Innovative solutions for productivity and optimal hive health by zhouwenjuan


									     Innovative solutions
for productivity and optimal
         hive health
Who and what is
Hive Doctor?
We are a New Zealand owned company who
have developed an innovative range of low
maintenance, future-proofed beehive
hardware that optimise’s colony health.

Why choose Hive Doctor hardware?
Successful beekeeping is now more challenging
than it has ever been with new and old threats
such as the Varroa mite, American Foulbrood
(AFB), Small Hive Beetle (SHB) and Colony
Collapse Disorder (CDD) changing the face of
beekeeping forever. Hence, new challenges
require new thinking to solve the ‘Silver Bullet’
approaches, such as the failing chemical
treatments for Varroa.

Our belief is that integrated hive management
using bio-mechanical methods is one of the few
options left to successfully manage a bee colony’s
health. Until now smart hive design has been
time consuming, expensive and difficult to carry
out, however Hive Doctor solves this by providing
integrated hive management products that work
for almost any hive.
and the health
of your hives
Our Products
Hive Doctor products have evolved from practical
‘hands on’ experience, tempered with industry knowledge

and pure research. All of our products are designed to
reduce hive ware assembly and maintenance time and
costs, while increasing equipment reliability. The products
all follow a similar trend of solid mechanical design to
solve bio-mechanical interactions within a beehive.

How the system works
With little or no assembly time, the Hive Doctor system
can be utilised to replace or enhance existing hive hardware
without the need to paint, parifin-dip, or modify new
or existing components. Components are designed to
increase hive health by reducing or eliminating known
disease areas, while reducing hive manipulation time and
maintenance costs. Specific design ensures components are
future-proofed, ensuring there is little risk of Hive Doctor
hardware becoming redundant.

Cost benefits
•   Reduced hive ware manufacturing costs
•   Reduced hive maintenance
•   Quicker hive manipulation
•   Integrated pest control options
•   Increased re-queening success
•   Ability to sterilize (recycle after AFB)
•   Future proofed, expandable design.
  Hive	Doctor	Bottom	Board	and	Tray
  Patent	pending	NZ	586140
  Design	registration	pending	NZ	413745

                                                                                    Enlarged	top	view	of	vent		
                                                                                   bar	spacing	3-3.4mm	wide

                                                                                                                           Designed	to	accommodate	tightly	stacked	hives	using	
                                                                                                                           telescopic	lids

Bottom board                                                                                                               Accommodates	all	commercial	hive	configurations

1. Three hive                    2. Monitor Hive Health             4. Hive Locators                      7. Brood box
   entrance options                  Use the HD Pest Tray to           The locators assist bees to           leverage areas                     Other Features
  Create summer, winter              look into the heart of every      identify their hive, reduce            Specifically designed to          •	Made	from	100%	virgin	
  and closed positions easily        hive before you open it.          bee drift and assist                   enable ease of opening the          Food	Grade	Plastic	(PP)
  by sliding the hive forwards       Monitor Varroa – Quickly          re-queening.                           hive with your standard
                                     check for Varroa levels by                                                                                 •	75%	lighter	than	an	
  or backwards on the                                                                                         hive tool, even when firmly
                                     using the quick reference                                                                                    average	bottom	board
  Bottom Board.                                                     5. Ventilated base                        propolised to the base.
                                     grid on the base of the           Ventilation is adjustable                                                •	Can	be	sterilised		
                                     white varroa trays while          from 10% – 0% using                8. Entrance Protector                   and	recycled
                                     also monitoring for signs of      combinations of one to                 Prevents stock pushing the
                                     chemical resistance. Tray                                                                                  •	UV	rated	plastic	with	a		
                                                                       three pest trays. 40-70%               hive into a closed position.
                                     can be removed without                                                                                       10+	year	life	expectancy	
                                                                       less ventilation than a                Device can be quickly
                                     removing hive strap.                                                                                         and	a	5	year	warranty
                                                                       standard mesh bottom                   removed to ensure quick
                                     SHB Trap – Use a black pest       board, reducing winter                 closure when required.            •	Stackable	and	robust		
  Summer	Hive	Access                 tray to create a darkened         feed requirement, yet                                                      for	transporting
                                     trap cavity for the SHB.          provides equivalent
                                     Options to use 1 – 3 pest
                                                                                                          9. Locking Pin                        •	Injection	moulded	
                                                                       mite-drop efficacy.                    Locks the hive in the closed
                                     trays to cover the entire                                                                                    –	preventing	any	joins	or	
                                                                       Reduced winter store                   position during
                                     base or just at the front,                                                                                   cavities	for	disease	to	be		
                                                                       requirement. Significantly             transportation and prevents
                                     middle or rear of the                                                                                        encapsulated	or	hidden.
                                                                       reduced honey store and                accidental movement from
                                     bottom board.                     feeding requirement when               winter to summer positions.
                                                                       compared to the standard
                                 3. Moulded hive strap                 mesh hive floor.
  Winter	Hive	Access
                                     Provides a clear, centrally    6. Corner pallet anchors
                                     located, position for hive        HDBB has the ability to be
                                     strap. Pest tray will retain      fastened to pallets
                                     strap placement during            (commercial beekeepers)
                                     inspections for quicker hive      or wood bearers to prevent
                                     manipulation.                     sinking in soggy ground.

  Locked	&	Closed	Position
  Mobile + 64 21 526 555
Telephone + 64 6 308 6427

     Patent pending NZ 586140
Design registration pending NZ 413745

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