Budget Planning for Vacatio by OezankSatri


									    Budget Planning for Vacation

    Setting a budget for your vacation is a good way to plan for and keep track of expenses while traveling.
    Planning a trip on a budget does not mean that you have to sacrifice the quality of your vacation, it just
    means that you have to do a little more research, and it helps you to be more creative in your choices of
    things to see and do.

   When considering where you want to stay, think about location, amenities and price. You want to stay
    somewhere convenient to the places that you want to visit. While on-site accommodations, such as within
    an amusement park or in the center of a city, may be the most convenient, they are also usually the
    priciest. Consider a location a few miles away or a vacation home rental that an be rented weekly rather
    than nightly. Unit amenities are very important when traveling on a budget, especially when traveling
    with your family. A full or partial kitchen, for instance, can save you a lot of money by allowing you to eat
    in for breakfast and either lunch or dinner, significantly reducing the amount of time and money spent
    eating out. When traveling with children, it can be especially helpful to have laundry facilities and a pool
    or playground on-site. Though no one really wants to do laundry while on vacation, having a washer and
    dryer close by will allow you to pack less for a longer period of time. A playground or pool can help keep
    your children active and amused for periods of time between tourist attractions.

   How you get to your destination and how you get around while there is also an important monetary
    concern. Consider how far away you are traveling and how many people are going with you. Compare gas
    prices to airline and train tickets to see which option is the most economical for the amount of people
    traveling. At your destination, is there reliable public transportation or will you need to rent a car or take
    cabs? A travel destination with its own transportation system, such as Walt Disney World, which services
    not only the Disney property but also the surrounding vicinity for free, can be very helpful because it saves
    time and money. Public transportation such as buses or subway systems can also be helpful because they
    allow you to get around easily for a fraction of the cost of renting a car. Large cities usually have transit
    maps and schedules online so you can familiarize yourself with the public transportation system
    Things to See and Do
   Admission costs for tourist attractions such as museums and theme parks add up quickly. Make sure that
    any ticket broker or tour service that you use is an authorized agent before purchasing any tickets or tours.
    Inquire about package deals in which you pay one reduced price for admission to several attractions. Also
    look for state parks or monuments in the area of your destination, as these places often are free or have
    lower admission prices than other tourist attractions. Also look for anything that may be happening in the
    area, such as local concerts or outdoor movie showings in a park. These events cost nothing; information
    about such events is generally located on your location's official tourism website or chamber of commerce

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