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					         Swedish connection celebrated
    Annual Yule Tide Breakfast provides a
    study of students’ semester in Sweden

       Andy Setterholm                    The students stayed in various
         News Editor                   school dormitories during the

                                       course of the five-month trip,
       he Scandinavian Studies         including a Sami school at Jok-
       Department will host its        kmokk, Uppsala and Jonkoping.
       annual Yule Tide Breakfast      Among the memorable sights
Dec. 15 from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m.         were the Swedish Parliament
in the Jackson Campus Center           and ICEHOTEL, the internally fa-
banquet rooms. Gustavus’ an-           mous hotel seasonally built of ice.
nual Yule breakfast is a traditional   Outside of Stockholm, the group
event that has been held since the     stayed at Al Chapma, a youth
mid-1980s. Each year the break-        hostel that was partly located in
fast features traditional Swedish      a large boat.
foods and a themed presenta-              Professor of English Eric Elia-
tion. This year’s focus will be on     son will be leading the Spring
the student group that traveled        2011 Semester in Sweden.
to Sweden for the January and             “I think the value of study
Spring terms of 2009.                  abroad … is something I’m will-
   Last spring semester, Professor     ing to invest my time and a chunk
of Scandinavian Studies Roland         of my career in,” Eliason said.
Thorstensson led a group of               Past participants of the trip all
students on a survey of Sweden         relate very positive experiences.
and Finland. The travelers went           “The things we got to do, look-
as far north as Kiruna, the north-     ing back, it’s really mind-bog-
ernmost city of Sweden located         gling. You wouldn’t be able to                                                                                                                         Submitted
90 miles north of the Arctic Circle,   do them anywhere else,” Junior         A large Dala horse in Mora, Sweden. Mora is one of several cities visited by students on the Semester in Sweden trip.
to study the Sami, the indigenous      History and Scandinavian Stud-
people of Scandinavia. The group       ies major Valerie McClusky said.       with a friend,” Junior Accounting        homes,” Bull said.                          The program cost is very simi-
experienced reindeer herding              The atmosphere of Scandina-         Major Emily Bull said.                      Besides being a culturally ful-       lar to a typical January/Spring
firsthand, the traditional trade       vian culture had both familiar           “I had these expectations that         filling experience, the semester         on campus at Gustavus. Applica-
of the Sami, among many other          and foreign aspects for the stu-       [Swedish culture] wouldn’t be            course also fulfills five Gustavus       tions are due March 1, 2010 for the
unique activities.                     dents. Many found that leaving         modern, but it’s really not that         credits (NASP, NWEST, LARS,              January/Spring of 2011. Only a
   “It was like a choose your own      behind their student clubs and         different culturally than here,” Se-     SOSCI, and a January Interim             small group of students will be
adventure book. We got to make         extracurricular activities was very    nior Scandinavian Studies Major          Experience).                             accepted for the trip, so interested
the trip what we wanted,” Senior       liberating.                            Kyle Sommer said.                           “We’re a 24/7 learning experi-        persons are encouraged to apply
Scandinavian Studies Major An-            “Everything slows down. You           “The people are so welcom-             ence in a whole new way, for five        early.
drew Nelson said.                      have the time to have a coffee         ing, they’ll invite you into their       months,” Eliason said.

                           Mein major is gone                                                                             How private is the net?
         Krystal Bundy                 Languages, Literatures and Cul-          Many faculty members were
                                       tures (MLC) Department Laurent         opposed to the idea of discon-                                                       “All we really know is how
          Staff Writer                                                                                                             Tom Lany
                                       Dechery said.                          tinuing. Students, too, resisted                                                  much bandwidth you have been
                                          “We just couldn’t make a case,      the decision.                                        Web Editor                   using. We don’t have any infor-

I  n November 2008, a proposal
   to discontinue the German
major and minor was made to
                                       knowing other departments
                                       needed replacements,” last year’s
                                       MLC Chair Anne-Marie Gron-
                                                                                “[The German major] is the
                                                                              reason why I came here. From
                                                                              day one, it was what I wanted to         A    s students continue to become
                                                                                                                            more connected through the
                                                                                                                                                                mation about where you have
                                                                                                                                                                been,” Oachs said.
                                                                                                                                                                   While Gustavus does not typi-
the faculty. The discontinuation,      hovd said.                             do,” Sophomore German Major              Internet, they have a reason to          cally log Internet usage, it does
finalized in the spring of 2009,          Dechery and Gronhovd also           Hannah Hysack said.                      be concerned about their privacy         monitor how much bandwidth
left somewhat of a sour aftertaste     cited low enrollment as a contrib-       As a first-year student aspir-         while on they are online. The Col-       students are using. The College’s
in the mouths of some members          uting factor.                          ing to become a German educa-            lege, music companies, Facebook          systems slow down internet
of the Gustavus community. For            “Here, German was once flour-       tion major, Hysack visited the           friends and others have access           connections on computers that
those involved, it was a difficult     ishing in a liberal arts tradition.    Registrar to explore her options.        to information about Gustavus            have used a large amount of
decision to make.                      Now it has died out,” Professor        She discovered that the German           students.                                bandwidth in the past twenty-
   Many factors contributed to the     of German Horst Ludwig said.           major would soon be gone, and               Gustavus, like any other insti-       four hours when the connection
discontinuation of the German             “[Discontinuing a major is]         the German education major was           tution that provides a network           is being fully utilized to keep the
major. Due to lack of interest in      very serious. It’s not something       nonexistent. She declared a major        connection for others, has the           Internet running fast for all users.
the German language at Gusta-          you just do on a whim,” Chair          before the option was no longer          ability to monitor the usage of its         “If we don’t do anything, I
vus in recent years, there is only     of the Curriculum Committee            available.                               network resources.                       would guess a dozen to twenty-
one German professor. Conse-           Michele Koomen said. “The de-            Sophomore Economics and                   “We don’t do anything on an           five computers would end up us-
quently, only a limited number         partment identifies that there’s       German Major William Hauer               ongoing basis to look at the con-        ing 85 percent of the bandwidth,
of courses can be offered each         a problem. When it comes to us,        had had similar intentions. Like         tent people are sending on the           and everyone else [would be]
semester. When courses are not         [we] invite the chairs to come to      Hysack, Hauer declared a Ger-            Internet,” Associate Director of         slow. The goal of this system is
offered often enough, it becomes       us.”                                   man major before it was too late.        Core Services Ethan Sommer said.         to try to make everything fair,”
increasingly difficult for students       After discussion and delibera-      “I am limited in the classes I am           “It is technically possible to        Sommer said.
to complete a major. On these          tion, the Curriculum Committee         able to take here, which as of now       view unencrypted traffic travel-            “If you have downloaded noth-
grounds, the German major was          presents the case to the faculty,      only officially goes up to 252. In       ing across our network traveling         ing, then you get an even share of
discontinued.                          which then votes. “We, as the Cur-     order to complete my German              out to the Internet,” Associate          the network. If you have down-
   “The administration can’t jus-      riculum Committee, say that we         major, I must study in Germany,”         Director of Core Services Dan            loaded 100MB, you get half as
tify [a major] when there’s only       recommend this decision.” This         Hauer said. Additionally, he must        Oachs said.                              much as someone who hasn’t
one professor. … Even with only a      is generally how it works, but         take courses at Minnesota State             “Typically we only do that if         downloaded anything, Sommer
minor, we didn’t have the staff for    Koomen also said, “There is not                                                 we suspect a virus to try to track       said.
it,” Current Chair of the Modern       a procedure in the handbooks.”               Continued on page 3                down the problem,” Sommer
                                                                                                                       said.                                          Continued on page 3
Page 2                                                        news                                                                               The Gustavian Weekly

         Campus Safety                                         Falling Awake debuts Dec. 10
 Monday, Nov. 16
 Campus Safety responded to a medical assist out-
 side Pittman Hall.
 Tuesday, Nov. 17
  Campus Safety officer responded to a medical
 assist in the music building.
 Wednesday, Nov. 18
 Campus Safety responded to the Market Place to
 take a theft report from Market Place staff.
 Friday, Nov. 20
 A Gustavus student reported a bag with a lap-top
 computer inside missing from a residence hall.
 A student reported that someone wrote an offen-
 sive comment on the message board on the door
 of her room in Sorensen Hall.
 Some suspicious activity was reported at the Lund                                                                                                                   Submitted
 Center.                                              Actors performing in the Black Box Theatre in this year’s Physical Theatre Project: Falling Awake.
 Sunday, Nov. 22
 Campus Safety responded to a medical assist at               Andy Setterholm                 The play has no script and is acted      content was incorporated during
                                                                News Editor                   using only body actions.                 exercises and rehearsals where
 the International House.                                                                        “The department wanted to of-         actors would experiment with
 Monday, Nov. 23
 A Gustavus student reported suspicious activity
                                                      D    ec. 10 through 13 the Gusta-
                                                           vus Department of Theatre
                                                      and Dance will present its Physi-
                                                                                              fer a space where we could focus
                                                                                              on technique,” MacCarthy said.
                                                                                              “It’s more experimental, and it’s
                                                                                                                                       their roles.
                                                                                                                                          Though this is not MacCarthy’s
                                                                                                                                       first time directing a no-dialogue
 which occurred Sunday, Nov. 22 around 2:00 p.m.      cal Theater Project Falling Awake.      very exciting.”                          play, it is the first time he has done
                                                      The play will be performed at 8:00         The unconventional style of the       so at Gustavus.
 in the Campus Center building near the Dive.         p.m. Dec. 10-12 and at 2:00 p.m.        play required a great amount of             “Not all of us knew exactly
 Sunday, Nov. 29                                      Dec. 13. Tickets are sold out. An       effort from the actors, who come         how it would turn out. It’s been
                                                      extra performance Dec. 12 at 2:00       from diverse backgrounds. Some           a learning experience. [The cast
 A student in Norelius Hall reported that her purse   p.m. was added, and has also            are theatre majors, and the rest are     and crew] have worked very hard
 had been stolen outside her room.                    sold out.                               from various other departments.          to make it happen,” MacCarthy
 Monday, Nov. 30                                       The performance will take place        The students were informed of            said.
                                                      in the Black Box Theatre. As-           the play’s nature before audti-             The Department of Theatre
 A Gustavus employee reported Gustavus owned          sistant Professor of Theatre and        tions, so the final cast are all in-     and Dance has several exciting
 keys stolen off-campus.                              Dance Henry MacCarthy directs           terested in the play’s style.            shows coming next semester. Past
                                                      this production, which is an ex-           The play was not taken from           shows have sold out very quickly.
 Campus Safety responded to a medical assist in       perimental piece.                       a pre-existing script; the entire        Be aware of announcements and
 the Campus Center Building.                             “[The play] is really working        production is the product of those       purchase tickets on campus or
                                                      from the body,” MacCarthy said.         persons involved. Some of the            online.
 Campus Safety was called to Norelius Hall for a
 drug equipment violation.                                The Weekly is hiring!
 Friday, Dec. 4
 Campus Safety was called to Nobel Hall as a stu-       Advertising Manager:
 dent reported that his book was stolen.                    Gain experience,
 Campus Safety responded to a medical assist at                    get paid!
 Christ Chapel.                                         Contact:
 Saturday, Dec. 5
 A student in North Hall was cited for underage
 consumption.                                           Correction:
 Sunday, Dec. 6                                           In the caption for the article
 A Gustavus student and two non-students were           “An expression of culture and
 cited for underage consumption and one non-            diversity” from the Nov. 20 is-
                                                        sue, the pictured students are
 student was removed from campus while in               from the 2006 International
 Norelius Hall.                                         Festival, not the 2008 event.
                                                        The Weekly regrets this error.
Editor | Andy Setterholm                                                                     news                                                                                                  Page 3

     “Privacy” from page 1                                                                                                                                                  “Major” from page 1

   “We use all of our bandwidth a           “Over the past four or five              need that information to, for ex-         “Even if you completely trust          University, Mankato.
couple hours a day. It only really       years, we have taken several                ample, track down people with          Facebook, if you don’t com-                  “I have to take German 252 and
kicks into play when we are near         steps, one being allowing dy-               viruses on their computers,”           pletely trust everyone on your            399 [at Gustavus]. After that, I will
the maximum. If we are not near          namic IP addresses, another being           Sommer said.                           friends list, then there is a risk that   have to take courses at Mankato
our maximum, there is no reason          switching away from using the                  “Sending notifications to the       someone is going to use that in a         or in Germany. I just have to
to slow you down,” Sommer said.          packet shaper, where we have                user is required by law,” Som-         [different] context,” Sommer said.        find a compatible [study abroad]
   Some colleges use a packet            intentionally said, ‘Privacy is a           mer said.                                 With the advent of social net-         program and work with [MSU],”
shaper to control Internet us-           good thing, we try to not get in the           “[We receive] on average about      working, some have totally given          Hysack said.
age. A packet shaper analyzes            way of how students are using the           five every couple of days,” Oachs      up on privacy.                               “Part of the reason why I came
network traffic and slows down           Internet that we don’t have to,’”           said.                                     “Come Facebook, Twitter, and           here was to get a German major
certain services (often Peer to          Sommer said.                                   Despite this high number of         RFID cards, we have kind of given         or minor, and, even though there
Peer file sharing like BitTorrent)          “We do, rather frequently get            notifications, some students ques-     up our privacy so it doesn’t really       are other options, I didn’t come
to improve network performance           requests from copyright holders             tion the ability of copyright hold-    matter anymore,” Sophomore                here to teach myself German,”
for other services, not taking into      asking us to take note of people            ers to prosecute students.             Griffen Hinwood said.                     Sophomore Communication
account how much bandwidth a             that have probably been down-                  “There is probably nothing             Phishing is another privacy            Studies Major and German Minor
computer has used.                       loading stuff that they own copy-           they can do about it. The amount       issue. Phishers try to collect per-       Jennifer Vancura said.
   According to Oachs and Som-           rights to,” Sommer said.                    of effort it would take to go after    sonal information about people               First-year students from this
mer, Gustavus stopped using                 “The RIAA will send us notifi-           one specific person [would be] too     over the Internet, which they             year felt misled. The German
a packet shaper when it imple-           cations saying, ‘This IP address            much,” Watson said.                    often intend to use against that          major was listed on Gustavus’
mented the bandwidth fairness            is sharing this song.’ If we have              “We don’t go out of our way to      person. Phishers often send clever        website as a major option as late
system a couple of years ago.            enough data to say it was regis-            fight the RIAA, but we are unlike-     e-mails that look like they are           as March 2009, after the recom-
   “What they are doing is reason-       tered to this person and they were          ly to fight a subpoena. If they have   official requests for information         mended registration date. Until
able. That’s not to say that it isn’t    using it at that time, we’ll send           a legal subpoena from a judge,         from companies, trying to get             November 5, 2009, Gustavus’
annoying sometimes, but I can            off [a notification to the user],”          we are going to comply with that       users to send them information            website linked to a page with
definitely see their logic behind        Oachs said.                                 subpoena,” Sommer said.                like passwords.                           videos of students speaking
it,” Sophomore Computer Science             The College does not always                 “We did receive one big wave of        “It could also have conse-             about being a German major at
Major Kenton Watson said.                know what computer was in-                  actual legal subpoenas [a couple       quences if they give information          Gustavus.
   For some students from other          volved. “What we do know is                 of years ago]. Because we don’t        for financial [institutions], or if          “It’s just been very frustrating,”
countries, more restrictive censor-      today at 10 o’clock this IP address         actually keep very much infor-         they give information that would          First-year History Major Mark
ship is the norm.                        was used by this person,” Som-              mation about what people have          allow someone to get financial            Jensen said. Jensen had planned
   “In China you cannot use Face-        mer said.                                   been doing on our network, we          information. They could transfer          to major in German and History
book, YouTube or Twitter. China             “We know for approximately               were actually only able to tie the     money out of your account,”               at Gustavus after having studied
wants to build a great Firewall,”        the last week,” Oachs said.                 subpoenas back to two people,”         Sommer said.                              German for 14 years. “I don’t
First-year student Bo Yang said.            “That’s how long we feel we              Sommer said.                              Some students are more con-            want to transfer, despite the dif-
                                                                                        “If you have pirated stuff and      cerned about their privacy when           ficulty.”
                                                                                     didn’t get it over our network,        it comes to financial information.           As an alternative to the Ger-
                                                                                     that’s none of our business. If           “When I do my bank account, I          man Language major, a German
                                                                                     you put it on our servers, then it     always make sure to log off,” Se-         Studies major was explored.
                                                                                     becomes our business,” Sommer          nior Health Fitness Major Sheila          German Studies would have
                                                                                     said.                                  Arnolds said.                             included courses from many de-
                                                                                        Students have varying opinions         “We do our best to prevent             partments—Modern Languages,
                                                                                     about the ethics of downloading        phishing Emails from getting              Literatures and Cultures; History;
                                                                                     music online.                          through, but we certainly don’t           Philosophy and Religion, might
                                                                                        “I feel bad if it’s a new band,     block all of the phishing mes-            have been a few options.
                                                                                     but if its an old one and they’ve      sages,” Sommer said.                         Koomen said that “sufficient
                                                                                     already become successful, I don’t        Gustavus Technology Services’          courses to complete a German
                                                                                     think it’s as big of a deal,” First-   website states that it will never         Studies major” did not exist.
                                                                                     year Drew Jensen said.                 ask for passwords via e-mail, and            This does not mean that Ger-
                                                                                        “No one would walk into a           it encourages users to never send         man will fade away from Gusta-
                                                                                     music store and take music. If         any sensitive information like            vus entirely.
                                                                                     I download music, I get it off         passwords via e-mail.                         “I truly believe that the admin-
                                                                                     iTunes to support the artist and          More resources about phishing,         istration is committed to the Ger-
                                                                                     the work they put into it,” Senior     staying safe on the Internet, the         man program,” Gronhovd said.
                                                                                     Nursing Major Chantell Ziegler         College’s acceptable use policy               “This is a Lutheran college.
                                                                                     said.                                  and more are available on the             We need [German] for our own
                                                                                        As students are increasingly        Gustavus Technology Services              identity,” Dechery said.
                                                                                     sharing things like pictures on so-    website. Links to these resources             “Discontinuation doesn’t mean
                                                                                     cial networking sites, new privacy     and more will be provided in              it’s terminated,” Koomen said.
                                                                                     concerns have emerged.                 the online version of this story,            German is not dead at Gusta-
                                                                                        “If you put a picture on Face-      available at          vus Adolphus College; just don’t
                                                                                     book, you may have privacy set-                            expect to see a major or minor
                                                                                     tings that say only your friends                                                 option resurfacing any time in
                                                                                     are allowed to see that picture,                                                 the near future. That possibility
                                                                                     but any of your friends could                                                    seems, for the time being, utterly
                                                                                     download that picture and post                                                   kaput.
                                                                                     it somewhere else,” Sommer said.
                                                                                        “Facebook and lots of other
                                                                                     services may give you a sense that
                                                                                     you have control over what hap-
                                                                                     pens, but when you give anyone
                                                                          Tom Lany   else access to it, they have control
Some of the Internet equipment housed in the Technical Services Office.              then over it, too,” Sommer said.
Page 4                                                                             variety                                                                                   The Gustavian Weekly

Gustie of the Week:
              Kirstin Smedstad: Leading students
                 through Habitat for Humanity
         Katie Kaderlik                                                                                                                                            hours in that they don’t have to
          Staff Writer                                                                                                                                             pay for labor. Because the ho-
                                                                                                                                                                   meowners work on their homes

                                                                                                                                                                   or others’ homes, it also allows
     enior Nursing Major Kirstin                                                                                                                                   the volunteers to talk with them
     Smedstad is full of life and                                                                                                                                  and learn about their story. All
     wants to make a difference                                                                                                                                    around everyone benefits, and it
in the world. During her first year                                                                                                                                is a really well thought out orga-
at Gustavus, she became involved                                                                                                                                   nization,” Kirstin said.
in Habitat for Humanity by going
on the Spring Break Work Trip to                                                                                                                                      “It is important for stu-
New Orleans, LA. This was a way                                                                                                                                      dents to volunteer with
for Kirstin to become involved on
campus and meet new people.                                                                                                                                           Habitat because it al-
But most importantly, it helped                                                                                                                                    lows them to gain real life
her to feel connected to her uncle                                                                                                                                  skills, meet new people
who passed away during the end                                                                                                                                      and understand that we
of her high school career.                                                                                                                                            have all been given a
                                                                                                                                                                             great gift.”
  “One of my most mem-                                                                                                                                                       -Kirstin Smedstad
 orable moments volun-
 teering for Habitat was                                                                                                                                              A typical day on a work trip
 my sophomore year in                                                                                                                                              involves working on a site from
       Mobile, AL.”                                                                                                                                                8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on projects
       -Kirstin Smedstad                                                                                                                                           like roofing, framing, painting
                                                                                                                                                                   and many others. During this
   Kirstin’s uncle was a general                                                                                                                                   work time, students have an op-
contractor for a large commercial                                                                                                                                  portunity to get to know some of
construction company, and she                                                                                                                                      the owners and learn more about
felt connected to him because                                                                                                                                      them. One of the highlights of
she was involved in something                                                                                                                                      participating in a work trip is
that he supported. After Kirstin’s                                                                                                                                 learning about the owner’s expe-
first Spring Break Work Trip, she                                                                                                                                  rience and seeing the difference
decided to become more involved                                                                                                                                    you are making, while working
in the program and in her sopho-                                                                                                                                   alongside them.
more year she was a group leader                                                                                                                                      “It is important for students to
for the spring break work trip to                                                                                                                                  volunteer with Habitat because it
Mobile, AL.                                                                                                                                                        allows them to gain real life skills,
   “One of my most memorable                                                                                                                                       meet new people and understand
moments volunteering for Habi-                                                                                                                                     that we have all been given a great
tat was my sophomore year in                                                                                                                      Alex Messenger
                                                                                                                                                                   gift: coming to Gustavus and get-
Mobile, AL. When we arrived on         Kirstin meets frequently with other Habitat for Humanity members in order to coordinate the upcoming Spring Break           ting a great education, having a
site the first day there was only a    Work Trips.                                                                                                                 home to live in, food to eat and
slab of concrete. By the time the                                                                                                                                  clothes to keep us warm during
week was over the house was                                                                                                                                        the windy winters on campus,”
completely framed, ready for                                                                                                                                       Kirstin said.
windows, shingles and siding.                                                                                                                                         The applications for this year’s
It is amazing how much can get                                                                                                                                     Spring Break Work Trips are due
done in one week if everyone has                                                                                                                                   on Dec. 11 and it is an opportunity
the right mindset and is putting                                                                                                                                   to volunteer.
their all into something they be-                                                                                                                                     “I like Habitat because it is a
lieve in,” Kirstin said.                                                                                                                                           great opportunity to be involved
   During Kirstin’s junior year, she                                                                                                                               with something that I truly be-
had the role of being the site coor-                                                                                                                               lieve in. I love the mission of the
dinator for the trip to Beaumont,                                                                                                                                  organization and what it stands
TX. “It was a huge undertaking                                                                                                                                     for. I love the ability to meet other
because I did all of the planning                                                                                                                                  students and travel to different
for the trip! I was also on the                                                                                                                                    places both around the St. Peter
Habitat Executive Board and was                                                                                                                                    area and the throughout the U.S.,”
in charge of special events coordi-                                                                                                                                Kirstin said.
nating,” Kirstin said.                                                                                                                                                Kirstin is passionate about
                                                                                                                                                                   helping others, which is reflected
   “[Kirstin] is a leader not                                                                                                                                      in her choice of study: nursing.
                                                                                                                                                                   She has always known that she
  only in her classes, but                                                                                                                                         has wanted to be in the medical
     also on campus.”                                                                                                                                              field, and when she was younger
            -Jenn Syverson                                                                                                                                         she wanted to be a neonatologist,
                                                                                                                                                                   but realized she would like to
   This year Kirstin is one of the                                                                                                                                 have a more personal and caring
co-presidents for the Execu-                                                                                                                                       relationship with patients, which
tive Board and will be going on                                                                                                                                    led her to choose nursing as her
the Spring Break Work Trip to                                                                                                                                      major.
Miami,FL as a group leader.                                                        Alex Messenger                                                 Alex Messenger      “At some point in my nursing
“[Kirstin] is a leader not only                                                                                                                                    career, hopefully sooner than
in her classes, but also on cam-       Since her first year at Gustavus, Kirstin has worked for     After receiving her nursing degree, Kirstin hopes to go to     later, I would like to go to Africa
                                       Habitat in New Orleans, LA, Mobile, AL and Beaumont,         Africa and spend a month volunteering in a rural clinic
pus. She has a huge heart and is                                                                                                                                   and spend at least a month vol-
                                       TX. This year she will be working in Miami, FL.              or hospital.
always willing to help,” Senior                                                                                                                                    unteering in a rural clinic or hos-
Nursing Major Jenn Syverson                                                                                                                                        pital. It has always been a dream
said.                                  to go through a long application       hours are called sweat equity             owners put a lot of work into their        of mine to volunteer in an area
   Habitat is a Christian-based        process, and once they are ap-         hours. Owners of a Habitat house          homes, so they take a lot of pride         that so greatly needs our help,”
organization that relies on vol-       proved they are required to work       still pay regular bills, but their        in their homes and work hard for           Kirstin said.
unteers to build houses. Families      on other homes that are being          mortgage is greatly reduced.              other people as well. Habitat also
that receive a Habitat house have      built or restored. The required           “It is cool because the home-          benefits from the sweat equity
Editor | Jenny Behan                                                                     variety                                                                                                   Page 5

                Blind-sided by                                                            2009 Firethorne release party is
                 inspiration                                                                         a success
          Seth Wisner                    Michael to stay the night at their                 Lindsay Lelivelt
          Sports Editor                  mansion. As she’s getting ready                    Features Editor
                                         for bed, Leigh Anne discusses

A     s Sandra Bullock’s character,
      Leigh Anne Tuohy, begins
narrating at the beginning of
                                         with her husband Sean, played
                                         by singer Tim McGraw, if she did
                                         the right thing, wondering aloud
                                                                                    L   ast Tuesday marked the re-
                                                                                        lease of the 2009 fall edition
                                                                                    of Gustavus’ literary magazine
the movie in a corny and forced          if Michael might steal something.          Firethorne. The Courtyard Café
Southern drawl, the film ap-             However, when she wakes up she             was host to students involved
peared headed for nothing short          walks downstairs to find all of the        with, published in and fans of the
of an apocalyptic disaster to the        sheets she gave Michael neatly             publication.
tune of 2012. However, as I stared       folded on the couch on which he               Many students read their work
at the blank screen with only the        slept that night.                          aloud and discussed the inspira-
sound of Mrs. Tuohy’s narrative             The night spent in the Touhy            tion and themes involved.
to fill the theater, immediately         household is only the beginning               “[The best part of being on
regretting my decision to spend          of a very loving relationship              staff] is reading all the submis-
money on a movie to which I              between Michael and the Tuohy              sions. Some are great, some are
already knew the outcome, I was          family, most notably between               terrible. But there’s always at least
unaware that I would be more             young S.J. and Michael. S.J. adores        one that really makes me admire
than pleasantly surprised by the         Michael as a big brother figure.           the artistic ability of Gustavus
uplifiting qualities of The Blind        It’s not long before the Ole Miss          students,” Senior English Major                                                                            Lindsay Lelivelt

Side.                                    football fanatic family has Mi-            and Firethorne Prose Editor Ryan        First-year Timothy McComas-Bussa reads his short story “Glass and Cold Silver”
   The story revolves around that        chael out for football. Yet, it is         McGinty said.                           at this year’s Firethorne Release Party.
of current Baltimore Ravens of-          quickly apparent Michael doesn’t              Each edition includes works of
fensive lineman Michael Oher             have much knowledge on how                 poetry, prose and art by students       McGinty said. “It’s the section          60 students. This is a great credit
and the difficulties he faced as a       to play the game. Nevertheless,            of the Gustavus community.              editor’s job to distribute submis-       to the large number of students on
child and adolescent. Yet, director      with some instruction from Leigh           Each section (poetry, prose, art)       sions to their assistant editors.        campus who are interested in the
John Lee Hancock doesn’t try to          Anne and younger son S.J., Mi-             is comprised of a section editor        After everyone has a chance to           literary and graphic arts,” English
fit the film into the stereotypical      chael blossoms into one of the             and several section assistants. All     read everything, we hold sec-            Major and Managing Editor Abby
sports movie category. Instead,          best offensive linemen prospects           submitted work goes through a           tion meetings. Here, each editor         Travis said. “Students who sub-
the film focuses on the loving,          in the country.                            complex and time-consuming              gives a thumbs up, thumbs down           mitted are from over 20 different
compassionate Tuohy family—a                The film could not have been            process in order to decide what         or neutral to each piece. If it’s a      majors; many people think that a
wealthy, white, conservative,            more perfectly cast. Quinton Aron          will be published.                      unanimous vote, we scrap it or           literary and arts magazine caters
evangelical family led by the            plays Michael Oher as the harm-               “All submissions are judged          publish it. If there is dissension re-   to only the humanities, but this is
mother, Leigh Anne—and their             less giant, whose luck takes a turn        anonymously. The managing edi-          garding a certain piece, we argue        entirely untrue. Even some of our
acceptance of “Big Mike,” who,           for the best thanks to the gracious-       tor goes through the painstaking        it until we reach a majority vote.”      staff members are from majors
if not for the Tuohys, would not         ness and support of the Tuohys.            process of coding everything.              Students can submit their work        beyond the humanities.”
have a place to sleep.                   Bullock excels as the stubborn yet         They then send each anonymous           to
   Michael is a shy, kind and            loveable, outspoken yet sincere            submission to its respective sec-          “This semester, we received
uneducated adolescent from the           and driven yet caring motherly             tion editor [poetry, prose or art],”    over 300 submissions from over
Hurt Projects in Memphis, TN             figure. Jae Head plays the preco-
who earns a scholarship to attend        cious and infectious youngster S.J.
Briarcrest Christian School. It is          This movie has to be one of the
his potential of athletic prowess
as a 6’4” 300-pound giant and
not his grades that wins him the
                                         finest feel-good family flicks of
                                         the year and in perfect occasion
                                         for this time of seasonal generos-
                                                                                                              2009 St. Lucia Court
scholarship. Oher lacks the learn-       ity. The film will make you laugh,
ing or communication skills to           make you angry and make you
succeed in the classroom and is          gasp. Yet, The Blind Side is nothing
extremely incapable of indicating        short of inspirational and even
his own desires.                         more compelling as a true story,
    Two of Michael’s classmates,         making it a must-see family film
Collins and S.J., happen to be           during the holidays. I give it 2.5
the children of the Tuohys. On a         out of 3 crowns.
cold and rainy night, the Tuohy
family is driving home when
Leigh Anne spots Michael walk-
ing in his staple gray polo and
baggy shorts. Leigh Anne invites

                                                                        Submitted                                                                                                                Submitted

Despite initial apprehensions, The Blind Side turned out to be an inspirational      Last Thursday, the Festival of St. Lucia was held in Christ Chapel. The St. Lucia Court consisted of Sophomores Col-
and compelling film with a cast that delivers an outstanding performance of this     leen Peterson, Mary Dierkes, Anna Swenson, Whitney O’Connell, Jennifer Fox (not pictured) and Rebecca Hohag.
true story.                                                                          Each of these women was voted into the court by the sophomore class, and in the end Jennifer Fox was crowned this
                                                                                     year’s St. Lucia.
Page 6
Editor | Lindsay Lelivelt                                                                                                                                                   features                                                                                                                                                                                              Page 7
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The Gustavian Weekly

Christmas in Christ Chapel:
                 a liturgy of letters and carols                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Christ Chapel Ringers perform during an assembly hymn.

                     Lindsay Lelivelt
                     Features Editor

       ast week was host to one of Gustavus’ finest tradi-
       tions—Christmas in Christ Chapel. This year’s ser-
       vice was centered around various letters reflecting
on the importance of Christmas.
   Members of the Gustavus community read letters from
the likes of Garrison Keillor, Joyce Sutphen, Dietrich Bon-
hoeffer, various prophets and apostles.
   Gustavus Choir, Choir of Christ Chapel, Lucia Singers,                                                                                                                                   Associate Professor of Music Patricia Snapp conducts the Lu-      The Choir of Christ Chapel, as led by Professor of Music Patricia Kazarow, performs during the service.
the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra and the Christ Chapel
                                                                                                                                                                                            cia Singers as they perform “Silent Night”.
Ringers all performed various Christmas songs. Senior
Nursing Major Mariah McGill performed a solo dance to
the song “Child of Peace’. Senior Music Major Dan Braak
accompanied on guitar.

                                                                 Senior Nursing Major Mariah McGill performs a solo dance to “Child of Peace”, as choreographed by McGill and Theater and
                                                                 Dance Department Instructor Jeffrey Peterson.

                                                                 Associate Professor of Music Greg Aune conducts the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra as well as the congregation as Christmas                                                                                                                                                                         All photos by lindsAy lelivelt
Assistant Professor of Religion Mary Gaebler reads a letter by                                                                                                                              All the musical ensembles join together for the final piece “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” as the congregation joins to sing along.
humorist and radio personality Garrison Keillor.                 in Christ Chapel begins.
Editor | Steve Palmer                                                        commentary                                                                                                              Page 8

                                                                                   a bit of money to send off over a
Examining life                                                                     period of time.
                                                                                      The kids grew up, and the tradi-
Giving this holiday season                                                         tion sort of died down. However,
                                                                                   in the last few years, my grand-
                                                                                   mother has started it up again,
                                        and cook for myself this year,             but instead of seeing it as a way to
                                        since I don’t have a meal plan.            educate their kids about poverty,
                                        I’ve learned and been humbled              now she sees it as an amazingly
                                        by a lot, but I am saving money.           simple way to raise money for
                                        Some meals end up being just               local food shelves. Apparently,
                                        plain white rice, but even that’s          the idea initially spread around
                                        warm and delicious if you make             our church in Minneapolis, and
                                        it the way you like it. When I tell        our little congregation ended up
                                        that to my parents, they get a little      sending about $10,000 to local
                                        worried, but then they’re more             food shelters. From there, the
          Alex Legeros                  inclined to stop by the grocery            idea has been taken to churches,
         Staff Columnist                store with me before I come back           synagogues, college campuses
                                        to Gustavus.                               and other organizations through-
                                           I was relating some of my new           out North America, and it is now

I love giving gifts any time of
  year, but during the holidays I
feel like giving also brings a spe-
                                        cooking experience to my grand-
                                        parents over Thanksgiving while
                                        asking for some new recipes, and
                                                                                   beginning to crop up in Europe
                                                                                   as well. If you’re interested in the
                                                                                   idea, go to,
cial opportunity to express value       they had a different response              and there is a Youtube video you
and thoughtfulness. I should            than I would have expected. My             can find as well.
qualify this by saying I don’t often    grandmother’s ears seemed to                  As a college student, I don’t
give monetary gifts, what with          perk up at the mention of “just            dream about giving money to
tuition and living costs leech-         rice for dinner,” and she began            charitable organizations; my time
ing what little fiscal flexibility      to tell a story.                           and labor, but probably not my                                                                Stella through Creative Commons
working a job allows. But gifts            When my mother was a kid,               money. Why I think this idea is        Whether it’s American Basmati, Arborio, Baldo, Bhutanese Red, Granza, Kokuho
do not have to be expensive to be       my grandparents used to have               so novel and brilliant is that even    Rose, Piedmont or Valencia, all rices can help feed a hungry stomach this holiday
meaningful, and in fact gifts are       just rice for dinner once a month.         I can make a way to give money,        season.
so much more meaningful when            Back then, just as today, poverty          even if I don’t send off hundreds
personal effort and sacrifice goes      reduces most meals to “just rice”          of dollars. Even if I set aside just   in the winter, and although you           Rice Dinner Project doesn’t know
into creating the gift than when        in this world, and they would try          $10 a month, that ends up being        may want to feel good about giv-          how much money is being raised
one receives cold hard cash (as         to educate their children about            $120 by the end of the year, and       ing something, there are people in        or how many people are involved.
nice as it is to receive cold hard      poverty outside the United States          that’s a sizeable gift I really feel   this community that need to eat.          We just know there are A LOT,
cash).                                  through a rice dinner.                     good about giving every holiday          The Rice Dinner Project is              and the number is growing.
  If you’re lucky this holiday             Now, I eat just rice to save            season.                                totally non-profit, meaning that             So if you’re looking for some
season, I might even bake bread         myself a few dollars every now                Now, am I saying we all should      you don’t have to send my grand-          easy charitable giving this holi-
for you. Baking is super easy,          and then, and they were saving             choke down rice for one meal to        mother your money so she can              day season that you can really feel
and whether you make cookies,           money too, but they saved the              feel good about ourselves later?       divvy it out to food shelves and          good about, give the Rice Dinner
brownies or bread, everyone is          money so that they could give it           If you want to think so, I guess       take a cut. You pick the food             Project a try. And if you hate rice,
always happy to receive them            to local food shelters. In a family        I cannot stop you, but especially      shelves, and 100 percent of the           it’s OK: you don’t actually have
(warm, if possible. Yum!).              of six, if they had one rice dinner        during periods of economic reces-      money goes to the organization            to eat it to send in money to a
  I’ve had to learn how to bake         a month, they could save up quite          sion food shelves get hit very hard    you choose. Because of this, the          food shelf!

Emperor Norton’s Patent of Nobility                                                                                       barreling down a hill in a creaky         Wormwood accuses Calvin of

Get Rid Of Slimy comicS (G.R.O.S.S.)                                                                                      wagon. These strips inevitably
                                                                                                                          end with the pair marooned in a
                                                                                                                          tree or soaked in a pond following
                                                                                                                                                                    wasting time by drawing stego-
                                                                                                                                                                    sauruses in rocket ships. Calvin
                                                                                                                                                                    proclaims himself to be an art-
                                                                                                                          an epic crash—perhaps represent-          ist on the “cutting edge of the
                                                                                                                          ing death and the march of time?          avant-garde,” being oppressed by
                                        hilarity, beautiful artwork and            rules, they are made up as the         The wonder of the stars and the           society, being objected to.
                                        moral resonance.                           game is played) and surreal en-        universe is also visited frequently.
                                           First of all, the strip is incredibly   vironments to live fully through          One particular favorite of mine
                                        well written. Where most com-              his imagination. He tries in most      involves Calvin’s teacher. Mrs.                 Continued on page 9
                                        ics use each panel to set up the           situations, school for instance,
                                        punch-line, in Calvin and Hobbes,          to break into independence, to
                                        the entire strip is a punch-line.          escape.
                                        The dialogue is witty consistently,           No target is spared in Calvin and
          Steve Palmer                  and the art and expressions of             Hobbes, with the education sys-
                                        the characters are always perfect.         tem, the mass media, politicians,
      Commentary Editor
                                        This, along with Calvin’s many             art and consumerism, all mocked
                                        fantasy worlds (Spaceman Spiff,            perfectly, through the lens of the

A     s a child, I spent many hours
      in the summer, after school,
before bed, or pretty much any
                                        Stupendous Man, Tracer Bullet),
                                        is probably what appealed to me
                                        as a child. Stories woven into the
                                                                                   unwilling and bratty Calvin. He
                                                                                   doesn’t want to go to school,
                                                                                   study for math, take baths, and
time, rifling through my many           strip were always hilarious (the           why would he? Who wouldn’t
well-loved, ratty and frayed            series where Calvin gets a haircut         rather play outside at age six?
Calvin and Hobbes books. The ram-       was always a favorite of mine,                Simultaneously, Calvin has a
bunctious yet contemplative Cal-        as were the Get Rid Of Slimy               great wisdom for a six-year-old,
vin obviously resonated with me,        GirlS club—G.R.O.S.S.). Many               with trenchant insights on all
as I pored over the books nonstop       other aspects of the strip, how-           aspects of life. Repeated strips
for years. I could tell that some-      ever, were too subtle or not in my         deal with Calvin stumbling upon
thing about them was greater and        perception at the time, but I can          garbage in the woods, or seeing
more timeless than the hundreds         tell still shaped the way I think.         a chopped down forest, or some
of mediocre comics in the world         These other influences of Calvin           sort of environmental degreda-
(Garfield, for instance? Just awful),   and Hobbes are what I think are            tion. A large portion of strips
but it wasn’t until I received the      the most useful parts of the strip.        feature Calvin simply talking
complete Calvin and Hobbes col-            Looking back, Calvin and Hobbes         with Hobbes on a stroll through
lection a few years ago from my         is in many ways critique of mod-           the woods. Philosophical mus-
parents (thanks Mom and Dad),           ern media and society through a            ings between Calvin and Hobbes
that I realized what an amazing         child’s eyes. It uses the innocence        also occur on a regular basis, with
piece of art Calvin and Hobbes was      of childhood to make observa-              some heady and heavy material
and what a positive influence it        tions about the way we all live            being discussed.
can be on children.                     and the ways which institutions               However, Watterson was too
  Bill Watterson is a great Ameri-      force us to conform and adhere             savvy an artist to make these
can artist who captured some-           to the values of society. Calvin is        strips too preachy, missing out
thing about childhood that not          broken and sad by the end of a             on the point of comic, which is                                                          pomponette through Creative Commons
many people, let alone adults,          school day. He is completely out           to make you laugh. He artfully         Calvin’s tiger Hobbes may or may not be alive, and there have been legitimate
understand, and all kids should         of sync with the world and creates         combined the philosophical mus-        academic papers on the matter. Seriously, academia?
read Calvin and Hobbes for its          surreal games like Calvinball (no          ings with the physical comedy of
Page 9                                                                         commentary                                                                                           The Gustavian Weekly

 A different approach                                                                                                                                                     annoying habit, one that I know
                                                                                                                                                                          I am not the first to discover, and
 How-are-you-good-how-are-you-good                                                                                                                                        one that I know many are think-
                                                                                                                                                                          ing but don’t have the balls to say:
                                                                                                                                                                          Don’t say “Hey, how are you?” to
                                                                                                                                                                          me if you aren’t going to take the
                                           any time of day, any day of the                                                                                                time to listen. Any way I respond
                                           week. It always ends up being the                                                                                              you make me feel like I am some-
                                           same. And don’t get me wrong, I,                                                                                               how wasting your time, as if you
                                           too, have fallen into this habitual                                                                                            have somehow completed your
                                           repetition. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s                                                                                         friendly duty by simply asking
                                           speaking something.                                                                                                            and are not required to care about
                                              The sad part is, there is most                                                                                              my answer. If you don’t have
                                           likely truth in this response. You                                                                                             time, I will happily reciprocate a
                                           or I may very well be good, busy                                                                                               warm smile and a “hello.”
            Susan Kranz                    or tired. It is the automation of                                                                                                 I rarely ask people “how they
          Staff Columnist                  this response, a sort of quick                                                                                                 are” any more, not because I don’t
                                           conversational reflex that gets me                                                                                             care, but rather because there are
                                           wondering: why do we always,                                                                                                   so many better questions to ask.
                                           among the thousands of words                                                                                                   Has anything exciting happened

I  t’s been a few weeks since I
   encouraged you Gusties to find
your intentional flailing, your ac-
                                           within our minds reach, grasp
                                           solely those three? Are “good,”
                                           “busy” or “tired” the only way
                                                                                                                                                                          today? Are you looking forward
                                                                                                                                                                          to anything? The answers to these
                                                                                                                                                                          questions I am honestly interested
tivity that shakes up your bones           we can define our lives at that                                                                                                in hearing. I’ll even let you all in
and awakens your soul. Friends,            moment?                                                                                                                        on my favorite method of avoid-
it is now time to do the same with            Surely not! Let me, kind Reader,                                                                                            ing the automatic “How-are-
words!                                     take a look at what these words                                                                                                you-Good-How-are-you-Good”
    Picture this: it’s midnight and        mean.                                                                                                                          exchange: if and when someone
you exit the library doors. The               “Good.” This is an empty word.                                                                                              asks how you are doing, respond
cold air makes your eyes water,            It is like a dry sponge. It relies                                                                                             with “Hello! I’m (creative adjec-
beginning the formation of what            solely on its outer shell that we                                                                                              tive or description here)” and
will most likely be a giant eye-           can somehow recognize as being                                                                                                 follow quickly with a compli-
booger that you’ll discover in the         something, but its contents are                                                                                                ment. Like, “Hello! I’m feeling
mirror as you brush your teeth.            lost. It is begging for more, to                                                                                               quite relaxed after my Tai Chi
An acquaintance happens to be              be filled, saturated, expanded,                                                           pondalese through Creative Commons
                                                                                                                                                                          class, and that coat is adorable!”
walking up the ramp, right where           but falls flat. It lacks depth and                                                                                             By offering a compliment, you
you’re headed. “Hey! How are               character. You are saying nothing        “Hey, DaBruzzi, how was school today?” “Fine.”                                        are showing the person you are
you?” they ask as you walk by.             when you say you are “good.”                                                                                                   1) noticing their existence and
    Now quick! What do you say?               “Busy.” This is a cliché word.                                                                                              2) showing you care about their
    I’ll bet my left foot that it is one   It is like a flowery doormat. It         overwhelmed. Let’s get over            need to acknowledge this verbal                existence. Just a little something
of the following: “Good,” “Busy,”          likes to think it has something          ourselves. We are saying nothing       lethargy, this accepted and un-                to mix things up!
or “Tired.”                                going for itself, something better.      when we say we are “busy.”             questioned routine of how we                      Gusties, from now on let’s use
    Am I right or am I right? But          It exists in this word and has a            “Tired.” This is a lazy word.       communicate how we feel. We                    some creativity! Let’s ban the
why is this?! How can I be so con-         purpose, but when used too often         It is like an old dog. It knows        need to take each prompt as an                 three potty words of casual con-
fident in your answer that I would         it becomes just like any other. It is    nothing else but to slumber. It        opportunity to honestly express                versation: “good,” “busy” and
risk my left foot, my favorite of          complex but without substance.           is something to say when we’ve         ourselves. We need to wake up                  “tired.” Instead, let’s get excited
my two feet?                               When, really, are we ever not            got nothing else to say. It is the     our vocal chords, just like our                about things. Let’s be nervous
    It’s because time and time again       busy? When we’re sleeping? We            easy way out. But again, we are        bodies, and get out of the habit of            about things. Let’s be upset about
I am given one of these three an-          need to realize that life itself is      saying nothing when we say we          simple responses. We need to take              things. Most of all, let’s say what
swers when I ask this question to          busy, and it’s in managing this          are “tired.”                           time and truly connect.                        we mean!
those I see on campus. It can be           truth that we are able to not be            I think we all, myself included,      Which brings me to another

     “Calvin” from page 10                 urge to create go?                       with the syndicate that ran it
                                             The anti-consumerist and pro-          (Beetle Bailey, Blondie … obvi-
                                           individual themes of Calvin and          ously been going for fifty years),

  Hobbes asked him what exactly
                                           Hobbes were fully realized by
                                           Bill Watterson, who definitely
                                                                                    and Watterson managed to make
                                                                                    this not happen. Watterson also            Eye on Gustavus
Mrs. Wormwood objected to, and             walked the walk. Attempts to             ended the strip near its high point,
Calvin replies, “Mostly my draw-           merchandise the comic strips             avoiding it becoming a caractiture           What’s up and what’s down this week at Gustavus. (and
ing them during math class.”               were met by Watterson with fierce        of itself or too played-out (Blondie                       what’s ish-don’t-think-so).
  The humor meets with impor-              resistance. He did not want to           and Beetle Bailey). What resulted
tant themes in a way that is easily        create a toy selling machine or a        was a true piece of art that man-
digestible and not at all distract-        media empire, only a comic strip.        ages to be brain food and high en-
ing like some strips. And besides,
the strip also carries an element
                                           He felt that the comics stood on
                                           their own. Wouldn’t it cheapen
                                                                                    tertainment for not only children,
                                                                                    who should be exposed to it, but
                                                                                                                                                         J-term impending
of truth—didn’t you like to draw           the strip to see a Hobbes stuffed        adults as well, who might need to                                    Hours and hours of constant free time!
and color as a child? When’s the           window cling anyway? Popular             be reminded of what it represents.                                   Plenty of hours to undergo various self-
last time you really did something         comics often are carried on by                                                                                improvement projects, read that book
creative lately? Where did that            anonymous writers associated                                                                                  you’ve been putting off and finally spend
                                                                                                                                                         some time with your favorite hobbies.

                                      Letter to the Editor                                                                                               C in CC
                                                                                                                                                          Great show, but everyone was captive to it
                                                                                                                                                          for a week. Also, trim a half hour from the
   I would like to respond to the          be installed outside the Johnson         of solar-thermal panels installed).                                   run time.
photo and caption in last month’s          center. All of the energy needed         This provides great research op-
issue titled “Interpretive Center          to supply the building will not be       portunities regarding alternative
adds solar panels.” It was great           supplied solely by the solar-ther-       energy right here at good old
to point that out, but the small           mal panels. Several more panels          Gustavus.
caption didn’t answer any ques-            would have to be added for that                                                                                 J-term impending
tions I had regarding the panels.          to happen, but what a great start        Katie Winkelman ‘11
So, I went to talk to Jim Dontje           to being more sustainable! The                                                                                  Hours and hours of constant free time,
who is the director of the Johnson         research being conducted will                                                                                   confronting the icy abyss that buffets your
Center for Environmental Innova-           demonstrate the performance                                                                                     window night and day, all the while not
tion. He is currently working on           of each type of panel installed.                                                                                leaving your room.
building the other panels that will        (There will be two different types
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Christ Chapel                                  10:00 a.m.     Courtyard Cafe                              7:30 p.m.
  God and Santa: they both see you when you’re                                                                                Semester in India Information
                                                                Or at least it would be, but recently the band has
sleeping, both know when you’re awake and both                been experimenting with Ritalin.                         Linner Lounge                                 5:30 p.m.
know when you’ve been bad or good … and have
                                                                                                                        Before you go abroad, learn the Hindus and Hin -
you ever seen them in the same place at the same                          Physical Theatre Project                     dont’s.
time? Think about it.
                                                              Anderson Theatre                            8:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                               Meditation with Bhante Sathi
        Weekend Movie - Love Happens
                                                                Physical theatre? Oh, man. The ghosts in Anderson      Linner Lounge                                 7:00 p.m.
 Wallenberg Auditorium                 7:00 & 10:00 p.m. must be so pissed!                                              Why settle for meditation when you can come to
   Yes, but only after years of paying for her food,
 consoling her after the guy she actually has feelings
                                                                         Sunday, Dec. 13                               MAX-itation. Reach a higher conciseness, and then
                                                                                                                       base jump off of it!!!!
 for dumps her and after you’ve finally worn her                                   Brassworks!                                        Beauty and the Beast
 defenses down and she realizes that you’re “safe,”           Bijorling Recital Hall                      1:30 p.m.
 then, then love happens.                                                                                              Ordway Performing Arts Center                 7:30 p.m.
                                                                - Overheard from a revolutionary Mesopotamian
      Michael Johnson in Concert: Four                                                                                   If you stop and think about it, Disney was really
                                                              sword maker. 4000 B.C.
                                                                                                                       teaching us that bestiality was ok. Or, in the case of
             Decades of Music                                                                                          the little mermaid, half-bestiality.
Bijorling Recital Hall                           8:00 p.m.                Physical Theatre Project
   Four Decades of Music? No thanks, I have finals                                                                          American Scandinavian Yule Tide
                                                              Anderson Theatre                            2:00 p.m.
 next week.                                                                                                                            Breakfast
                                                               As opposed to the non-physical kind of theatre,         Banquet Rooms                                 8:00 p.m.
             Physical Theatre Project                         where the director isn’t allowed to hit you when you
Anderson Theatre                                8:00 p.m.     mess up a line.                                            Excuse me, I think you mean Scandinavian Ameri-
                                                                                                                       can, Racist.
  Beats the crap out of last year’s “Metaphysical
                                                              The Gustavus Chamber Singers in Concert
Theatre Project.” Last time I pay ten bucks to stare at
an empty stage.                                               Bijorling Recital Hall                      7:30 p.m.          Wednesday, Dec. 16
                                                                Out of all the things they spend time in, concert is          Holiday Sale at the Book Mark
                                                              definitely their favorite.                               The Book Mark                                   All Day
                                                                                                                         “With these low, low prices you can bet our
                                                                        Monday, Dec. 14                                products won’t remain stationary!” – overheard from
                                                                                                                       a Book Mark vendor shortly before he was tried and
                                                                      Holiday Sale at the Book Mark                    executed for punning.
                                                              The Book Mark                                 All day
                                                                                                                                          Reading Day
                                                                Get your parents presents here, then have Gustavus
                                                              send your parents the bill. Mwahaha!                     Your Local Library                              All Day
                                                                                                                         Most of today will be taken up by the execution
                                                              Cocoa and Holiday Cards -The 12 Days of                  of that Book Mark employee. Not that the execution
                                                                             Wellness                                  takes a long time. It just takes a while to transport him
                                                              Peer Assistant Office                      6:00 p.m.     from the pun-itentiary.
                                                                “… Three bone pins a-pinning, two latex gloves
                                                              and some morphine in an I.V. !”                                         Prepare Ministries
                                                                                                                       Linner Lounge                                 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                        Meeting canceled due to lack of preparation.
                                                                 The Shady character
                                                                  wishes you a happy
Editor | Seth Wisner                                                             sports                                                                                                        Page 11

    STANDINGS                                                                 Making a splash                                                                                SPORTS
       MEN’S HOCKEY                               Craig Nordquist                   happy with where we are right           off in the end.”
SCHOOL          MIAC PTS         REC                Staff Writer                    now.”                                     Mosher notes that another key
                                                                                       The Gusties will fly to Puerto
                                                                                    Rico the day after Christmas for
                                                                                                                            to putting up a solid team effort
                                                                                                                            is continuing the strong bond
                                                                                                                                                                            Friday, Dec. 11
GUSTAVUS        4-1-1    13      6-3-1
BETHEL            4-2     8        4-7       he Gustie Women’s Swim-                the team’s annual training trip.        that has developed between the              Women’s Hockey
HAMLINE         3-0-1    14      6-1-2       ming and Diving team has               While there, the team plans to          women on the team.
CONCORDIA       2-2-2     8      3-8-2   made quite a splash in the first           train extra hard in order to pre-         “We cheer a lot more than other            vs. St. Olaf  7:00 p.m.
AUGSBURG        2-1-1    13      6-3-1   half of the season, arguably put-          pare for the final stretch of the       teams, so there’s always plenty of
                                         ting up its best start since it last       season.                                 support and involvement with
                                 5-3-4   won the MIAC Championship                     “The training trip is always         our teammates,” Mosher said.                  Saturday, Dec. 12
ST. MARY’S        1-3     2        1-8   two years ago.                             beneficial for the team,” Hans-         “You really push yourself harder
ST. JOHN’S        1-5     9      4-7-1      The team’s latest effort at the         vick said. “Spending a week with        knowing that your team is there
                                                                                                                                                                        Men’s Nordic Skiing
                                         Falcon Invite earned the squad a           teammates and doing hard sets           watching and supporting you.”                @ Wildcat Open
   WOMEN’S HOCKEY                        second place finish in a talented          multiple times per day is really          Hansvick agrees that the team                                All Day
                                         field of nine other schools.               good for training and building          has come together with very
SCHOOL        MIAC       PTS     REC        “We have a lot of solid swim-           relationships within the team.”         minimal conflict due in part to             Women’s Nordic Skiing
                                         mers,” Senior Maggie Hansvick                 When the team returns from the       realizing the importance of work-            @ Wildcat Open
ST. THOMAS       3-0-1   10      4-3-2   said. “We’ll be set if we can im-          sunny weather, it will be just over     ing toward a common objective.
ST. KATE’S         3-1   10        5-1   prove on the little things. If we          one month away from the MIAC              “We’ve been good at under-                                   All Day
ST. OLAF           3-1   10        5-3
GUSTAVUS         2-1-1    6
                                         do that, times will take care of           Championship meet.                      standing that we have a common              Men’s Basketball
                                         themselves.”                                  “I’m really excited to see what      goal—to swim fast as a team,”
ST. MARY’S       2-1-1    7      3-4-1
                                            Gustie Senior Carrie Gunder-            Conference will be like,” Mosher        Hansvick said. “The swimmers
                                                                                                                                                                         vs. Bethany Lutheran
CONCORDIA          2-2   10      5-4-1
BETHEL             1-3    2        1-7
                                         son and First-year Carley Mosher           said. “We’re trying to push ev-         genuinely like their teammates                               3:00 p.m.
ST. BEN’S        0-2-2    4      1-4-2
                                         won two of the four MIAC Swim-             eryone to a level they’re capable       and really want to do well for              Women’s Hockey
AUGSBURG         0-2-2    2      0-6-2   mer of the Week awards so far              of in order to finish [the season]      each other.”
HAMLINE          0-3-1    5      2-4-1   this season.                               strong.”                                  The team is excited about its              @ St. Olaf       7:00 p.m.
                                            “I’ve been pretty impressed                With only five meets left until      high number of top-tier swim-               Men’s Hockey
                                         so far this season by our perfor-          the Conference Championships,           mers at this point in the season,
   MEN’S BASKETBALL                      mance,” Mosher said, who broke             Hansvick stresses that hard work        but realizes that it is their perfor-        vs. Finlandia   7:05 p.m.
SCHOOL          MIAC     RECORD          the Lund Natatorium record in              will be the key to finishing the        mance at season’s end that will
                                         the 200 Backstroke against St. Olaf        season strong.                          define their success.                          Sunday, Dec. 13
ST. THOMAS        3-0          6-0       last month. “Everyone is always               “We need to focus on putting           “We have a lot of people in the
GUSTAVUS          3-0          4-1       [thinking] positive and pushing            work in the whole way through,          top times already, which is really          Men’s Nordiic Skiing
ST. MARY’S        2-1          4-3       others to train hard.”                     because other teams will be doing       great,” Hansvick said. “But it’s             @ Wildcat Open
AUGSBURG          1-1          4-1          The Gusties started the season          the same thing,” Hansvick said.         the times at Conference that get
ST. JOHN’S        1-1          4-3       with respectable finishes against          “All of our hard training will pay      us [the title].”                                               All Day
ST. OLAF          1-1          3-3       Div. II teams Mankato State and
CONCORDIA         1-2          4-3                                                                                                                                      Women’s Nordiic Skiing
                                         St. Cloud State, and more recently
BETHEL            1-2          3-3       knocked off MIAC rivals St. Olaf                                                                                                @ Wildcat Open
CARLETON          1-2          3-3       and St. Ben’s to cement their sta-
HAMLINE           1-2          3-3                                                                                                                                                         All Day
                                         tus as one of the frontrunners for
MACALESTER        0-3          1-4
                                         the Conference crown.
                                            “We didn’t know what to ex-
                                         pect coming into the year because
SCHOOL          MIAC     RECORD          we didn’t know how the [first-
                                         years] would look,” Hansvick                                                                                                   -Gustavus Junior goaltender
GUSTAVUS         3-0           5-1       said. “They’ve been solid, and                                                                                                 Josh Swartout was named
ST. BEN’S        3-0           5-1       the upperclassmen have also had                                                                                                Men’s Hockey Player of
MACALESTER       3-0           3-3       some great swims. We are very                                                                                                  the Week in the MIAC
ST. THOMAS       2-1           5-1
CONCORDIA        2-1           3-3                                                                                                                                      Conference for his outstanding
HAMLINE          2-1           2-2                                                                                                                                      performances this past
ST. KATE’S       1-2           2-3                                                                                                                                      weekend against St. Thomas.
ST. MARY’S       1-2           2-4
AUGSBURG         1-2           1-2
                                                                                                                                                                        Swartout recorded 31 saves
BETHEL           0-3           0-4          Work or volunteer over your holiday                                                                                         in the Gusties’ 4-0 win Friday
CARLETON         0-3           0-6          break at a Winter Camp with people                                                                                          night, as well as recorded his
ST. OLAF         0-3           0-6         with special needs as a camp counselor                                                                                       first shutout of the season.
                                                     or healthcare staff.                                                                                               Saturday night he only allowed
        RESULTS                               Training, room & board provided.                                                                                          one goal in the 7-1 victory
                                                                                                                                                                        at home, while recording 20
                                           Apply at                                                                     Sports Information
12/7                                       or call 1-800-450-8376 for more info.                                                                                        saves. Swartout is 4-1-1 in
                                                                                    Gustavus Women’s swimmers prepare to dive off the block in a recent meet.
                                                                                                                                                                        league play.
Men’s Basketball
 vs. St. Mary’s          W 80-77
Women’s Basketball
 @ St. Mary’s            W 74-66

Men’s Hockey
 vs. St. Thomas          W 7-1
Men’s Basketball
 vs. Concordia    W 57-54 (OT)
Women’s Hockey
 @ St. Thomas              T 2-2
Women’s Basketball
 vs. Concordia         W 66-61
Men’s Swimming/Diving
 @ Falcon Invitational
                        1st of 8
Women’s Swimming/Diving
 @ Falcon Invitational
                       2nd of 10
Men’s Hockey
 @ St. Thomas                  W 4-0
                                                            Checking in
 Despite breaking a 50-game Conference
  winning streak this past weekend, the
 Gustie Women are ready to rebound this
        weekend against St. Olaf
         Seth Wisner                 ourselves. We will have to be that
         Sports Editor               much better to beat everyone in
                                     the MIAC,” Peterson said.

                                       After the St. Olaf series this
      he Gustavus Women’s            weekend, the Women’s Hockey
      Hockey team is looking for     team will look forward to a trip
      a quick turnaround after a     to Europe over Christmas Break
tough weekend on the ice. On         to play the Swiss National Team.
Friday, Dec. 4, 2009 the Gustie      “It will be a nice change of pace
women saw their 50-game win-         for games, but everyone will still
ning streak in Conference play       be working hard and having the
come to an end at the hands of       same attitude. It will be a great
St. Thomas on their own ice. The     opportunity for some team bond-
loss was the first in just under     ing,” Hjelm said.
three years of Conference play.        Despite the team’s youth, hav-
   “St. Thomas has been our          ing only two seniors on the team,
biggest rival so far. We broke a     the Gustavus Women’s Hockey
50-game winning streak we had        program has consistently been a
within the Conference. That’s        major force in the MIAC. “I think
something I look back on with        our team chemistry is growing.
a lot of regret and don’t have       As a [first-year], I think I am
as much insight on our record        learning the systems and learn-
we had set for the last three        ing how to play with each other,”
years as some of the upperclass-     Wanecke said.
men. That’s really disappointing       “We have a word that we
and takes a shot at our reputa-      choose for every MIAC Confer-
tion,” First-year forward Lindsey    ence series. Our last two words
Hjelm said.                          were ‘confidence’ and being
   The Gusties were able to re-      ‘assertive.’ Each week we try to                                                                                                               Sports Information
bound with a 2-2 result against      build off of those words. Com-       Sophomore forward Alyssa Gaulrapp battles three St. Thomas players in the Women’s latest home game this past weekend.
St. Thomas on Saturday night.        munication is really huge for our
“We lost our first and tied our      success,” Hjelm said.
second. . . . You could say our        Hjelm has also enjoyed the in-
team is working through a rough      creased work ethic by the team in
patch,” Junior defender Kirstin      general. “All the girls have pre-
Peterson said. “We showed a lot      viously been captains. It makes
of character by coming back on       the team a lot more dominant,
Saturday.”                           allows potential leadership to
   The Women’s Hockey team           come through and adds strength
had extremely high expecta-          to our team. Everyone here wants
tions for itself with a strong       to play and excel. We work hard
recruitment class and an NCAA        and put in the extra time to get
Quarterfinal appearance last         better,” Hjelm said.
season. Meagan Wanecke, first-         After the trip to Europe over
year forward, was optimistic for     Christmas Break, the Women’s
the team’s opportunity to get        Hockey team will play UW-
better and reach the expecta-        Stevens Point on Jan. 9, 2010. “We
tions by the end of the season. “I   play Stevens Point right when we
think we haven’t fully reached       get back, and we haven’t beaten
our expectations. We definitely      them in two years. As far as the
have the potential to get better,”   MIAC, we have to win any game
Wanecke said.                        from here on out to get where we
   Hjelm added to Wanecke’s          want to be at,” Peterson said.
optimism. “I knew Gustavus             The Gustavus Women’s Hock-
was going to be a really serious     ey team will face off against St.
program, and we definitely have      Olaf at home on Friday, Dec. 11.
high goals for the season. Even
though we have two disappoint-
ing losses on our record, I think
we are looking to make a lot of
headway coming up with St.
Olaf,” Hjelm said.
   However, even with the op-                Next Game:
timism on the team, the Gustie
women know it will be a dif-
ficult season with many tough
                                            St. Olaf
                                      Date: Friday, Dec. 11
opponents left on the schedule.       Time: 7:00 p.m.
“We’ve had everything handed
to us in the past, and this year      Location: Don Roberts Ice
we are going to have to prove         Rink                                                                                                                                          Sports Information

                                                                          Junior defender Sara Yungner chases after the puck in the Gusties 2-1 loss to St. Thomas at the Don Roberts Ice Rink.

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