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                        Invites you to bid for the

                    2011 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN
                    STATE MASTERS GAMES

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The Masters Games is a multi-sport event designed to allow sportspersons opportunities to
participate in the sports of their choice and to compete with their age peers.
The opportunity to participate, to compete and to be physically active is the main motivation of
the competitors and while winning is important, it should not dominate the event. Social
interaction is also a very important feature of Masters Games for the participants.

The Masters Games concept was first suggested by the Australian Sports Commission in the
early 1980’s. It was a concept that saw the beginnings of the World Masters appearing in
Toronto in 1985 as well as the Alice Springs Masters in 1986. Since then a myriad of Masters
events have supplied the world’s mature age athletes with a host of opportunities in sharing a
common philosophy of engaging in some form of activity and mixing it with a social occasion
that will long be remembered.

The South Australian Masters Games have been held annually since 1996 with a wide variety of
regions hosting the Games.

Previous venues for the games have been:

                                 1996          Riverland
                                 1997          Adelaide
                                 1998          Mt Gambier
                                 1999          Riverland
                                 2000          Port Pirie
                                 2001          Port Lincoln
                                 2002          Port Pirie
                                 2003          Whyalla
                                 2004          Port Pirie
                                 2005          Riverland
                                 2006          Port Pirie
                                 2007          Murray
                                 2008          Port Pirie

                                 Future Games

                                 2009          Ceduna
                                 2010          Port Pire
                                 2011          Your Region?


  •   To provide an incentive for athletes to renew, maintain or commence their active
      participation in sport.
  •   To provide a focus for sporting organisations to identify and recognise mature age
      participants, establish communication and encourage involvement in sport.
  •   To encourage sporting organisations to address the development of the mature aged
      component of their sport.
  •   To stimulate and promote community interest and participation in sport.
  •   To encourage the partnership of Tourism and Sport in regional areas. O
  •   To encourage more people to participate in mature age sports activities from your
      region and the rest of South Australia.
  •   To provide an annual South Australian State Masters opportunity.
  •   To encourage retail and commerce to support the local development of sport in their

      The right to host the Masters Games is awarded to a selected region after all bids are

      Regional Councils throughout South Australia should use this document as a guideline
      to formulate their Bid Document for the 2011 South Australian State Masters Games.

      All bids are to be forwarded to the Sport SA Masters Games Committee by Friday 28th
      November 2008.

      The Selection Criteria set out on page 7 will be used to decide who has won the rights
      to the 2011 State Masters Games. These games will be of 4 or 8 days duration as
      elected by the successful bidder.

Sport SA Masters Games Committee (SSAMGC)
The SSAMGC is the organiser of the State Masters Games and provides the following support:

•       Consultancy and advice on the managing of the event.
•       Assistance in promotion and media coverage in partnership with the Host Region
•       Gaining endorsement from the State Sporting Associations of participating sports
•       The SSAMGC will not be responsible for any debts incurred by the Host Region
        Organising Committee or participating sports in staging these events or

Masters Games Committee members are sourced from the following areas:
•       Sport SA Staff
•       Sport SA Board
•       State Sporting Associations
•       Previous region representative
•       Current region representative.

State and Regional Sporting Associations

        The State or Regional Sporting associations through their endorsement of their sport
        being held at the State Masters Games are agreeing to assist the Host club/association
        in the organising and marketing of their sport leading up to the Games.

Regional Organising Committee (ROC)

        The ROC is set up by the Host Region to oversee the organising of the Games. The
        Host Region may alter the members on this board and should communicate any
        changes to the SSAMGC. The ROC should consist of the following people:
•       Chairperson (from the governance area of Council to SSAMGC)
•       Event Director
•       Promotional group e.g. Major Sponsor rep, etc.
•       Council staff
•       Representatives selected from the Regional Sports Committee.

Regional Sports Committee (RSC)
        The RSC should consist of two representatives from each sport represented in the
        Games, these should be the Sports Co-coordinator and Assistant.

The Event provides opportunities for the Host Region Organising Committee and Regional
Sports Clubs/Associations to acquire revenue in the following areas:

•    Major and Supporting Sponsors to cover management and administration of the Event
•    Grants
•    Merchandise/souvenir sales
•    Registration fees
•    The sports levy
•    Minor sponsors from local businesses - cash or in kind
•    Food and Bar sales revenue
•    Franchise fees from food stalls at the games venues and Games Ceremonies.
•       Increased revenue

The Games Registration Fee (to be determined by Sport SA and the Host Region Organising
Committee) is used to assist in payments for:
•       Associated Costs
•       Administration, marketing, promotion, printing, postage etc.
•       Processing of entries
•       Programs and flyers and Expressions of Interest
•       Certificates and medals
•       Souvenir bags, pads, pens etc
•       Athletes and officials Personal Accident Insurance
•       Games franchise fee to Sport SA for Consultancy Services, Administration, Promotion
        to State Sporting Organisations, Travel and Accommodation to the Host Region.

Host Region will pay the following fees to Sport SA:

•       Sport SA Games Franchise Fee of either:

        $12,500-00 excluding GST (8 day event) within 60 days of signing the Games Deed of


        $7,500-00 excluding GST (4 day event) within 60 days of signing the Games Deed of

•       Hosting a Duty of Care Seminar within 1 calendar month of the commencement of
        the games for all sport coordinators and sport committee members. Cost $500-00
        inclusive of GST. (Venue to be provided by the host region and session to be
        delivered by Sport SA).

The Host Region Organising Committee will liaise directly with the Sport SA Masters Games
Committee via the Games Manager.


Listed below are the states sporting organisations which are currently Sport SA members. If
you would like to consider a sport that does not come under the umbrella of any of those
listed below please pass their details to Sport SA and we will contact them.
Archery SA                                      SA Croquet Association
Association of SA Blind Sporting Clubs          SA Cycling Federation Inc.
Athletics Association of SA Inc.                SA Darts Council Inc.
Aussi Masters Swimming SA                       SA Field and Game Association Inc.
Australian International Pedal Prix Inc.        SA Golf Association Inc.
Australian Underwater Federation                SA Ice Skating Association
Badminton SA                                    SA Masters Squash Association Inc
Basketball SA                                   SA Men’s Netball Association
Bowls SA                                        SA National Football League
Boxing SA                                       SA Netball Association Inc.
Calisthenics Association of SA Inc.             SA Petanque League
Canoe SA Inc.                                   SA Rifle Association
City Bay Fun Run                                SA Rowing Association
Confederation of Australian Motor Sport         SA Rugby League Inc
Diving SA                                       SA Rugby Union Ltd
Dragon Boat Association of SA Inc.              SA Softball Association Inc.
Equestrian Federation of Australia SA           SA Table Tennis Association Inc.
Football Federation SA Inc.                     SA Touch Football Association
Gymnastics SA Inc.                              SA Volleyball Association
Hockey SA                                       SA Weightlifting Association
Horse SA                                        Skate South Australia
Judo Federation of Australia SA Inc.            Sporting Shooters Association of Aust. SA
Kodokan Judo Association                        Squash SA
Korfball SA                                     Surfing SA
Lacrosse SA                                     Surf Life Saving SA
Marching SA                                     Swimming SA
Model Aerosport SA Inc.                         Taekwondo Australia Inc. SA
Motorcycling Australia SA Inc.                  Target Rifle SA
Powerlifting Aust SA                            Tennis SA
Riding for the Disabled Association SA Inc      Tenpin Bowling Association Inc. SA
Royal Life Saving Society of Australia SA       Wheelchair Sports Association of SA Inc.
SA Amateur Football League Inc.                 Yachting South Australia Inc.
SA Amateur Wrestling Association Inc.           Backyard Football League Australia
SA Athletic League                              Bicycle SA
SA Baseball League Inc.                         Gaelic Football & Hurling Association of SA
SA BMX Association                              Ohdokwan International Inc.
SA Clay Target Association                      SA Road Runners Club
SA Cricket Association                          World Taekwondo

                              SELECTION CRITERIA
The following selection criteria must be followed for your submission to host the 2011 South
Australian Masters Games to be successful.

1. Requests to host the South Australian Masters Games will be considered from any Local
   Government Authority or associated groups; bids from individuals will not be considered.

2. Bid documentation should be in the following layout and must include the following details:

   2.1       The name of the Host Region and Host Organisation intending to host the Event

   2.2       Regional benefits and outcomes

   2.3       Confirmation that the Host Organisation will underwrite the event

   2.4       Clearly state whether you wish to host a 4 or 8 day event

   2.5       The proposed dates for this event and the expected weather conditions for this
             time of the year

   2.6        The following should be in a table format
                • List each sport that you will be including
                • List the Local Sporting organisation that will be responsible for organising
                    games Events
                • Venue address
                • Facility including parking, seating and canteen facilities available on site
                • Estimate number of individuals and/or teams for each sport you will be
                    catering for.
                • Access for disabled

   2.7       Accommodation available in your region e.g. Motel, Caravan Park, Cabins, Hotels,
             Bed and Breakfast and Camping. Total number of rooms and beds should be
             stated for each category. Distance from Registration Centre must also be stated

   2.8       Include support letters from the following
                 • Each local sporting organisation that intends to be involved in your event.
                 • Host organisation
                 • Community leaders
                 • Local media
                 • Local Councils in your region

   2.9       Venue for the Opening and Closing Ceremony

   2.10      A list of important sightseeing opportunities that would attract visiting participants

   2.11      Summary of social and special events organized during the duration of the Games

   2.12      Previous events that are of a similar size to your nominated event hosted by the
             proposed hosting region / group

   2.13      Opportunities to involve your local community in the organisation of the event

Host Region Rights and Services

The Selected Host Region Organising Committee will receive the following:

• Exclusive rights to conduct the 2011 South Australian State Masters Games

• The right to your naming of the Event (in association with the major sponsor)

• The right to securing a Naming Sponsor

• Selection of a Games logo

• Exclusive rights to use the Games mark/logo in connection with on-site sales of event

• Authorisation to use the Sport SA logo on all games related documentation.
    Note: The Sport SA logo must appear on all related correspondence, programs, registration
    booklets, expression of interest forms, etc.

• Sport SA to be available for advice on all plans, budgets, technical knowledge, marketing
    data etc.

• Sport SA to assist in the state-wide promotion/publicity of the Masters Games

•   Bids to host the 2011 South Australian Masters Games should include appropriate
    photographs, maps and diagrams.

1. Formal written bids must be received by COB Friday 28th November 2008
    Please note:
    Faxed and emailed bid documents will not be accepted.
    Late bids will not be accepted.

2. Announcement of the successful region will be made on Friday 23rd
   January 2008
    The hand over of the Games Flag to the Successful Region will be made at the Closing
    Ceremony in Port Pirie on 18th April 2010

For further information please contact:

    Peter Spry
    Games Manager
    Ph: 8353 7755 or 0416 183 811
    Email: .

    Please address all bid documents to:
    2011 South Australian Masters Games
    C/- Sport SA, P.O. Box 103, West Beach SA 5024.


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