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									 CITY OF

 Nature’s Playground
Engage Influence Inspire
Members of Council and the Senior Leadership Team have worked hard to
focus the priorities of the Corporation and move decisively toward the
2012 Community Vision as developed in 2001.

           With an eye to the future, and a foot firmly planted on the concept of sustainability, Council has now adopted a set of Strategic
           Priorities that will be used to guide future business plan priorities and budgets. These priorities are clustered in five themed
           areas; all of which lead to improved community development:

           • Community Building
           • Economic Development
           • Effective Government
           • Growth & Infrastructure
           • Protecting our Environment
           Balanced against identified community values, and shared with our citizens, these priorities now form a benchmark against
           which we can measure our corporate success.
                Table of Contents
 4    Welcome from the Mayor and Organizing Committee
                            6 Community Highlights & Map
                                                 8 Tidiness
                                  14 Environmental Action
                               28 Community Involvement
                                 34 Heritage Conservation
                                        44 Urban Forestry
                                             50 Landscape
                                        60 Floral Displays
66   Attraction Highlights, Sponsor Recognition & Thank You
    On behalf of the Council, staff and residents in the City of Kawartha Lakes
    it is my honour to welcome you to our beautiful community.
                Mr. Stephen King and Mr. Mario Fournier, National Judges, Communities in Bloom
                2010 Communities in Bloom National Program

                On behalf of the Council, staff and residents in the City of Kawartha Lakes it is my honour to welcome the 2010 Communities
                in Bloom Judges (Mario Fournier and Stephen King) to our beautiful community.

                We are proud to once again be a participant in Communities in Bloom and are honoured to take this opportunity to show you
                our diverse and unique natural environment and the people that preserve and protect it. We boast over 250 lakes and rivers, an
                extensive trail network and rich cultural attractions and events that provide year round entertainment to residents and visitors.

                Our participation in Communities in Bloom wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and commitment of our amazing
                volunteers. They work tirelessly to ensure that the City of Kawartha Lakes is deserving of our 5 Bloom award. They are in
                constant pursuit of new and innovative ways to make their individual community an integral contributor to the overall success of
                Kawartha Lakes. I thank each and every one of them for their dedication and commitment. Our people make it possible for
                Kawartha Lakes (2nd largest geographic municipality in Ontario) to pull together and showcase our pride and commitment to
                excellence in community development, the natural environment and our cultural heritage.

                As well, our 2009 executed Memorandum of Understanding with Fleming College has led to the recent Council adoption of a
                new strategic priority. Our pursuit as a Centre of Excellence in Water Quality highlights our commitment to work together with
                partners like Fleming to improve the environment and enhance economic development as we enter the “Environmental
                Revolution”. We are privileged to be home to Fleming College and the prominence they bring to Kawartha Lakes as an
                international leader in environmental research and study. Relationships are the key to realizing our true potential in the City of
                Kawartha Lakes and many of our employees are Fleming Alumni, bringing their knowledge and experience to scenic
                communities you will visit as our guests.

                Enjoy your time in Kawartha Lakes and come back soon to enjoy the charm, hospitality and natural beauty that our
                people are proud to showcase.

4               Ric McGee - Mayor
Once again, the City of Kawartha Lakes is thrilled and honoured to be
participating in the 2010 Communities in Bloom National Program.
We are eagerly anticipating July 25-28 when you will visit our beautiful City.
Dear Stephen and Mario,                                                             Our theme for the 2010 program, “City of Kawartha Lakes – Nature’s
                                                                                    Playground”, will highlight our rural City feel and natural wonders of our
The 2010 Communities in Bloom Organizing Committee, a combination                   lakes, forests and green spaces. In 2009, our Council endorsed a
of dedicated community volunteers and municipal staff with the support of           Strategic Priorities Document highlighting corporate initiatives to be
City Council, have been working hard to ensure that you experience the              undertaken. These priorities can be defined in five categories,
beauty, unique character, and charm of Kawartha Lakes. Our unique                   Community Building, Effective Government, Economic Development,
“community of communities” structure allows volunteers to showcase the              Growth & Infrastructure and Protecting Our Environment. We feel that
distinctive qualities and attributes that make up their community, and in turn      these initiatives and principles match up quite well with the principles of
the City of Kawartha Lakes. Since 2002, the City of Kawartha Lakes has              Communities in Bloom. They stress items such as Sustainability, Volunteer
been competing in Communities in Bloom and it has acted as a catalyst to            Development, Energy Conservation, Environmentally Friendly Practices
unify our amalgamated City and has helped bring these communities                   and Customer Service Standards. You will learn more about them as you
together in a cooperative effort to improve the quality of life for all residents   read through this fabulous Community Profile Book and see them being
and visitors. The program continues to inspire an increased sense of pride          implemented during your tour of our beautiful City.
in our accomplishments and a greater appreciation for the dedicated
people who are the fabric of our diverse City.                                      The Communities in Bloom Organizing Committee along with the
                                                                                    residents of Kawartha Lakes look forward to your visit. We hope you
There have been noticeable enhancements and improvements within the                 “Catch the Kawartha Spirit” and enjoy our “playground”.
City of Kawartha Lakes as a result of our participation in the
Communities in Bloom program. Our residents are engaged in                          Sincerely,
community activities and dedicated volunteers, young and old alike,                 Craig Shanks
have whole heartedly accepted the challenge to keep their community                 Manager, Parks, Recreation & Culture Division
tidy and vibrant, while maintaining a high level of environmentally                 On behalf of the 2010 Organizing Committee
friendly practices. A sense of local heritage and the appreciation of our
natural amenities is strong from the northern tip through to the southern
section of the municipality. This is reflected in our previous achievements
in the Communities in Bloom Program; 2002 Provincial Champion,
2005 and 2008 National Scott’s Best Community of Gardeners, 2009
Waste Management Environmental Awareness Award Winner and eight
time 5-Bloom recipient! The enthusiasm in our ninth year of competition
is stronger than ever, with the Committee and community as a whole
determined this year to be recognized as not only a 5-Bloom
municipality but as our population category champion.

    City of Kawartha Lakes
    Nature’s Playground
          Kinmount                          Fenelon Falls                     Lindsay                                Oakwood
          Handcrafted souvenirs at the      One of the best vantage           More parks and green space             Beautiful horse farms abound
          artisans’ marketplace and a       points on the Trent-Severn        per person than nearly                 and notable attractions
          famous fair on Labour Day         Waterway to watch boats lock      anywhere else in the province.         include the Oliver’s Nest Golf
          weekend.                          through.                                                                 & Country Club, Country
                                                                              Norland                                Sampler Antiques and Farmers
          Bethany                           Omemee                            Fine dining at the Riverside Inn       Daughter Boutique.
          Central to many of the            The eastern gateway to            amid the trees, rocks and rivers
          artisans tucked into the area’s   Kawartha Lakes and host           of the Canadian Shield.                Sebright
          rolling hills, such as its’ own   to the annual Pioneer Days                                               A cottage getaway with a
          Williams Design.                  Festival.                         Kirkfield                              difference: delectable hand-
                                                                              Living history at the lift lock, Sir   stuffed olive from Quaker
          Cameron                           Little Britain                    William Mackenzie Inn and              Oaks Farm.
          Great fishing from the            This charming town is known       the Old Tin House flower and
          dock at Sturgeon Lake’s           as the ‘Sports Capital’ of the    herb farm.                             Rosedale
          Long Beach.                       Kawarthas and is comprised of                                            A popular stopping place for
                                            dairy farms and stands of hard    Pontypool                              boaters en route to beautiful
          Janetville                        Maple and towering Oaks.          Once a favorite holiday spot           Balsam Lake.
          A peaceful place to go golfing                                      for Toronto’s Jewish
          at Wolf Run or visit the Pigeon   Burnt River                       community, now a great place           Woodville
          River Conservation Area.          The starting point for a          to get close to nature.                Gracious old brick homes
                                            beautiful days hike or cycle on                                          and the fun of the annual
          Coboconk                          the Victoria Rail Trail.          Bobcaygeon                             Community Festival.
          Home to the world’s smallest                                        Prepare for spectacular
          jail and a hub for cottagers                                        shopping at Bigley’s and
          and visitors to Balsam Lake                                         many other great boutiques.
          Provincial Park.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                35       Highways                                                               Victoria Rail Trail
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  12     K.L. Road                                                              Trans Canada Trail
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         TSW Lock                                                               Trail Access
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Provincial Park                                                        Golf
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       C Conservation Area                                                      Visitor Information
                     45  45                                                               45

     SEBRIGHT                                                                                                                      Head                                                         35

                              Dalrymple                                                                                           Lake
                                Lake                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        KINMOUNT

                                                                                                                                                45                                                                                            45

                                                                                                                                                                     NORLAND                                     Shadow Lake
                               DALRYMPLE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          121

                 6                                                                                                                                                                                           Four

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mile                          BURNT


                                                                                                                                                COBOCONK                                                                                   RIVER

47                                                                                                                                                                   48

                                                                          Kirkfield Liftlock                                                                                                              43
      Canal                         33                        6   6

                                    33                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                49
                                                                          (TSW Lock #36)
                                                                                                                  48  48


                                                                                                                                      Balsam Lake
                    48                   KIRKFIELD                                                                                                                    35
                  BOLSOVER                                                 Lake                                                                                            (TSW Lock#35)                                                       37
                                                                                                                                      ROSEDALE                                                                  121

                                                                                          35                                                                             Cameron
                                                                                                                                                                      FALLS      (TSW Lock #34)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            8                                                          49
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       49         36

                    ARGYLE                                                                               8
                                                                                                         8                                                                                            25

                                                                                                                                                          35               121

                                                                                                                                                                                                     25                                                  24

                     WOODVILLE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             36
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            36                         (TSW Lock #32)
                                                                                                             CAMERON                                 34
                                                                                                                                                     34                                       POINT                        7
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           7          24
                                                          6                                                                                                                ke
                                                                                                                                                                      La                                                              36
                                                                                               9                                                                on



                                                                                CAMBRAY                                                          Stu                                                                            DUNSFORD

                 46 46                                                                                                            KEN                           36

                                                                                                    18                      35 REID

                                                                                                   LINDSAY                                                                                                                       7


                                                   7                                                                                  4

     MANILLA                                                      OAKWOOD                                                                                                         17


                                                                                                                                                  36                                   DOWNEYVILLE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                10 10

                                                                                                                                                                (TSW Lock #33)                                                                                             14

                                                                      LITTLE                        18
                                4                                                                                                                                                                                                      14
                                                                      BRITAIN                                                                                          7                                                               14


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           38                                                               7
                                                                                                                                                       31 31

                                                       ugo                                         JANETVILLE
                                                   e Sc
                                                                                                                                                                                             38 38

                                                                                                         7A                                                      BETHANY
                                                                                                                                               FLEETWOOD                     32

                         Scale:                                                                                                   35                   C
       0                                       5


                                                                                                         20  20

    A special thank-you to the individuals from across the City that have taken
    part in these programs and challenges.

          Municipal Accomplishments
          Maintenance of Public Roads and Shoulders                              Tidiness, Order and Cleanliness
          The large geographic area that encompasses the City of Kawartha        Clean and Clear By-Law The Noxious Weed Act is jointly
          Lakes hosts approximately 2,662 kilometers of roadway. Ranging         administered by the Public Works Department and Municipal Law
          from unassumed routes to main arterial roads. Maintenance to the       Enforcement Division. Weed Inspectors provide the necessary notices
          road system is completed on a regular basis with an annual budget      to land owners on properties containing noxious weeds as per the
          of approximately $13,900,000. Maintenance efforts include street       Act. In the case of neglected properties, the City will hire a contractor
          sweeping, curb and sidewalk repair, line re-painting, sign             to eradicate the weeds and then bill the landowner. Where the Weed
          replacement, pavement repair, shoulder grass cutting and leveling.     Act does not apply, the municipal Clean and Clear By-Law allows the
                                                                                 City to order long grass and weeds to be cut when they exceed eight
                                                                                 inches and after seven days notice. Residents and businesses that fail
          Road Reconstruction and Maintenance
                                                                                 to comply may be subject to fines and may have to pay the cost of a
          Engineering Department staff, as part of the capital budget process,   City appointed contractor who will be sent to do the work.
          prepare a five-year road program that divides roadwork into three
                                                                                 Parks By-Law In 2006, this by-law replaced a large number of related
          categories: resurfacing, reconstruction, and rural road upgrades.
                                                                                 by-laws (pre-dating 2001) from the majority of former municipalities
          Pavement management information is coordinated with information
                                                                                 and provided a tool to ensure a consistent approach to park and
          about the condition of the underground services to determine the
                                                                                 facility management across the City was followed. The by-law sets
          priority of the roadwork and to minimize disruption to the public.
                                                                                 forth a number of general park and facility regulations. These
          Construction work is contracted out with project management
                                                                                 regulations are recommended to deal with the most common
          provided by the Engineering Department.

concerns and issues that have been raised by members of council, staff    Compost Awareness Week (May 2nd to 8th)
and the general public. Highlights include:
                                                                          The message that it’s ok to let organics rot is spread around the world
• Regulations concerning the consumption of alcohol
                                                                          annually during Compost Awareness Week - this year it was from May
• Regulations concerning fires and barbeques
                                                                          2nd to 8th. Residents were reminded that composters are available
• Regulations concerning the use of unauthorized motorized vehicles
                                                                          for purchase and free rain gauges were offered at all Municipal
• Regulations concerning parkland access and encroachment
                                                                          Service Centres.
• Regulations concerning damage to parks and facilities
                                                                          Also, those interested in vermi-composting or keeping a community of
                                                                          worms (Red Wigglers) in a container indoors and allowing them to
Urban Furniture Replacement Program
                                                                          process food waste into compost were encouraged to contact the
The City of Kawartha Lakes has developed a program for the                City for details.
replacement of urban furniture throughout municipal parks. The
program will see the replacement of benches, garbage receptacles, and
ornamental features. A standardized concept will link municipal parks,
keeping in mind individual park history and unique attributes. Victoria
Park and Queen’s Square in Lindsay were the first parks to receive the
new furniture. McDonnell Park, Nayoro Park, Shea Park and Garnet
Graham Park have been selected to receive benches in 2009.

Pitch-In Canada Week (April 19th to 25th)
20 Minute Makeover
City residents were provided the opportunity to work together, improve
their neighbourhood and revitalize the green spaces in their community
during Pitch-In Canada Week celebrated April 19th to 25th. Scheduled
events included the 2nd Annual 20 Minute Makeover, the ‘Plant A Tree’
Campaign, an Environmental Forum and Rain Barrels and Composters
were available for purchase at a reduced cost.

Over 3,000 volunteers registered for the 20 Minute Makeover collecting
a total of seven tonnes of waste, 2,500 white pine seedlings were
distributed for free to the public and 500 seedlings were reserved for
various local groups. Also, over 100 rain barrels and 52 composters
were sold throughout the week.

     Business & Institution Accomplishments
     Lindsay Downtown Business Improvement Association -                   In 2010 a complete replanting of the downtown trees was
     Beautification Committee                                              undertaken. This project saw the planting of Ivory Silk Lilacs to
                                                                           complement the existing streetscape and to recognize the Lilac as the
     Through a partnered initiative between the Lindsay BIA and the City
                                                                           Official Shrub of the City of Kawartha Lakes while replacing
     of Kawartha Lakes, the historical downtown core of Lindsay is
                                                                           damaged and diseased older trees from the downtown. The root
     receiving a refreshing facelift. The initiatives of this volunteer
                                                                           structure of the Lilac should be well suited to a downtown area while
     management group are funded through the Lindsay Downtown
                                                                           good planting practices were utilized by using a burlap cloth as
     Business Improvement Association and the Parks, Recreation and
                                                                           opposed to wire staking technique. Existing tree grates and guards
     Culture Division’s Community Partnership and Development
                                                                           were also repaired, sandblasted and re-painted to ensure the health
     Beautification Grant. The group’s work program includes maintaining
                                                                           and safety of both the tree and individuals walking the downtown
     the tidiness of the downtown core through maintenance and
                                                                           core. New street furniture was also purchased to update the
     replacement of urban furniture, removal of inappropriate
                                                                           downtown look. To ensure a consistent theme and look throughout
     signs/posters and graffiti, developing downtown seasonal
                                                                           the City, this new furniture matches the amenities found in municipal
     beautification plans/themes, and promoting the historic features of
                                                                           parks and open spaces.
     the downtown area.

                                                                                                        Through a partnered initiative

                                                                                                        between the Lindsay BIA and

                                                                                                        the City of Kawartha Lakes, the

                                                                                                        historical downtown core of

                                                                                                        Lindsay is receiving a

                                                                                                        refreshing facelift.

Residential Accomplishments
Various Cottage Associations                                                 Adopt-A-Road Program
Seasonal residents also take pride in the beautiful cottage country found    The City of Kawartha Lakes Adopt-A-Road Program has been established
in Kawartha Lakes. Many groups organize clean up efforts to ensure           as a public service program for volunteers to enhance the local litter
pristine waterfronts, roads, and parks are readily found throughout the      collection activities by picking litter along City road rights-of-way. This
municipality.                                                                partnership between the City and environmentally conscious groups and
                                                                             individuals allows for residents to contribute to a cleaner and more
                                                                             beautiful municipal road system. Currently over 60 groups contribute to
Waste Reduction Week (October 17th to 23rd)
                                                                             the collection of litter along 240 kilometers of road right-of-ways.
Canada’s annual Waste Reduction Week is developed and run by a
coalition of waste reduction and conservation organizations from             Pontypool Clean Up
across the country. The program urges everyone to do their part in by
                                                                             Over 60 volunteers join forces the first Saturday in May each year to
reducing, reusing and recycling in every aspect of their lives – at
                                                                             collect litter in Pontypool. For eleven years volunteers have dedicated
home, school and work.
                                                                             their time in honour of their friend and neighbour, Janice Alcock. For the
                                                                             past five years, United Way for the City of Kawartha Lakes has joined in
In the City of Kawartha Lakes, Waste Reduction Week was celebrated
                                                                             the clean up effort through the municipal Adopt-A-Road program.
with a City-wide colouring contest that encouraged youth to submit a
waste reduction message, both Household Hazardous Waste Depots
                                                                             Lindsay Learning Centre Partnership
offered extended hours throughout the week and a school battery
collection pilot was launched. In total, 10 schools registered for the       Teachers and students from the Lindsay Learning Centre initiated a
battery collection pilot and 57 colouring contest entries were submitted.    partnership with Parks, Recreation and Culture where they will regularly
                                                                             visit local Lindsay parks and “tidy up” the area. “Involving the youth in
                                                                             projects like this is not only a great benefit to the community, but also for
Earth Hour                                                                   the kids. There is a sense of pride felt by them as they leave the park
On Saturday March 27th, 2010 the City of Kawartha Lakes and local            clean and tidy.” says Stephen Gimblett, Open Space Supervisor.
community groups took part in Earth Hour - the world’s largest global
climate change event led by the World Wildlife Fund. This year, Earth        Certificates of appreciation will be presented to the
Hour was even bigger than last year with over 4,000 cities and towns         students at a Council meeting in the fall.
turning out their lights, across a record 126 countries! Once again,
millions of Canadians took part in all provinces and territories, turning
out the lights in over 300 cities and towns.

City of Kawartha Lakes residents and businesses joined tens of millions
of concerned citizens throughout the world in ‘calling for action’ to save
our planet for future generations. City businesses and residents were
challenged to turn off all non-essential lighting for one hour at their
companies building, in their homes and were invited to take part in
the 2nd Mayor’s Candlelight Walk in downtown Lindsay.

     New Initiatives
     Public Space Recycling Program                                             Omemee Entrance Signs
     In an effort to continually increase the City’s diversion rate, a Public   Funded in 2009 through the Omemee Legacy CHEST Fund, this
     Space Recycling Program has been launched. During the month of             beautification/signage project has created two beautiful entrance
     May and June approximately 100 SilverBox™ units were installed in          signs into Omemee. In fact, the sign on the eastern limits of
     locations throughout the City in areas of high pedestrian and              Omemee works as a welcoming entrance sign into the City of
     vehicular traffic. These units have been introduced as the standard        Kawartha Lakes near what is the busiest intersection in the entire City,
     public space receptacles; replacing current units as they do not allow     Highway 7 and Sturgeon Road. Completed through a local
     for recycling to be sorted. Also, a ‘Recycle on the Go’ or mobile unit     partnership between the City, the local Omemee CHEST Fund
     is available for City-wide special events. Both mobile and SilverBox™      Advisory Committee and the Horticultural Society, this new feature
     units are designed for ease of use and recycling is sorted in the same     will welcome people to the City of Kawartha Lakes, the village of
     fashion as curbside collection.                                            Omemee and the Pigeon Lake District while providing an
                                                                                aesthetically pleasing welcome sign.


Omemee Streetscape Improvements
The City of Kawartha Lakes, in partnership with the Omemee DBIA is
planning a major renovation of the Omemee Downtown Streetscape.
Stretching the entire length of the downtown core, this project will
rejuvenate the downtown and make it a more friendly and attractive
area for residents and visitors alike.

Sidewalk enhancements will include colours and materials chosen to
highlight and complement the current and existing facades present along
the main street to create a unifying look.

Streetscape furnishings have been chosen to emphasize the heritage and
traditional image of the main street while still having a contemporary feel
and matching the City-wide style which has been instituted as part of the
City’s overall park furniture replacements and standardization plan.

Lighting will consist of a new series of luminaries and poles which will
consolidate the street and create rhythm and a strong vertical presence
throughout. Again, the styles chosen will emphasize the historical and
traditional image of the main street.

Streetscape greening will benefit the streetscape by incorporating trees
which will be aesthetically pleasing and provide shade. However, they
can also assist in controlling toxic pollutants, noise pollution and
microclimatic problems commonly found in urban environments. The
design takes into account things such as site conditions, tree species and
adaptability, soil conditions and irrigation. A proper tree pit system will
effectively address these factors and prolong the life of the street trees.

King Street, Bobcaygeon
In 2010 the completion of a much needed re-development along King
Street, Bobcaygeon, one of the major downtown thoroughfare’s, was
realized. King Street was refurbished through a two phase project. The
western portion was completed in 2009 with the eastern section
completed in 2010. Both sections included the urbanization of King
Street with the removal of existing ditches and being replaced with new
sidewalks, curb and gutter, storm sewer and repaved roadway. This work
greatly alleviated drainage issues on King Street, provided better access
to the street and sidewalk for pedestrians and motorists, and maintained
a small town aesthetic charm.

Clean Your Block
A new initiative developed and lead by the Technology Alliance Group
(TAG) for Kawartha Lakes has challenged the business community to
‘tidy up’ their community by picking up litter. This is sure to be another
positive beautification event initiated by the business community.

 Recipient of the 2009 Waste Management Environmental Awareness Award
 The City of Kawartha Lakes has many environmental efforts in place, with extremely high stakeholder engagement,
 utilizing the “Environment First Principle” as the basis for all planning decisions. Congratulations Kawartha Lakes.

         Municipal Accomplishments
         Alternative Energy Sources                                               Public Education Officer
         The City of Kawartha Lakes is currently investigating new ways in        A Public Education Officer was included in the organizational
         which to conserve energy, as well as choosing alternative energy         structure in 2009. This position will have the opportunity to work with
         sources. A geothermal system is scheduled to replace out dated           local schools, community organizations and others providing effective
         heating units at the Lindsay Recreation Complex. This facility is also   education with regards to waste and diversion, energy conservation,
         considering other LEED concepts during the multi-million renovation      compost awareness and other local environmental issues. Also,
         schedule that began in March 2010. The City realizes that energy         through this new position literature and promotional items will be
         conservation and alternate energy sources must be considered in          made available at public displays, event booths, public presentations
         future developments.                                                     and Lindsay Ops Landfill tours.

                                                                                                                     ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION

Environmental Events                                                         Environmental Efforts
                                                                             Grasscycling and Backyard Composting
Waste Reduction Week (October 17th to 23rd)
                                                                             The City encourages residents to manage onsite leaf and yard waste
Canada’s annual Waste Reduction Week is developed and run by a
                                                                             through backyard composting or through “grasscycling”. “Grasscycling”
coalition of waste reduction and conservation organizations from across
                                                                             is a process of recycling grass clippings by leaving them on the lawn to
the country. The program urges everyone to do their part in by reducing,
                                                                             decompose naturally.
reusing and recycling in every aspect of their lives – at home, school and
                                                                             Leaf and Yard Waste Collection
In the City of Kawartha Lakes, Waste Reduction Week was celebrated           In an effort to divert waste, the City of Kawartha Lakes took the initiative
with a City-wide colouring contest that encouraged youth to submit a         to ban leaf yard material, including grass clippings, from the garbage
waste reduction message, both Household Hazardous Waste Depots               stream. Residents are required to dispose of leaf and yard material
offered extended hours throughout the week and a school battery              through the City’s leaf and yard collection program. Leaf and yard waste
collection pilot was launched. In total, 10 schools registered for the       (including Christmas trees) are accepted free of charge at all City waste
battery collection pilot and 57 colouring contest entries were submitted.    management sites.

Environmental Youth Day (January 13th)                                       Household Hazardous Waste Depots
Kawartha Conservation, in partnership with the City of Kawartha Lakes,       The municipality has two HHW Depots. Residents are required to take
hosted an Environmental Youth Day for grade 5 students at the Lindsay        their corrosive, explosive, flammable, and toxic material to these locations
Boys and Girls Club. Students participated in hands-on activities that       for proper disposal. This service is free to all Kawartha Lakes residents.
highlighted the importance of our local natural resources, how we use
them and how we protect them. In total, 281 students from nine schools       Electronic Recycling Depot
participated in half day activity circuits designed to strengthen their      This initiative is free of charge to Kawartha Lakes residents and diverts
understanding of local groundwater, source water protection, invasive        additional material from waste management facilities. The electronic
species, forest ecosystems, energy conservation and waste reduction and      depot accepts items such as computers, televisions, monitors, printers,
diversion programs.                                                          scanners, cash registers, photocopiers, and fax machines. All of the
                                                                             electronic equipment recovered is sent to recycling companies for
Earth Hour (March 27th)                                                      processing. Municipal Service Centres also accept ink jet and laser
                                                                             printer cartridges, cell phones and rechargeable batteries at no charge
On Saturday March 27th, 2010 the City of Kawartha Lakes and local
                                                                             to the residents.
community groups took part in Earth Hour - the world’s largest global
climate change event led by the World Wildlife Fund. This year for 2010,
                                                                             Landfill Reuse Centre
Earth Hour was even bigger than last year with over 4,000 cities and
towns turning out their lights, across a record 126 countries! Once          The Fenelon Reuse Centre was built in an effort to reduce waste and
again, millions of Canadians took part in all provinces and territories,     extend the life of landfills in the City of Kawartha Lakes. The Reuse
turning out the lights in over 300 cities and towns.                         Centre accepts donations of used items, which are then sold for a
                                                                             nominal fee. Plans are underway to develop a similar setup at the
City of Kawartha Lakes residents and businesses joined tens of millions      Lindsay - Ops landfill site. Municipal staff are investigating the
of concerned citizens throughout the world in ‘calling for action’ to save   opportunity to develop a partnership with a local not-for-profit
our planet for future generations. City businesses and residents were        organization to manage the operation.
challenged to turn off all non-essential lighting for one hour at their
companies building, in their homes and were invited to take part in the      Source Separated Organics Pilot Project
2nd Mayor’s Candlelight Walk in downtown Lindsay.
                                                                             In August 2006, the City of Kawartha Lakes commenced curbside
                                                                             collection services of source separated organic materials across 208
                                                                             households located in the Fenelon Falls area. After only eight weeks,
                                                                             2.5 metric tones of waste material was diverted from landfill disposal for
                                                                             composting. In the absence of source separation, this readily
                                                                             biodegradable waste material would have consumed valuable
                                                                             landfill space.

                                                                             Program tracking shows that 66 percent of households in the pilot area
                                                                             are participating in the project, at varying frequencies. In average,
                                                                             participants divert 5 kilograms of organic waste per household to the
                                                                             City’s composting efforts every week.
     The Solid Waste Division of the City of Kawartha Lakes is thrilled by the        Growth Management and Master Plan
     efforts of participants and the high quality of material being received.
                                                                                      In December 2008, the City initiated a combined growth management
     With continued cooperation and support the City’s goal of maintaining
                                                                                      and master planning study for the municipality. The objective of this work
     a participation rate of 60 percent is within reach.
                                                                                      is to identify the growth that will occur to the year 2031 and determine
                                                                                      how growth will be accommodated. It will examine where growth should
     2009 Diversion Program Summary                                                   occur and how the demand for municipal services in terms of
     Throughout the year City residents utilize many diversion programs,              transportation, water and waste water and solid waste services will be
     either curbside or at Waste Management Facilities (Landfill), to recycle         accommodated. To date, an analysis of anticipated growth has been
     materials and reduce the amount of waste that is landfilled. Below is a          completed, several public consultation sessions hosted and a draft report
     summary of efforts that assisted the City in achieving a 41% diversion           completed. This report is available for public review through the City’s
     rate for 2009.                                                                   website under Planning and Building in the Residents section. This project
     •   Blue/ Green Box Recycle Collection - 6,316 tonnes                            is scheduled to be completed and endorsed by City Council in 2010.
     •   Textile Collection - 42 tonnes
     •   Scrap Metal - 1,269 tonnes                                                   Installation of LED Traffic Signals
     •   Leaf and Yard Collection (including Christmas trees) - 310 tonnes
     •   Household Hazardous Waste Collection - 233 tonnes                            In the spring of 2007 the City of Kawartha Lakes participated in the
     •   Electronic Recycling Collection - 152 tonnes                                 Municipal Traffic Signal LED Retrofit Program offered through Hydro
                                                                                      One. The program provided financial incentive to municipalities to
     Also, through the City’s mulch blade subsidy program 625 mulching
                                                                                      convert inefficient incandescent traffic signals to energy-efficient LED
     blades were purchased by 560 City residents to recycle grass clippings
                                                                                      (light emitting diode) technology.
     by leaving them on the lawn to decompose naturally.
                                                                                      Through the installation of LED traffic signals the municipality will realize
     Landfill Gas Management                                                          a savings of 22,354 kWh for a consumption cost savings of
                                                                                      approximately $23,250. The conversion to the energy efficient
     In June 2008, amendments to Regulation 347 and Ontario Regulation
                                                                                      technology will positively impact the maintenance required by traffic
     232/98 under the Environmental Protection Act require Landfill Gas
                                                                                      signals, resulting in an additional savings of $7,600.
     collection and flaring or use (i.e. power generation) at landfill sites with a
     capacity larger than 1.5 million cubic meters.
                                                                                      Official Plan Principles
     Through provincial funding the City successfully obtained a grant to
                                                                                      It is recommended that the new Official Plan incorporate the following
     design and construct a landfill gas facility for the collection, flaring and
                                                                                      “Environment First” principles.
     use at the Lindsay/Ops Waste Management Facility (Landfill). It is
     estimated that the amount of landfill gas that would be collected for            1. Reflect the community’s beliefs that the health and integrity of natural
     power generation could provide enough power for operations at both                  environmental features are of paramount importance to its ongoing quality of
     the Lindsay/Ops Waste Management Facility (Landfill) and the                        life and economic prosperity.
     Wastewater Treatment Plant on an annual basis. To date an assessment             2. Utilize an “Environment First Principle” which recognizes that the environment
     for the site has been completed, a detailed design has been approved                is the base upon which all planning activities take place and that it must be
                                                                                         considered in all planning decisions.
     by the Ministry of the Environment and construction is scheduled to
     begin in summer 2010.                                                            3. Consider natural heritage features, including but not limited to, alvar, wetlands,
                                                                                         waterways, ground water supply, area specific species habitat, wild life corridors
                                                                                         and woodlands, as priority components of the land use framework.
     Bale Wrap Recycling
                                                                                      4. Require an Environmental Impact Study prior to reviewing any development
     The City initiated a pilot project this year for the recycling of bale wrap,        proposal with the potential to compromise the integrity of an environmentally
     the white plastic wrap that farmers use to cover round bales, and boat              sensitive site.
     shrink wrap, the material that marinas use to cover boats for winter             5. Define, map and recognize natural heritage features in the Official Plan.
     storage. These materials were accepted at the Lindsay Ops landfill site          6. Ensure that shoreline set backs, buffer zones and development density are lake
     only, at no charge providing the material was clean. The bale and boat              and site specific and are based on environmental evaluation on a lake-by-lake
     wrap were sent to local processing facilities. The successful project               basis. Establish environmentally sensitive guidelines from which the
     began March 31 and ran until June 28.                                               environmental evaluations can be made utilizing the final recommendations
                                                                                         from the Shoreline Development Study.
     The successful pilot project began March 31, 2008 and ran until
                                                                                      7. Establish an Environmental Advisory Committee composed of environmentally
     June 28, 2008 it was so successful that the bale wrap recycling program             knowledgeable residents to guide stewardship of all areas and systems of
     has been opened up as a permanent program, and is now collected at                  natural heritage features, and ensure that the selection of members of the
     all waste facilities in the City.                                                   Committee reflects the diversity of the City.

                                                                                                                   ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION

Business & Institution Accomplishments
Victoria Land and Water Stewardship Council (VLWSC)                         In an area of Ontario where interior forest is uncommon, the Altberg
                                                                            Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve provides habitat for numerous species
The volunteer-based VLWSC collaborates with landowner organizations,
                                                                            that depend on large tracts of contiguous natural cover. Red-shouldered
schools, agencies, government and businesses to provide a variety of
                                                                            hawks are frequently seen on the property and have been known to nest
services such as information events, one on one advice, and financial
                                                                            in the reserve. In the summer, the forest and forest edges reverberate
assistance to advocate and implement stewardship on land within the
                                                                            with the songs of breeding birds such as the hermit thrush, veery, least
City of Kawartha Lakes. Activities include Kawartha Wildlife and Natural
                                                                            flycatcher, ovenbird, and a wealth of other warblers: black-and-white,
Heritage Conference, Kawartha Rural Water Quality Improvement
                                                                            yellow-rumped, black-throated green, black-throated blue, and chestnut
Project, Community Tree Planting Program (planting over 45,000 trees
                                                                            sided warbler. Golden-winged warbler, field sparrow and ruby-throated
for windbreaks, enhance wildlife, etc.), Lindsay Winter Woodlot
                                                                            hummingbird frequent more open habitats. Signs of deer, moose,
Conference, Agricultural Stewardship Services, and the production of an
                                                                            beaver, and other mammals await the observant naturalist. Moccasin
Environmental Services Directory.
                                                                            flower, showy lady’s slipper, american ginseng, and northern beech fern
                                                                            are among the many interesting plants.
GAMIING Centre For Sustainable Living
                                                                            The Kawartha Field Naturalists (KFN) are the stewards of the reserve.
GAMIING is a not-for-profit charitable organization. Their mandate
                                                                            Having set up salamander monitoring stations and four forest bird
includes education and hands-on demonstrations of ecologically sound
                                                                            monitoring plots on the site, they are currently involved in preparing an
practices related to lakes and lakeshores. GAMIING works with
                                                                            inventory of the property.
individuals, community groups and other interested parties to further
understanding of and participation in practices that balance human
needs with the needs of wildlife and natural lake ecosystems                Kawartha Conservation Region Authority –
                                                                            The Blue Canoe
GAMIING operates from a 100-acre property with a natural shoreline,
                                                                            The Blue Canoe Project was launched in the City of Kawartha Lakes in
surrounded by wetlands, forests and meadows. A Conservation
Easement has been placed upon the land and put in Trust with the            2008. The Blue Canoe Program is a two-year educational outreach
Kawartha Heritage Conservancy to preserve it in perpetuity as a dynamic     initiative that is part of Kawartha Conservation’s Lake Scugog
natural venue to which the public is invited to relax, reflect and          Environmental Management Plan. This year’s focus is to continue to
participate in interactive demonstrations of low-impact and zero-impact     provide valuable advice to private landowners through low cost, high
of lakeshore living.                                                        impact one-on-one home visits by trained conservation staff. We are
                                                                            also offering free soil tests to landowners who want to know what their
                                                                            property really needs in order to be healthy. The Blue Canoe project is
Altberg Reserve
                                                                            designed to encourage landowners to commit to home and shoreline
The largest nature reserve in the Federation nature reserve system, the     practices that benefit our water and environment. Each home is
Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve (AWSNR) encompasses 470           provided with a free package that includes publications, a reusable bag
hectares (1163 acres) of central Ontario woodland and wetland. The          and rain gauge.
reserve straddles the contact between the granitic rocks of the Canadian
Shield and the limestone of the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence forest.

The property exhibits a great diversity of community types due to its
topographic variability, as well as its position on the edge of two major
geologic formations. The granitic Shield areas have rolling topography,
punctuated by pockets of open marsh, beaver meadow and cedar and
alder swamp. These wetland areas are fed by Corben Creek, which runs
through the southeastern areas of the reserve. In the north and western
limestone sections, the level topography is blanketed with sugar
maple and ironwood, with areas of old field regeneration and pine
plantation. The northern areas of the reserve were once a refuge for
Rudolph Altberg, the former landowner of the northern section of the
Altberg Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Reserve. On the side of a granite
boulder overlooking the pond is a beautifully engraved metal
plaque in commemoration of Mr. Altberg’s generous donation
of the 101 hectare northern portion of the property to
the Federation of Ontario Naturalists in 1983.
     Ground Covers Unlimited – Bethany                                               Mason Homes
     Purchased in 1986, this property and farmhouse were in serious decline.         This award winning home building company is committed to building
     Originally built in the 1840’s, the house required considerable repair          homes with great design, good locations, quality workmanship, and
     and restoration from the foundation up. Nursery buildings, greenhouse           energy efficiency. Mason Homes builds homes to Energy Star
     structures, two ponds, field beds and a 56,000 gallon cistern were built        qualification and in 2005 handed over keys to the proud owners of
     in the open fields. Years of planting windbreaks have protected the             Canada’s first Energy Star Home. With national recognition through
     grounds from the north-westerly winds.                                          awards including Energy Star Industry Leader of the Year and EnerGuide
                                                                                     Homebuilder of the Year, Mason Homes has proven to be a progressive
     The new 30,000 sq. ft. potting shed is complete with another 20,000
                                                                                     company in design, architecture, new urbanism, community planning
     gallon cistern that collects rainwater off the attached 15,000 sq. ft.
                                                                                     and energy efficiency.
     sunken greenhouse. Ground heat, in combination with a hot water
     boiler, heats the house. A computer-controlled open-roof design cools
                                                                                     Greening of Fleet
     the greenhouse quickly when needed.
                                                                                     Several companies throughout the municipality, including the City Fire
     Invenergy Canada                                                                Department, have added a hybrid or Smart Car to their fleet. These
                                                                                     energy efficient vehicles have garnered much attention throughout the
     Invenergy is a developer, owner and operator of clean energy projects,
                                                                                     community. Other companies include: Dudman Construction, Bell
     including wind and natural gas, across North America and Europe. It is
                                                                                     World, Colonial Concepts, Evergreen Power Solutions and Frost
     one of the largest independent wind developers in North America, with
     more than $1.4 billion invested in wind energy projects. Currently,
     Invenergy is in the initial stages of developing a site within the south-west
     area of Kawartha Lakes.

                                                                                                                                 ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION

Fleming College                                                               ACCC Protocol for Sustainability
The Fleming College, Frost Campus, home to the School of                      The signatory institutions to this protocol agree to a number of initiatives
Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, serves approximately             including, but not limited to, establishing a sustainable policy and a plan
1,650 full-time students and has prepared graduates for entry into            that includes mechanisms for tracking progress, and working
careers in the environment and natural resources sector of Canada’s           collaboratively with government, business and community to develop
economy for 40 years. The campus offers 27 programs in Environment,           and implement joint strategies to move society toward sustainability.
Natural Resource Sciences and Community Service, and the success and
reputation of Frost graduates in their careers is nationally recognized and   SYC Conference
respected. The high regard in which our graduates are held by
employers constitutes our most significant success.                           The Sierra Youth Coalition advocates for a just and sustainable society
                                                                              with a goal to empowering young people to become active community
Fleming College continues to be an exceptional environmental role             leaders who contribute to making Canada a more sustainable society,
model. Its 42,000 square foot Environmental Technology wing                   by educating them about ecological and social sustainability. SYC has
demonstrates various “green” technologies encompassing renewable              been holding annual conferences across Canada since 1999, providing
energy sources, environmentally sensitive building design and materials,      an active training ground to empower participants with the skills to lead
alternative wastewater treatment technologies, and several specialized        successful initiatives on their campuses
features including a Green Roof and Living Wall.
                                                                              City of Kawartha Lakes (CKL) Memorandum of
The Frost Campus Sustainable Campus Initiative (FSCI)                         Understanding (MOU)
This initiative was started in the fall of 2006 to support Fleming’s          As part of the MOU, we agreed to have at least two sustainability-related
strategic priority to “lead Ontario’s post secondary institutions with
                                                                              projects between the college and the CKL.
respect to environmental programs and practices”. The FSCI Steering
Committee is composed of student leaders, faculty, staff, and academic
                                                                              Fleming College is involved with many partnership
and operations leaders who work together to make changes for
increased sustainability at Frost Campus. Recently, the college has           projects including:
embarked upon a new five year strategic planning horizon that continues       • An Ecological Restoration Honours B.Sc. joint Trent University-Fleming College
the commitment to sustainability and in January 2010 the College                degree/diploma being offered at Fleming's Frost Campus in Lindsay.
indicated its support of the FSCI 2009-2012 Strategic Plan.
                                                                              • The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT) aims to be a research
                                                                                hub for alternative wastewater treatment in Canada. CAWT stays abreast of
Farmers Market                                                                  current policy and research issues while contributing to discussions at national
Spearheaded by the FSCI, Fleming College partnered with Kawartha                and provincial levels through membership in key organizations. It has a growing
Ecological Growers (KEG) to bring a Winter Farmers Market to the Frost          network of partners and affiliates including the International Polar Year Program
Campus. Each Tuesday, from early February to the end of April 2010,             (IPY); the federal government through Environment Canada, Indian and
                                                                                Northern Affairs, and the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans; the provincial
various fresh foods and unique items were available for purchase.
                                                                                government through the Ministries of the Environment, and Agriculture; and
                                                                                internationally through the United Nations Environment Programme. CAWT also
Fleming College’s Frost Campus to Ban the Sale of                               collaborates with many universities including: Trent, Waterloo, Queen’s, Guelph,
Bottled Water                                                                   Wilfrid Laurier, Copenhagen, the Royal Military College and the United Nations
In April 2010, The Frost Campus of Fleming College in Lindsay declared          University.
that it will be bottled water free this time next year under a new plan to    • An on-campus Community Garden initiative with the CKL community non-profit
phase out the sale of bottled water on the campus. A joint initiative           group Toward Balance.
developed by students and supported by faculty, staff and administration,
the plan to eliminate the sale of bottled water on campus is a                • A muskellunge hatchery facility for restoration of muskellunge on Lake Simcoe
                                                                                in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Muskies
progressive one that includes the immediate identification of “Bottled
                                                                                Canada Inc. and the State of Wisconsin.
Water Free Zones” on campus, an audit of access to public water on
campus and a plan to upgrade availability of public drinking water. The       • An Atlantic salmon hatchery facility, for the restoration of Atlantic salmon to
campus plans to implement the full ban on the sale of bottled water on          Lake Ontario in partnership with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
campus by Earth Day 2011.                                                       and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

In 2009 Fleming became a signatory to the ACCC Protocol for                   • Fleming has partnered with the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail Association.
Sustainability. In the winter of 2010 Fleming was the first Ontario             As part of this unique partnership, a trail was completed which travels through
College to host the Sierra Youth Coalition’s (SYC) Sustainable Campuses         the campus property of Fleming College, Frost Campus.
Conference. In addition, in May 2009, Fleming signed a Memorandum
of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Kawartha Lakes (CKL) that
includes “Protecting our Environment” as one of our primary priorities.
     Oak Ridges Moraine – Caring For The Moraine Project                            Carden Plain – Important Bird Area (IBA)
     The Oak Ridges Moraine provides natural habitat for countless plants           The Carden Plain is an attractive blend of unique habitats that offer an
     and animals, including threatened species that are not found anywhere          unspoiled panorama of grassland and shrubland birds, a blaze of
     else in Ontario. The Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan focuses on           wildflowers and vegetation with prairie affinities, and a wide array of
     development in approved settlement areas, preserves agricultural land          butterflies and insects, many of which are restricted to this area. Large
     and prevents sensitive core and linkage areas from ever being                  expanses of grassland, occasionally interspersed with shrubs and
     diminished. It includes strong policies for protecting the Moraine’s water     savannah, lend a subtle, but yet distinct flavour of Africa. If you look
     quality and quantity, specifically its wellheads, cold-water streams and all   carefully, and are lucky, you will spot an Eastern Loggerhead Shrike
     kettle lakes.
                                                                                    (Lanius ludovicianus migrans). This Endangered species, along with a
     Since March of 2006 the Caring for the Moraine Project has been                large assemblage of grassland species, call the Carden Plain home
     contacting landowners in the Ganaraska Hills area to find out about            during the spring and summer months.
     their stewardship needs, carry out free site visits, and provide access to
                                                                                    Situated amongst the unpopulated backroads in the north-west section
     technical services and funding for a variety of stewardship and
                                                                                    of the City, Carden Plain has been a favourite haunt of birders,
     conservation projects. The Caring for the Moraine Project works on
                                                                                    botanists, and naturalists, all drawn to the area by its curious and
     behalf of 14 partner agencies including conservation authorities,
     stewardship councils, and non-government organizations such as the             impressive array of habitats and wildlife. As its natural features were
     Kawartha Heritage Conservancy, the Nature Conservancy of Canada,               documented, parts of Carden Plain were recognized as a globally-
     and Ducks Unlimited. Funding for the project is provided by the Oak            significant, rare habitat: an alvar.
     Ridges Moraine Foundation.
                                                                                    Windmill Ranch – The Windmill Ranch, located in the centre of the
     In the City of Kawartha Lakes the project area incorporates much of the        Carden Plain, is one of the key alvar sites on the Carden Plain, and may
     former Manvers Township south of Bethany including areas around the            represent one of the last opportunities to conserve a large parcel of land
     Pigeon River Headwaters Conservation Area, the Fleetwood Creek                 in this important area. It is an outstanding example of globally-
     Conservation Area, and the northern boundary of the Ganaraska Forest.          threatened alvar habitat – combining alvar grasslands, shrublands,
     Within the City of Kawartha Lakes completed and ongoing projects               forests and wetlands – and is critical to the survival of globally rare
     include: tallgrass prairie restoration, tree planting, professional            communities. Current efforts, by the Nature Conservancy of Canada,
     consultation for woodlot management, stream monitoring and habitat             are under way to purchase this property.
     improvement, and invasive species control.
                                                                                    Cameron Ranch – In 2003, the adjoining 2,869-acre Cameron
                                                                                    Ranch was set aside for conservation by the Nature Conservancy of
                                                                                    Canada, Ontario Parks, the Couchiching Conservancy, and other
                                                                                    supporters. The addition of the 1,600-acre Windmill Ranch would
                                                                                    increase the area of conserved lands by more than 50 percent. The
                                                                                    conservation of large-scale landscapes is essential to the survival of alvar
                                                                                    communities. Under the careful management of NCC and its partners,
                                                                                    the protected lands of the Carden Plain will become a model for alvar
                                                                                    ecology and stewardship in North America.

                                                                                    Carden Nature Festival – This educational event, held at the
                                                                                    Carden Recreation Centre in Dalrymple, attracts approximately 300
                                                                                    people annually, who participate in more than 100 indoor and outdoor
                                                                                    events. Outdoor activities include observing the night sky, early morning
                                                                                    birdwatching, fossil hunts, canoeing and kayaking, plant and bug viewing
                                                                                    and airplane rides over the Carden Alvar. The event attracts those that
                                                                                    have an appreciation for and want to learn more about nature.

                                                                                                   ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION

Maryland Farms – Bioenergy Source
Maryland Farms, owned and operated by Aileen, Jim, and Phil Callaghan, embarked on efforts to
capitalize on the “natural resource” found on the property – namely manure which produces
methane – in establishing a biodigestor, providing a renewable energy source at the agricultural
business. The conversion from manure to methane will produce approximately 500 kilowatts of
electricity, enough to power 400 homes near Lindsay. The Callaghans will receive provincial
financing of $400,000 when the project is completed, which will be in about a year.

E-Waste Unplugged
This was a true environmental stewardship event that demonstrated a momentum and desire
within the community to dispose of electronic waste in a responsible manner. The Technology
Alliance Group (TAG) for Kawartha Lakes in partnership with Community Living Kawartha Lakes
hosted a one day computer take back event, “E-Waste Unplugged”. A mountain of electronic
waste was collected during the event, resulting in over 17,410 pounds of material being
diverted from landfill and recycled responsibly. A total of 205 computer monitors were
dropped off for responsible recycling, resulting in approximately 1,461 pounds of
lead being diverted from landfill. Community Living Kawartha Lakes Jobs ‘R’ Us
team members dismantled and sorted an exceptional amount of computer
equipment, providing the public with an invaluable insight into their role in the
E-Waste Diversion Project and demonstrated the steps required to
prepare the material for recycling.

The Technology Alliance Group (TAG) for

Kawartha Lakes in partnership with

Community Living Kawartha Lakes hosted

a one day computer take back event,

“E-Waste Unplugged”.

A mountain of electronic waste
was collected during the event,

resulting in over 17,410 pounds

of material being diverted from

landfill and recycled responsibly.

     Residential Accomplishments
     Environmental Hero Award                                                  LCVI Eco-Garden
     Mr. Al MacPherson was presented with the Environmental Hero of the        This proposal from the staff and students of LCVI requested the use
     Year Award by Mayor Ric McGee on Tuesday May 11th for his work            of the passive municipal greenspace by the school for the purposes
     in bringing the Trans Canada Trail to the City of Kawartha Lakes.         of expanding their Horticultural programming curriculum and
                                                                               greening projects. LCVI has recently earned recognition as a Gold
     In 2006 it became apparent that the proposed route for the Trans          EcoSchool and staff feel that their involvement in a horticulture
     Canada Trail would be directed south, missing the City entirely. Mr.      project within this park would be beneficial. The City is very
     MacPherson immediately took corrective action, calling a meeting of       encouraged about this potential partnership. This proposal will allow
     the Friends of the Trans Canada Trail and developed a mandate to          the City, in partnership with LCVI, to beautify a passive greenspace.
     retain ownership of the rail corridor, have it registered and             This particular property has been problematic for local police due to
     operational by 2010.                                                      issues with loitering and unlawful activities. Staff feel that encouraging
                                                                               this new partnership will increase use of the space, assist in its clean
     He accomplished this by garnering the support from Sir Sandford
                                                                               up, and foster civic pride in taking “ownership” of the park.
     Fleming College, solicited letters from members of the community,
     made a presentation to Council and applied for a grant to fund a
     business plan. As a result a not-for-profit board was formed and a
                                                                               Trillium Lakeland District School Board
     lease for the trail was obtained. His efforts raised $225,000 to          List of EcoSchools Continues To Grow
     complete 44 km of trail from Omemee to Highway 36, Lindsay. The           Like the flora and fauna planted by the students, the list of public
     trail borders five schools and includes 12 interpretive sites that can    schools earning the EcoSchool certification continues to grow, with
     be accessed through I-pod or MP3 players that provide information         23 earning the honour this year.
     about natural features such as drumlins, eskers and wetlands. Today,
                                                                               Bobcaygeon, Jack Callaghan and Langton Public Schools joined
     schools are assigned “Trail Watch” sections for students to help
                                                                               Fenelon Falls Secondary School and Lindsay Collegiate and
     maintain this trail system.
                                                                               Vocational Institute earning gold status, while Alexandra, King Albert,
                                                                               Lady Mackenzie and Ridgewood Public Schools, Central Senior
                               Kids For Turtles                                School and IE Weldon Secondary School reached the silver level.
                               In 2005 a very dedicated, informed group        Director of education Larry Hope is “thrilled that this program
                               of concerned children approached City           continues to bloom in our schools”, providing “proof that the idea of
                               Council to inquire about the possibility of     conserving and preserving our world is an idea whose time has
                               erecting turtle crossing signs at significant   certainly come the TLDSB.”
                               turtle locations throughout the municipality.
                               Council approved the initial request and        The EcoSchools program was launched provincially in 2006 to help
                                                                               merge school operations with the curriculum on matters of
                               supported the group by installing the
                                                                               environmental importance. It is built around conserving energy,
                               signage. The determination and effort of
                                                                               minimizing waste, ecological literacy and school-round greening.
                               this group continues to positively impact the
                               community; in 2007, five new locations          Staff, students, parents and volunteers do their part, whether by
                               received the warning signage.                   sending a “litterless” lunch, by researching waste management
                                                                               options, or by doing the daily collection of garbage and recycling.
                                                                               Some students do their own energy audits, and many launch
22                                                                             school-wide awareness campaigns that last the entire school year.
                                                                                                                           ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION

New Initiatives
Restricting Municipal Bottled Water Initiative                                   Provincial Tire Recycling Program
City staff are currently developing a new policy, demonstrating                  Since September 1st, 2009 the City of Kawartha Lakes has participated
leadership in restricting the use of bottled water at all municipal facilities   in a new provincial Used Tire Stewardship Program. This goal of this
where safe and cost effective options are available.                             program is to direct scrap tires in Ontario for recycling first, supporting
                                                                                 Ontario’s 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) efforts and helping to grow the
Previously City Council passed a resolution to use non-bottled water for
                                                                                 Ontario-based tire recycling industry, thus driving investment in green
Committee/Council meetings. Now, building on this, with the help of
                                                                                 industries and markets for these products.
local Service and Youth Organizations, such as the First Lindsay Cub
Scouts the goal of the Restricting Municipal Bottled Water initiative is to:     City residents are able to take all tire types to City Waste Management
                                                                                 Facilities (Landfills) at no cost without any quantity restrictions. So far, the
Emphasize the positive message of municipal efforts to provide a safe and
                                                                                 response to this program has been very positive with over 52,000
universally accessible Municipal water supply. Bottled water is not safer.
                                                                                 individual tires being collected.
Investigate the transition from bottled water to tap water cooler stations
at municipal facilities.                                                         Environment Section on Website

Develop and deliver an internal education program that highlights the            With the re-design of the City of Kawartha Lakes website an
environmental impacts of bottled water while engaging staff in                   “Environment” Section was added to highlight municipal environmental
alternative practices to reduce bottled water use.                               efforts as well as support and showcase local environmental efforts. This
                                                                                 section is divided into areas of interest that include Water,
The Power Pledge (April 21st to August 11th)                                     Climate/Energy, Land, Events and Resources. Also, there is an
                                                                                 opportunity for local organizations to “Post Your Environmental Event”.
The City of Kawartha Lakes has taken The Power Pledge as part of the             If you haven’t already done so, checkout this section of the City’s website
Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) Community Conservation Challenge.                as new information is continually posted.
This challenge is a friendly competition between Ontario communities to
earn bragging rights as one of Ontario’s most conservation-conscious
communities. To take part in the Power Pledge residents are encouraged
to visit

                         Be Waste Wise: Sort it Out! Campaign
                       Introducing a new City-wide recycling campaign!
                       “Be Waste Wise: Sort it Out!” is a message that
                       will be incorporated into all aspects of City
diversion programs as we move forward challenging local residents,
businesses and schools to increase the City’s overall diversion rate which
is currently 41%.
                                                                                 Recycling Partnership with Trillium Lakeland District
It is estimated that Ontarians generate more than 34,000 tonnes of               School Board
waste a day or over 12 million tonnes of waste per year. Everyday, waste
                                                                                 In late 2009, City staff met with representatives from the Trillium
is part of our daily life and often we think about it as little as possible.
                                                                                 Lakeland District School Board (TLDSB) to form a partnership that will
The “Be Waste Wise: Sort it Out!” campaign will challenge you to think
                                                                                 assist the TLDSB in increasing their diversion rates; ultimately increasing
about the choices you make everyday from product packaging to
                                                                                 the City’s overall diversion rate.
disposal options. As the City launches new diversion programs this
campaign will also provide you with the tools required to help achieve           Both Board and City staff are excited to include TLDSB in the current
the City’s diversion rate target of 60%.                                         curbside collection program. This means that students and Board staff
                                                                                 will be able to recycle at schools using the same program as they do at
The City of Kawartha Lakes’ natural environment is one of our greatest
                                                                                 home; creating much higher levels of recycling consistency and
assets. Let’s continue to make the City a cleaner and greener place for
                                                                                 opportunities to deliver programs that will expose a younger audience to
everyone to live, work and play.
                                                                                 civic pride and understanding of waste diversion initiatives.

                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Fred Thornhill
     Construction of a Compost Pad at the Somerville Waste                        Green Hub - Community Improvement Plan
     Management Facility (Landfill)                                               The City of Kawartha Lakes has developed a community vision that
     On a daily basis residential brush and yard waste (up to 2” in diameter)     recognizes the environment as an integral part of economic
     is accepted at all City Waste Management Facilities (Landfills) and is       development, planning and decision making. Traditionally, community
     diverted through on-site composting efforts. During summer 2009, a           improvement plans have been used by municipalities to perform a whole
     50m X 90m compost pad for brush and yard waste was constructed at            range of functions, from improving sidewalks and roadways to fixing up
     the Somerville landfill. This new compost pad enables the City to            local ball diamonds and arenas. The City of Kawartha Lakes differs by
     manage the increasing volume of brush and yard waste that is being           directly linking community improvement with green technologies and
     brought to our landfill sites; with capacity to accept 2,000 tonnes of       green industry. Thus, the concept of a “Green Hub”. By doing this, the
     material per year.                                                           city hopes to attract and retain green employment opportunities and
     Brush and yard waste that is brought to this site is placed into rows for    renewable energy projects. The hope is, that industry will recognize
     composting and managed according to Ministry of the Environment              Kawartha Lakes as a community that encourages the development of
     guidelines. From the time that brush and yard waste is accepted to           renewable energy sources such as biofuels, or the manufacturing of
     finished compost this process can take up to six months to complete. For     wind turbines and solar panels. Also, the city would like to see the
     best finished compost product please help ensure that any form of            redevelopment of old industrial sites known as “brownfields” by aiding
     plastic or non-biodegradable products are removed from brush and             and encouraging private sector investment.
     yard waste that is brought to waste management facilities (landfills).
                                                                                  Fenelon Falls Arena and Community Centre
     Transportation Management Strategy                                           The City of Kawartha Lakes is preparing to break ground in the late
     A Transportation Management Strategy is currently being developed for        summer of 2010 for the construction of a new Fenelon Falls Arena and
     the City of Kawartha Lakes. A review of bicycle and pedestrian linkages      Community Centre. This new facility will be a state of the art facility
     will be included in the document. Transit operations will also be reviewed   incorporating new technology into its design and construction ensuring
     to ensure an efficient and user friendly-system. Strategically placed and    maximum operating efficiency and environmentally friendly techniques.
     designed car pool locations that are currently available, and promoted,
     to those individuals that choose to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere found       Omemee Wastewater Project
     in the Kawartha Lakes, but work in the Greater Toronto Area, will also       The City of Kawartha Lakes is investigating various alternative and
     be reported on in the Transportation Management Strategy.                    environmentally friendly solutions for the Omemee Wastewater project.
                                                                                  This is a joint project in partnership with Sir Sandford Fleming College.
     Greening of Municipal Fleet                                                  The City has a unique opportunity to investigate the use of multiple
                                                                                  treatment technologies to address the wastewater capacity issue. A
     In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, municipal staff
                                                                                  recent peer review indicates that it is recognized that combining
     have moved away from utilizing trucks and opted for smaller, economy
                                                                                  conventional or advanced technologies with Engineered Wetlands may
     sized vehicles, where possible.
                                                                                  provide for additional funding or partnerships with the Centre for
                                                                                  Alternative Wastewater Treatment.

                                                                                                                        ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION

Hydrogeological Assessment - A hydrogeological impact                         Preliminary Investigation for Snowfluent - Concurrently with the
assessment of the current lagoon property and adjacent 50 acre parcel         Hydrogeological Assessment, the option of a Snowfluent Pilot Study for
of land owned by the City were then undertaken. A draft Preliminary           the winter of 2010 was also conducted. The current spray irrigation
Hydrogeological Impact Assessment for the Omemee Sewage Lagoons               system is approved to spray irrigate effluent between April and
was completed in December 2009. The scope of work investigated was            December depending on the frozen state of the ground. Since 2004,
an impact assessment to identify whether a contaminant plume from the         the inflow of sewage during the winter period has exceeded the winter
lagoon(s) was present, and the existence of/or potential for off-site         storage capacity of the facility, which has required emergency discharges
impacts of the sewage lagoons and current spray irrigation. As part of        to the Pigeon River. Snowfluent was looked at, on a pilot scale level,
this investigation monitoring wells were installed within the Sewage          using the existing approved spray locations. It is anticipated that being
Lagoon property limits and on the adjacent City owned Sanderson Pit.          able to create snow using wastewater effluent between January 1 and

Groundwater samples were taken from the monitoring wells and seven            March 31st (depending on weather conditions), the level in the lagoons
residential wells between September 29 and October 2, 2009. A second          would not reach a limit that would require an emergency discharge to
round of samples of the monitoring wells were taken on November 23,           the Pigeon River. It has been determined that Snowfluent will be an
2009. Surface water samples were also collected from sampling                 alternative that will be further investigated.
stations within the Pigeon River watershed and Emily Creek watershed.

It was reported that, based on the preliminary groundwater quality
results, there is no indication that there are significant impacts from the
sewage lagoons or spray irrigation operations to adjacent properties. In
addition, the results indicated that the surface water quality was good
and not impacted by the lagoons or spray irrigation.

Therefore one can conclude that there may be an opportunity to utilize
the subsurface for additional capacity at the existing and adjacent
Sanderson Pit site.

                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Fred Thornhill
     Energy Conservation Plan                                                            Norland Dam Project – Timber Run Hydropower
     As environmental awareness grows across Canada, individuals and                     In relation to the City’s Energy Management Plan and an attempt to
     organizations alike are examining how their actions impact the natural              initiate a “BullFrog Power Generation” source City staff have been
     environment around them. A key focus is being placed on the                         working with Timber Run Hydropower (TRH) regarding a proposed
     consumption of energy products and all related costs. Although there is             hydropower development involving the existing dam that is located in
     a desire to reduce the emissions and costs associated with energy                   Norland. TRH would like to retrofit the existing dam and install a
     production, the challenge remains that products such as electricity, heat           “low-impact, fish-friendly hydroelectric turbine” which they intend will
     and water are all deemed as essential items. Towards resolving this                 generate electricity. TRH have advised that they have been working with
     paradox, municipalities across Ontario have started to envision ways to             the Trent Severn Waterway and the Ministry of Natural Resources in
     conserve energy. One method being employed to promote energy                        connection with this project and have provided a guarantee that this
     conservation in municipal organizations is the creation of a corporate              proposed development will not change the water flow that passes
     energy management program. Energy management involves assessing                     through the Norland Water System at any time during the year. This
     the types and volume of energy products used and identifying creative               partnership would not only produce an environmentally friendly energy
     ways to reduce consumption. In addition to environmental protection                 source but would also provide a revenue stream for the City to provide
     and internal savings, initiating a corporate energy management program              funding for various community enhancement projects.
     in the City of Kawartha Lakes is advantageous. Identifying alternatives to
     current energy practices demonstrates strong corporate culture and
     leadership, and sets a good example for members of the external
     community to follow. Specific objectives of the City’s Corporate Energy
     Management Program are:

     • To foster a culture of energy conservation and environmental stewardship within
       the Corporation,
                                                                                                The team at Ross Memorial Hospital is working hard to
     • To set a positive example for our citizens and surrounding communities,
                                                                                                be a responsible neighbour and a community leader in
     • To identify the types and amounts of energy being consumed in municipal
       buildings and equipment,                                                                 environmental awareness.
     • To identify and implement actions that will reduce the Corporation’s energy
       usage, as it strives to be more efficient.                                               In November 2009, the Ontario Hospital Association
     Staff awareness and education and facility maintenance and renovations                     presented RMH with the Green Healthcare Award for
     will play a large role in allowing the City to be successful in the
     implementation of our Energy Management Program.                                           Overall Leadership for its green initiatives.

Ross Memorial Hospital                                                       Housekeeping staff is using new environmentally-friendly cleaning
Going Greener & Greener                                                      products and water-reducing cleaning techniques. Source separation
                                                                             recycling stations have been successfully introduced throughout the
The team at Ross Memorial Hospital is working hard to be a responsible
                                                                             hospital, encouraging the sorting of waste and recyclables. Chemical-
neighbour and a community leader in environmental awareness. The
                                                                             free lawn maintenance is practised, and through the implementation of
hospital and its “Go Green Team” are proud of their accomplishments
                                                                             the “Shred-it” program, the hospital is saving trees from destruction.
over the past three years.
                                                                             This summer, Honeywell engineers and auditors are on site at RMH,
The vermiculture program involves tens of thousands of red-wiggler
                                                                             assessing heating and air conditioning, lighting, ventilation and air
worms which help to speed up the composting of waste from the
                                                                             quality systems. Their team will develop a plan to improve the hospital’s
hospital’s nutrition services department. The soil created from the
                                                                             energy efficiency, while reducing environmental emissions. The program
compost enriches the Continuing Care therapy garden, in which patients
                                                                             is funded through the energy savings.
cultivate herbs and vegetables. These are then used by the chefs in the
Nutrition Services department as they create healthy meals to sell in the    In November 2009, the Ontario Hospital Association presented RMH
cafeteria.                                                                   with the Green Healthcare Award for Overall Leadership for its green
                                                                             initiatives, including the recycling and vermiculture programs. Surveyors
The Nutrition Services department has also enhanced its recycling
                                                                             from Accreditation Canada identified the vermiculture program as a
program, reducing packaging in the kitchen and attempting to replace
                                                                             national leader of innovation and creativity.
styrofoam with reusable cups and containers while providing an
environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional disposables. “Recycle
centres” in every department and in the cafeteria make it easy for all
staff to sort their garbage and recyclables.

Green initiatives within the Maintenance Department include a boiler
retrofit that has reduced the usage of natural gas, and re-engineering to
reduce water consumption. An adjustment to the water pressure saves
water and slows the wear on valves. The circulation of hot water has
been reconfigured to save heating energy. “High efficiency” energy-
savers have replaced almost all hallway lights and energy-saving motion
detectors for lights and touchless faucets in sinks have been installed.

     An initiative was introduced to acknowledge the efforts of volunteer organizations,
     provide financial support and add to a strong community focus.

           Municipal Accomplishments
           Nayoro Twinning Committee                                                 Community Garden - Kawartha Lakes Food Source
           August 1969 saw the twinning of Lindsay and Nayoro, Hokkaido              Community Gardens are a place where people come together to
           and the exchange of goodwill between the two communities began.           grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and friendships. Community
           Official visits by successive mayors, members of City Councils of both    gardens provide educational opportunities, promote physical activity,
           communities as well as exchanges involving Twinning Committee             healthy lifestyles and can provide a nutritious food source for the
           members, high school students, and students from the college of           community. In 2006 a partnership was formed between the City and
           Nayoro have occurred. Both communities have dedicated park land           Kawartha Lakes Food Source to offer a community garden location
           in honour of the international relationship and have dedicated a          at Wilfred Hogan Park in Lindsay. This park includes the Lindsay
           great deal of time hosting events and visitors. The passion and efforts   Water Tower which is completely fenced in. This site provides the
           of this volunteer Committee of Council to build bridges of                appropriately sized land (1/2 – 1 acre), a nearby water supply, a
           international exchange have taken root in the citizens in Kawartha        secure area to curb vandalism and animal control, and allows for a
           Lakes and Nayoro alike.                                                   centralized location with good accessibility/visibility. The food
                                                                                     produced in the garden is distributed through the Kawartha Lakes
           2009 marked the 40th Anniversary for the twinning, one of the
                                                                                     Food Source.
           longest twinning relationships in Ontario and Canada.
                                                                                                                            COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT

Communities in Bloom – Fall Awards Ceremony                                         Trails Advisory Committee
The efforts of community volunteers, Green Thumb Garden Award                       The Parks, Recreation and Culture Division completed a Trails Master
nominees, and Healthy Plants, Healthy Planet nominees are recognized                Plan in 2005 to address trail use, planning and development needs of
during the annual local Communities in Bloom Awards Ceremony. The                   the City. Subsequently, a Trails Advisory Committee has been established
success of the Communities in Bloom program is also highlighted during              to follow through on the initiatives recommended from within the Plan.
this event.                                                                         The objectives of this committee are to:

In 2007, the Organizing Committee took the event to a new level by                  • Provide assistance to the City in the planning and development of trails
forming a partnership with Home Hardware-Lindsay and including                      • Coordinate volunteer trail maintenance efforts
features such as a nationally recognized guest speaker.                             • Develop a trails permitting system
                                                                                    • Assist with monitoring trail issues and conditions
                                                                                    • Liaise with the City on trails development/management and promotion
Environmental Advisory Committee
                                                                                    • Assist with identifying/securing funding for special trails projects
This volunteer committee has been recently established as per the                   • Assist in the development of a monitoring and enforcement program
recommendations outlined in the Official Plan principles contained in               • Undertake public education and community outreach
the Community Vision document. The committee is composed of
                                                                                    The Plan addresses an “Environmental First” approach to future trails
environmentally knowledgeable residents that are asked to:
                                                                                    development, the increasing importance of the environment to our
• Participate in the preparation and updating of policies on environmental and      residents and tourist visitors, the need to preserve our natural areas,
  related issues in the City’s official plan.                                       waterways and trails. Specific emphasis was put on environmental
                                                                                    protection, wildlife habitat and ensuring a sustainable approach to trails
• Advise Council on strategy, policies and procedures to achieve Council’s
                                                                                    planning which involves community stewardship.
  environmental goals.

• To develop and promote public education programs on local environmental           Community Partnership and Development Fund Program
                                                                                    In 2006, Parks, Recreation and Culture Division staff introduced this
• To comment, as requested, on land use planning matters and municipal              initiative which was developed to acknowledge the efforts of volunteer
  activities with respect to environmental concerns and issues.
                                                                                    organizations, provide for the betterment of the City, provide financial
• To comment, as part of public reviews, on watershed and sub-watershed             assistance and support, and to provide strong community focus. The
  planning exercises and to advise City Council as required.                        Community Partnership and Development Fund consists of four
                                                                                    categories – Beautification, Culture, Special Events, and Municipal Tax
• To review, as requested, other governmental environmental reports and
  programs, and advise Council of any impacts of those reports for the City.
                                                                                    During the five years that the program has been available $657,000
• To participate in the creation and maintenance of a natural areas inventory and
  other environmental research which will increase and improve the information      has been awarded to 242 community groups. Both the City and the
  base available to the City.                                                       volunteer organizations are working together, investing in municipal
                                                                                    property while acknowledging individual community initiatives and the
• To prepare, before the commencement of each calendar year, a report of the        volunteers who maintain these facilities and programs.
  previous year’s expenditures, and a projected budget and work program for the
  succeeding year, for presentation to, and adoption by, Council.
                                                                                    50/50 Community Project Capital Funding Program
This group is also responsible for the development and maintenance of
                                                                                    This municipal program, initiated in 2003, is designed to support
the “Environmental Hero Award” program. This program recognizes the
                                                                                    community groups that wish to complete a capital project that will
extraordinary environmental efforts of local residents.
                                                                                    contribute to the betterment of City residents. Initially, the program was
                                                                                    approved with a budget of $50,000 but as the success of the program
                                                                                    grew so did the approved funding. Today, community groups have
                                                                                    access to receive $80,000 per year through the program. Since the
                                                                                    inception of the program in 2003, over $770,000 has been distributed
                                                                                    to 114 community groups throughout the municipality.

     Business & Institution Accomplishments
     Chambers of Commerce                                                        Kawartha Trans Canada Trail
     The City has three Chambers of Commerce, Lindsay, Fenelon Falls and         The Kawartha Trans Canada Trail Alliance is a not-for-profit, charitable
     Bobcaygeon. All are very active in displaying great pride in their          organization through its 11 community managing partner groups and
     respective downtown cores and partner with the City through our             organizations, manages 44 kms of Trans Canada Trail all within the City
     Community Partnership and Development Fund to beautify the                  of Kawartha Lakes. The trail stretches east to west from the Region of
     commercial downtowns. As well, they are all responsible for their           Durham to Peterborough County; this unique four season trail route of
     respective Santa Claus Parades and other downtown special events. In        historic and cultural heritage links communities, parkland, farmland and
     Lindsay and Bobcaygeon, both groups host “Evenings of Excellence”           the natural environment by providing opportunities for nature
     where they recognize the various initiatives of their members in areas      appreciation and healthy active living for hiking, walking, cycling,
     such as Entrepreneur of the Year, Business Person of the Year, Senior of    horseback riding and snowmobiling, while preserving this green space
     the Year and Citizen of the Year. They also recognize the efforts of        corridor for present and future generations. For more information -
     volunteers in their respective communities.                       

     Eganridge Inn and Spa                                                       Kawartha Lakes Friends of the Osprey
     Once again Eganridge Inn and Spa is the official Accommodation              Kawartha Lakes Friends of the Osprey is a volunteer organization that
     Sponsor of our Communities in Bloom program. Set atop an expansive          focuses on building awareness, respect and support for Osprey in the
     ridge, the heritage estate overlooks scenic Sturgeon Lake in the heart of   Kawartha Lakes Region. Osprey are considered an indicator species for
     the Trent-Severn Waterway. Towering pines shade an historic,                the health of the Kawartha Lakes environment. The efforts of this
     square-timbered manor house. Loon calls echo in the morning air.            organization involve osprey nest building, workshops and visits to
     Lakefront sunsets bring a warm glow to the dining room. The premier         elementary schools to teach young people about the importance of the
     spa, scenic golf course and fine dining ensure a memorable visit for        Osprey. The Kawartha Lakes Friends of the Osprey also host a website
     the national judges.                                                        offering ideas on what residents and cottagers can do to help the osprey,
                                                                                 as well as pictures and information about this noble species.

                                                                                 Health for Life
                                                                                 Health For Life is a local health promotion initiative funded by the
                                                                                 Ministry of Health Promotion that focuses on community partnerships to
                                                                                 encourage active lifestyles, healthy eating, smoke-free living and mental
                                                                                 health. Health For Life volunteer working groups include Body Image,
                                                                                 Healthy Families, Food Security, Good Food Box, Pathways to Health,
                                                                                 Community Gardens and Workplace Health.
                                            Bobcaygeon Horticultural
                                               Society & Bobcaygeon              The Pathways to Health Committee promotes opportunities for residents
                                                        Public School            to be active such as:

                                                A fun and unique partnership     • Seasonal physical activity campaigns – ‘Spring into Spring’ challenges students to
                                             between these two groups offers       walk every day during Earth Week (April) to Clean Air Day (June). National
                                              children the chance to obtain a      Commuter Challenge promotes ‘human powered’ transportation to and from work.
                               love for gardening while supporting the local     • Active and Safe Routes to School - This year a challenge has been issued to
                                food bank. Volunteers from the Bobcaygeon          parent councils of City of Kawartha Lakes schools to design strategies to reduce
                               Horticultural Society and grade three students      vehicle traffic around their schools and increase the percentage of students and
                              work together to plant and care for vegetable        parents walking and cycling to school. The school with the best proposal will be
                            seeds. The children love getting their hands dirty     awarded up to $1,000.00 to help their school implement their strategy.
                           and watching the vegetables grow! All produce is      • - This website maintains a current listing of local trails
                                  donated to the local food bank once ripe.        with downloadable pdf maps of the trails.

                                                                                 Pathways to Health is working in partnership with the City’s Planning,
                                                                                 Engineering and Parks, Recreation and Culture divisions on ensuring
                                                                                 policies and design standards are in place that recognize active modes
30                                                                               of transportation and create daily opportunities for physical activity.
                                                                              COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT

Omemee Business & Community Improvement
This newly developed volunteer committee is eager and committed to
making improvements to the Omemee area. Future plans include
initiatives such as the development of the mill pond and the “Wet Lands
Walkway”, beach and park areas, revitalizing historic buildings such as
Cenotaph Park, increasing the beautification initiatives and increasing
overall economic development through special event promotion.

Rotary Trail
The Rotary Club of Lindsay continues their work on the King-Logie Street
trail enhancement. The trail that follows Scugog River from Logie Street
to King Street was paved in the fall of 2006. Current work of developing
a trail head is nearing completion. Future work includes interpretive
signage, additional landscaping, and community safety features. Initially
conceived as a Rotary International Centennial Project, this initiative has
grown to include community involvement, the clean up of adjacent
lands, and the development of a stewardship program that may well
serve as a model for other sections of the trail throughout the City.

Kawartha Lakes Green Trails Alliance
The Kawartha Lakes Green Trails Alliance is a not for profit organization
that is committed to ecological sustainable trail development and
management. Over the past three years the organization has been able
to secure funding for the development of an accessible 1.6km paved
trail; the design and soon to be constructed historic trail kiosk and
adjacent native plant landscaping including interpretative display panels.
These panels will highlight trail ethics, history and natural and cultural
features that can be found along the trail. In partnership with Sir
Sandford Fleming College, Lindsay Boys and Girls Club, Lindsay
Collegiate Vocational Institute, Ontario Stewardship Rangers, Girl
Guides and community volunteers over 1,000 trees, along with native
weed flower seeds, were planted along both sides of the trail corridor.
Volunteers participate in annual trail clean up activities along the trail.

Recently trail related lesson plans have been developed for local schools
to use the trails as an outdoor classroom for such subjects as science,
geography and physical education. In 2009 an “interpretative” walking
and cycling guide using a “podcast” technology was produced for use
along the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail (east section).

Omemee and District Horticultural Society
This year marks the 71st anniversary of this volunteer organization.
Members of the Society volunteer hours in a labour of love to beautify
Omemee. In addition to the many planters in the downtown core, the
Society also cares for the beds at Coronation Hall and several in front of
other business locations in the community. The group works closely with
the other local Service Groups as well as the Omemee businesses on
community projects and beautification initiatives. This volunteer group
has between 80 and 90 adult members and 25 youth. In the past year,
the members accumulated 2,888 volunteer hours of community service
and beautification.                                                                              31
     Residential Accomplishments
     Volunteer Management Boards                                                  Community Gardens – Towards Balance Support
     Currently there are 11 Volunteer Management Boards operating                 Network & Community Volunteers
     municipal facilities throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes. The intent       A number of new initiatives have sprouted recently including new
     of these Committees of Council is to allow for local community and           partnerships with school and youth groups and senior residences.
     volunteer driven operations at local community centres where there is
     an interest in operating in this manner. This allows volunteers to have      FFSS/Fenelon Court - The Fenelon Falls Secondary School
     a meaningful role in their community while ensuring a more cost-             horticulture class had a greenhouse and plants but no place to
     effective way of operating these facilities. With “local” management         plant. The Fenelon Court residence had several gardens which were
     comprised of local area residents, there is also the opportunity to
                                                                                  becoming a bit too much for the residents. And the rest is history! It is
     promote and introduce new activities within the facility which will be
                                                                                  exciting to see young people and seniors growing together to build a
     of value to that particular area.
                                                                                  shared dream. Students bring started plants over to the gardens, both
     Local community identity and ownership is a key factor in the                flowers and vegetables. Both groups work together to maintain the
     development of Volunteer Management Boards. The volunteers that              garden.
     comprise these groups have improved their community by
     introducing new activities, maintaining the community fabric by              City of Kawartha Lakes Community Garden Network -
     continuing to offer historic events, and enhancing the community             This community garden is supported through a partnership between
     facility. Facilitation and administrative support is provided by Parks,      Towards Balance Support Network, the local health unit and Fleming
     Recreation and Culture staff, as well as operating and capital
                                                                                  College provides gardening opportunities to community members
     funding. Many of these groups take advantage of municipal grant
                                                                                  and local service clubs who wish to reap the rewards of time well
     programs and local fund raising to improve and restore these
                                                                                  spent in the garden. The group is certainly following their motto
     community centres.
                                                                                  “growing a healthy community, one garden at a time”.

     Bobcaygeon Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
                                                                                  Communities in Bloom – Organizing Committee
     In 2009 Council endorsed the implementation of a Bobcaygeon
                                                                                  This dedicated group of volunteers work together to organize and
     Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee. The primary purpose, and
                                                                                  implement the local Communities in Bloom program. These
     benefit, of forming this Committee in Bobcaygeon was be to improve
                                                                                  community leaders motivate and coordinate volunteers within their
     communication between all local leisure service users and the City as
                                                                                  respective villages to ensure that Kawartha Lakes is “bloom-tiful”. In
     the primary provider of facilities. This would be beneficial to all
                                                                                  addition to this localized effort, municipal wide objectives are
     parties involved as it would create a venue for community groups to
                                                                                  established and embarked upon in a coordinated, harmonized
     formally express individual concerns and ideas, share those ideas
     with others in the community, and also provide staff with a forum to
     communicate long term plans and initiatives being considered.                In 2007 increased promotional efforts helped heighten awareness
     If proven successful, a similar committee model could be                     about both the local and national Communities in Bloom initiatives.
     implemented in other communities. The key components and roles of            A ten week promotional build up campaign was launched with the
     this Committee are to be:                                                    final segment hitting the media during the week of the judges tour.
     • Provide input to staff on future budgeting requirements                    Highlights of the campaign include an explanation of the eight
     • Advise on the impact of policy decisions on service provision              criteria, simple “How To’s” on becoming involved, making a
     • Represent the voice of individual user groups in expressing concerns and   difference in the community, lawn and garden care and information
       recommendations that will enable a more effective provision of services    on the local Communities in Bloom programs. The promotional
     • Liaise and coordinate with the City regarding various special events       campaign informed the community on the program and generated
                                                                                  excitement and involvement from all areas of the community.
     • Explore partnerships to secure funding for special projects and capital
     • Allow a forum for staff to communicate long term plans

                                                                                                                   COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT

New Initiatives
Fenelon Falls – Lock Jam                                                       Olympic Torch Relay Celebration
Lock Jam 2010 will stretch throughout the summer months with four              The Olympic Spirit is alive and well in Kawartha Lakes! The Vancouver
feature events on the first Saturday of each month. Lock Jam is the            2010 Olympic Torch Relay came to Kawartha Lakes on Wednesday,
premier summer event for Fenelon Falls, helping the community to               December 16th, passing through Omemee and close to 3000
showcase its greatest asset; our waterfront.                                   spectators before arriving in Lindsay for a huge community celebration.

                                                                               The celebration in Lindsay attracted 17,000 people to the downtown core
Each individual event offers visitors the opportunity to boat, walk or drive
                                                                               including over 5,000 school children that were bussed in from across the
to Fenelon Falls for a evening of music in an idyllic waterfront setting.
                                                                               municipality. Local entertainers were featured on stage in a two-hour
Lock Jam is also unique in that our programming is entirely free, aiming
                                                                               celebration, the Torch Relay and the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The
to be inclusive to all age groups and interests.                               events were coordinated by a volunteer Community Task Force.

Civic Awards Initiative                                                        In the summer of 2009 the carpet bed in Memorial Park was planted
                                                                               with the Olympic Torch theme and the logo was painted on the ice of
Parks, Recreation and Culture staff is preparing to unveil a recognition       almost all the local arenas.
program for outstanding citizens in our community who have made
achievements throughout the year. The inaugural event is expected to           As a lasting legacy, a nine foot tall, 5,000 lb. Inukshuk
take place in 2011. The recognition program will be designed to identify       was erected in Victoria Park to commemorate
                                                                               the Torch Relay.
City of Kawartha Lakes residents whose achievements/efforts have made
a significant impact towards the development and advancement of
recreational sports, the arts and community social services.

City of Kawartha Lakes - New York Avenue
                                        After six weeks of voting, and
                                        more than one million votes, the
                                        results are in - and Kawartha
                                        Lakes made the board!
                                        MONOPOLY fans from across
                                        the country picked their top 22 of
                                        Canada’s favourite cities to
                                        represent on the new
                                        MONOPOLY: Canada Edition
                                        game board.

“We want to say congratulations to Kawartha Lakes. Thanks to their
dedicated residents, they made it to the orange spot on the
MONOPOLY: Canada Edition game board!” said Michelle Sinclair,
Brand Manager of Games & Puzzles for toy and game-maker Hasbro
Canada. “We hope that Canadian MONOPOLY fans will enjoy playing
on a game board that was created by them and represents a broad
range of towns and cities from across the country.”

Mayor Ric McGee is thrilled that the Kawartha Lakes garnered enough
votes to not only make it onto the board, but to secure a high profile
spot – New York Avenue, which is right beside Free Parking. “There are
so many beautiful places in Canada to choose from, and we are truly
honoured to have made it to the Top 22 with our city,” stated Mayor

Residents were encouraged to vote through a Facebook page, email
reminders and ads in local newspapers placed by the Kawartha Lakes
Real Estate Association. “This truly was a team effort and everyone did
their part,” said McGee.

     As in years gone by, the waterway plays host to boaters, fishermen,
     regatta goers and to those who simply come to enjoy the natural beauty.

           Municipal Accomplishments
           Naturalization of Municipal Waterway Lands                               Works Office on Wolfe Street in Lindsay. City Staff responsible for
                                                                                    grounds maintenance are prepared to identify other properties similar
           The City has in excess of 50 waterfront properties. Many of these are
                                                                                    to Wolfe Street as reasonable “naturalization” choices. Staff
           classified as parkland and permit public water access, either via a
                                                                                    recommend that public acceptance of the change in maintenance
           beach or boat access (dock or launch). As such, these properties
                                                                                    protocol will be facilitated if appropriate signage is installed along
           either require the maintenance of the property to the water’s edge or
                                                                                    the boundary between “manicured” and “naturalized” grounds
           in fact are not turf areas but rather sandy beaches and are not
           affected by the naturalization program. Furthermore, many parks
           already have a naturalized shoreline, in whole or in part, and already   The “naturalization” of these properties will assist in the control of
           meet or exceed the riparian buffer zone recommendation. Two              nutrient leaching and erosion along the City’s waterways and will
           examples of this would include Logie Street Park, Lindsay and            also hamper goose access to turf areas. Furthermore, this initiative of
           Centennial Park, Bobcaygeon.                                             shoreline naturalization will offer support to a broad range of
                                                                                    guidelines being promoted by Environmental Agencies such as the
           The properties most impacted by this program are those properties
                                                                                    Kawartha Region Conservation Authority, and the Ministry of Natural
           which are not used for active parkland purposes and/or water access
                                                                                    Resources, and serve as a demonstration for private waterfront
           purposes. An example of such a property surrounds the former Public
34                                                                                  property owners.
                                                                                  HERITAGE CONSERVATION

Kinmount Train Station
Major renovations were completed at the historical train station in 2005.
Through a $78,000 investment by the City, various volunteer groups
and municipal staff revitalized the structure. The building now houses a
tourist information centre, model railroad display, and summer art
gallery. Dedicated volunteers will continue to nurture the development of
this community landmark.

Artifacts, documents and photographs depicting the local history will
continue to be found within the Kinmount Train Station.

Old Mill Restoration
The City has undertaken an extensive restoration project of the Old Mill
on the waterfront within Lindsay. This will turn a historic, commercial
property into scenic waterfront parkland. The plan consists of five phases
and has a total budget of over $3 million, all of which is being funded
by the Wilson Estate. As a part of this project the City, as required by the
Ministry of Natural Resources, has developed a Fish Habitat
Compensation Plan. This represents developing new areas along the
waterfront to assist with providing a sustainable healthy habitat for the
fish. Included in this was the development of a pond with various
plantings such as root wads, riparian plantings and the placement of
rip-rap to provide interstitial habitat for benthic and juvenile fish. Phase 4
of the restoration initiative will begin in the summer of 2009. The former
Works Yard will be transformed into a beautiful, open area consisting of
a pavilion shelter, open greenspace, horticultural displays and play
structures for children to enjoy. This initiative will not only revitalize this
Lindsay waterfront area but also provide a wonderful park setting for the
Lindsay downtown core.

Heritage Victoria
This volunteer committee is responsible for promoting heritage
conservation in the community. Activities currently coordinated by this
group are public displays, walking tours, creation and publication of
heritage related brochures and the collection and classification of
historical data and material. This Committee of Council is planning to
develop a Property Preservation Master Plan to assist with the
designation, restoration and conservation of local properties.

Currently there are 56 designated heritage sites within the
City of Kawartha Lakes ranging from historical private
residences to churches to theatres to municipal
buildings. In fact there are 13 municipal
buildings designated as heritage sites including
City Hall, the Lindsay Service Centre, Lindsay Fire
Hall, Lindsay Public Library, Victoria Park Armoury,
Coronation Hall, Austin Sawmill, Kinmount Train Station,
Fenelon Falls Train Station, Fenelon Falls Chamber of
Commerce, Coboconk Jail, Bobcaygeon Library/Boyd
Museum and the Lindsay Jail.

     Business & Institution Accomplishments
     Academy Theatre For Performing Arts                                           Agri-Tourism and Farmer’s Markets
     For over a century the Academy Theatre has had an impressive presence         Tourism has always been strong in Kawartha Lakes due to the presence
     at the foot of Lindsay’s historical main street. During that time it has      of multiple lakes.
     been many things to many people – a stage from which to launch a
                                                                                   Linkages between tourism and agriculture have also traditionally been
     theatrical career, meeting hall, a cinema, even a home! The building
                                                                                   strong with summer residents taking advantage of opportunities to access
     was designed by Peterborough architect W. Blackwell and was
                                                                                   local produce. The agri-tourism activities and value added agricultural
     constructed in 1892 as a modern opera house in classical Romanesque
                                                                                   businesses are multiple and are well supported. Kawartha Lakes promotes
     style. The Academy Theatre was designated as a Historical Site in 1980
                                                                                   attractions, events and services including farm markets, “pick your own”
     by Heritage Victoria.
                                                                                   operations and farm gate markets through “Kawartha Choice Farm
     The Academy Theatre is a community owned and community run live               Fresh”. The annual “Kawartha Farmfest” event offers participants an
     stage in the City of Kawartha Lakes. For over 40 years the Academy            opportunity to explore local farms and experience “life on the farm”. Each
     Theatre Foundation has brought top quality performances to the stage.         year over 400 families take part in the tour generating agri-tourism
     The Academy Theatre has 680 seats, all unobstructed viewing in                dollars for the farm operators involved in the tour.
     beautiful, magnificent surroundings with excellent acoustics.
                                                                                   In Kawartha Lakes there are Farmers’ Markets located in downtown
     A wide variety of live entertainment can be found at the Academy              Lindsay and on the main street in Kinmount. Celebrating its 150th
     Theatre. Solo artists, musicals, variety shows, dramas and concerts all       anniversary this year, the Lindsay Farmers’ Market attracts a number of
     take place on the Academy Theatre stage throughout the year.                  vendors such as gardeners with plants and flowers for sale, local
                                                                                   produce, craftspeople, wool products and baked and preserved goods.
     Trent Severn Waterway                                                         In 1988 an economic impact study was completed by Harry Cummings
                                                                                   and Associates on Ontario Farmers’ Markets including the Lindsay
     Historically significant and internationally known the Trent-Severn
                                                                                   Farmers Market. This study found that an economic spin off of
     Waterway joins the Bay of Quinte with Georgian Bay. This chain of
                                                                                   $700,000 dollars were created outside of the marketplace due to the
     lakes, originally gouged from sedimentary rock by the movement of
                                                                                   farmers market and the study estimated 400 jobs outside of the
     glacial ice, is connected by rivers and man-made dams and locks to
                                                                                   marketplace were supported due to the economic activity at the market.
     make up the 386 kilometres of navigable waterway spanning Central
     Ontario. On this waterway are the world’s two highest lift locks. The
                                                                                   Bobcaygeon Farmers’ Market
     second highest, Kirkfield, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2007.
                                                                                   2010 saw the development of a new market located in Bobcaygeon.
     The beauty of the region can be attributed to the waterway. Lakes and
                                                                                   The formation of the new Bobcaygeon Farmers’ Market has been a co-
     rivers have served as a mecca for artists and tourists since the 1930s.
                                                                                   operative effort of six non-profit groups with support from a large
     The clarity of the water has been attributed to its limestone base. This
                                                                                   number of dedicated individuals and businesses from the Bobcaygeon
     limestone was blasted out to form some of the canals while building the
                                                                                   area. The main objective is to bring local food to local consumers; all
     locks and was used for building construction at that time. Today there
                                                                                   the vendors reside and produce their wares within a 100 kilometre
     are examples of limestone construction that are still proudly standing.
                                                                                   distance of the market site at the Bobcaygeon Fairgrounds.
     As in years gone by, the waterway plays host to boaters, fishermen, and
     people who come to take part in tournaments or regattas to those who just
     come to watch and enjoy the natural beauty that has stood the test of time.

                                                                                                                   HERITAGE CONSERVATION

Kawartha Ecological Growers (KEG)                                            KEG started in 2005 with only eight growers, and has now grown to
                                                                             include over twenty different small family farms in the western Kawartha
Mark Trealout and Laura Boyd of Kawartha Ecological Growers (KEG)
                                                                             Lakes. Together we produce a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, cut
were recognized for their contribution to the success of Ontario’s agri-
                                                                             flowers, herbs, eggs and meats (many of which are heirloom varieties), as
food sector through the Premier’s Agri-Food Innovation Excellence awards
                                                                             well as maple syrup, honey, flour, pickles and preserves.
in 2009.
                                                                             Every KEG farm grows “good, clean, fair food”; meaning the items taste
KEG keeps farmers in Kawartha Lakes on the road to sustainability by
                                                                             great, are produced in an environmentally sustainable manner, and the
providing them with a distribution service that allows them to concentrate
                                                                             prices are fair to everyone-the food producers, their staff, and the end
on farming. Four times a week, KEG runs one vehicle loaded with local
products from 15 farms to more than 30 Toronto restaurants and butcher
shops. KEG saves the environment, increases business and plans to add        Several Toronto fine dining restaurants have trusted KEG to supply them
more farms to increase the volume and variety on offer. Sales tripled        with top quality goods for over four years - this list includes Jamie
between 2006 and 2008. In 2008, KEG also started a community                 Kennedy Wine Bar, Drake Hotel, Table 17, Victor, Healthy Butcher,
shared agriculture program that now has 160 members in the greater           Canoe, Gladstone Hotel and many more. Locally, Eganridge Inn &
Toronto area.                                                                Country Club and Joel’s Restaurant proudly use KEG produce.

KEG is a farmer-run, farmer-oriented, soon-to-be non-profit, short-chain
distribution system. KEG supports small-scale sustainable food production
in the western Kawartha Lakes by addressing the common challenges of
small agriculture specific to our area; which includes issues such as
access to a dependable market, transporting food and supplies,
addressing farm labour shortages, and rebuilding community amongst
small farmers in Ontario. It takes a considerable amount of time and
energy to effectively market and deliver goods from a small-scale
agricultural operation, especially when competing against an increasingly
competitive global market place. Groups such as Kawartha Ecological
Growers allow farmers to focus on what they do best – farming!

     Kawartha Settlers’ Village                                                Maryboro Lodge: The Fenelon Falls Museum
     Kawartha Settlers’ Village is a collection of twenty buildings situated   James Wallis built Maryboro between 1835 and 1837, and at that
     on an eight acre site. Most of the buildings are from the late 1800s      time it surpassed anything in the region for comfort and civility. The
     and early 1900s and include log residences, barn, general store,          surprisingly large two-storey squared-timber building houses an
     church, fire hall, log shanty, log school house, Orange lodge and         extensive collection of artifacts depicting the evolution of the
     others. The buildings include household and agricultural artifacts        community from pre-settlement to WWII. The house stands at a
     from the period 1860 up to 1930 and an art gallery of paintings           pivotal site in Ontario’s history. It was built at the juncture of
     from the Settlers Village artists. The Village is home to the Caygeon     Cameron Lake and Sturgeon Lake, just above the waterfall which is
     Carvers, the Settlers Village Artists and the Settlers Village Quilters   Fenelon Falls. From its verandah one could watch the economic and
     Guild. General interest courses are offered in writing, photography,      demographic history of the province unfold. In celebration of its
     cooking and other crafts. Settlers’ Village is a major tourist            175th anniversary in 2012 Maryboro Lodge is in the process of
     destination hosting these events throughout the year - Settlers’ Day,     being restored to its former appearance, including the original
     Bobcaygeon Art Festival, Driftwood Theatre, Bobcaygeon Wine and           stuccoed exterior. In addition to being open to the public from May
     Food Festival, Regional Quilt Show, Haunted Village and the Festival      to October, special events including One Room School Classes, a
     of Trees. Over 10,000 visitors attend these events each year.             summer Music Festival and Social teas keep the history of the
                                                                               building alive.
     In July and August there is a summer camp for children for three
     weeks. The program involves children learning about pioneer life
                                                                               Boyd Heritage Museum
     while dressed in period costumes. New features at the Village this
     season include a small log playhouse for children, a windmill and a       The Boyd Heritage Museum has been established to preserve and
     large quilt 16 X 19 feet prepared by the Settler’s Quilters Guild and     exhibit, acquire/collect, research, document, and interpret to the
     on display in the Murphy Barn.                                            public, historical articles and artifacts that explain how Bobcaygeon
                                                                               and the Kawarthas were developed and influenced by Mossom Boyd,
     Kinmount Austin Sawmill                                                   his family and their enterprises. The museum is housed in the original
                                                                               Boyd Lumber Office, overlooking the site of the first lock constructed
     Since the Austin Sawmill in Kinmount was designated as a Heritage
                                                                               on the historic Trent-Severn Waterway. This heritage building also
     building under the Ontario Heritage Act in May 2000, the Kinmount
                                                                               served as the headquarters of their Trent Valley Navigation Company.
     Committee For Planning and Economic Development, in a co-
                                                                               The collection will include items dating prior to 1920.
     operative effort with the City of Kawartha Lakes, has worked to retain
     this wonderful heritage site. A new foundation, a new roof, and a         The building, celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2008, is now owned
     campaign to restore the windows to the past have resulted in the          by the A. Sheila Boyd Foundation and the City of Kawartha Lakes.
     transformation of a neglected piece of history to a showcase of the       The Bobcaygeon Library is housed in a portion of this building and
     early history of the manufacture of lumber. While work continues on       Miss Sheila’s art room has on-going shows featuring local and area
     this project, it has become a tourist attraction for people from all      artists on display in the Murphy Barn.
38   across the province.
                                                                                                                    HERITAGE CONSERVATION

Residential Accomplishments
Historica Fair                                                               Doors Open
May 3rd, 2007 marked the inaugural Historica Fair for Trillium Lakelands     Doors Open Kawartha Lakes has endeavoured to cover all four
District School Board. Held at the Victoria Park Armoury in Lindsay, the     corners of this great municipality, by featuring community ensembles
Historica Fair was implemented to encourage students in grades 4             that are in close proximity each year. Now in its 7th year, this one day
through 9 to explore Canadian History. Historica Fairs provide a great       event held on Sunday September 12th will focus on historic buildings
opportunity for students of all ages to experience Canadian heritage         in Bobcaygeon. As a walking tour, a number of historical buildings
through fun and hands-on learning. The goal is to celebrate learning by      will be showcased, including the Boyd Heritage Museum, the
including as many people as possible within Trillium Lakelands school        Lockmaster’s Watch House, and Mayburry’s on Main. Kawartha
communities. Students use the medium of their choice to tell stories about   Settlers’ Village will also be showcased.
Canadian heroes, legends, milestones, and achievements – and present
the results of their research at a public exhibition. The most successful
projects are selected to be presented at a Community or Regional Fair.
From there, successful participants will be invited to attend the National
Historica Fair.

Historical Societies
A number of active and enthusiastic Historical Societies exist within
Kawartha Lakes. Whether it is through community workshops, events,
restoration projects, or publications these groups ensure that our rich
history is promoted to residents and visitors.

Agricultural Fairs
Agricultural fairs are an essential part of Ontario’s heritage. In
addition to providing an economic benefit to communities,
fairs are an important vehicle for connecting urban and
rural residents. Kawartha Lakes is home to many fairs.
Carden, Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Kinmount,
Lindsay and Oakwood all host fairs. The
Bobcaygeon fair has been taking place for
150 years, and the Lindsay Central
Exhibition, one of the premiere events in
Ontario, has been held since 1854.
Celebrating its 160th year of operation,
the Oakwood Fair was established in
1848. The Lindsay Central Exhibition is
the fourth largest fair in Ontario and
one of the few true “Class A”
agricultural fairs remaining in Ontario.
In addition to the five day event that is
held in September each year, the
Lindsay Agricultural Society maintains a
major facility, which hosts numerous other
                                                                                                                                                        Photo by Fred Thornhill

events including the annual Ontario
Holstein and Jersey Summer Show, one of
the premiere dairy events in Ontario. This
event celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2006.

     Amish and Mennonite Communities                                        Potato Fest – Pontypool’s 125th Anniversary
     The recent arrival of Amish and Mennonite farmers in Kawartha          The village of Pontypool is a unique community at the southern tip of
     Lakes is adding a new dimension to the cultural profile of the         the municipality. The Oak Ridges Moraine created by the last ice age
     agricultural community. The Amish have established a new church        has dictated the development of many agricultural industries
     group comprised of 21 families, which is located in the area west of   throughout the years. The reforestation project of the Ganaraska
     Lindsay.                                                               Watershed was the first environmentally sustainable project in
                                                                            Ontario, which helped stabilize the sandy soil as well as protect the
     To date 11 Mennonite families have relocated to Kawartha Lakes.
                                                                            flora and fauna. That forest stands today as a vital part of preserving
     The Mennonites, who are settling in areas to the north and east of
                                                                            our ground source water.
     Lindsay, have a tradition of combining agricultural with unrelated
     manufacturing activities. These practices are challenging policies     Agricultural movements in the area included Christmas tree planting,
     designed to prevent non-farm related development in agricultural       tobacco growing, and finally potato planting – this has become
     areas and protect the integrity of agricultural areas.                 mostly a seed potato business today. The development of these
                                                                            industries brought much needed employment to the area throughout
     Community Festivals                                                    the years.

     Kawartha Lakes residents are proud of our rich cultural heritage and   The coming of the train from Toronto to Peterborough in the late
     natural beauty and it shows through the coordination of many           1800s opened up the potential to transport agricultural crops as well
     community events and festivals. Pioneer days highlighting the “way     as offer travel options. A grain elevator was erected along the track
     we were” are hosted by community groups in Coboconk, Omemee,           to be used for grain storage as well as shipping depot. One of
     Bobcaygeon and Kinmount. Family festivals that attract young and       Canada’s last remaining elevators stands in Pontypool as a testament
     old alike, are held throughout the year in most communities.           to the importance transportation and agriculture had on the
     Community organizations are encouraged to promote these events         community. It is hoped that this elevator will be restored to become a
     through the municipal seasonal tourism campaign. The campaign          tourist destination.
     includes: Warmth of Winter, Symphony of Spring, Sunsational
                                                                            Volunteers plan a community celebration each year to honour the
     Summer, and Feast O’Fall.
                                                                            rich history of the area. Residents and visitors enjoyed a community
                                                                            parade, live entertainment, and a best dressed potato contest.

                                                                              HERITAGE CONSERVATION

Laidlaw Dry Stone Walls
These walls were commissioned by George Laidlaw (1828-1889) on his
Fort Ranch property. Laidlaw was born in Scotland and emigrated to
Toronto in 1855. He prospered as a pioneer grain merchant and wharf
owner in the Gooderham & Worts Distillery District on the east side of
downtown Toronto. Laidlaw was a strong and convincing advocate of
narrow gauge railways. Between 1869 and 1883 he negotiated the
completion of the Toronto Grey and Bruce Railway, the Toronto and
Nipissing Railway, and the Credit Valley Railway. About 1871 Laidlaw
purchased property from the widow of Admiral Henry Vansittart in Bexley
Township on the western shore of Balsam Lake. Here he raised sheep
and cattle which he imported from Scotland and the Jersey and
Guernsey Islands. Laidlaw became known as the Laird of Bexley and in
1880 he commissioned a Scottish stone mason, Mr. Scott, to build the
stone walls. Working with horses pulling stone boats and using local
labourers, Scott set a target of one rod (five and one half yards) each
working day. With a great deal of skill and dedication he methodically
built more than 10,000 feet of wall.

The walls stretch for two miles along Balsam Lake Drive, five miles east
of Kirkfield. Dry stone walls were originally erected to keep the sheep
and cattle off the roads. For strength and durability these structures rely
on the skillful placing of stones so that each one is locked securely. This
is a specialized trade as the walls use no mortar. A well built wall can
last more than 200 years with regular maintenance. These
historic walls still stand today and are maintained with loving care
by George Laidlaw’s descendants. They are believed to be the
longest dry stone walls in Canada.

     New Initiatives
     Fenelon Falls, Lock 34 – 125th Anniversary                                      Tourism Plan
     The village of Fenelon Falls has experienced some changes recently              Based on recommendations found in the Strategic Tourism Plan for
     in preparation of activities planned to celebrate the 125th                     the City of Kawartha Lakes, 28 strategic priorities were outlined in the
     Anniversary on Lock 34. Restoration and renovation initiatives                  report. The Economic Development Department with the guidance of
     include:                                                                        the Tourism Advisory Board has identified four specific initiatives that
                                                                                     shall be implemented by year’s end:
     • Lock Walkway – Parks Canada donated over 22,000 historical bricks to be
       used to resurface the worn, sodded Lock visitors viewing area. The            1. Adopt narrow and strategic marketing tactics, through the development of a
       renovated area offers visitors a safe, esthetically pleasing area to enjoy       rolling 3-year Marketing Plan. Rather than promote Kawartha Lakes as all
       summer boat traffic. Other community partners including the Fenelon Falls        things to all people, focus on the venues, events, attractions and promote
       & District Chamber of Commerce and Powerlinks, contributed to the project        them, by repositioning them and bundling them as a complete experience.
       by installing armour stone to the area.
                                                                                     2. Update and manage a dedicated website for Tourism. Develop a web
     • Lock Master’s House – Parks Canada completely renovated and installed the        strategy to better serve our visitors and have a more focused approach to
       original Lock Master’s Watch House on the island beside Lock 34. Originally      promotion of our assets in a market that expect all they need to be
       used as a Watch House before the turn of the century (Circa 1885) it             available on line.
       features a collection of artifacts and memorabilia from that period for
       visitors to enjoy.                                                            3. Develop and implement an event strategy, including the creation of a
                                                                                        Special Events Taskforce and Policy. Strike a committee of event organizers
     • Docks – A partnership between Parks Canada, Community Futures                    to better coordinate existing events and explore new ones with a focus on
       Development Corporation and community leaders provided the support for           economic growth and expansion.
       the installation of 225 feet of new docking beside Lock 34. The business
       community, residents and visitors are enjoying this newly renovated           4. Renew focus on a City-wide “Culture of Tourism”. Emphasize Tourism as a
       amenity. One of the features of this project is its unique design and            very important part of who we are – from the front line staff at a resort or
       construction. The use of local limestone for the walls, landscaped and           restaurant to the leaders in our community, through increased
       seating area make this an attractive spot.                                       communications and information sharing among our like minded

                                                                                                                       HERITAGE CONSERVATION

Special Anniversaries in Omemee                                                 Stelco 40 and Heritage Train Restoration
In 2010 and 2011, Omemee will celebrate the 100th anniversary of                The City of Kawartha Lakes is proud of the heritage, history and
two historical buildings: the United Church Manse, and the Coronation           importance of the rail industry to our area and specifically the Town of
Hall, located on the main street corner, opposite each other.                   Lindsay. The City currently has two heritage train displays located within
                                                                                our Parks system to highlight this heritage and importance. In 2009, the
Lady Eaton, the daughter of John McCrea, (an early settler to Omemee,)
                                                                                City forged a partnership with the local Lindsay and District Model
was married to Sir John Eaton. As Lady Eaton, she made many generous
                                                                                Railroaders for the restoration and preservation of these pieces of
donations to the village, usually in memory of her father. One was the
                                                                                heritage equipment. The planned Capital Project will not only call for the
United Church Manse which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. In
                                                                                restoration of the trains but will also allow for the Model Railroad
1910, Timothy Eaton, her son, laid the corner stone on his 7th birthday.
                                                                                Heritage Centre to be erected at the Memorial Park site to act as an
The Manse committee are recognizing this anniversary with a public
                                                                                educational experience for visitors but also as a Welcome Centre to the
Open House and tour of the building in July of this year.
                                                                                Town of Lindsay and City of Kawartha Lakes.
The Coronation Hall celebrates 100 years in 2011. It was also donated
by the Eaton Family to serve as a village hall, a concert hall and as a         Valentia Community Hall
place for the travelling judge to hold court. When the doors of what
                                                                                The 120 year old Valentia United Church is being saved and re-
was then known as the Omemee Hall were first opened, the Eaton
                                                                                conditioned for the purposes of serving as a Community Hall.
family was given a key to the door (for entrance) and 10 reserved
                                                                                On May 11th, 2009 this historic church became the Valentia Church
seats to any performance. (This is still honoured today, but they have
                                                                                and Community Centre.
not used these seats in many years!) Since 1911 was the year of the
Coronation of King George V, the hall was renamed and the name                  Unfortunately in 2007 the Valentia United Church realized that the
became two fold. The name Omemee Hall is found on the front and                 congregation was no longer viable moving forward. That is when the
the new name, Coronation Hall was painted on the east side. Both are            vision emerged for the facility to be used as a Community Hall in order
still prominent today.                                                          to continue to serve the people of the community and area. Thus the
                                                                                Valentia Church and Community Centre Inc. was born and incorporated
These beautiful, historic buildings sit on the corner of Sturgeon Street
                                                                                as a not-for-profit organization.
and Highway 7, now identified as the busiest corner in the City of
Kawartha Lakes.                                                                 Through fundraising efforts the group was able to secure the required
                                                                                funds to purchase the property and they are very proud to still be
Canada’s Fresh Water Summit                                                     able to provide this community service to area residents. Currently they
                                                                                are hosting the standard community-type activities traditionally held within
In the beautiful City of Kawartha Lakes there exists a nationally significant
                                                                                the facility. They are hoping that new programs and activities can be
singularity. In the serene waters of Balsam Lake, in the heart of the Trent-
                                                                                implemented to benefit the community in the near future. Congratulations
Severn Waterway, lies Canada’s highest body of fresh water, at 256.5
                                                                                to the Committee to date for saving this historic building and allowing it
metres above sea level, from which one can circumnavigate the world by
                                                                                to remain in service for the residents of Valentia and the area.
seaworthy vessel. Whether you travel west toward Lake Simcoe or east
into Cameron Lake, both ways are downstream from Balsam Lake.
                                                                                A Food Charter for the City of Kawartha Lakes
While there are two higher global navigable rivers, Balsam Lake is the
                                                                                A Food Charter is a community created and community-owned
only spot that gives the skipper the choice to go east to the Atlantic
                                                                                document. Food Charters express key values and priorities for developing
Ocean, west to the Pacific Ocean, south to the Caribbean Sea or north
                                                                                just and sustainable food systems. Typically they combine vision
to the Arctic Ocean. What makes this most unique is the fact that from
                                                                                statements, principles, and broad action goals pointing towards
this point, one can circumnavigate the world, by seaworthy vessel, without
                                                                                coordinated municipal food strategy. More simply, a Food Charter is a set
ever having to travel on land.
                                                                                of community developed principles that reflect a commitment to local,
After the Coon Rapids Dam, Mississippi River in Upper Mississippi (which        rural, economic and social health through the enhancement of the local
is considered the limit of commercial navigation) and the Danube River          food system. The Victoria Stewardship Council is leading the development
where it connects with the Rhine Main Danube Canal in Kelheim Bavaria,          of a local food charter with partners Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge
Germany, the next highest point of fresh water in the world is Balsam           District Health Unit, City of Kawartha Lakes, Toward Balance Support
Lake in the City of Kawartha Lakes.                                             Network, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, Kawartha
                                                                                Field Naturalists, Kawartha Conservation, and individual farmers. Four
To acknowledge the significance of this hydrologic feature in Kawartha          community meetings were held in 2009-10 in Ops, Lindsay, Cambray,
Lakes, an intereactive sign and photo opportunity is being erected on the       and Little Britian, the latter at which Dr. Wayne Roberts of the Toronto
Municipal Dock on Balsam Lake in Coboconk.                                      Food Policy Council provided an inspirational talk. The Food Charter
                                                                                working group is developing a draft towards having a completed and
                                                                                municipally endorsed document by the end of 2010.                              43
                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Fred Thornhill
 Urban Forestry
     Engaging volunteer groups in the Communities in Bloom program,
     and providing each community with a recognizable, unifying element.

           Municipal Accomplishments
           Forest Regeneration                                                       Asset Management
           The City owns and manages 3,793 hectares of woodland. We are              The City is currently implementing an Asset Management Module.
           into the seventh of a twenty year Forest Management Plan. The main        While this system will deal with major infrastructure assets such as
           goals are “to maintain proper implementation of harvest, renewal          Roads, Facilities and Fleet, it will also include a detailed inventory of
           and maintenance activities known to be appropriate for the forest         municipal parks and trees. The inventory included in this GIS based
           and environmental conditions under which they are being applied           system will consist of a historical collection of data pertaining to work
           and to minimize detriments to forest values including significant         orders, maintenance and infrastructure renewal. This system will then
           ecosystems, important fish and wildlife habitat, soil and water quality   allow for future planning in relation to maintenance and capital
           and quantity, forest productivity and health and the aesthetics and       budget requirements.
           recreational opportunities of the landscape.” One of the major
           priorities is to encourage biologically diverse forests and the
           restoration of tolerant hardwoods and pines. During the first five
           years, a managed thinning of the forest was conducted with revenues
           generated being devoted to a reserve fund for future forest projects
44         including its regeneration.
                                                                                                                                  URBAN FORESTRY

Tree Replacement Fund                                                        Peace Park – World Peace and Environmental Protection
A new capital program was established in 2005 to support the                 Tuesday October 9th, 2007 marked the 15th Anniversary of the original
replacement of municipal trees. The program allocates $25,000                dedication of Peace Parks across Canada. The Peace Parks initiative was
annually in order to maintain a healthy, sustainable urban forest.           organized by the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism (IIPT)
Through careful development, maintenance, and protection City staff          as a living legacy of Canada’s commitment to World Peace and
strives to ensure that public open spaces are a source of enjoyment for      Environmental Protection. Peace Parks were designed to nurture the
all, now and into the future.                                                growth of peace and understanding, enhance environmental awareness,
                                                                             and draw communities across Canada together in celebration of our
Urban Forest Maintenance Policy – Lindsay, a “Green Streets
                                                                             people, our land, our heritage and our future. Each park features a
Community”, developed a policy, prior to amalgamation, with a goal to
                                                                             “Peace Grove”, which was a unification of 12 tress representing our
protect, conserve and enhance the Urban Tree Forest for the use and
enjoyment of current and future residents as well as visitors. The policy    Provinces and Territories. The City of Kawartha Lakes was one of the
dealt with issues such as a tree maintenance program, tree removals,         original 400 cities and towns across the country that took part in this
tree plantings, construction/development plans and trees, emergency          project in 1992.
storm response and heritage/native tree species.                             A re-dedication ceremony took place at the original Lindsay Peace Park
Current maintenance practices include: Trees planted on municipal            on Tuesday October 9th, 2007. The ceremony re-introduced this park
property are staked with burlap or soft material instead of rubber hose      as the “City of Kawartha Lakes Peace Park” by planting a 13th tree in
and rope. The burlap is removed from the tree no later than two years        recognition of Canada’s most recent Province/Territory, Nunavut and
after planting. Newly planted trees are mulched and put on a watering        erecting a commemorative plaque.
schedule until they become established. After that they will be pruned for
structure and form every five to sever years.                                Mayor’s Walk
                                                                             In 2000, Rogers Road Park was re-dedicated Mayor James Flynn Park
Community Vision – Arboretum                                                 and a “Mayor’s Walk” along the circular walkway within the park was
In partnership with Sir Sandford Fleming College future plans exist to       created as a dedication to each of the 49 Mayor’s who served the Town
establish an arboretum, on college grounds, that would showcase all          of Lindsay. A tree was planted in honour of each of the Mayors and it is
trees that are native to the City.                                           hoped that this walkway will be used as a historical learning tool by the
                                                                             school age children of Lindsay for years to come.
The concept of an arboretum can be expanded to include the
community at large through the development of:
                                                                             Street Tree Program
• Urban forestry programs
• Tree replacement programs                                                  The City of Kawartha Lakes Street Tree Levy program assists in ensuring
• Scientific and educational programs                                        a green component is a part of each residential development project
• Forest management plans on City owned lands                                within our urban settings. The Program, just renewed in 2009, partners
• Forest management plans on private lands                                   the City with its various developers to provide a street tree planting levy
• Recreational uses of forests                                               program whereby the developer includes a planting program plan for
                                                                             staff to review and approve. The plantings are done by the developer on
Sponsorship & Dedication Program                                             the municipal road allowance and will ensure a consistent planting
                                                                             theme which is aesthetically pleasing.
Residents of the City often describe the plentiful parks, rivers and
unspoiled natural beauty of the area as integral to our quality of life.
These assets have always been a source of pride.

The Sponsorship & Dedication program offers an opportunity to
contribute to the quality of our community and at the same time, be
associated with our valued landmarks.

Individuals, groups, associations, service clubs and businesses are
invited to participate. Numerous trees, benches, and other features
have been placed throughout the municipality, honouring special
people and events.

     Business & Institution Accomplishments
     Rockwood Forest Nurseries
     This local nursery was developed 24 years ago as a wholesale tree
     nursery, since that time the business has grown to include a wide
     selection of shrubs, ornamental grasses, perennials and an aquatic

     Healthy, vigorous, viable stock is their only standard of quality. Right
     from the early days of tree selection, each liner is personally selected.
     Then, over a period of time, all stock is pampered so that the end
     product becomes the best that it can be. With progressive management
     in root pruning, fertilization, irrigation, top pruning and environmental
     control Rockwood Forest Nurseries offers premium products. Rockwood
     Forest Nurseries has been a proud supporter of the local Communities
     in Bloom program for the last four years.

                                                                                                                                URBAN FORESTRY

Sir Sandford Fleming College (SSFC)                                         Leslie Frost Public School
The Community Services Department actively partners with SSFC for           The Green Team, a student environmental club, planted almost 200
various projects associated with the development and maintenance of         trees on school property in November 2007. The initiative is part of the
City trails, trees, and forest areas. SSFC uses the urban street and park   EcoSchools program. The Green Team also constructed a butterfly
trees of Lindsay to train their forestry class in tree pruning through a    garden that students will use to study science.
partnership with municipal Arborists. This program has also produced a
Street Tree Inventory for the City which will be used in our upcoming       Scott Young Public School
Asset Management Maintenance program. Many of the students in the
                                                                            For close to 15 years, students at Scott Young have been involved in a
class also participate in work placements with Parks, Recreation and
                                                                            tree planting program that has had a wide-reaching impact both
Culture Division where they work side by side with our trained arborists
                                                                            ecologically and educationally. Ecosystem 2000 was developed in 1994
and assist with various tree maintenance initiatives. A new partnership
                                                                            and the environmental initiative continues to involve students, teachers,
opportunity is currently being investigated with the potential to jointly
                                                                            businesses and the community today. Partners such as Tree Plan
purchase a Forestry Truck. This would be beneficial to SSFC for
                                                                            Canada, Kawartha Conservation, Ministry of Natural Resources, Victoria
educational and training requirements and for the City through our need
                                                                            County Stewardship Council and many others have contributed to the
for various tree maintenance issues. It would be extremely cost-effective
                                                                            success of the program. One of the largest planting projects on
as the proposal would see the College make the one-time capital
                                                                            Canada, the student-based stewardship program has seen thousands of
purchase with the City being responsible for the annual maintenance.
                                                                            seedlings, trees and shrubs speckle the north half of the school’s 50-acre
                                                                            property. Students have also erected bat and bird houses. Recently,
Large Woodlands Conservation Cooperative (LWCC)
                                                                            students embarked on a large planting of more than 1,300 trees, shrubs
The LWCC is a group of volunteers who assist woodlot owners in              and seedlings. In 1996, the effort was the top project and overall winner
making the most of their forested properties. More specifically, the        of the National Wildlife Week Award.
LWCC works with woodlot owners, whose properties, large or small,
together make up large, relatively unfragmented forests.

In an effort to link landowners with local forest management and
conservation organizations, promotional and awareness initiatives are
offered through free workshops, newsletters, fact sheets, a website,
referrals to stewardship programs, and site visits and consultations.

     Residential Accomplishments
     Communities in Bloom –                                                   Sutcliffe Residence – Iron Horse Ranch
     Community Tree Planting Program
                                                                              In 1997, the Sutcliffe’s purchased the farmland from a local family. For
     As part of the Communities in Bloom - Communities Growing Together       many years prior to its sale, the land had been farmed sporadically and
     theme of 2008, the Organizing Committee embarked on a tree               was mainly used as pasture for grazing cattle.
     sales/planting campaign. The goal of the initiative was to engage
                                                                              At the time of purchase the family had a vision to create buildings
     community service/volunteer groups in the Communities in Bloom
                                                                              from recycled materials encapsulating the days of old. The goal has
     program, and at the same time provide each community with a
                                                                              been to replicate period specific design and architecture while
     recognizable, unifying element. Red maple trees (Acer rubrum) can be
                                                                              utilizing local trades and craftsmanship. The land was given the name
     found in communities throughout the municipality as a symbol of
                                                                              of “Iron Horse Ranch” because of the owners’ passion for the days of
     communities growing together through the efforts of the Communities in
                                                                              old, the use of horses on the land, the understanding of progress and
     Bloom program.
                                                                              the use of iron which gave way to the coming of locomotion, or as its
                                                                              known, the “Iron Horse”.

                                                                              In the summer of 1997, commencement of land clearing began. A
                                                                              section of bush was removed and fences were cleared. A large pond
                                                                              was dug and over the coarse of the fall and spring of the next year it
                                                                              began to fill. In 1998, the roadways were constructed and a covered
                                                                              bridge was erected to span the 60 ft. narrow section of the pond.
                                                                              Some timbers from the original homestead barn were used in its design
                                                                              and construction. The materials used in the bridge include iron “I”
                                                                              beams, timbers, rough-cut planking and cedar shakes. Some of the
                                                                              material has been reused from other buildings that were previously

                                                                              In 1999 a four bay drive-shed was erected in anticipation of one day
                                                                              building a home in close proximity. It is located in the south-west corner
                                                                              of the property tucked into the hillside and is not very visible from the
                                                                              road. Its construction is in keeping with the type and size of materials
                                                                              used in the covered bridge.

                                                                              Over the next few years a major landscape project was undertaken. The
                                                                              fields were tile drained so that the land could be revitalized and reused
                                                                              for crop rotation. Over 200 trees of various varieties were planted and
                                                                              five acres of grass was seeded down.

                                                                              For the next couple of years the owners travelled to various locations
                                                                              viewing barns and outbuilding structures and in 2003 undertook the
                                                                              construction and erection of the barn. It took a year to complete and is
                                                                              a composite of designs from Italy, England, Wales and North America.
                                                                              The barn structure is mortise-and-tenon joint and is mainly constructed
                                                                              of old barns from the local landscape. It is home to the owners’
                                                                              Tennessee Walking Horses and besides being a barn is used to host
                                                                              many family social occasions.

                                                                              The final project slated for the Ranch was the design and construction of
                                                                              the family log home. The house was designed in 2005 and in the spring
                                                                              of 2006 construction began. The logs are 120+ years old and in
                                                                              keeping with the mid 1800s are dovetailed construction. The interior of
                                                                              the house is structurally designed using stonewalls, timbers and stick
                                                                              frame. Local trades and craftspeople were utilized in recapturing the
                                                                              essence of an old log home.
                                                                                                                                               URBAN FORESTRY

New Initiatives
St. Joseph Street Tree Windbreak                                                   City of Kawartha Lakes Heritage Trees
St. Joseph Street is a municipal road that intersects the City’s main              Heritage trees are an important component of urban forestry. Their
outdoor sports complex, Wilson Fields and connects two major arterial              presence not only invokes an emotional response from communities, but
roads, Colborne Street and Kent Street West. The current landscape sees            they provide an ecological legacy of genetic material. A “Heritage Tree”
a wide open greenspace which in the winter time causes significant snow            can be defined as the following:
drifting on this road. The proposed plan will see significant tree planting
                                                                                   • A notable specimen because of its size, form, shape, beauty, age, colour, rarity,
along the edge of the parkland and roadside which will have two
                                                                                     genetic constitution, or other distinctive features.
beneficial impacts. The newly planted treeline will act as a natural
windbreak preventing the significant snow drifting and it will also create         • A living relic that displays evidence of cultural modification by Aboriginal or
an aesthetically pleasing natural space buffering the parkland from the              non-Aboriginal people, including strips of bark or knot-gree wood removed, test
roadway.                                                                             hole cut to determine soundness, furrows cut to collect pitch or sap, or blazes to
                                                                                     mark a trail.                                                                 • A prominent community landmark.

The Somerville Forest, a City owned forest tract covering over 3,400               • A specimen associated with a historic person, place, event or period.
hectares of land has a Forest User Group Advisory Committee which
                                                                                   • A representative of a crop grown by ancestors and their successors that is at
cooperates and partners with the City to ensure the forest is flourishing.
                                                                                     risk of disappearing from cultivation.
This vast greenspace, unique to our City, allows people to enjoy the
outdoors, appreciate nature and be amazed by the beauty of the forest              • A tree associated with local folklore, myths, legends, or traditions.
and all it has to offer. Members of the Advisory Committee recently
                                                                                   • It is recognized that the identification of these trees will enable Trees Ontario
developed a website which highlights 22 “attractions” in the forest to
                                                                                     and community minded organizations to locate potential native seed sources of
visit, ranging from flora and fauna locations to heritage locations to               legacy trees. Collecting these seeds will ensure native stock is grown and
recreational destinations. It also acts as an educational tool to notify             available for future planting.
visitors of the local rules and restrictions within the forest. This interactive
and educational website not only promotes the magnificent forest it also           Currently a local Historian in the City of Kawartha Lakes is working on
provides information on the rules and regulations within the area.                 cataloguing potential trees within the municipality for consideration and
                                                                                   nomination as Heritage Trees. The City has a vast number of trees which
                                                                                   are of incredible and significant historic importance as well as significant
Woodville Tree Planting Initiative
                                                                                   in size, age and rarity. Many of these trees are community landmarks
As a part of the Woodville CHEST Fund Legacy (Community Hydro                      and are associated with historic figures from the area; Sir William
Electric Systems Transfer) and the Woodville 150th Celebration, the                MacKenzie, Leslie Frost, Sir Samuel Hughes, etc. This research will no
community in partnership with the City is planting a significant amount            doubt lead to the nominations of some of these trees as Heritage Tree
of street trees in Woodville to create an urban forest and to replace              designations.
many mature trees which recently have been lost. Upwards of 50 trees
will be planted in a harmonized tree planting program plan being
implemented by a local community group with assistance from the
City’s arborist team.

Norland Heritage Tree Reserve
Through the leadership of a local resident, the City is
considering classifying a municipal property as a Heritage
Tree Site. Located in the community of Norland and
bordering Shadow Lake, this site has Oak, White Pine and
Sugar Maples of significant age and size. Making for a
wonderful natural setting this initiative would allow for
this property to remain a natural setting and not have to
be concerned with potential future development of a
waterfront site.

 Over eighty displays in the form of hanging baskets, barrels or gardens are
 maintained throughout the tiny community by very energetic volunteers.

        Municipal Accomplishments
        The City of Kawartha Lakes prides itself on providing aesthetically       Pre-consultation Working Group
        pleasing and functional environments. A coordinated effort between
                                                                                  Coordination of representatives from various groups across the
        Council, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders is key to the success
                                                                                  municipality is proving to increase customer service and overall
        of these developments. City staff, along with support from community
                                                                                  efficiencies related to planning practices. Groups involved in this
        groups, design, plant and maintain over 150,000 square feet of
                                                                                  increased communication effort are: municipal departments including
        flower beds throughout the municipality. The dedication and
                                                                                  Planning, Parks, Recreation and Culture, Public Works, Trent-Severn
        commitment of staff and volunteers is respected by residents and
                                                                                  Waterway, Kawartha Conservation, and the Ministry of Labour.
        visitors alike.

                                                                                  CHEST Funding Program
        Wilson Estate
                                                                                  The goal of the Legacy CHEST Fund is to provide financial assistance
        The City is very fortunate to benefit from the Roy Wilson Estate, an
                                                                                  to non-profit, community based organizations that provide programs,
        endowment left to the City for the purpose of “the maintenance,
                                                                                  services, or activities that enhance the quality of life for the residents
        improvement, beautification, operation and expansion of the Parks of
                                                                                  of the City of Kawartha Lakes in the areas of health, arts, culture,
        Lindsay.” This endowment has allowed for approximately $350,000
                                                                                  leisure, heritage, education and the environment. Many of the
        in annual funding towards the Lindsay parks system including
                                                                                  projects receiving funding have been for the purpose of
        parkland acquisition, development, enhancement upgrades and
                                                                                  beautification and streetscaping.
        maintenance costs. Many of the beautiful parks and flower beds
        within Lindsay have been developed as a result of this fund.


Powerlinks Fund                                                                     George Street Park
The purpose of the Powerlinks Fund is to provide financial assistance for           Due to the decline in baseball participation, many diamonds, including
capital projects that lead to the physical improvement, enhancement, and            George Street Park in Lindsay, were encountering a decrease in baseball
beautification of the community of Fenelon Falls. Funding is derived from           rentals over the summer months. In an effort to maximize utilization of
annual revenues payable to the City of Kawartha Lakes as a result of the            municipal facilities, Parks, Recreation and Culture staff converted the ball
continued operation of the power generation plant operated by                       diamond and outfield area to a full size athletic pitch. A field that was
Consolidated Hydro Inc. These revenues will be kept in a Reserve Fund               experiencing dwindling utilization has been transformed into a busy
managed by the City of Kawartha Lakes for the purposes outlined within              soccer pitch, being used by hundreds of local youth throughout the
the related policy. Funding will be available to the City, community-based          summer.
organizations and individuals for initiatives that meet the program
objectives of improving public property.                                            Natural Lawn & Garden Care Promotion
                                                                                    The City of Kawartha Lakes extensively promotes the benefits of natural
Manicured Turf Spaces
                                                                                    lawn and garden care. Initiatives such as the Mulching Blade Subsidy
The City has many beautiful, well manicured turf spaces. Two of our                 Program and promotional material providing information on
most prominent being Wilson Fields, the major outdoor sports complex                grasscycling, backyard composting, vermicomposting and waste disposal
in the City located in Lindsay and Austin Sawmill Park, a beautiful                 alternatives are aimed at education, awareness and accessibility.
passive parkland in Kinmount. Wilson Fields is 82 acres and consists of
7 ball diamonds, 2 athletic fields, 2 tennis courts, an assembly area and           Wilson Fields Improvements
passive greenspace. It is a hub of sports activity during the summer
                                                                                    In 2005 new irrigation systems were added to the athletic pitches
months. Austin Sawmill is a scenic and historical property located in
                                                                                    located at the Wilson Fields Sports Complex. The automated system has
Kinmount along the shores of the Burnt River. Recent shoreline
                                                                                    increased staff efficiency, water conservation and provided a more
naturalization efforts have taken place in the park.
                                                                                    consistent approach to field maintenance.

Turf Maintenance and Cultivation Program
                                                                                    Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Following are the minimum standards to which municipal sports fields
                                                                                    In an effort to promote and sustain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing
are maintained:
                                                                                    landscape, an overall Integrated Plant Health Care program has been
•   Aerate once per year
•   Grass heights lengthened in the fall to promote healthier, deeper root system   implemented on municipally owned lands to suppress pests effectively,
•   Fertilized twice per year                                                       economically, and in an environmentally sound manner. Organic
•   Top dressed and overseeded with combination of hardy turf grass once per year   alternatives to pesticides are being monitored for their effectiveness,
•   Regularly water through irrigation system                                       while the traditional techniques of manual removal are most effective
                                                                                    when followed by cultivation and overseeding.
Grass Cutting Maintenance
                                                                                    Victoria Avenue South Re-Development
The City has an extensive parks and greenspace system. The Parks,
Recreation and Culture Division maintains over 180 properties totaling              A major intersection within the downtown core of Lindsay, this area was
more than 600 acres. All of our properties are maintained at either an              in need of a major facelift. The previously unattractive gravel median
L1, L2 or L3 service level. L1 being a high maintenance property to be              boulevard was redeveloped throughout the summer of 2009. The entire
cut on a 7-10 day cycle with a standing height of 5 cm. After cutting,              block from Kent Street West to Russell Street was redeveloped to provide
the clippings are to be mulched. L2 properties are medium maintenance               for a safer and less congested thoroughfare while also providing an
properties to be cut 8 times per season with a standing height after                aesthetically pleasing landscaped area. The centre boulevards were
cutting of 6.5 cm. L3 properties are low maintenance properties to be               landscaped with street trees, ornamental grasses and flower planters.
cut 3 times per season.                                                             The side boulevards will provide additional street trees and flower
                                                                                    planters while also providing new street furniture consistent with the
                                                                                    City’s standardized urban furniture theme. This is an exciting
                                                                                    revitalization which has been completed in partnership with a local
                                                                                    developer, the Lindsay BIA, and the Engineering and Community
                                                                                    Services Department.

     Garnet Graham Park                                                      Little Britain Soccer Field
     In 2009 the City, through the Powerlinks Funding Initiative and         Little Britain has recently completed an exciting new project. Directly
     Committee, revitalized the major waterfront park in Fenelon Falls.      behind the arena, community centre and the baseball diamond, the
     Garnet Graham Park consisting of a major beach on Cameron Lake,         previously sloping land was leveled for an athletic track that
     a beach volleyball court, open greenspace, children play structures     surrounds a soccer field. The purpose of this project is to increase
     and walking trails saw the southerly section of the park completely     opportunities for daily physical activity for community members such
     redeveloped. This section of the park received additional tree          as the Seniors Walking Group and the 500 students at Dr. George
     plantings, the addition of new walking trails linking the park to the   Hall Public School next door. For the first time, training for cross-
     local Maryboro Lodge Museum, the creation of an accessible              country running, track events, soccer and special events such as the
     waterfront area, the opening up of sightlines for a panoramic view of   Trish’s Wish Walk and The Terry Fox Run will be able to be held in a
     Cameron Lake and the construction of a band shelter/picnic gazebo.      safe and suitable area. In addition, high school students will have
     The result is a stunningly green waterfront park which can be enjoyed   the opportunity to use the track and soccer field for fitness activities
     by the residents and tourist of Fenelon Falls whether enjoying it on    and involvement in volunteer coaching to earn community hours.
     foot, bicycle, boat or other form of transportation.                    Summer programs in soccer and track will soon be possible.

                                                                             The Little Britain Field Project became a reality thanks to a
                                                                             partnership and funding from several different community agencies
                                                                             including the City of Kawartha Lakes, The Trillium Lakelands District
                                                                             School Board, Dr. George Hall Public School and the local Lions
                                                                             Club. This combined community and school project is a great
                                                                             example of the success that we can achieve - together.


Business & Institution Accomplishments
Pickseed Canada Inc.                                                        Omemee & District Horticultural Society
The Pickseed Companies Group is a leader in the development,                The Omemee Coronation Hall Beautification Project, spearheaded by
production and distribution of cool season turfgrass and forage crop        the Omemee & District Horticultural Society, has been the local
seeds. The Group is comprised of Pickseed Canada Inc., Pickseed West        Communities in Bloom Project for the past six years. The project has
Inc., Turf One, and Mapleseed with operations located in Lindsay,           involved many partners including the Omemee & District Horticultural
Ontario; St. Hyacinthe, Quebec; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Sherwood Park,          Society, Omemee Service Groups, the Omemee Business & Community
Alberta; Abbotsford, British Columbia; Dawson Creek, British Columbia;      Improvement Association and the City of Kawartha Lakes. The major
and Tangent, Oregon.                                                        construction was done in three stages over a four year period. The end
                                                                            result was a beautiful park area, new stone planters at the front
Pickseed Canada Inc. is a leader in turfgrass. Its knowledgeable pro-turf
                                                                            entrance, a facelift for the existing Cenotaph area, and the erection of a
department is geared towards providing customers with solid
                                                                            memorial monument honouring, Harry Brown, the only Victoria Cross
recommendations based on the demanded use. New varieties of
                                                                            Winner in the City. The beds contain plants, many of which are native to
improved turfgrasses are environmentally friendly since these products,
                                                                            the area, and which once established, require a minimal amount of
based on their superior agronomics, require fewer chemical inputs to
                                                                            water and maintenance and provide year round colour. The project for
produce healthy, lush, green turf.
                                                                            2009 and 2010 is to add the finishing touches - including additional
Lindsay houses the global headquarters for Pickseed who - through its       shrubs and mulch, new park benches and garbage receptacles, and an
U.S. - based subsidiary Seed Research of Oregon (SRO) and its               additional trellis. This is possible due to the combined efforts of the City
Manitoba growers - are supplying most of the natural turfgrass for the      through its Beautification and 50/50 grants, a grant from the Omemee
2010 FIFA World Cup. That’s 75 playing and practice fields across           Hydro Trust and funds and volunteer labour provided by the Horticultural
South Africa including Johannesburg’s Soccer City Stadium.                  Society. The new addition of the Town clock with its Carillon System,
                                                                            located directly across from the Coronation Hall, will make the busiest
Bethany Athletic Society                                                    corner in the City of Kawartha Lakes even more spectacular.

Since 1928, the people of Bethany have owned, operated, and
maintained this community park through dedicated volunteers and
community fund raising events. Municipal support, through the 50/50
Community Project Capital Funding Initiative, has been provided to
support projects that include: addition of playground equipment,
community hall upgrades, park lighting, and the improvement of the
athletic field.

Lindsay Rugby Football Club (LRFC)
Increased participation at all age levels throughout this volunteer
sport organization has provided the demand for more
practice/playing areas. In 2007, LRFC committed to
developing a high quality practice pitch on their property.
Extensive research, planning and volunteer time went
into getting the project started and continues through
the general maintenance of the pitch. Not only has the
addition of this area provided additional practice space
for the Club, it has provided the time for management
to conduct proper maintenance to the main pitch.

     Bobcaygeon Horticultural Society                                           Local Horticultural Efforts
     Each year a group of volunteers plant and maintain the flower beds         The beautiful landscaped areas throughout the municipality can be
     located at Market Square, the municipal building, Need Street              partially attributed to the continued dedication and commitment of
     intersection and the waterfront, among other locations in the village.     local horticultural and community groups.

     Market Square, renewed by volunteers in 2007, contains three beds
                                                                                Burnt River Blooms Committee
     representing the three islands of Bobcaygeon with mass plantings of
     bulbs, shrubs and heirloom plants.                                         This ambitious group of concerned citizens jumped on the
                                                                                Communities in Bloom bandwagon in 2005 and has not looked
     The Need Street Triangles are home to dwarf conifers, dense ground
                                                                                back. Major projects include the rejuvenation of the Village Square
     covers, miniature bulbs and sun-loving annuals.
                                                                                flower bed. A true labour of love, this project was completed in
     Along the Trent Canal are the monument bed, Lockmaster’s bed, war          record time and enthusiasm.
     memorial cenotaph, watch house bed and others.
                                                                                Norland Horticultural Society
     Projects that the volunteers have taken on in 2009 include a boulder
     bed at the Royal Canadian Legion. This bed will be named the               The development and maintenance of the flower beds at the
     Memorial Bed. Also, a great deal of time has been spent on the             municipal building and community park are looked after by this
     redevelopment of Shea Park. The renovations at the park, named in          motivated group.
     honor of Ted Shea, includes the installation of a rock wall that
     defines the entrance, planting of trees and shrubs, the creation of a
     demonstration dryland garden. This project was completed in
     partnership with the municipality and many local businesses.

     In addition to these projects, volunteers maintain many hanging
     flower baskets, wooden planters, and bridge containers that are
     found beautifying the downtown area of Bobcaygeon.

     Finally, a children’s pioneer garden at Kawartha Settlers Village is the
     focal point of this group’s youth program.

Kawartha Region Conservation Authority (KRCA) –                             Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program
Shoreline Naturalization Program                                            Kawartha Conservation provides funding assistance for projects that help
Kawartha Conservation provides waterfront landowners with advice and        protect municipal drinking water sources. Within certain areas near
recommendations on how to address shoreline problems such as erosion,       municipal wells and surface water intakes, grants are available for a
ice damage, wildlife habitat loss and Canada Geese. Five hundred            range of projects, including septic system inspections and upgrades,
kilometers of shoreline embrace the five major lakes in the City of         erosion control projects, well decommissioning and upgrades, and
Kawartha Lakes. The management of our shoreline properties is vital to      pollution prevention reviews for businesses. Please contact the Kawartha
the ongoing health and vitality of our lakes and the vast economic impact   Conservation Administrative Centre for more information.
they have on our communities.

Kawartha Conservation also offers information workshops and public          Kawartha Water Watch
demonstration sites where landowners and businesses can learn about
                                                                            Keeping our lakes and rivers clean requires regular water quality
best management practices such as buffer strips, bioengineering and
                                                                            monitoring to understand and address issues as they arise. Kawartha
landscape maintenance.
                                                                            Conservation involves the community in water quality monitoring efforts
                                                                            through its Kawartha Water Watch program. Each year, volunteers
Free Landowner Consultations - Upon request, a qualified                    perform monthly testing at dozens of strategic locations throughout the
consultant from Kawartha Conservation visits properties to assess any
                                                                            area. The samples are then sent to Kawartha Conservation for testing,
shoreline issues and understand the landowner’s uses and values             with the results compiled into reports that are distributed to volunteers and
associated with the shoreline. The consultant then develops a               agencies involved with managing water resources.
comprehensive report on how to address the issues using naturalization
techniques in a way that meets the landowner’s needs and uses. In
addition, the consultant provides information on creating important
wildlife habitat, and how to maintain a healthy lawn without pesticides,
excessive fertilizers and overwatering. The report provided is completely
confidential and the recommendations are non-obligatory.

Landowner Grants - In partnership with the Victoria Land and
Water Stewardship Council, Kawartha Conservation provides financial
assistance to private landowners for their shoreline naturalization
projects. Please contact the Kawartha Conservation Administrative
Centre for more information.

Conservation Lands - Kawartha Conservation owns over 1,800
acres of land within its watershed jurisdiction, which includes valley
lands, provincially significant wetlands, significant natural areas and
forests. In the City of Kawartha Lakes, these lands include Ken Reid
Conservation Area, Pigeon River Headwaters Conservation Area and
Windy Ridge Conservation Area. The conservation authority also
manages an additional 1,098 acres in the City, including Fleetwood
Creek Natural Area and a property adjacent to Windy Ridge
Conservation Area on behalf of Ontario Heritage Trust, and Dewey’s
Island, in cooperation with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
Many of these areas are open to the community. They allow people to
enjoy the outdoors while learning about the natural world around them.
Recreational opportunities include hiking, picnicking, swimming, biking,
cross country skiing and birding.

In addition, Ken Reid Conservation Area and Windy Ridge
Conservation Area are both located on the Victoria Rail Trail
system. This provides a link to the Trans Canada Trail and
Central Ontario Loop Trail that runs through the area. As such,
these conservation areas provide tourism attractions for trail
users to experience some of the natural beauty of our community.
     Forterra                                                                        Coboconk Horticultural Society
     Forterra manufactures and markets powerful and environmentally                  The Coboconk Horticultural Society was established in 1984. The society
     friendly soil enhancers, using worm castings, which boost fertility while       has a membership of 55 and is extremely active in the community. With
     restoring the soil with organic matter for sustainable, longer-term             the assistance of OHA grant money, Beautification 50/50 funding, and
     benefits, including stronger root growth, and drought and pest                  generous donations from our local businesses, organizations and
     resistance. Forterra products contain only organic material. They are           individuals, the Society has been able to beautify our community with
     ideal for golf courses, sports fields, lawn care, parks, nurseries, orchards,   flowers, the addition of new benches, waste receptacles, wood planter
     and vineyards. Forterra produces commercial quantities of premium               boxes to accommodate tree standards for main street and additional
     worm castings year round at its Toronto plant. Essentially, Forterra uses       bridge planters.
     red wriggler worms to convert organic waste into vermicompost or worm
                                                                                     Over 80 displays in the form of hanging baskets, barrels or gardens are
     castings. Worm castings contain micronutrients, which are required for
                                                                                     maintained throughout the community by very energetic volunteers. The
     healthy plant development. Worm castings also contain microbes, which
                                                                                     beautiful flower beds along the waterfront, at the municipal
     increase the rate at which plants take up available macronutrients and
                                                                                     building, at the historic Train Station, and at many of the
     micronutrients. In 2008, Parks, Recreation and Culture staff started using
                                                                                     commercial buildings in Coboconk are maintained by this
     this product in test areas to compare requirements and overall results.
                                                                                     group. The dedication and desire to beautify Coboconk
                                                                                     is obvious to locals and visitors that travel through
     Kinmount Committee For Planning and
                                                                                     the community.
     Economic Development
     This volunteer Committee was formally organized in 1993 as a                    Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society
     Committee of Somerville Council with a mission to preserve local
                                                                                     Many of the community gardens within the village are maintained by
     heritage, boost the local economy through tourism and job creation and
                                                                                     dedicated volunteers. A recent partnership developed between the FFHS
     to build and instill a sense of community pride. To this day, members of
                                                                                     volunteers, the community Beautification Committee, and the local
     the Committee work tirelessly to fulfill this mission as a Committee of
                                                                                     Chamber of Commerce has had a positive impact on the village.
     City of Kawartha Lakes Council. Their success is evident in the many
                                                                                     Initiatives such as the installation of planter boxes along the bridge
     enhancement projects completed in the town. Goals for this year include
                                                                                     (including its own water source), landscaped areas surrounding three
     the refurbishment of an abandoned CN waiting room to be placed near
                                                                                     newly erected entrance signs, downtown urns and flower enhancements,
     the Railway Station, streetscape enhancements and the continued
                                                                                     new floral areas on the corner of Francis and Colborne streets and in
     maintenance of our parks and public spaces.
                                                                                     Garnet Graham Park have been made possible through this partnership.

                                                                                     This year’s project, on coordination with other community groups,
                                                                                     includes the restoration of the Cenotaph area.


Residential Accomplishments
Port 32                                                                  Community Park Developments
Nestled into mature and majestic trees on lots of at least 60-85 foot    – Woodville and Norland
widths; showcased by truly incredible landscaping that must be seen      In 2008, two new park developments were initiated by community
to be appreciated; huge limestone boulders frame terraces that           members in Woodville and Norland.
showcase each home and the terracing leisurely continues to
                                                                         The Woodville Lions Club redeveloped a vacant municipal property
neighbouring properties to ensure continuity and a sense of
                                                                         into parkland with a gazebo and park seating to be used for various
community. Whether you’re on the water or just steps away, the
                                                                         community functions. This initiative will certainly assist with beautifying
setting is the ultimate stage for the finest homes in Ontario.
                                                                         the main street of Woodville and is a wonderful follow up to the
If you want to be a gardener in Port 32, you have to be tenuous.         “Downtown Beautification” project currently being undertaken
The gardens of Port 32 are absolutely beautiful, one can tell just by    through the Woodville Legacy CHEST Fund. This provides the only
driving into the development that this is a community that thrives. As   area of open greenspace along the main street of Woodville.
you drive past the homes, each one has an impressive display of
                                                                         Mud Turtle Park in Norland was developed by the local horticultural
rock landscaping which is no wonder as the whole development rests
                                                                         society to provide a true nature inspired gathering area for the
on an island of bedrock. It is truly a mystery that a huge white pine
                                                                         community. The park includes amenities such as: a picnic area,
or an oak can find a place to put down enough root to sustain itself.
                                                                         horticultural display, memorial tree, and a scenic view of Silver Lake.
Every homeowner seems to take an interest in the appearance of
                                                                         Partial funding was provided by through the Beautification Program.
their property and the gardens are both unique and interesting.
Mother Nature rules here, she decides where one can plant a tree
or shrub. Sometimes one can pick the perfect spot only to hit solid
bedrock upon digging. Digging here is with pick and shovel and a
tool fondly called the “Bobcaygeon” pick (a six foot long crowbar).
Remember that this is predominantly a senior’s development.

Common areas include a recreation centre called the Shore Spa and
a waterfront park called Watergarden Point, even here lush gardens
prevail. These are volunteer gardens, jointly cared for by the
residents, again showing an unusual strength of community spirit and
volunteerism. Almost everything in this beautiful and imaginative
development is managed by volunteers, maintenance of the grounds,
pool, tennis courts and indoor common areas are all taken care of
by residents who care enough to take the time and interest. It is
definitely a community in the truest sense of the word.

     Beautify Our Bobcaygeon (B.O.B.)                                         Water Restrictions
     This initiative was created in the late fall of 2008. The challenge of   Residents are supportive of the Water Restriction By-Law. The two-
     providing Christmas décor and lighting for Bobcaygeon Christmas          phase By-Law includes alternate day watering cycles and early
     2008 by collecting donations from residents and businesses in the        morning and late evening watering times during Phase 1. Phase 1
     community and matching it to municipal 50/50 funding program             restrictions are set into place when the following signs are evident:
     proved to be very successful. The Bobcaygeon Horticultural Society       •   Well water levels are starting to drop below seasonal levels
     sponsored B.O.B. to go for funding.                                      •   Pump running times are longer than normal
                                                                              •   Dry weather is predicted
     In 2009, again with sponsorship, B.O.B. was able to apply for            •   Water demand is higher than normal
     funding from the Parks, Recreation and Culture initiative and the
     Bobcaygeon Legacy CHEST Fund. This enabled B.O.B. to purchase            Phase 2 restrictions are set into place when the following signs are
     items that have had an extremely positive impact on the village of       evident:
                                                                              •   Well water levels are consistently lowering
     Bobcaygeon. Items included: additional Christmas décor and
                                                                              •   Pumps are running for excessive periods
     lighting, nine low maintenance benches for Bolton Street, three bike
                                                                              •   Dry weather continues to be predicted
     racks, banner arms to accommodate the newly purchased 23
                                                                              •   Water demand continues to be well above normal
     summer banners and 16 winter banners, a large custom made
     “Welcome to Bobcaygeon” entrance sign, a “Visit LOCK 32” sign            It is an offense during Phase 2 restrictions to water the lawns,
     (purchased in partnership with the Trent Severn Waterway), 24 flower     flowerbeds, gardens, trees or shrubs of any property; wash a vehicle,
     basket brackets made to match existing ones to accommodate the           and/or to fill or to top-up any privately-owned swimming pool.
     many hanging flower baskets found throughout Bobcaygeon’s
     downtown area.

     The group’s volunteers are thankful for the overwhelming support
     and funding provided by the community in order for these projects to
     become a reality.


New Initiatives
Rivera Park Future Improvements                                                 Optimist Soccer Club Partnership
Known for our waterways, the City of Kawartha Lakes boasts a number of          The Optimist Club of Lindsay has approached the City with the idea of
beautiful waterfront parks. Rivera Park is one of these parks. Located on       developing the city owned property south and east of Colborne and
the shores of the Scugog River in the Town of Lindsay, this park was            St. Joseph streets for new youth Athletic Fields. The Optimist’s primary
named in memory of Rivera Milligent Wilson, the wife of the prominent           goal is to develop the athletic fields, and any servicing required for the
Roy P Wilson. Rivera Park was developed through the generous bequest            site would need to be at the expense of the municipality. The Parks,
of Mr. Wilson. Rivera Park is undergoing a major re-development, with           Recreation and Culture Strategic Plan indicates a need in the Lindsay
the completion date set for late 2010. Acting as the major water                area for an additional five athletic fields. It also states, that if possible,
entranceway to the Town from the North, the park saw new horticultural          these should be constructed as part of the Wilson Fields Complex to
plantings, walkways, park furniture, boat launches and parking lots added       provide a better venue for tournaments and for reasons of operating
and developed in the park in 2009. In 2010 further enhancements                 efficiency. This proposal closely aligns with this need. This project is an
include the stabilization of the shoreline and re-development of the            example of the excellent community efforts of our local Service Clubs
boardwalk and docking locations. Through the support of City Council            and will have beneficial impacts for the municipality as well as the
and the Wilson Estate, this beautiful waterfront park will continue to act as   community as a whole.
a welcoming location to boat traffic entering Lindsay.
                                                                                Lindsay Parks Advisory Committee
McDonnell Park Enhancements
                                                                                Staff are currently recommending the format of this proposed volunteer
This landmark municipal park, along the Scugog River, will see a new            Committee of Council. Community members representing a variety of
look over the next two years. Projects recently completed include a             organizations will advise on all aspects of the provision of parks
revitalized sloping flower bed that includes a naturalized backdrop             services in the Town of Lindsay within the City of Kawartha Lakes,
section, the addition of shrubs and flowering trees, and an irrigation          including development of parks policy, and promoting and
system. Future plans include the replacement of urban furniture, central        communication with the public on parks needs.
bed and slope reconstruction and the redevelopment of the entrances
to the park.

     Floral Displays
     Magnificent hanging baskets, planters and gardens are overflowing with
     flowers that announce Kawartha Lakes as a “Bloom-tiful City”.

           Municipal Accomplishments
           Involvement in the Communities in Bloom program has had a               Victoria Park Enhancements
           significant positive impact on community cohesiveness and rekindled
                                                                                   This major park in Lindsay received enhancements to flowerbeds, the
           pride in the community. Efforts by community volunteers and City
                                                                                   irrigation system, urban furniture, and park lighting throughout 2006
           Council and staff have made the City of Kawartha Lakes a beautiful,
                                                                                   and 2007. Annual plants were exchanged for perennials in some
           inviting place to work, play and visit.
                                                                                   locations, a new shrub/perennial bed was established by the
           In every community, streetscapes, parks and community centers are       historical monument. A legacy project is scheduled for the park, in
           receiving extra attention through expanded tree, shrub, and flower      conjunction with the previously celebrated 150th Anniversary of
           plantings. Magnificent hanging baskets, planters and gardens are        Lindsay.
           overflowing with flowers that announce Kawartha Lakes as a “Bloom-
           tiful City” to residents and visitors alike.                            Maintenance Program
           Over the past eight years, City of Kawartha Lakes Council has           Hotter summers and low rainfall have challenged staff, residents,
           responded to renewed interest in community beautification by            business owners and community groups considerably in the efforts to
           approving additional funds for improvements in the planting of public   maintain healthy and attractive floral displays. However, extremely
           flowerbeds, baskets, barrels and litter containers. These funds have    dedicated volunteers and Parks, Recreation and Culture staff, along
           supported many community groups in their efforts to make a              with watering trucks and trailers, work to preserve the flowers each day.
           difference in their community. This in turn has motivated residents
                                                                                   Following are the minimum standards to which these displays are
           and businesses to establish their own beautification initiatives.
           Parks, Recreation and Culture staff and local community groups have     •   Cultivate once per two weeks
           strategically chosen planting locations to provide the most impact to   •   Water two to three times per week
                                                                                   •   Fertilize once per month
           residents, while considering cost and maintenance access.
                                                                                   •   Turn beds once per year
           Ongoing participation in the Communities in Bloom program               •   Mulched (material from recycled tree work) once
           encourages community groups, residents, and local businesses to             every two years (perennial beds)
           continue to beautify Kawartha Lakes.
                                                                                                                              FLORAL DISPLAYS

Business & Institution Accomplishments
Kirkfield Beautification Efforts                                           This organization has been in existence in Canada since 1926, here in
                                                                           Lindsay since 1933 and at the location at 15 Mary Street West since
Sharon Arnaud, co-owner of the Sir William Mackenzie Inn, started
                                                                           1965. In 2007, the organization changed the name from Binney &
hanging flower baskets in Kirkfield’s downtown last year for Canada Day
                                                                           Smith to Crayola Canada. It is very much apparent that Crayola is
after being inspired by a local man she simply calls her “flower angel”.
                                                                           known as the “colourful” company.
After years of a gentleman buying and planting flowers at the Inn
property with no expectation of payment, Ms. Arnaud decided to “pay-it-    The changes to the facility commenced in the fall of 2006 with the
forward” with the community reaping the rewards. Hanging baskets have      installation of interlock sidewalks and a new flag pole area. Overgrown
been purchased and continue to be maintained this year through             bushes along the front of the facility were removed and the sidewalk
partnerships with the local Lion’s Club, business owners, and citizens,    reconstructed.
particularly young people. The beautification of Kirkfield has certainly
                                                                           Window boxes and annual plantings were added to compliment the new
been has been a grand success. This beautification effort has impacted
                                                                           company sign and reinforce the “colour us caring” corporate theme.
both community members and visitors and has certainly raised the level
                                                                           Each window box is a solid different colour, portraying a crayon in the
of community spirit and pride in the area.
                                                                           box. New flower beds were added underneath the company sign and at
                                                                           the corners of the property and filled with colourful annuals.
Crayola Canada
Crayola Canada has always been and continues to be a colour focused        Crayola Canada and its employees have a history of being dedicated
company and have now shown this inside and out by means of the             not only to our organization but to this community and continue to
flowers at the front of the building. Crayola leads the way for other      “colour us caring”.
companies in our community.

     Dedicated volunteers in communities such as Lindsay, Omemee,               The Old Tin House
     Bobcaygeon, Norland, Fenelon Falls, Kinmount, Burnt River,
                                                                                This dried flower farm, located just west of the historic village of
     Woodville and Coboconk work in partnership with City staff to
                                                                                Kirkfield, is a flower lover’s delight. Over 100 varieties of flowers
     maintain the over 500 hanging baskets and over 85 planters located
                                                                                provide a riot of colour. Racks of dried flowers adorn the ceilings of
     throughout the municipality.
                                                                                the old house while wreaths, swags, arrangements, and unique gifts
     Watering, fertilizing and general care of the floral displays takes        fill the shop. The Old Tin House garden is organic and when supply
     considerable time and effort in order to keep them one of the main         allows, pure, wholesome, fresh picked vegetables and herbs are
     attractions within the community.                                          available. Take a leisurely stroll through fields of flowers and select
                                                                                your own bouquet.
     Bob Mark Garden Project at Victoria Manor
                                                                                Beautification Committee - DBIA
     The Lindsay and District Horticultural Society has been designing,
     planting and maintaining this garden for the past seven years. Many        This is a local volunteer committee within the community of Lindsay
     of the plants have been purchased with Canadian Tire Money                 which has been entrusted as a Committee of Council to oversee the
     donated by members of the Society. Members and other volunteers            provision of programs for the improvement, beautification and
     have spent hours working in the garden each year. Originally, this         maintenance of municipally owned lands, buildings and structures
     garden was made with funds donated by Bob Mark. Seven years ago            within the downtown Lindsay area. This committee operates with an
     the Society decided to take it over as a project as the garden was no      annual budget of $66,000. This amount is based on an equal
     longer as beautiful as it had once been. It is a courtyard garden with     $33,000 contribution from the local Downtown Business
     access from inside the building as well as from outside.                   Improvement Association and the municipal Beautification Program.

     Victoria Manor is a city operated long-term care facility. The city does
     supply some funding annually to be used towards purchasing plants
     for the garden.

                                                                                                                                    FLORAL DISPLAYS

Lilacs Of Lindsay                                                              In the fall of 2009, a portion of the Kawartha Lakes Trans Canada Trail
                                                                               was completed through the Lilac Gardens. Further development of the
In 1994, Len Shea organized a committee of past “Citizens of the Year”
                                                                               park will continue to take place as the group redesigns and landscapes
to develop a Millennium Project. The project selected was to make
                                                                               along the Trans Canada Trail which now provides easier access to the
Lindsay “abundant with lilacs”. The committee sought and received
                                                                               Memory Walk. In partnership with the Salute to Heroes Committee a
support from the Lindsay and District Horticultural Society and the Master
                                                                               Heroes Garden has been planted to honour those providing service
Gardeners. The concept was to provide, through plantings of lilacs on
                                                                               through the military, police, fire, and EMS. The dedication of this garden
public lands and private properties, a spectacular display of lilacs for the
                                                                               was held at this years Lindsay Lilac Festival.
beautification of Lindsay, and a major attraction to visitors to the area.
                                                                               The festival is an annual event that promotes the Lilac Gardens of
In 1996, the Parks Board Management designated Logie Street Park to
                                                                               Lindsay and encourages residents and visitors to enjoy the splendour of
be the “Lilac Gardens of Lindsay”. A working committee was formed
                                                                               spring. Funds raised during the Festival are used to further develop the
with Bill Huskinson as the president. The landscape plan was developed
                                                                               gardens and promote the area. The festival has grown over the years
and in 1998, the first lilacs were planted by volunteers.
                                                                               and attracts over 2,000 visitors annually. This years festival included new
In 1999, a Butterfly Garden was developed by Master Gardeners, led by          activities including the Salute to Heroes parade and garden dedication,
Dave McLean with a grant from the Canadian Wildlife Federation and             Community Showcase, Kids Day, Art Show and a full line up of
seed money grant from the Lindsay and District Horticultural Society for       entertainment and garden talks.
the planting of lilacs. Contributions as “Memorial Donations” were also
                                                                               The Lilac Gardens of Lindsay’s objective is to develop a lilac arboretum
received. In 2000, donations from the Lindsay Senior Citizens
                                                                               recognized by the International Lilac Society and to create a multi
Association were recognized with a plaque. The Lilac Gardens offer a
                                                                               seasonal horticultural showplace for the City of Kawartha Lakes.
unique Memory Walk program where a lilac may be dedicated to mark
an event such as a birth, death or significant anniversary.

In 2002, the Communities in Bloom judges recognized the significant
volunteer contribution of planting over 130 varieties of lilacs at the Logie
Street Park. In 2004, the Lilac Gardens of Lindsay became part of the
Lindsay and District Horticultural Society. In 2007, the City of Kawartha
Lakes proclaimed the lilac as the official shrub of the city. A Welcome
Garden was created for year round interest in 2009.

     Residential Accomplishments
     Communities in Bloom has inspired the residents and businesses of           Shea Park
     Kawartha Lakes to actively participate in improving their properties to
                                                                                 The vision to recreate Shea Park was initiated in 2008 with the planting
     match the City-wide initiative. Recognizing that a well landscaped
                                                                                 of two Maple trees on the property. Soon after, in the same year, another
     personal residence or business increases value and feelings of pride, the
                                                                                 tree, purchased in support of the “Growing Together” Communities in
     owners have created outstanding displays, unmatched by even some
                                                                                 Bloom theme, was planted. These plantings nurtured the vision of Ingrid
     professionally landscaped properties. Residents, business and community
                                                                                 Whitney and other members of the Bobcaygeon Horticultural Society.
     groups have enthusiastically showcased their homes in the Green Thumb
                                                                                 The winter provided the opportunity to develop a park design plan and
     Garden Award program, as well as a number of successful garden tours.
                                                                                 coordinate the efforts of multiple municipal departments.

     Green Thumb Garden Awards                                                   A flurry of activity began in 2009, with the addition of eleven trees, six
                                                                                 benches, a paved trail section, rock wall and shrubs. A highlight of the
     The goals of this municipal initiative are to recognize individual,
                                                                                 park is the demonstration zeriscape garden planted by local volunteers.
     business, and group efforts in the beautification of the City of Kawartha
     Lakes and to provide inspiration for other residents and businesses to      Shea Park has been resurrected thanks to the dedication, effort, and
     take pride in and make improvements to their own properties. Over 100       vision of many volunteers. Partnerships with municipal departments,
     properties are judged by local Master Gardener’s each year, all with        including Parks, Recreation and Culture, the Bobcaygeon Legacy CHEST
     their own unique beauty and charm. Category winners are recognized          Fund, and the Bobcaygeon Horticultural Society assisted with realizing
     during the Fall Awards Ceremony.                                            the dream held by the volunteers.

                                                                                 Shea Park was originally developed in honour of local politician and
     Market Square Restoration – Bobcaygeon
                                                                                 community builder, Mr. Ted Shea. A monumental boulder has been
     The revitalization of the Bobcaygeon Market Square by the Bobcaygeon        placed in the park in his honour.
     Horticultural Society has proven to be a tremendous success. In
     partnership with the City of Kawartha Lakes, through the CHEST Fund,        Historic Iris Display Garden
     and Hillside Landscaping, (Rokeby) Market Square has been upgraded
                                                                                 The garden of a Lindsay homeowner has been designated Canada’s first
     and beautified by redesigning the planting areas with local rock,
                                                                                 Historic Iris Display Garden by the Historic Iris Preservation Society and
     replanting them with low maintenance and heirloom species, installing       the American Iris Society. David Jewell’s garden has the entire Dykes
     automatic irrigation systems and repairing the 1912 fountain. The           Medal Award Collection of tall bearded Iris. This prestigious award is
     overall aesthetic of the Square has been greatly improved through the       only given out once a year, and sometimes not even then. The local
     inclusion of terracotta stone pavers, upgraded lighting, public seating     collection spans back to the beginning of the award in 1927.
     and new waste receptacles while also providing new handicap access
New Initiatives
Angel Garden                                                                 Fenelon Falls and District Chamber of Commerce
In partnership with the Kawartha Lakes Haliburton Domestic Violence          An extensive renovation was completed in 2010 to the highly visible
Coordinating Committee the City of Kawartha Lakes will be developing         Chamber of Commerce location. The installation of armour stone along
an Angel Garden. The Angel Street Project is one that was started by         the Visitors Information Centre and viewing “patio”, a new directional
Elisapee Sheutiapik, Mayor of Iqualuit in which they named a street (in      pulpit on the patio, an interactive video kiosk, benches and garbage
front of their women’s shelter) “Angel Street”. This dedication is to        receptacles completely transformed the area.
honour all victims of domestic violence. Continuing the program
                                                                             The project was initiated by the Fenelon Falls and District Chamber of
throughout Canada, many communities are recognizing this program
                                                                             Commerce and supported through the Parks, Recreation and Culture
with the creation of an Angel Garden. The Angel Garden for Lindsay is
                                                                             Division Beautification Funding Program. Native planting, including trees
planned to be developed in conjunction with the Lindsay Horticultural
                                                                             and shrubs, were included in the new gardens.
Society and will be located in Queen’s Square, a high profile
greenspace situated in front of the Lindsay library and municipal offices.
                                                                             Lindsay 150th Legacy Garden
Lindsay Service Centre                                                       In 2007 the City of Kawartha Lakes celebrated Lindsay’s 150th
                                                                             anniversary. In the Fall of 2010, as a legacy project from the fundraising
Revitalization projects including exterior painting and a flower bed
                                                                             of this community celebration, a new horticulture garden was created,
overhaul have been planned for the former Lindsay Town Hall, located
                                                                             and in keeping with the historical theme, was planted in Lindsay’s first
in the historic downtown core. Removal of mature evergreens will
                                                                             park, Victoria Park. Victoria Park was first developed as parkland in
provide space in the beds to accommodate flowering shrubs and
                                                                             1901, and houses the City’s most beautiful horticulture displays. This
colourful annuals. The “make over” to the facility will enhance the
                                                                             new horticulture garden has utilized small shrubs and perennial flowers
already beautiful and charming downtown area.
                                                                             to accentuate the existing gardens within the park and add colour to the
                                                                             various seasons. Developed directly beneath the flag poles representing
                                                                             the 13 Provinces and Territories, it was a natural site for a historical
                                                                             legacy garden.

        250 Lakes & Waterways
                              Adventure   43 Marinas                     Scotts “Best Community of
                                                                         Gardeners” Award Winner
        105 Km of Trent-Severn Waterway   12 Golf Courses
                                                                         2005 and 2008
        Kirkfield                         200 Km Of Year Round Trails
                                                                         3,900 Hectares of
        – World’s 2nd Highest Lift Lock
                                          85 Km Of Victoria Rail Trail   Municipal Forest
        World Class Fishing
                                          4 Provincial Parks             Carden Plain
                                                                         – Important Bird Area
                                          4 Conservation Areas
                                                                         153,000 Hectares of Farmland
                                          Kawartha Region Conservation
                                          Authority                      1,700 Working Farms
                                          127 Municipal Parks            6 Agricultural Fairs
                                          Communities In Bloom           3 Live Theatre Venues
                                          “5 Bloom” Winner Since 2002
                                                                         Art Galleries
                                                                         8 Museums
                                                                         Canada’s Smallest Jail

Thank You
A heartfelt thank you is extended
to all who have contributed to this
project in one way or another.
A story here, a picture there, work
completed yesterday, plans thought
of for tomorrow. You are all what
make the City of Kawartha Lakes a
wonderful place to visit and even
more wonderful to reside in.

A special thank you to the City of
Kawartha Lakes 2010 Communities
in Bloom Organizing Committee.

Thank you to our sponsors
Parks, Recreation and Culture Division
  180 Kent Street West, Lindsay, Ontario K9V 2V6

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