   Process began at the NSF with Alex Schwarzkopf in the
    early 1980’s
   Alex wanted a measurement of the performance of
    I/UCRC centers
   Denis Gray was recommended to Alex by an NSF
    manager who directed a program to study innovation
   Thus began a long relationship with N.C. State University
    and Dr. Denis Gray
   The I/UCRC Program has as its primary mission to build
    research partnerships between Universities and Industry.
    Evaluators collect data to measure this success
              NSF PERSPECTIVE
                 Why Evaluators??
   To answer questions of program accountability
   Build data base of accomplishments and to
    provide historical perspective
   To give important feedback to NSF Program
   Provide data to assist in NSF budget requests
    from Congress
   To develop a background of data to assist in the
    justification for the I/UCRC Program
                   NSF PERSPECTIVE
                  Expectations of Evaluators

   To arrange for all necessary data collection required by
    the NSF or requested by the N.C. State group
   Attend IAB meetings and manage the collection of
    feedback by use of LIFE forms
   Provide a summary of information collected from the
    LIFE forms to the IAB for review at the meeting
   Collect any additional data as requested by Center
    Director or N.C. State group
   Send out and collect all survey information requested
                NSF PERSPECTIVE
                  What is not Expected

   To be technically competent to assess research
    quality or performance within the center
   To take a managerial role in the center
   To be responsible for recruitment of center
    industry members
   To develop policy or operational procedures for
    the center
   To make IAB meeting arrangements and
    develop the agenda
               NSF PERSPECTIVE
               The Value of Evaluators

   The information collected and made available in
    summary form is extremely valuable to the NSF
   The annual reports are used frequently and
    extensively by Program Directors and Division
    Management at the NSF
   Provides an amazing historical data base that
    gives a long term projection of trends
   The I/UCRC Evaluators Program has built a high
    level of confidence in the evaluators at the NSF

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