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					WhatsApp Plus - New Look of WhatsApp Messenger

Till now we have learnt many about the different features about the WhatsApp Android
as well as its wide area acceptance. However, we know that nowadays, anything new
once reveled then after developer team started continuous RND for that and same happen
in case of WhatsApp Messenger.

When WhatsApp introduced it was
the launch without any big
announcement and its vast features
make its accepted area more wide.
Once the application became most
popular for the large base of users,
developer teams of the WhtasApp
Messenger has started to make some
creativity for this application. And
after the long time they come with
the new platform of WhatsApp
Android, called WhatsApp Plus.

Key benefit of using Android smartphone is that out of the box, as Android supports
many applications and out of them most are free and valuable to use. That’s why
Android developer teams have has taken whatsapp for Android to WhatsApp PLUS.

For more information visit: http://whatsappandroid.net

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