Cold War PowerPoint Project by 3RSlbgu


									                  Cold War PowerPoint Project
                          (40 Points)
In pairs you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation based on your assigned topics.
     You will receive (1) block to work on this presentation
     All other work must be completed outside of class time.
     You must use goggle docs to send me a copy of your presentation or use a flash
        drive to download your presentation. If you will be downloading, you must do it
        BEFORE school. *Points will be docked if you do not have your presentation of
        file before the bell rings for class.

   The topics are as follows:
   1. Truman Doctrine (distinguish from Marshall Plan)
   2. Marshall Plan (Be sure to distinguish from Truman Doctrine)
   3. Berlin Airlift
   4. Berlin Wall
   5. NATO and the Warsaw Pact
   6. United Nations
   7. GI Bill
   8. The race to space; US and Soviet Space programs (Sputnik)
   9. Cuban Missile Crisis
   10. Bay of Pigs Invasion
   11. McCarthyism
   12. HUAC (Be SURE to distinguish from McCarthyism, they are NOT the same)
   13. The Rosenbergs

Your PowerPoint must contain all of the following:
   1. Dates/time period (2)
   2. Detailed summary of the events/group/topic (20)
          a. What is it?
          b. Who are the main actors involved? What President is in office at the time?
          c. What leads up to this? Why is it significant?
          d. What are the consequences or outcomes? (What is it’s impact?)
   3. Map (3) Must be easy to read, labeled well, and be explained during the
      **HUAC, Rosenbergs, GI Bill and McCarthyism must instead have 3 more
      pictures or political cartoons.
   4. Pictures; minimum of 4 (2) See above for the 4 groups who must have 7 pictures.
   5. Works cited (3) MLA format
   6. Presentation to the class (10) DO NOT just read your slides, use them as talking
      points. Make use of notecards that will expand on the thoughts of each slide. They
      should not say the SAME thing as the slide.
   7. PowerPoint must contain at least 12 slides, one the title page, one the works cited
   Presentations will be due Tuesday November 15th

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