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The most fun game around!!
   The game of Ultimate Frisbee was invented by a
    group of High School students at Columbia High in
    Maplewood, NJ in the late 1960’s. The original rules
    were 20-30 players each team. The rules also
    allowed for players to run with the disc and included
    a line of scrimmage and a series of downs, like in
    football. The game grew in popularity in the 70’s and
    is now played by thousands of people across the
    United States. It is played in 42 countries, programs
    in Sweden, Norway, and Japan. It is estimated that
    100,000 people play worldwide.
   Key element is the
    Frisbee 175g
   Footwear- Football
    or Soccer cleats
    (baseball cleats not
   Cones for marking
    out of bounds.
Facility Requirements
 Outdoors is ideal,
  gym can be used
  (regular tennis
 As long as you have

  marked off
 areas for scoring and
  out of bounds
 you can use indoor,
  or outdoor facilities
   Offensive Skills                         Defensive Skills
Throwing: (key offensive skill)           Marking:
 Grips-backhand, power, hybrid,           Basic Marking- reacting to whatever the
    forehand                                  thrower is doing to try to make the
  Speed                                       throw more difficult.
  Pulling- the time the disc spends in    Keep on balls of feet, weight low, hands
    the air or where the disc will land       low arms spread, learn to read
 Trick Throws- Wrist Hammer, Thumb            fakes, don’t over commit to the
    Hammer, Inverse Thumb Backhand,           open side, call “up” when throwers
    Bowler                                    throw.
Receiving:                                Defending:
 Catching                                 Communication
 Cutting- fake going to one side and      Man-on-man defense
    then turn hard to cut to the other    Defending your zone ( Point, Axis,
    side.                                     Middle, Wing, Deep)
  Backhand Grip
Backhand Grip
 Backhand Grip

                  1. Basic Forehand
                  2. Second Basic
                  3. Power(most popular)
                  4. Hybrid
                  5. Basic Backhand
                   (In order left/right)
   The Wings- Conceptually, the Wings have the simplest job on
    the field. They each have one side of the field to mark, and the
    aim is to stop passes up either of the sidelines. The Wing's job
    is to find and stop any cutters to that thrower. This may involve
    going man-to-man for a short while. It is not the Wing's job to
    mark the player with the disc.
   The Deep- has the task of intercepting any long throws put up
    by the offence. The job is usually not hard since if there is any
    wind it is difficult to throw accurately, so it is not often that the
    Deep comes into play. As a result, the main job of the Deep is
    to talk to the other players, primarily the Middle and Wings, and
    tell them where to go and who to cover.
   The Points-The job of Point requires a fair amount of fitness and
    good marking skills, they are the only defensive players that should
    ever be marking the thrower. The cup tends to have to do quite a lot
    of running. The three players in the cup (LP, AX & RP) have to decide
    which way the cup is going to force the thrower. This will often be
    towards the middle of the field.
   The Axis- has the task of coordinating the cup . Coordination involves
    telling the points who will mark a particular thrower, how wide the cup
    should be spaced and which way to move. AX should also listen to calls
    from MD as to where poppers are. The AX can turn around a lot of the
    time and cover any man who is near the cup. MD should usually alert
    AX to warn them when a man is near the cup by saying "coming in".
   The Middle - covers the area directly behind the cup. This usually
    involves marking man-to-man on anyone that comes into this area,
    until they leave it or they run through the cup. Once a receiver enters
    the cup. The other job of MD is to talk to the cup. If a receiver is
    coming into the cup, AX needs to be told to close the cup up on that
    side. The cup may also need to be told if it is too open or too close
      The Field an official Ultimate Frisbee field is 70 yards by 40
    yards, with 25 yard endzones. However, if you can't find that
    much space, you can always mark a field a little shorter.
   · Starting the Game - Each point begins with both teams
    lining up on the front of their respective end zone line. The
    defense throws the disc to the offense. A regulation game has
    seven players per team.
   · Movement of the Disc - The disc may be moved in any
    direction by completing a pass to a teammate. Players may not
    run with the disc. The person with the disc ("thrower") has ten
    seconds to throw the disc. The defender guarding the thrower
    ("marker") counts out the stall count.
   · Change of Possession - When a pass in not completed
    (e.g. the disc goes out of bounds, drops, is blocked, or
    intercepted), the defense immediately takes possession of the
    disc and becomes the offense.
   ·
   Non-contact - No physical contact is allowed between players.
    Picks and screens are also prohibited. A foul occurs when
    contact is made.
   · Fouls - When a player makes contact with another player a
    foul occurs. When a foul disrupts possession, the play resumes
    as if the possession was retained. If the player committing the
    foul disagrees with the foul call, the play is redone.
   · Self-Refereeing - Players are responsible for their own foul
    and line calls. Players resolve their own disputes
   · Spirit of the Game - Ultimate Frisbee stresses
    sportsmanship and fair play. It's cool to be competitive, but
    always remember to respect other players, play by the rules and
    have fun
Fun Facts
   Before the invention of plastic flying disc or the
    frisbee, people threw around metal pie tins from the
    Frisbee Baking Company of Newport, Connecticut.
    That’s how modern day Frisbee was given its name.
    Since the invention of the Frisbee, more than 200
    million have been sold worldwide. Its estimated that
    more Frisbees are sold each year than footballs,
    basketballs, and baseballs combined.
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