Grade 8: Short Story Unit Short Story Definitions

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					Grade 8: Short Story Unit       Short Story Definitions

     As you read the selected short stories, please define the words below on a
                             separate piece of paper

Helpful Hints for Finding Words:
     Remember to match the word with the definition that fits within the context of
        the sentence. For example, the word “Note” may refer to “Noteworthy” instead of
        an actual written note.
     If you cannot find the word exactly, look for the root word. For example the root
        word of “Gallantly” is Gallant.

Title of Story: My Hero
1. Note
2. Relishes
3. Abhor
4. Engrossed
5. Reverie
6. Elusive

Title of Story: People Watching
1. Demure
2. Immaculately
3. Medusa- Referring to a Greek Mythology character that had snakes as hair. She
could immediately turn anyone who looked at her into stone
4. Gallantly
5. Excrement
6. Kohl-stained- Eyeliner stained
7. Basilisk- Lizard related to the Iguana
8. Laden
9. Obscene
10. Desolation
11. Banal
12. Wretched
13. Meandering
14. Indulgently
15. Cackle
16. Chasm- A large gap, deep hole in the earth
17. Geysering- A geyser is a spring that throws a jet of hot water or steam into the
air at intervals
18. Clambers
19. Ravenous- Greedy for something, especially gratification of wants or desires

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