Prosem MEP X 2011 2012 by c41rud1n


									                                                             PROGRAM SEMESTER
                                                                Semester 1 / 2011-2012
Subject                                      ENGLISH GRADE X MEP
Teacher                                       Susari Nugraheni, S.S

No   Day/Date/Year     Time                                                                                                                         Assignment
                                                        Theme / Topic                                              Activities
          Meeting    Allotment                                                                                                                        Planner

1     Meeting 1       2x40'      Pre test and Syllabus Socialization
                                 UNIT : Tell Me What Happened
                                                                                                  Game: match the expression in the suitable
                                 Ways to say it: Greeting and leave taking,                       group.
                                 Asking if someone remembers or not                               Exercise of giving response to some
2     Meeting 2       2x40'                                                                       expressions.
                                                                                                  Reading personal recount (Look a Head pg            Write a
                                 How to write recount: study the example of personal, factual,      9)                                                personal
                                 and biographical recount                                         Listening and filling the blank= An excursion      recount
3     Meeting 3       2x40'                                                                         to Bogor Botanic Garden (Look a Head pg 4)      (happy, sad,
                                                                                                 Exercise from Understanding and Using English         funny,
                                 Grammar Focus: Pronoun                                          Grammar (pg A6) and A Practical English           embarrassing,
4     Meeting 4       2x40'                                                                      Grammar                                                 or
                                                                                                 Writing some expressions and giving the              moment)
                                 Expressing feeling: happiness, boredom, disappointmentnt.
5     Meeting 5       2x40'
                                                                                                 Find the noun phrase from newspaper or
                                 Grammar Focus: Noun Phrase
6     Meeting 6       2x40'
                                                                                                 Exercise and game on time conjunctions and
                                 Grammar Focus: Time conjunctions, punctuation
7     Meeting 7       2x40'

8     Meeting 8       2x40'      REVIEW unit 1
                          UNIT 2 : Telling Stories I
                           Asking for attention and showing attention
                                                                                              Role play
                           Offering an invitation, accepting an invitation, and declining
                                                                                              Making an invitation card
9    Meeting 9    2x40'    an invitation
                                                                                              Exercise = Look a Head pg 52 and
                          Grammar Focus : Direct Speech and Indirect Speech
10   Meeting 10   2x40'                                                                       Understanding and Using English Grammar

11   Meeting 11   2x40'   Grammar Focus: Appositive                                           Identifying text on appositive

12   Meeting 12   2x40'   Expressing sympathy: offering and responding condolences
                                                                                             Making a condolences card
                                                                                                                                                  Write a
                                                                                             Exercise: Look a Head and Understanding and       narrative text
13   Meeting 13   2x40'   Grammar Focus : Relative Pronoun
                                                                                             using English Grammar                             and present in
                                                                                                                                                front of the
                                                                                              Identify the generic structure of the text.         class
                          How to write narrative text: study the example “Bandung
14   Meeting 14   2x40'
                          Bondowoso and Roro Jonggrang”                                       Speaking: practice presentation of narrative
                          Grammar Focus: - Thinking verbs, feeling verbs, verb of
                                                                                              Identify the thinking verbs and adverb
15   Meeting 15   2x40'                     sense
                                                                                              Listening: page 58 Look a Head
                                          - Adverb : manner, place, tme

16   Meeting 16   2x40'   REVIEW Unit 2

                          UNIT 3 : Folllowing Instruction
                            Ways to say it: offering                                        Students write a story about their own habit in
17   Meeting 17   2x40'
                            Text: cultural awareness                                        their family.
                                                                                             Making sentences and re-arranging the jumble      Book Report:
18   Meeting 18   2x40'   Grammar Focus: Action verbs, sentence connectors
                                                                                             paragraphs into a good and meaningful text        “Round the
                                                                                              Listening: “How to make a cheese omelet” and     World in
19   Meeting 19   2x40'   Procedure text                                                     re-arranging the jumble picture. (Look a Head     Eighty Days,”
                                                                                             pg 68, 77)                                        “Treasure
                                                                                                                                               Island,” or
20   Meeting 20   2x40'   Grammar Focus: Imperative                                          Making a card about imperative sign               “Jane Eyre”
                                                                                             Making a procedure text and present it in front
21   Meeting 21   2x40'   How to make a procedure text
                                                                                             of the class
                                                                               Review: retell the story, give opinion about the
23   Meeting 22, 23        4x40'
                                   MOVIE REVIEW : Pursuit of Happiness         film, and tell moral value of the film
24     Meeting 24          2x40'                                         Insertive test

     Approved by :
     Principal                                                                 Teacher

     Dra Junita W Arfani                                                       Susari Nugraheni, S.S

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