Informatics PPTC h10 by 0bhg6M


									          Chapter 10
by Kathleen Mastrian, Dee McGonigle,
          and Nedra Farcus
  Ethical Applications of
           Key Terms Defined
•   Alternatives
•   Antiprincipilism
•   Autonomy
•   Beneficence
•   Bio-Ethics
           Key Terms Defined
•   Bio-Informatics
•   Care Ethics
•   Casuistry Approach
•   Confidentiality
•   Consequences
        Key Terms Defined
• Decision Making
• Decision Support
• Duty
• Ethical Decision Making
• Ethical Dilemma
             Key Terms Defined
•   Ethical, Social and Legal implications (ESLI)
•   Ethicist
•   Ethics
•   Eudiamonistic
•   Fidelity
              Key Terms Defined
•   Good
•   Harm
•   Justice
•   Liberty
•   Moral
          Key Terms Defined
•   Moral Dilemmas
•   Moral Rights
•   Negligence
•   Nicomachean
•   Nonmaleficence
            Key Terms Defined
•   Principlism
•   Privacy
•   Rights
•   Security
•   Self-control
           Key Terms Defined
•   Standard
•   Truth
•   Uncertainty
•   Values
•   Veracity
          Key Terms Defined
• Virtue
• Virtue Ethics
• Wisdom
             Ethical Decisions
•   Ethics
•   Bioethics
•   Ethical Dilemmas
•   Morals
•   Ethical Decision Making
      Theoretical Approaches

• Theoretical approaches and healthcare
• The Hippocratic tradition
• Principlism
• Anti-Principlism
      Theoretical Approaches
• The Casuistry Approach
• The Husted Bioethical decision-making
• The Virtue Ethics Approach
• Care Ethics
      Theoretical Approaches
• The consensus-based approach
• The value of different theoretical ethical
• The importance of diverse ethical insight
    Applying Ethics to Informatics
•   The Information Age
•   Language Barriers
•   Informatics Practitioners
•   Healthcare Professionals and Ethical
    Applying Ethics to Informatics
•   Analysis and Ethics
•   The use of expert systems
•   Facing Ethical Dilemmas
•   The Goal of an Ethical System
    Applying Ethics to Informatics
•   An Ethical Dilemma
•   Bio-informatics
•   Making Ethical Decisions
•   Practicing Ethics
  Applying Ethics to Informatics
• Virtue ethics
• The Responsibility of Ethics
• The International Council of Nurses Code of
• Science/Technology Advances and the
  Thought Provoking Questions
• Identify moral dilemmas in healthcare
  informatics that would best be approached
  with the use of an ethical decision making
• Discuss the evolving health care ethics
  traditions within their social and historical
  Thought Provoking Questions
• Differentiate among the theoretical
  approaches to health care ethics as they
  relate to the theorists perspectives of
  individuals and their relationships.
• Select one of the healthcare ethics theories
  and support its use in examining ethical
  issues in healthcare informatics.
  Thought Provoking Questions
• Select one of the healthcare ethics theories
  and argue against its use in examining
  ethical issues in healthcare informatics.

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