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Genetically Modified _GM_ Foods


									Genetically Modified (GM)
      Benefits (Pros) ?
       Risks (Cons) ?
                    Previously you learned:

Organism’s traits are       DNA determines an          Info. for making
determined by a             organism’s collection      proteins is found on
collection of proteins      of proteins                regions of DNA called
(dog color pigments,                                   “genes”
lactase enzyme)

 If genes contain info. for making           If the organism makes the
 proteins, then when we give an              new protein, then the
 organism new genes, they                    organism should have the
 should make new proteins                    new trait
To give one organism another organism’s genes
 we use bacteria because of their plasmid DNA
Genetic transformation involves cutting the gene
you want and splicing it into the bacterial plasmid
   Genetic transformation allows man to
    produce the following by bacteria:
• Human insulin to treat diabetes
• Erythropoietin (EPO)to treat anemia from
  kidney disease, cancer, critical illness
• Human Growth Factor (from pituitary
  gland) to treat growth and sexual
  maturation deficiencies
• Taxol-leading anticancer agent produced
  naturally by the Yew tree to treat breast,
  ovarian, lung cancers and AIDS
   Now you know that modifying genetic
material and an organism results in the traits
         expressed in that organism

     How do you feel about the
            of foods?
   Today’s goal: GM FOODS-
PROS                 CONS

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