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     Jim Haugen                     Larry Byers                Lyle Ryan                Bill Dobler   Rich Toyer      Judi Edwards

                                           2004-05 Official Publication of the Rotary Club of Everett (Charter No. 272)

                                              December 7, 2004                                                     Volume 88, Issue 23

        Club Bulletin
   ♦ J. B. Switzer, Chair
   ♦ Pat Dillon, Vice Chair
                                                   VOA FOOD DRIVE SUCCESSFUL!
   ♦ Jeff Moore, Photos
                                               President Jim opened the meeting in
   ♦ Kevin Morris, Opinions
                                              regular fashion, and Tom Gray introduced
   ♦ Reid Shockey, Ad Sales
                                              visiting Rotarian William Lewis of EvPG.
   ♦ Joe Wilson, Legal
                                              Roy Yates introduced new member Bob-
                                              bie Stephens, and President Jim closed the
                                              club nominations and all were elected. PP
                                              Dave Surface gave an annual report on
                                              the financial condition of the Everett Ro-
                                              tary Youth Foundation, supplemented by
                                              the financial analysis of Fred Sjoholm.
                                              Tom Lane reported on the Giving Tree,
                                              and Eric Anderson reported that 2,500
                                              more pounds of food was collected than
                                              last year, and the take totaled 13,200
                                              pounds. Last week the charity of Club
                                              Broadway and Apulent allowed a mone-
                                              tary contribution to the VOA Food Bank
Reid Shockey was thankful he lives in a       amounting to $1,088. President Jim an-
generous community.
                                              nounced that former member Ross
                                              Hogland has been admitted to an assisted
                                              living facility and would like visitors. The
                                              Prez reminded all that Rotary Foundation
                                              contributions need to be given to Judy by
                                              Dec. 21. PDG De Tuerk reviewed the De-
                                              cember 21 program and details are on
                                              page 4 of Issue 22.

                                                      Newest Member
  Mary Fears does the song with bells...     Sponsor Roy Yates intro-
                                             duced newest member
                                             Bobbie Stephens (Human
                                             Resources Consulting) to the
                                             club. She’s been an Everett
                                             resident since 1968, and Bob-
                                             bie and Dick Stephens owned
                                             the Awards of Praise for some
                                             17 years. Bobbie has her own
                                             business and is experienced in the human relations
                                             services. She has two children and two grandchil-
                                             dren. Roy described Bobbie as bright, articulate,
                                             energetic, and has the potential of becoming a true
 PDG Kathy De Tuerk explains things...       Rotarian.
                                                                                      Somebody was $21 happy to have survived a
                                                                                      coming out party with his son in Las Vegas.
                                                                                      Past member Jack Wilson recently passed
                                                                                      away and Rich Toyer arose to pay tribute to
                                                                                      and celebrate the life of Jack.
 Mary Bruggeman had $10 happy bucks because of
 the upcoming Nutcracker program and thanked the                                      Chaplin Mike Hakanson was happy to have
 underwriting of the event by Boeing. Tom Lane was                                    attended a hero celebration in the form of a
 $20 happy that one of his employees was declared a                                   group of survivors of the WWII attack on Pearl
 Red Cross hero. Zak Parpia was happy that J.B.                                       Harbor. Kevin Morris arose to state how
 Switzer greeted him with “hello stranger” owing to                                   happy he was that the past weekend was over,
 his absence. Embarking on a world tour for 7                                         and noted that a group of Rotarians and a bot-
 weeks, Zak fined himself $200 to moderate his feel-                                  tle of scotch will cure anything. Peter Cattle
 ings of guilt. Randy Lyman was happy that the                                        noted that while Kevin and others were wrap-
 employees of his company were being recognized by                                    ping Providence Foundation Festival trees for
 the Everett Chamber of Commerce as employer of                                       delivery, Kevin exclaimed “White guys can
 the year in the category of community involvement,                                   rap!” President Jim Haugen fined Reid
 and to announce his recent engagement and plans                                      Shockey $50 for shameful promotion in the
 to marry next April.                                                                 Everett Herald.

 Dottie Piasecki was $5 happy that the Providence                                     Fred Safstrom was happy that both the Bette
 Foundation Festival of Trees fundraiser was very                                     Mittler and Dolly Parton events are sold out,
 successful and she thanked all who participated.                                     and thanked EEC’s Kim Bedier for doing such
 Charlie Langdon was $20 happy that a hero award                                      a good job.
 was given the granddaughter of his assistant and
 that all of the kids of Deaconess Children Services                                  PP Tiz Tisdel arose to thank Fred Sjoholm
 are going to have a Merry Christmas.                                                 for his efforts at directing the investments of
                                                                                      the Everett Rotary Youth Foundation, and an-
                                                                                      nounced his company will be matching the
                                                                                      $1,008 raised for the benefit of the VOA food
     Adventure of a Scholar                                                           bank.

                          Andy Skotdal introduced Rosa Singer, recent recipi-         PDG Kathy De Tuerk wanted to know how old
                          ent of a Rotary International Foundation Ambassado-         a person needed to be for Tom Lane to refer
                          rial Scholarship, who gave an excellent presentation        to them as “a kid”?
                          on her adventures in Mexico. She demonstrated well
                          why she was the correct choice for the scholarship          PP Larry O’Donnell confessed that 3 weeks
                          award.                                                      ago he had to go to Maui where he was part of
                          The Rotary Foundation's oldest and best-known pro-          a group that bicycled from the top of a volcano
                          gram is Ambassadorial Scholarships. Since 1947              down 38 miles to the beach. To do this re-
                          more than 30,000 men and women from 100 nations
                                                                                      quired proof of medical insurance, and of the
                          have studied abroad under its auspices. Today it is
                          the world's largest privately funded international schol-   group of 10, he was the only one that pro-
                          arships program. More than 1,100 scholarships were          duced a Medicare card.
     awarded for study in 2002-03. Through grants totaling approximately
     US$26 million, recipients from some 69 countries studied in more than 64
 P   nations.
 R   The purpose of the Ambassadorial Scholarships program is to further inter-
     national understanding and friendly relations among people of different
 O   countries. The program sponsors several types of scholarships for under-
     graduate and graduate students as well as for qualified professionals pur-
 G   suing vocational studies. While abroad, scholars serve as ambassadors of
     goodwill to the people of the host country and give presentations about
 R   their homelands to Rotary clubs and other groups. Upon returning home,
     scholars share with Rotarians and others the experiences that led to
 A   greater understanding of their host countries.
     Generous contributions from Rotarians worldwide represent continued faith
          that the students who are Ambassadorial Scholars today will be
          tomorrow's community and world leaders.
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                                  Volume 88, Issue 23
Everett Rotary Youth Foundation

                                          Page 3
       In                                                     Husband/friend/farmer
                                                              Melvin passed away in
     Passing                                                  January of 1986 and
                                                              her siblings Raymond,           Programs
                                                              Floyd, Lloyd, Gladys
Margaret C. Switzer, mother                                   and Herbert Johnson
of J.B. Switzer, passed away                                  preceded her in death.       12/14    Guardian Ad Litem
peacefully last Saturday eve-                                 She is survived by          Fontelle    Kirsten Haugen
ning (12/11/04) at the age of                                 daughter Mitzi Kay           Jones
93 and in the comfort of the                                  and Ken Marnoch
love of her children and                                      (Simi Valley, CA), son       12/21        Christmas
friends.                                                      John Brent and May           Kathy         Program
                                                              Lin Switzer (Oak Har-      De Tuerk     Club members
Margaret Caroline (Johnson)
Switzer was born March 17, 1911, in Jewell County, Kan-       bor, WA), and son Mel
sas, as the second daughter of the six children born of the   and Camilla Switzer
                                                              (Sonoma, CA); grand-         12/28      NO MEETING
union of Clara (Winters) Johnson to immigrant John W.                                               By Edict of the King
Johnson of Vemmerlöv, Sweden. She graduated as 1929           children Pamela Ann
valedictorian of Sinclair High School in Lovewell, Kansas     (Marnoch) and Dave
and maintained her normal teaching certificate attending      Edmiston (Valencia,
Custer Hall in Hayes, Kansas. She taught for several years    CA), Kenneth Scott
at the one-room Hawthorn School of Grant Township,            and Cindy Marnoch (Canyon Country, CA), Eric Doug-
Jewell County, Kansas and survived a School District No.      las and Michelle Marnoch (Simi Valley, CA), Margaret
42 contract challenge for having been secretly married by     Caroline (Switzer) and Ty Solomon (Kirkland, WA)
a Concordia Justice of the Peace to Melvin H. Switzer on      Martha Meaghan (Switzer) and Doug Hengehold
August 2, 1930. Their cover story about attending a Ring-     (Sonoma Valley, CA), and Brian Timothy and Sue
ling Bros. Circus in nearby Superior, Nebraska, was blown     Switzer (Twin Falls, ID); great-grandchildren Marga-
by the prevalent habit of eavesdropping on the rural Kan-     ret Edmiston, Heather Edmiston, Malcolm Edmiston,
sas telephone party line.                                     Alec Marnoch, Gillian Marnoch, Emily Hengehold,
                                                              Ryan James Hengehold, and Kolby Dale Solomon.
In May of 1934, Margaret and Mel Switzer packed every-
thing they owned in a Ford Model A Roadster and, with a       The family extends gratitude to Melody Gambrel of
$100 poke, drove to Stockton, California, where her           Willowbrook ALF and special thanks to her staff of
cousin Leon West helped Melvin to become employed by          wonderful caregivers for helping Margaret make the
R. G. LeTourneau Manufacturing. In the fall her twin          transition to “assisted independence.” We are par-
brothers, Floyd and Lloyd Johnson, visited after the close    ticularly appreciative of the frequent visits of her
of the 1934 Idaho harvest season. Their tales of cheap        friends over the past decade, and owe a deep debt of
water and the big crop yields to be found in the Magic        gratitude for the comfortable and fun friendships of
Valley lured Margaret and Melvin to follow the twins back     Dorothy Roske (Jerome), Diane Wilcox, George “T”
to the 1935 Idaho harvest. Twin Falls farmer Frank            and Mary Nauman, and E.G. and June Miller
Brown hired Mel as a general farm hand and subsequently       (Kimberly).
rented the Switzer family his Addison Avenue farm for         Funeral arrangements are being made by White Mor-
about ten years. Of that time, she wrote:                     tuary for services at 11:00 am on Friday, December
                    Count that day lost,                      17th. Following the services, a reception/wake is be-
                Whose low descending sun                      ing arranged at the home of Brian Sue Switzer.
                   Views from thy hand,
                                                              In lieu of flowers, the family suggests remembrances
                  No worthy action done
                                                              be made to the Senior Citizen Center of Kimberly,
Margaret visited the Twin Falls County Hospital in 1938 to
                                                              c/o Diane Wilcox, 610 Irene, Kimberly, ID 83341
deliver daughter Mitzi Kay, returned in 1943 to deliver son
John Brent, and visited again in 1945 to deliver her
                                                                          About Our Mother
youngest son, Melvin Junior.
                                                              She   gave. She took. She served. She loved.
Just before Christmas of 1948, Margaret and Mel rented        She   created. She dissented. She enlivened.
the Pringle place located a mile east of Kimberly. They       She   saw. She grew. She sweated. She changed.
successfully farmed that land and 80 acres south of Han-      She   learned. She laughed. She conversed.
sen until retiring in 1976 to 403 Washington, Kimberly.       She   gambled. She shed her skin.
Margaret had been active in the Excelsior club, was           She   bled on the pages of her days.
awarded a Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Fellow in 1994,       She   walked through walls.
and was a major contributor to the Twin Falls Rotary Park.    She   lived with intention.
In her later years she enjoyed playing Club 93 quarter
slots and bingo games at the Kimberly Senior Citizens         She will be missed.      --- J.B. Switzer

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