battery life by shimojamal


									13 tips to extend battery life of your Smart phone.


1. Set your phone in Energy-saving Mode: This is the first step for

extending your phone's battery life.

2. Turn off 3G or 4G and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: when you are not using
them because both air signal and wireless connection shorten's phone's
battery life. when your Smartphone constantly scans for wireless
networks, it is consumes lot of power!

3. Check the screen brightness to be environmentally friendly: A brilliant

screen always drains most of your battery energy.
4. Always keep your OS updated : All NEW Smart phone OS will tend to
improve power consumption. So update if new OS version is available.

5. Built a reasonable Battery Charging Plan: If your Smart phoneuses
Nickel-based batteries, you should use up all power before recharging.
But there is no such a limit on Lithium ion battery.

6. Avoid using Animations: So keep avoid using them on your wallpaper as
well as scanning online videos and animated ads.

7. Keep your phone away from hot place: since overheating can damage

your phone's battery cells and they'll die faster after charging.
8. Get an extra accessory: such as PowerSkin, who offers a
series of impact-resistant silicone rubber cases that protect your
smartphone while extending your phone's battery life.

9.Downloading a power-management
app: like BatteryXL Battery Doubler, a Task Killer      Android App to
Help Battery Life. JuiceDefender or Green Power will ensure Wi-Fi
and other battery-guzzling features are turned off when not required.
It will also manage apps for more efficient use of the smartphone
processing power.

10. Switch off GPS when not in use: Similarly, apps such
as Maps or Facebook Places, which constantly use GPS technology to
fix your location, will also quickly drain your battery. If you use these
apps, make sure you properly exit or disable the app when you have
finished using it.

11. Put your control on multi-tasking: Although multi-
tasking is a welcome and highly-promoted feature of many
smartphones, keeping numerous apps open at the same time rapidly
drains battery. If you use The Weather Channel app to get your local
forecast, remember to exit the app when you have finished, otherwise
it will continue to provide battery-draining updates as it runs in the
12. Turn off the Vibrator and Push Email when you
do not use them.

13.Turn off the Notifications function: If your phone is
about to die, then turn off the notification function that would
normally allow your phone to automatically download new email, and
notifications from third-party apps, but also makes your battery run
out faster.

Information :
Talk always saves more source than TEXT or EMAIL.
If possible keep your ringtone simple.

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