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     The war in Europe did not begin until September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland.
Prior to this invasion, the Germans had already invaded and claimed lands in Europe, including
Czechoslovakia and Austria. Britain and France were worried about Hitler’s actions, but they
did not want to go to war. Hitler promised them that he would not expand any further so France
and Britain decided to take no action against him. This policy was called appeasement.
Appeasement means that you allow an aggressive action in order to avoid war. In this case the
British and French allowed the Germans to take some lands, yet hoped Hitler would stop and
thus avoid war.

      Hitler broke this promise when he invaded Poland and thus Britain and France declared
war on Germany. While Hitler broke his promise with Britain and France, he made a secret
agreement with the Soviet Union leader, Joseph Stalin. This was known as the Nazi-Soviet
Pact and stated that Germany and the Soviet Union would not fight one another.

Nazis- members of the German Army

      At the start of World War II, there were two sides at war against each other. England and
France were united as the Allied Powers. They were at war against Germany and Italy. These
countries were known as the Axis Powers and would be joined by Japan in 1940. Meanwhile,
the United States and Soviet Union, two countries that had been a part of World War I, were not
involved with the war.

       During the early years of the war, the Axis Powers found much success. The Germans
proved to have one of the strongest armies in the world. Throughout 1940, they had taken
control of numerous European countries including Denmark, Belgium and Holland. Germany
also invaded France and had forced the French to surrender by June. In June 1941, Hitler made
a controversial decision. Although the Germans had agreed not to fight the Soviets, he invaded
the Soviet Union. As a result, the Soviets joined the Allied Powers.

     While the Soviets joined the war in June 1941, the United States was still uninvolved.
FDR, however, was concerned that Germany was going to take over all of Europe and he
wanted to help England. However, most Americans were against entering the war. This
changed on December 7, 1941.
Infer: Why would Lily listen nervously for the Nazis? What was she afraid of?


      While the war was going on in Europe, it was about to begin in Asia as well. On
December 7th Japan launched a surprise attack on an American military base called Pearl
Harbor. They bombed U.S. war ships and killed over 2,000 soldiers and civilians. The very
next day FDR went before Congress and asked for permission to go to war. America was now
at war with Japan and joined the Allies.

                                     The Two Sides of World War II

      STOP: Turn to your map—let’s label these countries on the map!

      The war was now being fought in two places: Europe and Asia. The United States would
send military forces to both. They would help the British fight Germany and Italy in Europe
while also fighting the Japanese on their own in Asia. America’s entrance into war also helped
the economy fully rise out of the depression. There was now a huge need for military supplies
and American factories needed to hire more workers.
                      Cause                                                   Effect

                                                        The U.S. entered the war.

American factories needed more workers.

How did the need for military supplies impact Margaret’s family? Use the word consequently in your

World War II Rationing

                                There's a War on, You Know!

During the Second World War, you couldn't just walk into a shop and buy as much sugar or butter or
meat as you wanted, nor could you fill up your car with gasoline whenever you liked. All these things
were rationed, which meant you were only allowed to buy a small amount (even if you could afford
more). The government introduced rationing because certain things were in short supply during the war,
and rationing was the only way to make sure everyone got their fair share.

What does rationing mean?

How did rationing affect the characters in our novel?
Why did Lily feel guilty about eating Eddie’s candy? Use rationing in your answer.

Follow-Up Questions

Instructions: These are “Right There Questions”. You must go back and UNDERLINE your proof before you
answer the questions.

   1. What does appeasement mean?

   2. Why didn’t France and Britain take action against Hitler after he invaded Poland?

   3. In what year did Japan join the war?

   4. In which two places was the war fought?

   5. When did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

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