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Reservation Master- Easy to Use Reservation Software
Reservation Master is reservations software presented by Martinus Braveroot for the
purpose of keeping track of reservations in hotels, motels, guest houses, etc. There is a 30
day trial version and a PDF manual of the software that you can use.

The makers are of the opinion that if you can't understand a piece of software in five
minutes, it's too complicated to ever being properly useful. So they developed
Reservation Master to be a simple to use software; you'll have it up and running in less
than ten minutes. There is a color coded booking sheet that provides you with instant
information on your room availability and the guarantee status, reducing the possibility
for mistakes.

The interface provided makes it easy for you to export selected data which you can then
use in the program of your choice. You can find out about your level of occupancy and
earnings as the software will generate these reports for you, also occupancy levels are
shown on top of the booking sheets at all times.

The software allows you to eliminate bulky sheets from your reservations “menu”. A pen
and paper booking sheet even for a small 10 unit complex can be pretty large.
Reservation master booking sheet is based on the paper and pen system and can be
printed out if required. So, you can take a hard copy with you if you are not in the office.

You can create an online page for your occupancy data. By clicking and going to the
calendar tab you can create a web page displaying your occupancy status, which can be
customized and uploaded to your web site.

Accidental booking can also be reduced with it and the color coding feature means you
are aware of the guarantee status. This allows you to make the correct decisions when

E-mail conformation is another feature available to you. You can have professional
confirmation letters and e-mails. Use your favorite word processor program. Guest
addresses are used to send emails and letters using a template which you can customize.
Invoices can also be generated based on set tariff and tariff codes. You can enter products
and streamline your product sales.

Financial reports can be generated to analyze your income and tax payments, as well as,
arrival and departure reports, etc.
They have reserved some features for the Pro version. These Pro version features include
a view tab for calendar, option to create a HTML web site, SQL query tab, User and
security, product tab an reports, export occupancy in XML format.

With the help of this software you can computerize your reservations procedure and keep
track of your occupancy levels and financial reports. It can be used in all places where
reservations are taken and a record is maintained.

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