Semana 07 Chapter 09 Quiz by 91Kw3G1C


									Question 1        10 of 10 points
             ____ software often includes powerful search tools that use proprietary semantic and
             statistical algorithms to help users find the content, human experts, and other
             resources that can aid them in their research and decision-making tasks.

              Selected Answer:        Knowledge management
 Question 2      10 of 10 points
              Page-based systems do not work well for small and midsize Web sites.

              Selected Answer:      False
 Question 3      10 of 10 points
              Good sites give buyers alternative ways to find products.

              Selected Answer:      True
 Question 4       0 of 10 points
              ____ reports provide data mining capabilities that search through the site data
              collected in log files.

               Selected Answer:        Yahoo! Store
 Question 5      0 of 10 points
              Common service providers are also called ____.

               Selected Answer:        business service providers
 Question 6       10 of 10 points
              SCM planning software helps companies develop coordinated demand forecasts
              using information from each participant in the supply chain.

              Selected Answer:      True
 Question 7      10 of 10 points
              Web stores often do not use the same department names as their physical

              Selected Answer:      False
 Question 8       0 of 10 points
              ____ software helps companies collect and organize information, share the
              information among users, and enhance the ability of users to collaborate.

               Selected Answer:        Data mining
 Question 9     10 of 10 points
              WebSphere Commerce Suite is produced by ____.

               Selected Answer:        IBM
 Question 10       10 of 10 points
               For a selling business, ____ software provides standard electronic commerce
               activities, such as secure transaction processing and fulfillment.

                Selected Answer:           e-business

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