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                                                                                                    Toxic substances from
         TYPES INCLUDE                                                                              heated coatings and paints
                                                                                                    eg. cyanide, formaldehyde and
         Welding                                                                                    isocyanates. Isocyanates can
            Manual Metal Arc (MMA)                                                                  cause chemical asthma.
            Metal-inert Gas (MIG)                                                                   Hot metal injury to eyes, skin.
            Tungsten-inert Gas (TIG)                                                                Brazing uses brass or 'silver' solder.
            Friction                                                                                Brass can give off zinc and copper fumes,
            Spot (resistance)                                                                       some silver solder can give off cadmium
            Plasma                                                                                  fumes (See Safeguard GS 33 Welding – Metal
         Brazing & 'Silver' Soldering, Cutting & Gouging                                            Gouging gives off larger quantities of fume and
            Gas Cutting                                                                             is extremely noisy. Plasma cutting is also
            Arc and Airfeed                                                                         noisy.
            Oxygen lance
            Laser Cutting                                                                      PROTECTION
            Spark erosion.
                                                                                                    Prevent burn hazards with proper gloves,
         HAZARDS (depending on type)                                                                overalls and footwear. Remember, metal can
                                                                                                    be hot even though the glow has gone.
              ARC-EYE (welding flash). A gritty feeling in                                          Protect eyes with helmet and grade of visor
              the eye and skin burning can result from                                              designed for the type of welding.
              invisible ultraviolet radiation from the arc (or                                      Prevent fire with welding blanket, by removing
              from oxy flames). The effect is delayed. It is                                        or covering flammable materials, and proper
              particularly intense with TIG welding of                                              distance from flammable substances.
              aluminium alloy. Retina damage and blindness                                          Prevent explosion by checking that tanks
              can also occur.                                                                       and drums are free of substances which
              FLUORIDE. From the coating on low hydrogen                                            are flammable or give off flammable
              rods. This can damage the lungs and cause                                             substances when heated, before welding or
              general poisoning.                                                                    cutting (See GS 49)
              Iron Oxide, manganese, nickel and chromium                                            Use proper supports
              fume. These can all cause lung disorders. Zinc                                        Ensure that you are comfortable
              fume from galvanised steel can result in chills                                       Ensure protection from fume and gases by
              and fever. The effect is delayed. In some                                             (depending on circumstances) one or a
              applications a cadmium coating has been                                               combination of:
              used. Cadmium fumes poison the lungs and                                               (i)   good general ventilation
              kidneys. Copper coatings on rods and                                                   (ii)  use of a booth
              materials can also cause fume fever.                                                   (iii) local exhaust ventilation on the
              Zinc, lead and chromium fumes from paints or                                                 handpiece
              coatings.                                                                              (iv) air supply to the helmet, and
              Toxic gases such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide                                            (v)    suitable respirator which fits inside the
              formed by the arc (the oxy flame also forms                                                   helmet.
              nitrogen dioxide), and carbon monoxide. The                                           Protect bystanders by use of screens or
              first two attack the lungs (delayed action),                                          proper welding curtains and blankets
              carbon monoxide prevents oxygen reaching                                              Wear hearing protection if necessary
              the body cells. Ozone will rot rubber gas                                             DO NOT weld near cleaning tanks containing
              tubing.                                                                               chlorinated solvents-the heat breaks down the
                                                                                                    vapours into very toxic gases

This information is provided to offer guidance on a particular aspect of legislation. It is not to be taken as a statement of law and must not be construed to
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              Laser cutting requires protection from
              accidental eye contact with the beam or beam
              reflections, and proper capture of fumes
              Properly mount cylinders
              Use correct cylinder regulators
              Clean cylinder threads (oil-free for oxygen)
              Store oxygen and gas separately
              Clean blowpipes
              Ensure no leaks
              Fire extinguisher on hand Proper lighting
              Proper earthing of arc-welding equipment
              Protect gas supply tubes from hot metal and
              Choose gas tubing which is not rotted by
              ozone Eye protection during slag removal
              Avoid radiation exposure from weld checking
              Ensure that '0' rings in oxy/acetylene
              retractable hose units are regularly replaced to
              prevent leakage.


         Not all the hazards of all types of welding,
         cutting and brazing and the precautions are
         given here. For further guidance refer to:

         Welding Technology Institute of Australia
         Technical Note 7 - July 1989 - Health and Safety
         in Welding


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          Issued August 2000


Safeguard Welding and Cutting continued
This information is provided to offer guidance on a particular aspect of legislation. It is not to be taken as a statement of law and must not be construed to
waive or modify any legal obligation.

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