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									Managing Time: Tips to Help You Spend Less
Time Doing More!

                                                               Powerful Sales Performance

Time can’t be managed!

The title “Tips to help you spend less time doing
more” is not about “Time Management!" Time
cannot actually be managed; it passes by
effectively without any management from

However, the skills of planning, objective setting
and prioritising together with a slice of self-
discipline can help us all to be more effective.

The best focus for all of us is to manage our
actions to ensure that each day we are moving
(sometimes slowly but inexorably) towards the
things that make us successful.
                                                      Time to Organise
Time to Plan                                          Planning, however is of little use without the time
In order for this to happen we need time to plan      to organise. The modern business world has many
and a good way to start is to visualise your long     hazards for our carefully planned day, e-mail being
term picture of success and put it in writing.        one of the most pernicious!

Then work out some logical stage goals along          Try not to open new emails until at least mid-
the way: Start with what you want to have             morning - until you have made at least some
achieved by the end of 2009, then move on to          progress on your planned workload.
what you want to have achieved in three months
time and then break that picture into the actions     If necessary switch off your e-mail system while
that you must complete before the end of the          you make progress and set 30 minute islands of
month.                                                time - one in the morning, one in the afternoon and
                                                      one late in the day to deal with that day's e-mail
Spend the first 15 minutes of the day planning        traffic.
the day ahead, focus on no more than three main
priorities for the day. Lock into these actions and
do your best to manage interruptions. Think how
good it will feel to achieve these priorities.

                                     For more information contact:
MERCURI INTERNATIONAL                         Tel:   01932 844 855
Managing Time: Tips to Help You Spend Less
Time Doing More!

                                                                Powerful Sales Performance

 Time to deliver                                        Time to Relax
 Now that you are organised it's time to kick-start
                                                        If we value our working time in this way then we
 the actions. Remember, as a professional your
                                                        will find work more rewarding and enjoyable, but
 reputation relies on you delivering to both
                                                        of course we still need time to rest and relax!
 external and internal clients, you need time to
                                                        Block out when you will take your holidays during
 Reserve two hours early in the day specifically        the year. Remember when the Bank Holidays
 to enable you to deliver a proposal, an answer         happen and ensure that you spread your holiday
 to a query, a presentation to a client or a            time so that you do not have months at a time
 resolution to a complaint!                             without “recharging the batteries”.
 This builds a sense of achievement and
                                                        When you have a day off resist the temptation to
 motivation giving you the momentum to tackle
                                                        open your briefcase, switch on your laptop, visit
 other issues.
                                                        the office or check e-mails. The objective of a
 Time to Manage                                         day off is to get totally away from the business.

 Whether you manage others or not, you need             You will feel cheated and risk your future
 time to manage activities, tasks, progress             effectiveness if you succumb to temptation!
 towards goals or even yourself! Value your time
 and ensure that you get some uninterrupted
 concentration time every day.

 If necessary agree with your colleagues a signal
 in your office or at your desk which lets them
 know when you are available and not. Ensure
 that meetings (both internal and external) are
 well organised and have a time limit, remember
 you could be doing other things!

 We only have 86400 seconds in a day so spend
 them wisely. We have all heard the phrase 'time
 is money' so budget your time accordingly. At a
 rate of £1 per minute, a three-hour meeting of
 three colleagues costs £540. Justify this as you
 would an external spend of £540.

                                       For more information contact:

                                                        Tel:   01932 844 855

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