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What’s that??
According to the
 Genre is defined as
  – a kind, or type, as of works of literature,
    art, etc.

 Literary Genre falls into 2 categories
   – Fiction
   – Non-Fiction
Literary Genre
 Fiction                  Non-Fiction
   – a making up of         – The prefix Non
     imaginary                giving a word an
     happenings               opposite or reverse
   – any literary work        meaning
     portraying imaginary   – Something that is
     characters and           NOT made up or
     events, as a novel,      imaginary
     story or play
Literary Genre
              Fiction                      Non-
              17 Categories                Fiction
  Drama         Folklore      Mythology    4 Categories
   Fable         Horror        Poetry         Essay
 Fiction in     Historical    Realistic      Narrative
   Verse         Fiction       Fiction      Nonfiction
                              Science       Biography/
 Fantasy         Humor
                               Fiction     Autobiography
 Tall Tale       Legend      Short Story      Speech
Fairy Tale      Mystery       (Westerns)
Fiction Sub-Groups
   Fable                 Legend      Drama   Poetry
   Fairy                              Fiction
            Mystery Mythology Horror
   Tale                              in Verse
            Realistic Realistic
             Fiction   Fiction
  Fantasy   (Westerns)   Folklore
  Humor                  Tall Tale
  Short       Short       Short      Short
  Story       Story       Story      Story
 Biography/Autobiography
  – True story about a real person
 Essay
  – Reflects the author’s outlook or opinion
 Narrative Nonfiction
  – Factual information presented in a story
 Speech
  – Public address or discourse
Dewey Classification
 The Dewey Classification System has
  a number for EVERY kind of book.
 Fiction and Non-Fiction alike
 Libraries choose to pull the fiction
  books and organize them separately
  for ease of access, because there is
  so much.
Dewey Numbers for
Major Categories
 813 - American Fiction            591 - Animals
    Filed as F or FIC by Author  796 - Sports
 823 - English Fiction             500 - Science
    Filed as F or FIC by Author
                                    780 - Music
 811 - Poetry
 920 - Biography
    Filed as B or 92 by Author
 398 - Fairy Tales
Looking for Books
So remember, when looking for any
genre of book, each has its own
address (Dewey Number) and all
you need to find it, is the number.

My hope is that you have learned
something about genre and the
Dewey Classification System.

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