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                                114TH ANNIVERSARY OF PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DAY
                                                                            By Benjie Del MUndo

The 114th Year Anniversary Celebration of Philippine Inde-
pendence Day and the celebration of the 17th Year Anniver-
sary of Migrant Workers was held at Yeouido, Seoul South
Korea last June 03, 2012. The celebration was led by the
Philippine embassy leaders, POLO and staff with the coop-
eration of all community organizations in South Korea, the
celebration indeed a perfect commemoration to the peo-
ple who contribute a lot for the freedom of the country. The
theme of this year celebration was “PANANAGUTAN NG
BAYAN…PARA SA TUWID NA DAAN” leaders with sense
of RESPONSIBILTY and CREDIBILITY must lead the country.
The said celebration was started with a mass given by Archbishop
Osvaldo Padilla followed by singing the National Anthem of the
Philippine and South Korea. The program will never be complete
without the inspirational message from the Hon. Ambassador                                       Filipino EPS Workers Association (F.E.W.A.) participated in the 114th Anniversary Celebration of our
                                                                                                                    Independence Day held at Yeouido Park,Seoul, South Korea.
Luis Crus of the Philippine embassy, Seoul. He reminds all Filipi-
nos in South Korea about being thankful to the chances of having                                POLO also gave a reward to those communities who has the most
here, allowing to works abroad. It was not just once Filipinos fight                            organized group during the parade and that was the Ansan Com-
for their freedom and now that they have it they must value it.                                 munity as the first place, second place was the Hyewadong Fili-
Also, for the completion of the celebration as traditionally, eve-                              pino Catholic Community (HFCC), third place was the LegStrong
ry community had their parades, multicultural children enjoyed                                  group. Another special award given to Daegu Filipino Commu-
playing some of the Philippine traditional games like Palayok,                                  nity as the farthest community who participated in the program.
Tag of War and Tomato Relay, there is a raffle draw organized                                   Not just the prizes Filipinos enjoyed the celebration but
by POLO and the prizes was given by the different sponsors.                                     also singing with the two special guest from Philippine art-
Included to the major prizes was a laptop worth 1700$US given                                   ist named Laarni Lozada and Bugoy Drilon, one of the fa-
to Ms Juvy Llantos.                                                                             mous singer and performer in Philippine Music Industry.

                                                                                                “Ang Pilipino saan man makarating…marunong makibagay at di
                                                                                                sumusuko sa laban…”

Bugoy Drilon and Laarni Lozada wowed the crowd with their performance.

      Volume 2                Issue 25              May 2012                                                                     NOT FOR SALE
      Migrants denounce plan to raise contributions to
                   OWWA to $50/OFW
Cong. Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David of 4th District Manila                                                                      Funny pho-
raised a bill of increasing the OFW’s contribution from US$25                                                              tos spread-
to US$5o/person. Bonoan-David said that the amend-                                                                         ing          over
ment of the Republic Act 8042 or the Migrant Workers and                                                                   facebook
Overseas Filipino Act of 1995 is to sustain an Emergency                                                                   and twitter
Repatriation Fund for OFW’s under emergency situation.                                                                     expressing
                                                                                                                           filipino pete-
However, in a news release last week Migrant Workers op-                                                                   tions against
poses the bill and voiced out their disapproval through Fa-                                                                the HB 6195
cebook and Twitter. Migrant Workers group said that it is                                                                  of Manila 4th
the government who is responsible to allocate funds for                                                                    District rep-
the repatriation of workers under the emergency situations                                                                 re s e n t a t i v e
and should not from the OFW’s. It was stated in Repub-                                                                     Ma.Theresa
lic Act 10022 or Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos                                                                    B o n o a n
Act of 1995 that increasing payments and burdens to the                                                                    -          David
OFW’s is absolutely prohibited. The fact that R.A 8042 al-
ready created an Emergency Repatriation Funds under
the Administration of Overseas Workers Welfare Admin-           Are you trying to make fight with the millions of OFW’s?
istration or OWWA with the initial funding of P1 Million,       Do you think OFW’s will going to agree with you? Before
and there are millions of OFW’s leaving the country every       this OFW left the country for sure he/she spent a lot of
year, the contribution of US$25 was not clearly explained       money for the processing and requirements. This OFW
where it goes. Many overseas workers under serious situ-        before he/she got the chance to work abroad she fac-
ation suffered abroad because of the very slow actions of       es many difficulties in her/his preparation.   And here
the government and saying that there is no enough fund          you are raising a bill to increase their contribution?
to use for their repatriation. Where are the millions of
OFW’s contributions since then…? Imagine how many               Show the transparency of the OFW’s contributions account
OFW’s leave the country every year and all of them pay-         and explain it to the people whom the government labeled
ing the US$25? Don’t tell the people that these are not         them as the “Bagong Bayani” because of the dollars they
enough funds for repatriation that’s why you are asking         are earning and sending to the country, if you can’t then you
to raise the OFW’s contribution into US$50? Come on…            must think of another bill to help OFW’s and not to put more
                                                                burden to them. Where was the promise of the new admin-
OFW’s feels loneliness, away from their loveones, they          istration “Tanggalin ang mga Salot sa Lipunan, Panahon na
sacrifice all, bearing the difficulties, dangerous and dirty    para mamuhay ng matuwid”? People abroad do not need
jobs abroad. OFW’s sacrifice a lot like trying to over-         GLORY…PEOPLE WANT A BETTER GOVERNMENT SERVICES,
come the cold winter, pains and frustrations, making up         RESPONSIBLE, HONEST AND CREDIBLE LEADERS. This is
adjustment and tremendous challenges dealing with               the theme of this year 114th year Anniversary Celebration
people in different countries, with different cultures and      of Independence Day “PANANAGUTAN NG BAYAN PARA
traditions, different language and different ways of life.      SA MATUWID NA DAAN” Government leaders must
Cong. Bonoan-David are you sure of what you are doing?          be responsible for the safety and security of the OFW’s.

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                                                                                     role is to provide information that permits FEWA
                                                                                     members to develop informed opinions on subjects
                                                                                     that will affect their status as migrant workers and,
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2                                                                                              May 2012
                           BETWEEN LONELINESS AND HIGH WAGES
               Filipino Workers Face Sacrifices in Korea, New Land Of Opportunity
                                                        By: JONATHAN M. HICAP

South Korea, beckons as the new land of opportunity for Filipi-      has been working in South Korea for an office furniture
nos. And the only way to enter the land of this country to work is   maker. “I chose Korea because it’s the best country that
to have the Employment Permit System visa or E-9, a program          POEA offered for those who wanted to go abroad,” he said.
of the Korean government to hire foreigners to work in small         He found work difficult at first, “but as time went on, things
and medium enterprises within a period the EPS allowed to stay.      got easier for me.” He works 12 hours a day, five days
                                                                     a week, but sometimes he also works weekends. Lamiel
Thousands of Filipinos have found jobs in South Korea through        feels the loneliness of being far from his family, and he’s
the EPS. One of them is Mackoy Gordula. In 2007, Gordula             excited because his contract is going to end next year.
learned about the EPS through a fellow worker in a factory at
the Export Processing Zone in Cavite. “I really wanted to go         Nelson Maniaol, 33, from Candaba, Pampanga, sold his toy balloon
abroad since my salary as a factory worker is not enough for         business in Philippines and went to Korea in 2010. He works as a
my needs,” said Gordula. “So I took the Korean Language Test         painter/welder/assembler at Heshbon, a car lift manufacturing
and passed.” That same year, mechanical engineer Emilio Belen        firm in Incheon. On Sundays, Maniaol travels two hours to go to
decided to try his luck in South Korea after working in South        church in Hyehwadong, where many Filipinos gather on weekends
Africa and Middle East. After passing the interview in the Phil-     to worship. “I spread the word of God to our countrymen,” he said.
ippines, he was hired directly by Korea’s No. 1 conglomerate.        He misses his family but says the sacrifice is worth it, con-
                                                                     sidering what he earns. He plans to spend his vacation in the
In an interview in Seoul, Philippine Ambassador to South Ko-         Philippines next year. Shander Diwa, 28, is a line leader at a
rea Luis Cruz and Labor Attache Felicitas Q. Bay of the Philip-
                                                                     chocolate company. “When I’m in Korea I feel so lonely be-
pine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) put the number of Fili-
                                                                     cause I’m so far away from my family,” he said. He said he
pinos in South Korea at 48,305 as of November 2011. One
                                                                     enjoys his work especially because his Korean boss trust-
third of them, or 11,859 Filipinos are irregular or illegal. They
                                                                     ed him. After working for almost five years in Korea, he’s
are part of the 1.37 million foreigners who live and work in
                                                                     back in the Philippines, but won’t be staying for long. “In six
Korea, based on data from the Korea Immigration Service.
                                                                     months, I’ll be going back to Korea to resume work,” he said.
Roughly half of the Filipinos in South Korea, or 25,178 are EPS
                                                                     At the Immigration Policy Forum in Korea in May 2011,
workers, 21,107 of them are female. The EPS started in 2004          Kang Dongkwan, IOM Migration Research and Training Cen-
as replacement for the Industrial Trainee System (ITS), which        tre in Korea, presented the findings of his research which
allowed unskilled foreign workers into South Korea. The ITS          showed that foreign residents in Korea contribute about
was scrapped after it became source of many problems, includ-        44 trillion won (R1.67 trillion) to that country’s economy.
ing the illegal hiring of foreign trainees as workers. EPS work-
ers are limited to four industries: manufacturing, construction,     The foreign workers helped their own country’s economy as
agriculture and fishery. Jobs in these industries are shunned by     well. According to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Filipino
Koreans because of the “3Ds”, dangerous, difficult and dirty.        workers in South Korea remitted $156.61 million to the Philip-
                                                                     pines in 2011, from $112.21 million in 2010. This year, Korea
Under the EPS, the Korean government, through the Ministry           will hire 57,000 workers, including 11,000 returning workers,
of Employment and Labor (MOEL), deals directly with the other        according to the Korea International Labor Foundation. As of
governments in recruiting foreign workers and doing away with        last January, there were 229,883 EPS workers in South Korea,
private recruitment agencies. Today, the Korean government has       based on data from the Korea Immigration Service. From 2005
EPS agreements with 15 countries, including the Philippines. The     to 2011, the EPS brought in a total of 714,617 foreign work-
Philippines and Korea signed the first EPS agreement in 2006 and     ers, according to Korea’s Ministry of Employment and Labor.
renewed it in 2009 and 2011. The EPS in Philippines is handled
by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) through             At a roundtable seminar on Korea’s immigration policy in Jeju
the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Fili-      Island last December, Cruz hailed the EPS as “among the best
pinos applying under the EPS must pass the EPS-Test of Profi-        government to government arrangements on labor that I have
ciency in Korean (EPS-TOPIK), or Korean language test, and a         encountered.”
medical exam to join the pool of jobseekers from which Korean        He acknowledged that problems still bug the sys-
employers will select. Applicants for the EPS must be between        tem,     including   worker     maltreatment    and     abuse.
18 and 38 years old. Under the EPS, Gerald Jaypee Gramaje, 36        “The common complaints we receive from EPS workers per-
years old, worked at a garments factory for two months in 2006       tain to delayed salaries, misrepresented contracts, and physi-
before he transferred to a same type of company and stayed           cally or verbally abusive sajangnim or colleagues,” Cruz said.
for three months. He said he switched jobs because his bosses
didn’t follow labor laws regarding salaries. He last worked for a    In its 2010 report on human rights in Korea, Amnesty Interna-
company that manufactured screws and rivets and stayed until         tional noted the EPS “provided employers with excessive powers
he finished his contract in 2008. “I decided to work abroad so       over migrants, to increase their vulnerability to unfair dismissal,
I can fulfill my dream of having my own house and business.          sexual harassment and forced overtime. Industrial accidents,
Although we have a family business, it only pays for our daily       including fatalities, were disproportionately higher among mi-
expenses,” Gramaje said. He went home in 2008 and came back          grant workers than national workers.” To address these issues,
to South Korea in March last year and has been working in a com-     the Korean government has set up centers that provide support
pany that makes masking and packing tapes. Cruz said the high        to foreign workers who run into problems with their employers.
wages make South Korea a magnet to foreign workers to stay.          Cruz said an EPS worker “can get his or her delayed sal-
“The minimum wage is higher compared to the minimum wage
                                                                     ary and transfer to a better workplace through MOEL
in the Philippines. Even if you are a high school graduate, you
                                                                     Job Centers and HRD branch offices. South Korea helps
can work here as long as you pass the qualifications,” he said.
                                                                     make the job of embassies to protect the rights and wel-
                                                                     fare of their workers easier, because South Korea itself has
The minimum wage in Korea is 4,580 won (R173.32) an hour.
                                                                     placed labor contact points in strategic places nationwide,
A worker on an 8-hour shift can earn 36,640 won (R1, 386.60)
                                                                     in areas that are far from where embassies are located.
a day, thrice the daily minimum wage of R426 in Metro Manila.
The monthly wage for a 40-hour work week comes to 957,220            Source:
won (R36,224), Bay said. Since 2007, Russel Lamiel, 35               LETIN/MB/2012/05/29/PagePrint/29_05_2012.pdf

 3                                                                                             May 2012
Labor Updates (English Version)                                                   Pagpapatupad ng Sistemang Nagbibigay
SUBJECT:The government will be able to help workers who face tem-
                                                                                  Pagkakataong Makapagtrabahong Muli sa
porary business closure or are on unpaid leave(LABOR TODAY 803)                   Korea ang mga Matatapat na Manggawang
The Ministry of Employment and Labor notice regard-
                                                                                  Dayuhan Matapos Bumalik sa Pilipinas
ing the amendment for the “Employment Insurance Act “
                                                                                  Suporta para sa mga Kumpanyang Nangangailangan ng mga
The government will help workers affected by unpaid time off and                  Manggagawang may Kakayahan (Skilled Workers), Kontribusy-
temporary business closures due to employers' financial difficul-                 on sa Pagbabawas ng mga Ilegal na Migranteng Manggagawa
ties. The Ministry of Employment and Labor gave notice of the "Em-
ployment Insurance Act" amendment on Thursday, May 17th.                          Ang isang EPS worker ay maaaring mabigyang muli ng 4 na taon
                                                                                  at 10 buwan na pagkakataong makapagtrabahong muli matapos
Up until now, the government has partly supported employers for their             niyang lumabas ng Korea at bumalik matapos ang 3 buwan (mula
labor costs through the employment maintenance subsidy system                     sa araw ng pag-alis). Ito ay ibinibigay lamang sa mga manggaga-
when, instead of layoffs, employers experiencing operational difficul-            wang hindi nagpalit ng kumpanyang pinagtatrabahuhan sa loob ng
ties temporarily close their businesses or grant workers unpaid leave.            4 na taon at 10 buwan. Ito ay ipatutupad simula Hulyo 2, 2012.

However, when business owners temporarily cease opera-                            Inilabas ng gobyerno ang buod ng “Batas ukol sa Pagtatrabaho ng Dayu-
tions or give workers unpaid leave to maintain employment,                        hang Manggagawa” (Nirebisang Batas) noong nakaraang Pebrero 1, 2012.
other government subsidies cannot be paid out because em-
ployers aren't paying any salaries to their employees. Also,                      Noong nakaraang Abril 26, pinagpasiyahan ng Committee on For-
government subsidies cannot be paid directly to workers.                          eign Worker Policies (외국인력정책위원회) ang saklaw na industriya’t
                                                                                  laki ng negosyong mapapabilang sa nasabing batas. Noong ika-
Therefore, this amendment sets the framework for enabling                         8 at ika-9 ng Mayo naman ay natapos ng pagdesisyunan ang
the government to help workers facing temporary business clo-                     mga detalye sa mga ipapatupad na ordinansiya’t regulasyon.
sures or unpaid leave due to their employers' financial distress.                 Uri ng Industriya’t Laki ng Negosyo: agrikultura/livestock, pangingisda
                                                                                  (fisheries), mga manufacturing companies na may 30 empleyado paba-
When management difficulties such as production decreases or in-                  ba (뿌리산업  “root industry” ) (die casting, machining & welding, plastic &
creases in inventory cause financial distress for an employer, caus-              heat treatment, surface treatment, atbp.) na may 50 empleyado pababa)
ing them to temporarily cease operations and give unpaid leave
to their workers, employers can apply for government subsidies.                   Saklaw ng nasabing batas ang lahat ng mga manggagawang (E-9
Employers must submit in advance to the government plans for                      visa) mula sa mga bansang kabilang sa “sending countries” (mga
maintaining employment, and these plans will be scrutinized                       bansang nagpapadala ng manggagawa papuntang Korea) (15
and judged by a panel of experts. (Open recruitment system)                       bansa). Bukod pa rito, hindi lamang ito ipapatupad sa mga man-
                                                                                  ggagawang nagtatapos ang panahon ng pagtatrabaho (expira-
Employers must make independent efforts to stay afloat and execute                tion of employment period) sa loob ng 4 na taon at 10 buwan,
measures laid out in the 'plans for maintaining employment' which                 sinasaklaw din nito ang mga manggagawang dayuhan namag-
were submitted in advance to the government. Such measures in-                    tatapos panahon ng pagtatrabaho matapos ang 6* na taon.
clude vocational training for workers with unpaid leave, while work-
ers are also expected to actively cooperate with these measures.                  * para sa mga magtatapos ang panahon ng pagtatrabaho matapos
                                                                                  ang 6 na taon: Bago maipatupad ang 4 na taon at 10 buwan (3 taon
A panel of experts will determine the level of support and its duration,          + 1 taon & 10 buwan) na panahon ng pagtatrabaho (employment
with subsidies available for up to 180 days at 50% of average wages.              period) noong Disyembre 2009, ang mga dayuhang manggagawa’y
Other features of the Employment Insurance Act amendment are as                   pinapayagang magtrabaho sa loob ng 6 na taon (3 taong pagtatra-
follows:                                                                          baho + 1 buwan pagbalik sa Pinas + 3 taong pagtatrabaho). Kung
① Under the current law, unemployment benefits may not be gar-                    saan ang isang manggagawa’y maaaring magtrabaho sa Korea
nished by creditors, but the law does not apply retroactively to                  sa loob ng 3 taon, bumalik sa Pilipinas at bumalik sa Korea mata-
unemployment benefits which have already been paid. There-                        pos ng 1 buwan upang makapagtrabahong muli sa loob ng 3 taon.
fore, the ministry has revised the law and prepared regula-
tions that strengthen protections for unemployment benefit re-                    Ang mga       manggagawang sakop ng nasabing                batas ay
cipients by prohibiting creditors from garnishing benefit payments.               iyong mga     makakatugon sa mga sumusunod na               kondisyon:

① In order to strengthen sanctions against fraudulent receipt of
unemployment benefits through employer-led collusion and oth-                     Una, ang manggagawa’y kinakailangan na nagtrabaho lamang sa
er means, the Ministry has expanded the scope of joint liability so               iisang kumpanya at hindi kailanman nagpalit ng pinagtatrabahu-
that employers receiving fraudulent benefits will be required to pay              han sa loob ng pinapayagang panahon ng pagtatrabaho (permitted
a penalty equivalent to 500% of unemployment funds received.                      employment period: 4 na taon & 10 buwan O 6 na taon). Subalit,
                                                                                  hindi kabilang dito kung nagpapalit ng trabaho ang isang mangga-
① According to current regulations, workers are retroactively able                gawa dahil sa kumpanya, gaya ng pansamantalang pagsasara o tu-
to receive unemployment benefits for employment going back as                     luyang pagsasara ng kumpanya, at iba pang dahilang hindi kasala-
far as 3 years as long as such employment is verified or reported                 nan ng manggagawa. Kung sakaling ang manggagawa’y nagpalit
after the fact. The employee is required to have paid unemploy-                   ng pinagtatrabahuhan dahil sa mga nasabing dahilan, kinakailan-
ment insurance premiums during their employment, and if this                      gang ang kanyang kontrata sa huling kumpanya ay 1 taon pataas.
can be proved objectively, even after the fact, employees can re-
ceive unemployment benefits for the entire number of months
during which they paid unemployment insurance premiums.                           Pangalawa,     kinakailangang    nagtatrabaho   ang  mangga-
                                                                                  gawa sa mga industriyang pang-agrikultura/livestock, pang-
① For cases in which a 'family relations certificate' must be sub-                ingisda, o sa manufacturing companies na may 30 emp-
mitted under the Employment Insurance Act, a basic system has                     leyado pababa. Sang-ayon naman sa “Root Industry (뿌리산
been established for the common use of administrative informa-                    업)  Promotion act,” kabilang sa batas na ito ang mga kumpan-
tion which will make the civil petition process more convenient.                  yang kabilang sa “root industry” na may 50 empleyado pababa.

- The Ministry of Employment and Labor notice period regard-                      Ikatlo, ang pagtatapos ng panahon ng pagtatrabaho (expira-
ing the amendment for the ˝Employment Insurance Act ˝ will                        tion of period of employment) (4 taon & 10 buwan O 6 na taon)
continue until June 15th. Once the law is passed in the Na-                       ng isang manggagawa ay matapos ang ika-2 ng Hulyo, 2012.
tional Assembly, more detailed support measures will be pre-
                                                                                                                              continuation on page 5
pared   through   the  revision of   enforcement  ordinances.

 4                                                                                                         May 2012
                                                                                                  Dakilang Ina
                                                                                                   by Ehd Villarta Jr.

                                                                                     Sa bawat araw at gabing dumadaan
                                                                                    Mga oras at sandaling di namamalayan
                                                                                Isang ina na sa iba bansa'y nakikipagsapalaran
                                                                              Nangangarap para sa isang magandang kinabukasan

                                                                                     Ilang taong nasasabik na ika'y mahagkan
                                                                                      Mahigpit na yakap sayo'y aking inaasam
                                                                                   Pangangaral ko sanay huwag mong kalimutan
                                                                                  "Mahal kita" yan ang lagi mong pakakatandaan

                                                                                    Tiniis kong lumayo sayo para magtrabaho
                                                                                  Pinilit kong labanan mga pangungulila't tukso
                                                                                para maibigay lahat ng mga pangangailangan mo
                                                                              At Hihintayin ko ang araw na muling magkasama tayo

                                                                                      Hindi man kita nasusubaybayang lumaki
                                                                                  makakwentuhan at kasamang matulog sa gabi
                                                                               Di ko man nasusulyapan mga matatamis mong ngiti
                                                                               sa isip ko di ka mawaglit at doon kapiling kita palagi

                                                                                 Mahirap malayo ang isang ina sa kanyang anak
                                                                               Sa tuwing magkakasakit ikaw ang siyang hinahanap
                                                                                   Haplos ng isang ina ay wala pa ring katulad
                                                                                  May kakaibang lunas ang kanyang mga palad

                                                                                    Sa araw ng mga ina sila ay ating purihin
                                                                                Ipapadama sa kanila totoong pagmamahal natin
                                                                                "Salamat inay" buong puso sila ay ating babatiin
                                                                               Mga Dakilang Ina sana ay palagi silang pagpapalain.

continuation from page 4

Kung ang isang employer ay nagnanais na muling tanggapin (i-em-           Ang mga maaari lamang na kumuha ng nasabing pagsusu-
ploy) ang isang manggagawang nakakatugon sa mga nasabing kondisy-         lit sa wikang Koreyano ay iyong mga bumalik sa kanilang
on, kinakailangang ng employer na mag-apply ng employment permit          bansa. Ito ay isinasagawa ng 4 na beses sa loob ng 1 taon
sa Labor Center sa loob ng1 buwan hanggang 7 araw bago matapos ang        (1 beses bawat quarter ng taon) sa kani-kanilang bansa.
pagtatapos ng panahon ng pagtatrabaho ng nasabing manggagawa.
                                                                          Sa kasalukuyan, ang mga maaaring kumuha ng pagsusu-
Sa pagkakataong ito, kinakailangang pansamantalang lumabas ng             lit ay iyong mga galing sa bansang Vietnam, Thailand, Indone-
bansa ang manggawa’t saka muli bumalik. Simula pa lang sa un-             sia, at Pakistan. Sa ikatlong quarter (3rd quarter) ng taong ito
ang araw ng pagtatrabaho ng manggagawa, kailangan na niyang               (2012), may planong ipatupad din ito sa mga manggagawang
pumirma ng kontrata (employment contract) para sa 1 taon o higit          mula sa Uzbekistan, Pilipinas, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mon-
pa sa kumpanya. Kinakailangang isumite ang kopya ng kontrata.             golia, Nepal, atbp. (Sa lalong madaling panahon ay binabalak
                                                                          din itong ipatupad sa iba pang mga bansang hindi nabanggit)

Sa mga manggagawang kabilang sa nasabing batas, hindi
na nila kailangang kumuha muli ng pagsusulit sa wikang Ko-                Subalit, dahil ang mga manggagawang may record ng pagiging ilegal na
reyano at hindi na rin nila kailangang sumailalim sa employ-              manggagawa’y hindi bibigyan ng pagkakataong makabalik muli, kung
ment training matapos bumalik ng Korea. Matapos ng 3 bu-                  kaya’t siguraduhing bumalik sa Pilipinas matapos ang inyong kontrata.
wan, kinakailangan nilang bumalik sa Korea at simula noon ay
maaari na silang magtrabaho agad sa dati nilang kumpanya.                 Ayon kay Tae-hee Lee ng Workforce Management Department (인
                                                                          력수급정책관), “Ang nasabing batas para sa pagbabalik ng mga ma-
Sa kabilang banda, ang mga employer naman ay hindi na kailan-             tatapat na manggagawang dayuhan at ang espesyal na pagsu-
gang maghanap pang muli ng panibagong manggagawa. Bukod pa                sulit sa wikang Koreyano’y ipinatutupad upang itaguyod ang pag-
rito, dahil sa maaari nilang pagtrabahuhin muli ang dating dayu-          bibigay trabaho sa mga manggagawang may kakayahan (skilled
hang manggagawa,hindi na rin makakatanggap ang kumpanya ng                workers) at upang bawasan ang bilang ng mga manggagawang
mga limitasyon sa pagtanggap ng mga bagong manggagawa. (de-               namamalagi sa Korea bilang illegal workers.” Dagdag pa niya,“Ang
pende sa kategorya ng negosyo, ang bawat kumpanya’y nasasaklaw            mga dayuhang manggagawang matapat na magtatrabaho’t susu-
sa mga limitasyon sa pagtanggap ng mga dayuhang manggagawa).              nod sa batas ay matatamasa ang iba’t ibang benepisyong dala ng
                                                                          mga batas na aming ipatutupad sa hinaharap. Samantala, patu-
Bibigyan ng pagkakataong makabalik at magtrabahong muli sa                loy ang aming paghihigpit laban sa mga ilegal na manggagawa.”
Korea ang mga dayuhang manggagawang hindi mapapabilang
sa nasabing batas. Kinakailangan nilang kumuha ng espesyal                Ang   orihinal   na    kopya (sa   wikang Koreyano) ay  matatag-
na pagsusulit para sa wikang Koreyano.Makakabalik lamang sila             puan    sa     website   ng  Ministy   of Labor   &  Employment:
dito matapos ang 6 na buwan mula sa araw ng pagbalik nila sa Pilipinas.

5                                                                                               May 2012
MEET THE PARENTS                                                   5. Tentative Schedule

                                                                   July 6th(Fri.), 2012
-Inviting Parents of Women Migrants
from the Philippines                                               Time Program Contents
1. Background and Objectives                                       06:00-13:00 Arrival
                                                                   Seoul - Arrival at Incheon airport
There are a large number of migrant women residing in              - City tour in Seoul
South Korea who are striving for a better life and yet suf-        17:30-18:00 Daegu - Reunions of Families
fering from linguistic and cultural adaptation, discrimination     18:00-19:00 Reception
and social isolation. The goal of this program is to support       (Hotel Inter-Burgo Daegu) - Greetings by President
them emotionally by inviting their parents from the Philip-        - Congratulatory Addresses by V.I.P.
pines so that multi-cultural families could settle in the nation   (Former Prime Minister Lee Susung, Governor Kim Kwan-
more successfully based on mutual trust and respect.               yong, Hon.Embassdor, Congressman etc.)
                                                                   - Introduction of Guests
This program aims at:                                              - Documentary Video of Multi-cultural
- supporting multi-cultural families by inviting the parents of    19:00-20:00 Dinner - Buffet Dinner
migrant women from the Philippines                                 20:00-21:00 Recreation - Recreation
- helping Korean families to recognize migrant women as
beloved daughters of their families                                July 7th(Sat), 2012
- giving a support to start equivalent relationships between
families of the Philippines and South Korea                        Time Program Contents
- deepening understanding and love between parents-in-             09:00-10:30 Family picture - Picture taking of family
laws                                                               11:00-17:00 Daegu City Tour - Amusement Park
                                                                   19:00- Free Time
2. Overview
                                                                   July 8th(Sun), 2012
Date: July 6(Fri), 2012 - July 9(Mon), 2012
Location: Daegu, Youngju, Seoul                                    Time Program Contents
                                                                   09:00-10:00 Transportation - Daegu City to Youngju City
Number of Participants: 200 people                                 10:00-12:00 Sightseeing - Historical Monument (Goeun
- Parents from the Philippines: 50people(25 families of            Temple)
women migrants)                                                    13:00-18:00 Culture Training Center - Experience of Korean
- Families in South Korea: 100 people                              Traditional Culture
- Volunteers: 20 people                                            19:00~20:00 Culture Training Center - Family Karaoke Night
- Guests: 30 people
                                                                   July 9th(Mon), 2012
Support Details
- Round-trip flight (Incheon - Manila)                             Time program Contents
- Passport and visa fee                                            09:00-09:30 Closing - Closing ceremony
- 4days 3snights accommodation & food in Daegu city                09:30-11:30 Transportation
- Souvenirs
                                                                   Go to individualfamily - Yeongju City to Daegu City
3. Organization and Partners

Honorary President: Jung-ho Seo (CEO, AJIN Industrial Co.,
LTD.)                                                                                             PAALALA
President: Jae-heung Han (President ,Daegu-Kyungbuk
Asian Bridge)
Organizers: Daegu-Kyungbuk Asian Bridge and Mission                                MAPAGPALANG ARAW, SA LAHAT PO NG TAGASU-
Center for Migrants in Daegu                                                     BAYBAY AT TUMATANGKILIK SA SULYAPINOY PUBLI-
Sponsor: AJIN Industrial Co., LTD.                                                CATION, NAIS PO NAMING IPABATID SA INYO NA
Cooperation: Korea Immigration Service in Daegu (Ministry                         MAY PAGBABAGO SA ATING WEBSITE. MAYROON
                                                                                   NA PO TAYONG BAGONG WEBSITE AT ITO AY
of Justice)

4. Qualification for Application                                                 ANG LUMANG WEBSITE NA WWW.SULYAPINOY.ORG
                                                                                 AY HINDI NA PO MAGAGAMIT NGAYON PANSAMAN-
An applicant should be a woman migrant from the Philip-                           TALA. KAMI PO AY HUMIHINGI NG PAUMANHIN SA
pines who meets the following requirements:                                      ABALA KUNG HINDI PO KAYO MAKAPAG ACCESS SA
- A resident of Daegu city or Gyeongbuk province area                            LUMANG WEBSITE. HANGAD NAMIN ANG INYONG
- A family which has not visited nor invited within 2 years                                      PANG-UNAWA
- A residence visa holder

 6                                                                                   May 2012
                            Basic Korean Info (May Issue)

     At the Pharmacy
     Korean               Romanization               English

     약국                   yakguk                     pharmacy
     약사                   yaksa                      pharmacist
     처방전                  cheobangjeon               prescription
     약                    yak                        medicine
     식전                   sikjeon                    before meal
     식호                   sikhu                      after meal
     연고를 바르다              yeongureul bareuda         to apply ointment
     소화제                  sohwaje                    digestive medication
     두통약                  dutungyak                  headache medicine
     감기약                  kamgiyak                   cold medicine
     멀미약                  meolmiyak                  motion sickness medicine
     연고                   yeongu                     ointment
     반창고                  banchanggo                 band-aid

7                                                     May 2012
8   May 2012

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