be made to re-allocate the resources for other related projects at the State level. No
          further progress.

Capital Projects Weekly Update	                                                                            Page 3 of 4

   ..	    North Road Rail Car Project - advent of a grant from The Department of Commerce, Community and
          Economic Development in the amount of $647,689 subject to approval by the Mineral Management Service.
          The grant would facilitate the installation of rail car platforms for bridge crossings at a number of salmon
          streams. No new progress, awaiting release of grant funds.

   ..	    Borough Energy Conservation Program - new project. Capital Projects working to form a borough Energy
          Conservation Initiative. No change.
   ..	    BAB IT Air Conditioning Upgrade - Blazy Const issued NTP. New equipment is estimated to arrive by end of
          October when remaining work will be accomplished. Contractor working on installing equipment pad fencing.

   ..	    BAB Assembly room upgrade - Underfunded project. Investigating a needs analysis to identify current
          infrastructure and cost of desired improvements (meeting management software- voting system, online video
          and audio streaming, displays, etc. A comprehensive scope of work is being prepared to clearly define the
          work so that Granicus or other software vendors can partner with AV designers and installers to provide a total
          package price for the upgrade work. No change.

    ..	   Clerk's Office Relocation - No action yet. Most likely this is a Maintenance project.

    ..	   North Peninsula Recreation Center Improvements - Warranty period.
          North Pen Rec. Center Shower Tree - [Bid: Aug. 25. Notice to proceed: will be issued once shower trees
          arrive.]  Maintenance Project being assisted by the Capital Projects Department. $20,000 grant funded.
          Contract executed with Peninsula Plumbing and Heating. The installation contractor is working with Rec.
          Center staff to coordinate shower tree installation once the trees arrive. Requests for minor tile repair quotes
          received no responders. Maintenance Department may be needed to assist. Shower trees                to arrive Oct

    co	   Old Mill Subdivision Land purchase and Reclamation Project - Seward Flood properties purchase and
          reclamation. Dan Mahalak will be on site with Army Corp of Engineers next week. No project yet.

    II	   Risk Management Relocation - Met with Bonita Miller, Susan Wilcox, City of Soldotna Building Official and
          Soldotna (CES) Fire Marshall to make determination for utilization of smaller of Portable building at Soldotna
          Elementary for Risk Management Office. We made and assessment of the small portable resulting in further
          discussions indicating the larger building currently being used by the school district would be the best long
          term use for office space. Attention has been redirected toward that structure. Infoffilation for Seismic anchors
          has been tumed over to the Maintenance Department which will be ordered to secure that structure.

    II	   Purchasing Dept Relocation / Finance Cubical Revisions - Pending

Capital Projects Weekly Update	                                                                           Page 4 of 4

                       KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH
                                         Road Service Area
                                   47140 E. Poppy Lane 4» Soldotna, Alaska 99669
                                         Phone (907) 262-4427 Fax (907) 262-6090

2010 Road Service Area Project Achievements

2010 Capital Improvement Projects:

                                                  Project                           Project
              Road Pro.iects                        #         RCfdonfUnit           Status
Sary Sue St., Davie Lee St.                       S4SAR         SOUTH 4             Complete
Juel Avenue, Kenaitze Avenue, Nielson
Street                                            WlJUE          WEST I             In Design
Beach Drive                                       E3BEA          EAST 3             In Design
Lake St, Moose Ridge Ave., Arnow St.,
Kyee St.                                          C3LAK        CENTRAL 3            Complete
Ridgecrest Cir., Greenfield Dr., Westwood                                             Under
Ln.                                                CIORI      CENTRAL 10           Construction
Woods Dr., Memory Circle                          C6WOO       CENTRAL 6             Complete
Liberty Ln." Commerce St., Brumlow Pl.,
Masters Ct., Singleton Ct., Aries Ct., Virgo
Ct., Pisces St., Libra Ct.                        W6LIB         WEST 6              Complete
Tauriainen Trail                                  N5TAU        NORTH 5              Complete
Stoney Creek Rd., Bruno Rd.                       E3STO         EAST 3              Complete
Valley View, Jacobsen                             CIOVA       CENTRAL 10            Complete
Bell Ave., Boondocker St.                         N3BEL        NORTH 3              In Design
 Cabin Ave., Lichen St., Reggies Ave.             W3CAB         WEST 3              Complete
 Moose Range Drive                                CIOMO       CENTRAL 10            Complete
 Cozy Firelight St., White Spruce Ave.,                                               Under
 Tributary Ave., Alder Ave., Wildlife Ave.        CICOZ        CENTRAL I           Construction
 Rainbow Dr. Honeybee Ave., Salmon Dr.,
 Salmon Cir., East Lake Avenue                    C4RAI        CENTRAL 4            Complete
 Tall Tree Avenue                                 W4TAL          WEST 4             Complete
 Etah Maku, Tyena Ka Rd" Kwanta Hah
 Cir., Demona Hona Ave,                           W2ETA          WEST 2             In Design
 Sunshine Drive                                   W4SUN          WEST 4             Complete
 Moat Way, Excalibur, Camelot                     E3MOA          EAST 3             In Design
 Belnap, Agusta Ln., Agusta Cir.                  S5BEL         SOUTH 5             Complete
                                                                                          1 I .\-) 'It'   0

Bonita Ave., Knackstedt St., Sather Ct.,                              Under
Rose Cir., Radcliff Ave.                      C6BON   CENTRAL 6    Construction
Irons St., Petroulias Dr., Rasmussen Ct.      C5IRO   CENTRAL 5     Complete
Tri Rd., Denise St.                           W3TRl    WEST 3       Complete
Patrick Dr., Eastway Rd.                      WIPAT     WEST I      Complete
Warren Ave.                                   NIWAR    NORTH I      Complete
Treasure Chest, Grouse Ave.                   NITRE    NORTH I      Complete
Birchwood Dr., Jeffrey Ave.                   N3BIR    NORTH 3      Complete
Wolfe Trail Cir.                              E3WOL     EAST 3      Complete
Ridge St., Ring of Fire Ave., Spruce Circle
Rd.                                           S4RlD    SOUTH 4      In Design
Grandview Dr., Misty Morning Ave.             CIOFA   CENTRAL 2     Complete
Fannie Mae Ave., Reger Rd.                    CIOFA   CENTRAL 10    Complete
Glacier View Rd. Culvert Repair               S7GLA    SOUTH 7      Complete
Widgeon Woods Subdivision Phase 2             W7WOO     WEST 7     Construction
Ashton Park Paving RIAD                       ASHTN     WEST 7      Complete
K-B Drive, Bye Way                            C6KBD   CENTRAL 6      In Design
Virginia Dr. and Gary Ave.                    C6VIR   CENTRAL 6     In Design
Ridgefield Rd. and Fishhook Rd.               W4RlD     WEST 4       In Design
Galankan St., Thunder Rd., and Sandy Ln.      NIGAL    NORTH I       In Design
Karen Circle                                  S3LAR    SOUTH 3       In Design
Old Kasilof Rd., Yellow Brick Rd., Fox
Farmers Rd., Welping Way, Tall Grass Ave.
and Williamson Ln.                            WIOLD     WEST I       In Design
Mercedes Ct.                                  N2MER    NORTH 2       In Design
Smith Rd.                                     N5SMI    NORTH 5       In Design
Sheep Dr., Charlie Dr.                        S5SHE    SOUTH 5       In Design
Depot Street                                  E4DEP     EAST 4       In Design
Suthard Boulevard and Parkway Avenue          C5SUT   CENTRAL 5      In Design
Dana Bayes St.                                C6BAY   CENTRAL 6      In Design

                                                                          21Pa c e

2010 Ditching Efforts

Road Service Area Inspectors have been continued an aggressive ditching program
throughout the KPB during the summer of 2010. Ditching has included removal of brush
within reach of the backhoe. Ditching is significant for the maintenance and performance
of roads since it directs water away from the road structure. In some locations, ditching
could only be performed on one side of the road due to utility conflicts or some other
issue. Below includes total ditching completed:

       Region                                      Linear feet            No. of Roads
       West (K-Beach, Kasilof, Ninilchik)          430,480                119
       Central(Sterling, Funny River, Keystone)    271,040                   86
       South (Anchor Point, East End Road)         211,000                   30
       North (Nikiski)                             37,450'                   26
       East (Hope, Cooper Landing, Seward)          4,400'                ~
       TOTAL                                       954,370                267

2010 Brushing

       Region                                                             No. of Roads
       West (K-Beach, Kasilof, Ninilchik)                                   8
       Central(Sterling, Funny River, Keystone)                               o
       South (Anchor Point, East End Road)                                    33
       North (Nikiski)                                                        40
       East (Hope, Cooper Landing, Seward)                                    46
       TOTAL                                                                 127

2010 Dust Control

Below includes total miles that received calcium chloride in summer 2010:

       Region                                                             No. Miles
       West (K-Beach, Kasilof, Ninilchik)                                  95
       Central (Sterling, Funny River, Keystone)                          132
       South (Anchor Point, East End Road)                                 50
       North (Nikiski)                                                     88
       East (Hope, Cooper Landing, Seward)                                   R
       TOTAL                                                              385

2010 Gravel upgrades

       Region                                                             No. of Roads
       West (K-Beach, Kasilof, Ninilchik)                                  112
       Central(Sterling, Funny River, Keystone)                             51
       South (Anchor Point, East End Road)                                  51
       North (Nikiski)                                                      15
       East (Hope, Cooper Landing, Seward)                                   ..§.
       TOTAL                                                               235

   2010 Drainage Galleries and Culverts

                                     Drainage Galleries       Culverts
          West (K-Beach, Kasilof, Ninilchik)
                8                    2
          Central(Steriing, Funny River, Keystone)
          2                   21
          South (Anchor Point, East End Road)
               o                     o
          North (Nikiski)
                                  10                     o
          East (Hope, Cooper Landing, Seward)
               Q                     Q
                                             20                    23

   2010 Roads list of Extra Maintenance (too many to list all but here is a good sample)

West Region (K-Beach, Kasilof, Cohoe, Ninilchik):

   Seaquest Drive               Independence Avenue          Clam Shovel Avenue
   Karluk Court                 Anushka Street               Marsha Way
   Corkline Drive               Carlene Circle               Katrina Blvd.
   Patrick Drive                Creary Circle                Bonnard Circle
   Ord Lane Ext.                Hook Lane                    Myra Avenue
   Woodside Lane                Log Avenue                   Peggy Avenue
   Short Lane & Circle          Buck Avenue                  David Avenue
   Quest Way                    Magic Dragon Lane            Sharon Street
   Mallard Way                  Lester Creary Lane           Corea Bend Road
   WidgeonE& W                  Lakeside Avenue              Brody Road
   Lottie Circle                Carl Street                  Oilwell Road
   Susie Circle                 Evelyn Lane                  Torwick Circle
   Freeway Lane                 Pope Place                   Phyllis Circle
   Old Settnetter Drive         Patsy Court                  Rushmore Drive
   Ruffed Grouse Road           Paris Street                 Scotch Run Street
   Sydney Ann Avenue            Star Court                   Rustic Avenue
   Ole Timer Way                Charland Dr                  Ruby Cir S &N
   Cetacea Lane                 Bluebell Lane                Cherry Circle
   Thorson Way                  Fools Gold Street            Lori Jo Street
   Vincent Street               Gold Dust Drive              Gaswell Road - Ext
   Sandwick Avenue              W Mallette Avenue            Goodrich Street

South Region (Anchor Point, East End Road):

   Lee Roy Avenue               W Thomas Road                Green Timbers Road

   Fritz Valley Drive           Birch Street                 Ashford Drive

   Lichen Street                Denny Lane                   Charlie Drive

   Chelsey Street               Frontier Lane                Aiden Avenue
   Maria Road                   Corabin Road                 Virginia Avenue
   Diane Street                 N Manor Road                 Palmer Street
    Knob Hill Road              Greenfield Road              Danver Street

       Mushroom Avenue            Holly Lane           Centurion Drive
       Abbas Court                Wilderness Street    Ridge Street
       Gruening Street            Sams Way             Vicki Lane
       Basargin Road              Shannon Road         Crossman Ridge
       Moffit Place               School Street        United road
       Damar Loop                 Sarah Street         Volcano View
       McBride Avenue             Louis Huber Avenue   Fox Road
       Griner Avenue              Manor Road           Alder Avenue
       Birch Haven                Glacier View         Cannonball Circle
       Easy Street                Green Thumb Circle

North Region (Nikiski):

       Commerce Avenue            Katlins Way          Lewis Avenue
       Foley Drive                Autumn Road          Nichols Street
       Cabin Lake Drive           Lisburne Avenue      McKenzie Street
       Sprucehaven Street         Sunflower Street     Emerald Street
       Littmitz Avenue            Diamond Street       Parsons Avenue
       Milky Way Street           Hi Line Road         McKinley Avenue
       Lois Drive                 Frost Street         Lighthouse Street
       Foreland Street            Wik Road             Middleton Drive
       Village Avenue             Ramona Ave           Ainsworth Avenue
       Rambling Road              Haliburton Drive     Aurora Dr
       Marhenke Street            DeBusk Drive         Colonial Lane
       Ellen Street               Ramona Road          Eileen Street
       Heights Lane               Scenic View Loop     Kay Street
       Sharp Lane                 Earl Drive           Josephine Lane
       Wild rose Lane             North Star Lane      Barbara Drive
       Sondra Road                Lewis Road           Marathon Drive
       Coliseum Court             Neighbors Road       Smith Road
       Wanda Drive                Ron's Way            Riley Avenue
       Seascape Street            Scenic View Loop     Golik Lane
       Luana Avenue               Huffman Circle       Springhill Circle
       Pohlman Court              Range View Court     Silvertip Avenue

 East Region (Hope, Cooper Landing, Seward):

       Johnson Avenue             Heather Lee Lane        Old Sawmill Road
       Lancelot Drive             Munson Court            Bleth Street
       Resurrection Road          Caine's Head Road       Orlander Avenue
       Nearhouse Lane             Judan Drive             Romack Court
       Logman Lane                Rough Drive             Tressler Avenue
       Blying Sound Court         Samantha Lane           Vogel Place
       Blying Sound Drive         Scott Way               Forest Road
       Bear chase Circle          Tiehacker Road          Rainforest Circle

      Peaks View Court             Laughlin Way           Tongass Drive
      Big Bear Street              Lind Circle            Abigail Circle
      South Fork Lane              Nine Partners Circle   Timber Lane Drive
      Hayden Berlin Road           Bear Lake Road         Willow Drive
      Willow Circle                Lowell Point Road      Border Avenue
      Beach Drive                  Pinnacle View Drive    Shady Lane

Central Region (Sterling, Funny River, Keystone):

      Alamo Avenue             Scottsman Street           Leif Street
      Plaid Lane               Clearing Drive             Cottontree Lane
      Aspen Avenue             Midway Drive               Feuding Lane
      Stans Street             Evergreen Drive            Whispering Lane
      Spring Court             Kelcee Lane                Summer Place
      Self Street              Diane Street               Blexes Avenue-2
      Glacier Avenue           Young Drive                Stromer Avenue
      Rodelee Lane             NaffStreet                 Forstner Avenue-4
      Tallarico Street         Enbergs Street             Nadine Circle
      Forstner Avenue          Glacier Avenue-2           Elva Street
      Grizzly Lane             Panoramic Drive            Marriot Drive
      Focsle Drive             Longview Street            Seclusion Street
      Robin Avenue             Lourdes Avenue             Rio Grasioso Tel'
      Moonshine Drive          Birch Road                 Forty Niner Street
      Fiesta Street            Hidden Forest Circle       National Avenue
      Gerrard Avenue           Pine Street                Riggs Avenue
      Pavilion Drive           Continental Way            So Jawle Street
      Grove Avenue             Grove Court                Watchtower Court
      Beacon Hill Street       Isabel Rd                  Sutherlin Rd
      High Ridge Circle        Birchwood Street           Rafie Street
      Wooded Lane              Lumberjack Lane            Sport Lake Road
      Moser Street             Ross Drive                 Apple Street
      McLean Court             Dylan Avenue               Fannie Mae
      Hager Blvd.              Alma Avenue                Coulter Avenue
      Lowbush Drive            Coulter Court              Urban Street
      Retriever Avenue         Lemp Road                  Theresa Way
      Oomingnak Street         Jensen Drive               Mere Circle
      Adele Avenue             Wahl Street                Montgomery Avenue
      Jennifer Drive           Sitka Circle               Penny Lane
      Otter Trail Road         Flash Court                Rull Run Road
      Steelhead Circle         ADL 64611                  Permafrost Court
      Camouflage Court         Water Street               Young Drive
      Forstner Avenue          Enberts Road               Mt. Ridge Road
      Huske Street             Duncan Drive               Auldridge Court
      Pederson Lane            Gooseberry Avenue          Tachick Avenue
      Wik Circle               Walker Street              So Jawle Street
      Woody Bird Circle        Sapphire Loop              Kingswood Court
      Boulder Park Ln          Erlwein Road               Southern Bluff St


Denise Lake Drive        Brenda Way                            Huckabay Road
Olivia Street            Wimbledon Street                      Glory Street
Forerunner Street        Parkway Avenue                        Greenridge Street
Retreat Court            North Kobuk Street                    Jensen Drive
Valley View Road         Jacobsen Avenue                       Joshua Tree Avenue

This list includes a good many of our RSA roads worked on from all regions.
Maintenance efforts to the above list include ditching, brushing, mudhole repairs, gravel
added (less than 6"deep), drainage galleries, culvert repairs etc.

This work was done in addition to grading roads, snow removal, sanding, and emergency
breakup repairs.

In addition we also had a 2 man Street Sign crew replacing the many missing and
damaged street signs across the Borough, cutting brush by our signs, and installing blue
culvert markers on culverts.

We have a lot of roads to take care of in the Kenai Peninsula Borough RSA!

TO:            David R. Carey, Mayor
THRU:          Sue Wilcox, Chief of Staff
FROM:          Brenda Ahlberg, Community & Fiscal Projects Manager
DATE:          18 October 2010
SUBJECT:       Senior Grant Program - 1st Quarter Reports

Senior programs submitted FY11 1st quarter reports and request for reimbursement as follows:

Excerptedfrom narrative reports:

Anchor Point ($7,854.80): The center started an exercise class this summer and had its first
walk-a-thon in July, which went very well. We have started a card making class that is also new
to the center, which is doing great. We recently opened the center as a gathering place for
Monday Night Football. We continue to have our Thursday night dinners and once a month
breakfast. Bingo along with concessions is every Friday night. The center has a quilters'
gathering every other month and has extended the hours from 9AM to 9PM. Our present
challenges for the near future are preparation for the winter parking lot repairs, snow removal
and outside lighting.

Cooper Landing ($11,558.88): A new multi-function printer was purchased to replace the
printer in the business office and a second printer was purchased to use by the residents and the
"Sexy Senior Dumpster Cleaners." In all other regards, it was business as usual. The senior bus
and volunteers made its regular Monday trips to Crown Point and Cooper Landing transfer sites
for trash clean up as well as taking local seniors to Soldotna for shopping and appointments
every Wednesday.

Forget-Me-Not Center - Adult Daycare ($11,558.88): The center served twenty-seven seniors
during the 1st quarter. Nine stafmembers provided services, i.e. activities, medication assistance,
vital signs monitoring, assistance with ADLs, etc on an average 1:4 staff:senior ratio. This high
staffing ratio is required due to the physical and cognitive needs of the people who attend the
program. Staff provided 390 round trips and 65 one-way trips encompassing 3250 miles to and
from the center fo those seniors who did not have another means of transportation. Supplies were
purchased to ensure the comfort of the seniors while at the center. These supplies either
supplemented the meals provided by the Kenai Senior Center, i.e. condiments, drinks, twice­
daily snacks, etc, supported craft programming or ensured the physical comfort of the attendees.

Homer Senior Center ($22,866.56): The center used the funds to operate the nutrition and
transportation programs. This program allows seniors to maintain their independence providing
low cost, nutritional lunch time meals and wheelchair accessible transportation for appointments
and errands.

FYll Senior Programs - 1st Quarter Reports                                                Page 2 of2

Homer Friendship Center - Adult Daycare ($9867.00 closes out the total award): The center
used the funds to operate the adult day care center. We provided seniors with assistance with
their activities of daily living, social activities and interaction with others. The center allows
individuals to remain in the community by providing day assistance so that other family
members can work and carry out daily activities while providing for their loved ones' a safe and
fun environment.

Kenai Senior Center ($45,400.95): Please reference the attached narrative report.

Ninilchik Senior Center ($8022.11): The center serves a full hot lunch and delivers meals to
home-bound seniors five days a week. In July through August combined, we served over 1600
meals. We served as many as 115 seniors over 60 years of age. The center is open Monday
through Friday from 9AM to 4PM to seniors for socializing, exercise, computer use and other
activities such as games, sewing and knitting groups, billiards and scrapbooking. We housed the
primary poling in August and used the opportunity to welcome newcomers to our facility. We
are facing a $20,000 budget deficit and greatly appreciate the help from tax payers for this grant
money for operational expenses.

Nikiski Senior Citizens, Inc. (service area budget): These grant funds are used to help proved
groceries and supplies for our meal program; 3011.7 miles were driven for our meals-on-wheels.
4717 congregate and home delivered meals were provided during this reporting period program.
1576 miles were driven on our wheelchair van; 3446 miles were driven on our caravan - the
above mileage are bringing seniors to the center for lunch, taking seniors to medical and physical
therapy appointments, shopping trips are combined with these appointments.

Seldovia Senior Center ($3695.05): Senior meals are served three times per week at the
Seldovia multi-purpose building. The average number of meals per day this quarter has been 27.
We have experienced an increase in the meals during the summer months due to out of town
visitors and summer-only residents. The program continues to be very popular among seniors.

Soldotna Area Senior Citizens, Inc. ($25,946.54): The center was able to continue providing
services to Soldotna area seniors, including congregate meals, home-delivered meals,
transportation, counseling and referral and a facility for interpersonal contact with fellow seniors
from the local area. In addition, due to a wonderful borough mini-grant, we have our new 2011
Ford Flex van in service, providing senior transportation as well as delivering the homebound
meals. The seniors love the easy access into and out of the vehicle compared to climbing in and
out of a van. (Note: the FYI 0 Community Revenue Sharing program contributed to the van
purchase, utilizing funds from the unincorporated community of Ridgeway.)

Sterling Area Senior Citizens, Inc. ($10,669.06): This quarter was a good time for fundraising,
but we also had more expenses than we had expected. Most notably was our freezer compressor
that needed replaced, costing us almost $2,500. This summer season is now starting to taper
away as our snowbirds are flying south for the winter.

                                    KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH

                                   Financial/Progress Report

FROM:                                                                    Contract Amount:
KPB ACCOUNT:                                                             Ending: 30 June 2011

Submit Report To:                                 Project Name: KPB Senior Grant Program
Brenda Ahlberg                                              Date:    10101/2010
Community & Fiscal Projects Manager                  Report No.:    #2
Kenai Peninsula Borough                           Quarter From:      08/01/2010
144 N. Binkley St., Soldotna, AK 99669                        To:    09/30/2010

_                       Attach the expenditure statement by fund. indicating the grant revenue and approved budget
expenditures year~to-date for this report.
                                              Expenditures                             Total
                              Authorized       from Last         Expenditures       Expenditures       Balance of
    Cost Cate    0             Bud et            Re ort           This Period         to Date           Funds
                               115337.00          17366.66            45400.95          62767.61



Grantee Certification: I ce1titY that the above information is true and correct, and that expenditures have been
made for the U ose of, and in accordance with, a licable rant a reement terms and conditions.

8i nature:                                                           Date:

Printed NamelTitle: Terr Eubank, Finance Director

KPB Appendix A - Report Form (revised 07/01110)

                                  City of Kenai-Kenai Senior Services

                          Kenai Peninsula Borough Senior Citizen Grant Report

                                     1 Quarter - October 12, 2010

The borough grant supports 40% of the director's salary, 100% of the activity/volunteer coordinator,
outreach worker and the security person.

          This quarter the program director has planned various programs, facilitated meetings,
participated in the Kenai and Soldotna United Way Kick-Off Campaign. She has added an additional
MASST "trainee" (MASST meaning Mature Alaskans seeking skills training). Currently we have five
MASST trainees who are training as receptionists, drivers and an activity aide. She has assisted the
Kenai Senior Connection, Inc. (fundralsing arm of the senior center) with coordInating and staffing the
4 of July Booth, planning the fall garage sale, and the concession stand for "Blue Grass Jam three
Thursdays a month.
          The program director monitors budget and is in charge of requisitions, monitoring monthly
expenditures against revenue, reports to the City and state monthly as well as quarterly to the state,
and coordinates menu planning with the chef for the meal program and purchases food for the meal
          Besides the administrative duties, the program director this past quarter has assisted various
seniors, senior families and individuals with coordinating services with other senior agencies to provide
a better quality of life for seniors living in the community. During this quarter, the director has worked
with the APS, the court advocate and the office of Public Advocacy In assisting a senior with a
conservatorship. This allows the senior to remain as Independent as possible within the community but
provide boundaries and hopefully prevents financial abuse.
          Because we have a limited staff, the dIrector wears various hats. This quarter she put on the hat
of "driver" and provided transportation when staff was on vacation and illness. She visited 5
homebound seniors within the community, visited three seniors during hospital stays, and assisted with
coordination of community services after hospital stays. She has worked with senior family members to
place two seniors in assisted living homes. She assisted with three seniors to find appropriate and much
needed so they could stay in their home.
          The director had the pleasure of driving a senior bus for one of the "no-Host" outings to Halibut
Cove and Ninilchik Fair. Fourteen seniors that participated in the Halibut Cove trip and seven traveled to
the fair.
          The activity/volunteer coordinator coordinated many activities this quarter. As volunteer
coordinator she has coordinated 3,368 volunteer working hours. She planned 9 trips to various
locations throughout the Peninsula and south central Alaska. Trips this quarter were Alyeska Resort
with a trIp on the tram, Ninilchik Fair, shopping trip to Kenai and Soldotna, a "No-Host" dinner to Anchor
Pointe and a Halibut Cove Trip. 144 seniors participated in the various trips this quarter.
          The line dancers and bell ringers practiced weekly and participated for various agencies In the
community as well as the state fair in Palmer and the Ninilchik Fair. 88 participant hours are reflected
in both groups.
          The activity coordinator works with a MASST trainee, "activity aide." The trainee commits 20
hours weekly to the training program. The activity coordinator provided 7 in-house events this past
quarter. Wellness classes coordinated and facilitated by volunteers this quarter were: "The Digestive
System," "Making Healthy Solutions", a workshop on "Joints, Bones and Related Pain," "Finding safe,
Inexpensive and Proven Health Solutions," as well as coordinating the annual Pet Parade, and nine

Thursday night Blue Grass Jams were held. There were 974 unit hours of participation for these events
this quarter.
          This past quarter we had 13 classes. These ranged from an autobiography class once a week, ,
weekly bingo, bridge twice a week, weekly ceramic class, bi-monthly arts and craft class, duplicate
bridge, a weekly knitting club, afternoon movie once a month, pinochle twice a week, weekly "TOPS"
groupl weekly Tripoli group, and a weekly Wii League bowling tournament. There were 1,261
participant hours spent in these classes.
          One of our biggest programs is our exercise program. There are three programs1 a video aerobic
class held three days a week facilitated by a senior volunteer, the weight resistance program, 3 days a
week facilitated by the actIvity/volunteer coordinator and our line dance instruction three days a week.
There are 97 senior participants within the three programs. The activity/volunteer coordinator has been
certified as a personal trainer and senior fitness specialist through the AmerIcan Fitness Professional and
Associates Certification Program.
          The 14 hour outreach worker keeps a pulse on the seniors In the community. She visits many
clients during a quarter and if necessary reports needs as well as provIde a friendly face to homebound
seniors. During this time, this person visits community seniors in their home, makes hospital visits and
leads the knitting and ceramic class. During visits this quarter, she had to call 911 twice for two separate
home clients. The outcomes for the seniors were one could no longer stay in his home safely and
needed to be placed in an assisted living home and another went to the hospital. Another home client
that the outreach worker assisted was a home meals client. This client continues to decline and the
outreach worker has been working with her to accommodate her meal needs to the client's satisfaction.
The client interacts with the meals driver but the director felt perhaps a visit by another person was
needed. The outreach worker and the director have decIded to make regular scheduled visits above the
meals delivery.
          The outreach worker, if necessary, assists seniors to doctor's appointments to act as a "senior's
ears" and advocates1 for the senior, if necessary, at the appointment. The outreach worker writes care
notes and these are included within the data base for documentation to monItor improvement or
decline of a particular senior. This enables us to assist the senior in a more approprlate manner.
          On the weekends our facility is used for rentals of various events to provide revenue. The
security person opens and doses the facility, answers questions the renters may have concernIng the
faclllty. He also checks out the renters at the end of the event to make sure there no damage has done
to the facility. This past quarter he put In 32 hours of security.
          The fundraisers this quarter were: the annual 4th of July Booth, a fall garage sale, and 12 weekly
concession stands on Thursday nights during Blue Grass Jam. During congregate lunch we held weekly
(12 In total this quarter) ttspllt the pot." Half the pot the senior wins and the balance goes to the senior


VENDOR NAME:                City of Kenai/Kenai Senior Services                                       VENDER CODE
ADDRESS:                          210 Fidalgo Avenue                                               KENSR
                                                                                                    PURCHASE ORDER #

CITY & STATE:            Kenai, AK         ZIP              99611

                   INVOICE NUMBER                                                          FUND   DEPARTMENT   PROJECT          OBJECT
093010                                                                                     100    62130                         43011

                                 DESCRIPTION OF PAYMENT                                                             INVOICE AMOUNT
REIMBURSE EXPENSES/AUG-SEPT 2010                                                                                             45.400.95

I   PlWJ£CTlWtE:         Kenai Senior   ~ices
                                        \ \
                                                                                                           INVOICE AMOUNT'S PAGE TOTAL

1_......,                   ~;n Adams                  I      Reo:eivetl        Yes   No

I   AUmo=R»",                                          I
                                                              SeDllrale Check

..   /       '   .
                                                                 CITY OF KENAI
                                                   EXPENOITURES WITH COMPARISON TO BUDGET
                                                  FOR THE 3 MONTHS ENDING SEPTEMBER 30,2010

                                                            SENIOR CITIZENS TITLE III FUND

                                                                       PERIOD ACTUAL            YTDACTUAL         BUDGET         UNEXPENDED             PCNT


         01\).470·0100   ACCESS, SALARIES                                      13,964.81            21,571.42        92,427.00             70,855.58     23.3
         019-47Q.0300    ACCESS, LEAVE                                                 .00                 .00        3,827,00              3,827.00        .0
         019·47Q.0400    ACCESS, MEDICARE
                                               p.,. .30: 5,;},4.9D                 193.47              299.27         1,395.00              1,095.73     21.5
                         ACCESS, FICA/OASOI
                         ACCESS, PERS
                                                                                                P      120.49
         019-470·0600    ACCESS, ESC                                                   .00                  .00         4Bl.00                4Bl.oo        .0
         019-470-0700    ACCESS,WIC                                                    .00                  .00         828.00                82B.00        .0
         0111·470·0800   ACCESS, HEALTH                                          3,349.89            6,4211.62       21,301.00             14,871.38     30.2
         019.470·0900    ACCESS, SUPP. RETIREMENT                                  260.96              423.52         2,187.00              1,763.48     111.4
         019·470·2021    ACCESS, OFFICE SUPPLIES                                   177.79              177.79           625.00                347.21     33.9
         019-470·2022    ACCESS, OPERATING SUPPLIES                                   .00                  .00          150.00                150.00        .0
                                                      /        ~D.~
         019·470-2024    ACCESS, SMALL TOOLS                                           .00                  .00         750.00                750.00        .0
         019·470·2026    ACCESS, COMPUTER SOFTWARE    c..     Jd.-OD­               37.64                37.64           75.00                 37.36     50.2
         0111·470·4531   ACCESS, PROF. SERVICES                                 ,1,200.00. C.        1,200,00         4,900.00              3,700.00
         019-470·4532    ACCESS, COMMUNICATIONS
                                                      5       ;;lP/q,C!:>~
                                                                                   200.32              353.32         2,300.00              1,946.66
         019-470-4533    ACCESS, TRANSPORTATION                                   ~T                   290.00         1,964.00              1,674.00     14.8
         019·470-4534    ACCESS ADVERTISING
                                                       [                              .00                  .00           65.00                 65.00        .0
         019-470·4535    ACCESS, PRINT 8< BIND                                        .00                  .00        1,278.00              1,278.00        .0
         019·470·4636    ACCESS, INSURANCE                                            .00                   .00       4,046.00              4,046.00        .0
         019·470-4537    ACCESS, UTILITIES                                      1,443.87             2,654.24        13,489.00             10,834.76     19.7
         0111-47Q.4538   ACCESS, REPAIR & MAINT                                   565.00               665.00           850.00                285.00     66.5
         019·470·4667    ACCESS, DUES AND PUBLICAT.                               115.00               116.00           240.00                125.00     47.9
         019·470-5041    ACCESS, MISC.                                                .00                   .00         100.00                100.00        .0
         019·470·9091    ACCESS, CENT ADMIN COST                                9,847.75 .:.-   p    9,847.76        39,391.00             29,543.25     25.0

                         TOTAL ACCESS                                          34,604.52            48,403.21       214,955.00         166,551.79        22.5

     FOR ADMINISTRATION USE ONLY                      25 % OF THE FISCAL YEAR HAS ELAPSED                           10/01/2010   08:47AM      PAGE: 1

,~   .
                                                                  CITY OF KENAI
                                                    EXPENDITURES WITH COMPARISON TO BUDGET
                                                   FOR THE 3 MONTHS ENDING SEPTEMBER 30,2010

                                                           SENIOR CITIZENS TITLE 11\ FUND

                                                                       PERIOD ACTUAL         YTDACTUAL              BUDGET         UNEXPENDED             PCNT


         019-474·0100   TRANSPORTATION, SALARIES                                 4,439.43               6,846.78       30,103.00             23,256.22     22.7
         019·474·0300   TRANSPORTATION, LEAVE                                          .00                    .00         671.00                671.00        .0
         019·474-0400   TRANSPORTATION, MEDICARE                                    63.21                  97.55          446.00                348.45     21.9
         019-474·0450   TRANSPORTATION, FICA           'P",­   ez 851. 09          135.06
                                                                                                 \:>      209.81        1,034.00                824.19     20.3
         019-474-0500   TRANSPORTATION, PERS                                       497.33                 761.86        3,752.00              2.990.14     20.3
         019·474-0600 TRANSPORTATION, ESC                                             .00                     .00         154.00                154.00       .0
         019·474·0700 TRANSPORTATION, WIC                                             .00                    .00          496.00                498.00        .0
         019·474-0800 TRANSPORTATION, HEALTH                                       388.73                 751.06        2,506.00              1,754.94     30.0
         019·474·0900 TRANSPORTATION, SUPPL RET                 L _ _.              22.56                  43.79          300.00                256.21     14.6
         019-474·2021 TRANSPORTATION OFFICE SUPPLIES                                  .00                    .00          300.00                300.00       .0
         019-474.2022 TRANSPORTATION, DPER. SUP                                  1,121.46               1,121.46        7,000.00              5,878.54     16.0
         019·474·2024 SMALL TOOLS                         T      I ole   ~            .00                    .00          297.00                297.00        .0
         019·474·2026 TRANSPORTAT, COMPUTER SOFTWARE                                18.82                  18.82           50.00                 31.18     37.6
         019·474·4632 TRANSPORTATION, COMMUNICATIONS      C.                       142.76                 142.76        1,100.00                957.24     13.0
         019·474·4533 TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION       S       JfS':34.34­      1~Q. J                 106.00        1,750.00              1.644.00      6.1
         019-474·4534 TRANSPORTATION ADVERTISING                                      :00                    .00           50.00                 50.00       .0
         019·474·4535 TRANSPORTAT PRINTING & BINDING
                                                           (                          .00                    .00          300.00               ano.oo         .0
         019-474-4536 TRANSPORTATION, INSURANCE                                       .00                   .00         3,112.00              3,112.00        .0
         019-474-4537 TRANSPORTATION, UTILITIES                                    461.30                884.76         4.298.00              3,413.24     2D.6
         019·474·4538 TRANSPORTATIO, REPAIR & MAINT.                                  .00                   .00           200.00                200.00       .0
         019-474·4687 TRANSPORTA, DUES AND PUBLICAT.                                75.00                  75.00          200.00                125.00     37.5
         019-474·5041 TRANSPORTATION, MISC.                                           .00                    .00          125.00                125.00       .0
         019-474·9091 TRANSPORTATION CENT ADMIN COST                             3,304.75-   P          3,304.75       13,219.00              9,914.25     25.0

                        TOTAL TRANSPORTATION                                    10,796.43              14.364.40       71,463.00             57,098.60     20.1

                        TOTAL FUND EXPENDITURES
                                                                              e                        62.767.61

                                                                                                                      286,418.00         223,650.39

     FOR ADMINISTRATION USE ONLY                      25 % OF THE FISCAL YEAR HAS ELAPSED                             10/01/2010   08:47AM      PAGE: 2

TO:           David R. Carey, Mayor
THRU:          Sue Wilcox, Chief of Staff
FROM:         Brenda Ahlberg, Community & Fiscal Projects Man'~~er'
DATE:          18 October 2010
SUBJECT:       Non-Department Grants lst Quarter Reports

These programs submitted FYll 1st quarter reports and request for reimbursement as follows:

Central Area Rural Transportation ($12,491.01): See attached

Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District ($12,500): See attached

Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council ($134,962.80): The 1sl quarter of our reporting
year represents a time that our membership is in full swing with visitors and our organization is
busy analyzing how the season is progressing, working with visiting media and travel trade,
distributing our collateral material and selling and producing our Discovery Guide Planner for
the following season. Following a disastrous 2009 visitor season, 2010 has been a mixed bag.
National Park visitation increased, with Kenai Fjords Park entrances up 7%. Highway and ferry
passengers to Alaska also increased approximately 7%, and air passengers were up 6%, good
news for the Kenai Peninsula which is largely an independent traveler destination. The Cruise
industry took a large hit this year, down 142,000 passengers in 2010. While this had a
tremendous impact on the industry Statewide, The Kenai actually received additional cruise
visitors this year. Holland America Line's ship the Amsterdam docked in Homer nine times
throughout the season, bringing broadened exposure to Homer for Holland America's guests and
a broader exposure to cruise ships for the Homer area. While we have seen a positive trend with
an increase in independent travel and additional ports of call on The Kenai with cruise ships,
industry experts are predicting that it will take at least one more year to rebound from the 2009
recession and reach 2008 revenue levels in tourism.
Staff Developments: KPTMC has hired a certified accountant to fill our bookkeeping position.
Our new bookkeeper has 25 years of experience and has been instrumental in helping develop
policies and procedures to strengthen our internal controls and insure accordance with GAP.

Discovery Guide Distribution: The cornerstone of our marketing efforts continues to be the
Discovery Guide. 2010 Guide Distribution breaks down as follows: 60,000 guides mailed in
February 2010 to leads purchased from ATIA qualified to people who have decided to visit
Alaska within the two years. 4000 Guides were shipped to be included in an Infox Travel Agent
mailing that provides travel agents with an Alaska information packet upon request. Over 4500
Guides were handed out at in-state consumer shows. 2500 are distributed at our kiosk in the Tok
Visitor Center. 22,491 guides were sent to leads generated from our web site, advertising in the
Anchorage Convention and Visitor Bureau Recreation Guide, and the State of Alaska Vacation
Planner. Over 16,000 were distributed to the tour industry, visitor centers, Alaska airports, ferry

FYll Senior Programs - 1st Quarter Reports                                                Page 2 of4

terminals and national trade shows. Approximately 17,000 guides went to the Anchorage market,
including distribution at the downtown Saturday Market, using Anchorage Brochure
Distribution. We will finalize the 2010 Guide distribution later this month with a mailing of
13,000 to leads purchased from ATlA. Our research has shown that these leads convert at an
astounding 26%.

2011 Discovery Guide Sales: While a trend continues to greater and greater internet usage for
travel planning, recent research by the ATlA shows that visitor guides are still a very important
planning tool for perspective visitors to Alaska. Sales for the 2011 Discovery Guide dipped very
slightly, coming in at $131,472.25, just short of our $132,000.00 goal. The new guide has been
sent to the printer, we are expecting to receive the bulk of our order mid November.

Passport to The Kenai: 20,000 Passports to Adventure on The Kenai were distributed to
visitors this year through mailings and at visitor centers throughout Alaska. This program
continues to be one of our most popular, encouraging visitors and locals alike to visit all of our
diverse communities. We will begin advertising sales for our 2011 Passport in November.

Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA): KPTMC continues to leverage our marketing
dollars to their fullest extent by participating in a variety of ATlA programs. KPTMC invests
with ATlA at the Community Partner level, which provides us with the following benefits, to
name a few: Inclusion in a two-page Community Information and Map section in the Official
State Vacation Planner. Consumer leads from a BRC card placed in the Official State Vacation
Planner. Participation in various press trips organized by ATlA, and editorial coverage in
marketing materials including and the Official State Vacation Planner.
Our additional investment in the ATlA Co-Op Magazine Advertising program allows us to reach
consumers we would be unable to touch on our own. Each full-page ad accommodates 12-24
businesses and is anchored with Alaska's logo, the URL and toll free number.
Rates are negotiated on average of 15-36% off rate card. Publications this year include Alaska
Magazine, Alaska Airlines, Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel, Good Housekeeping and Sunset
Our Executive Director and Sales Manager just returned from the ATIA Annual Convention,
held in Whitehorse this year. Convention participation allows the staff to network with industry
professionals throughout Alaska, form relationships with tour operators that are selling The
Kenai, and stay abreast of industry developments on the national and international level.
KPTMC's Executive Director also holds a position on the ATIA Marketing Committee, ensuring
that The Kenai is fairly represented at the State Level as marketing decisions are being made.

Alaska App: Development of the Alaska App for the iphone continues. The application is now
available for download at the iphone App Store, although new versions are being released on a
regular basis as problems are identified and fixed. KPTMC partnered with the developers, The
Alaska Channel, at the beginning of the project ensuring increased exposure for The Kenai and
our membership in the application. KPTMC helped create a partnership between the application
developers and the Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Viewing trail, which is now prominently featured
with audio tours, GPS locations and photography.
We also facilitated a partnership with the newly designated Kenai Mountains, Turnagain Arm
National Heritage Area (KMTA Corridor) and the Alaska Channel. This designation recognizes
this geographic corridor as a place that offers a unique contribution to the fabric of our country,

FYll Senior Programs - 1st Quarter Reports	                                              Page 3 of4

one of only 49 such designations in the Nation. Through this partnership the KMTA Corridor
invested $10,000 in the application to highlight significant historical sights within The Kenai on
the application, providing additional coverage for our areaAlaska, there's an app for that.

Media Assistance: KPTMC helped coordinate trips throughout The Kenai for the following
        •	 Ole Helmhausen- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Rheinischer Merkur and
             Die Welt, well-known national dailies and weeklies with circulations between
             100,000 and 500,000
        •	 Harvey Hagman- The Baltimore Sun and The World & 1 magazine, Travel 10 radio
        •	 Theresa Russell- AAA, Albany Times Union, MotorHome Magazine
        •	 Ginger Dingus - Postcards Magazine, AAA Traveler, New York Daily News,
             TravelAge West
        •	 Ellen Barone AND Hank Barone, writer/photographer couple

Upcoming Events: KPTMC is currently coordinating a day time education seminar as well as a
nighttime fundraising event scheduled for November 19,2010. We have contracted with Steve
Chandler, owner of Chandler Marketing, to provide KPTMC with a Social Media plan and
conduct a Social Media Marketing Bootcamp for area business owners. This event will be held at
the Kenai Convention and Visitors Bureau. The outline is as follows:

I. Fish Where the Fish Are: Why social media is absolutely necessary for any organization or
business wanting to attract more visitors?

II. Social Media Made Simple:
 - Simple strategies for success
 - Tools & tricks for easy management

III. Reviewing who is doing it well in tourism, and what we can learn about it.

IV. Building Your Social Media Plan: Let's create a simple plan for you right now.
 - Getting started (bring your laptops and let's get to working). If you don't have a Facebook or
Twitter account, we'll set one up for you right away.
        Your One Page Social Media Guide: literally
        Reference tools

V. Tracking: Ways for you to track results and monitor activity.

Following our daytime event, we will be holding an evening fundraiser called "Taste of the
Kenai" at the Challenger Learning Center. This event will be a food and beverage tasting with a
regional focus. Establishments throughout The Kenai will serve a sampling of their signature
products, providing them with the opportunity to exhibit their menu, products and services not
only to the general public but to representatives from local travel, recreation and hospitality
businesses as well. Tickets are $50 per person or $400 per table. We will also hold a silent
auction in conjunction with the tasting.

FYll Senior Programs - 1st Quarter Reports                                            Page 4 of4

Special Request: KPTMC is requesting that the KPB forward fund three of our programs,
printing of the Discovery Guide, partial fulfillment costs and the Milepost map. The nature of
our program creates a very uneven cash flow for our organization, and a large amount of
payments are due in the last quarter of the calendar year. KPTMC does not have the funds to
cover the expense of the Discovery Guide printing, mailing and Milepost Map without up-front
funding from our KPB Borough Grant. Back up documentation for these expenses is attached
along with our financials.

Small Business Development Center - no narrative at the time of this report.

Ride Purpose Overall 474,683 Rides
                                          Care Programs
                        Elderly &                                 Mental Health!
                        Disabled                                 Substance Abuse
                           14%                                         5%

                                                                   Physical Therapy

        28%--,                                                     Support Service


Missing data from ILC - Central

                                    Free Daycare Rides
                                                         . - -.-.-_---.-.. . ---- ---_...z . . ._.__,.. . .

                                            Substance Abuse
                                                                                  Group purchasing rides 3rd QTR CY2010

 Ride Purpose 3rd QTR CY201 0

                                  Elderly & Disabled


                                                                      Care Programs

                                                                                  Mental Health!
                                                                                 Substance Abuse

                                                                                 Physical Therapy



Missing data from ILC - Central

                                        KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH
                                       144 North Binkley Street. Soldotna, Alaska 99669·7599
                                          PHONE: (907) 714-2153. FAX: (907) 714-2377

FROM: KPEDD                                                    Contract Amount: $50,000
KPB ACCOUNT: 100.94910.00000.43009                             Ending: 30 June 2011

~~~~~ Financial/Progress                                                Report
Submit Report To:                               Project Name: KPB Non-areawide Economic Development
Brenda Ahlberg                                              Date:    October 7, 2010
Community & Fiscal Projects Manager                 Report No.:      1 of 4
Kenai Peninsula Borough                          Quarter From:       07/01/10
144 N, Binkley SI., Soldotna, AK 99669                        To:    09/30/10

_                        Attach the expenditure statement by fund. indicating the grant revenue and approved budget
expenditures for this report.

                                              Expenditures                               Total
                              Authorized        from Last        expenditures       Expenditures        Balance of
    CostCate or                Budget             Re ort          This Period           to Date           Funds

Personnel                       50,000.00                             12,500.00          12,500.00        37,500.00

                        Describe .lctivities that havccocclmed during this reporting period. Include challenges
                        n roblcms,andlor an' s. ccialrequests. Attach additional a     ifnecessa '.

G':m;(~cCertilicatioll: I certify that the above information is tlue'and correct, and that expenditures have been
made for           se      d in ace rdance with, ¥l:I!cable gram a 'reement terms and conditions.

                                                                      pate: October 7, 2010

              Kenai Peninsula Borough Quarterly Progress Report
                          KPB   Account:   100.94910.KPEDD.43009

                      Report Period July 1, 2010 - September 30, 2010

 Scope of Work        Associated ActbdW                         Associated Activity

Economic           KPEDD has starting       KPEDD will be applying for a new
Development        working on the 2011 CEDS Vista Volunteer so that we can
Planning           for the Borough.         conduct 2011 Baniers to Business

                   KPEDD continues to take             Next meeting on the Mayors
                   the lead on the creation of         should happen in November 2010
                   the Kenai Municipal                 The By-Laws are drafted waiting
                   Conference.                         approval for the Mayors.

                   Attending community                 KPEDD will attend as many
                   meeting in Sterling.                community meetings as possible.

Administer         KPEDD offered Mireo Loan            Application to Loan ratio very
Revolving Loan     appHcations to 7 small              similar to activities in the past.
Fund               businesses and awarded
                   loans to one.

                   Assisted two. communities           Anchor Point and Cooper Landing
                   are seeking loans from              continue to look for grant funding
                   AIDEA and Rural                     or low interest loans for community
                   Development.                        projects.

                   Assisted three applicants           Applications are approved in
                   apply for Division of               Juneau, but KPEDD assists as a
                   Investment loans.                   loan origination agency.

                Kenai Peninsula Borough Quarterly Progress Report
                            KPB Account: 100.94910.KPEDD.43009

                        Report Period July 1, 2010 - September 30,2010

Provide Small        KPEDD provides technical           Assistance provided on an as need
Business             assistance to business             basics.
Assistance           ventures.

                     KPEDD was awarded a                The Grant is for $89,500.00.
                     USDA grant to conduct              Energy audits are being conducted
                     energy audits in the Homer         both within the City of Homer and
                     area.                              the outlining areas.

                     KPEDD was awarded a                The first contract awarded for
                     State grant to perform a pre       preliminary discussions with
                     feasibility stUdy on               Chevron. RPF will be drafted in
                     converting                         November to hire the consultant.
                     decommissioned platforms
                     in Cook Inlet to provide
                     Tidal Power.

                     Continue operating the      Ongoing activity. BIC 300/0 filled.
                     Business Innovated Center Advertising for start-up business
                     and assisting tenants on an beginning in mid September.
                     as need basics.

Assistance to KPB    KPEDD is working with the          KPEDD is considering handling the
Mayor and/or         Kenai Peninsula                    accounting for the Construction
representative       Construction academy to            Academy. Prime sponsor and
                     provide space and                  grant administrators will be in
                     assistance.                        Kenai on October 20th for an
                                                        organizational meeting.

                     KPEDD applied for a USDA           The application was successful
                     Rural Business Opportunity         through the first round, but was not
                     Grant for the Vocational           awarded the funding at the
                     Education StUdy for the            national completion level. KPEDD
                     Central Peninsula                  will resubmit the request when
                                                        funding becomes available.

                              LeaJenhip to mhance, foster
                           41IJP'l"fmUJRI econt'J'mk development

                               Authorized Staff Positions
                                 7/1/2010 to 9/30/2010

                                                                            Kenai Peninsula
   Employee Name                    Title            Salary& Benefits
                                                                            Borough Portion

John Torgerson                Executive Director         $19,450                $5,296

Dee Gaddis                                                                      $5,296
                              Programs Manager            $23,763
(through Sept. 24, 2010)
Carrie Couey
                              Programs Manager            $1,908                $1,908
(as ofAug. 30,2010)

TOTALS                                                    545,122              $12,500

                      14896 Kenai Spur Hwy, Suite 103A, Kenai, AI{ 99611

                               907-283-3335 Fax 907-283-3913



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