Saving Time With Templates in Google Docs

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					Saving Time With Templates in Google
First, you must create a document upon which to base your template. Include any formatting and
text you would like to include in documents based on your template. Then, save the document as
you normally would.

Select the document to use as a template in the Google Docs document list. Then click More
actions>>Submit to template gallery.

On the next screen, confirm that you have selected the correct document. Enter a brief description
of the template and then select a category from the dropdown list. You'll also want to specify a
language. When you're done, click Submit Template.

When you submit a template to the template gallery, it is made publicly available to all Google Docs
users. So, you should not include any sensitive information in your template.

If you want to create a template that isn't made public, things are a little more difficult. Save your
template as a normal file. Then, create a copy of it when you want to create other documents based
on it.

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