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					Develop thru Personal Transformation
Self Esteem

By developing a higher plane of mental strength, one can reach for his or
her highest level of goals and dreams. In order to develop a higher plane
of consciousness however, one must follow three major steps. It all boils
down to making positive transformations. Awareness can be reached by
looking within the self and assessing our emotions and thinking patterns.
This assessment allows us to recognize our individual strengths and
weaknesses. We are permitted to see areas that we may want to change or
work on. Usually greater mental supremacy is only an adjustment away.

To make a shift in mental consciousness we must first scrutinize our own
personal perspective. We must evaluate and judge a circumstances in its
entirety. To do this we must be able to see our own perspective relative
with whom we are dealing with. We must work to establish relative
perspectives. By doing this, we are able to determine if our perspective
is too broad or too narrow in thinking. As an individual, we should be
able to ask perspective-enlarging questions that the brain responds to in
an appropriate manner. This is very important when searching for greater
mental supremacy. We must be able to see clearly, to have a new
perspective, a mind-expanding perspective on the current situations that
are affecting our lives.

The second submission for gaining clearer mental consciousness is to try
to acquire the perspective of others. It is here that we seek to examine
the perspectives of others based on their own individual facts and ideas.
This is a great way better to understand those we love and interact with
on a daily basis. We must essentially step into their minds. First, we
must figure out if the individual is using their left-brain analytical
perspective with its details and divisions. If not then we must evaluate
if the individual receives their ideas from a right-brain perspective.
The right-brain perspective tends to ignore the basic logic of the left-
brain. By figuring this out, we can actually understand where someone
else is coming from. We can gain insight into another’s unique
perspectives and decision-making processes. This allows us to be better
able to work with other people.

The third implication for increasing your mental strength is to look for
new perspectives in ideas. It seems that ideas usually reveal their own
form of a limited perspective or outlook on life. One must be able to
evaluate and discern the perspective that an idea is based upon. Someone
who has a broad perspective might have ideas that are narrower in
perspective due to their own personal educational and cultural biases.
Usually these biases are instilled in people as early as childhood. In
order to understand if an idea is an appropriate solution we must be able
to take an idea apart in search of the root. Once we find the root, we
may clearly see that this is the ideal solution or we may suggest an even
better solution.

By following these three suggestions, an individual will be able to reach
a greater level of mental supremacy. The second part of mental control is
physical power. When we take chances and make positive changes in our own
lives this is reaching for levels of higher physical supremacy. Physical
reign can be defined as the actions that we take. It is these actions
that dictate our lives. It is important to be not only a person of words
but also a person of action. A higher level of mental and physical
supremacy is easily attainable. We just have to willing to take a few
simple steps. These first few steps are the initial steps that lead us
towards a better life. We all wish that we could change this or that.
Through greater mental and physical reign, we are given the power to
change and create our own individual futures.

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