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									iPad and iPad 2 - Apple Takes One More
Step Further

Update (Tuesday 3/15/2011): sales company 2

Sales company 2 shock heaven. Or near Apple sells 500000 last weekend in the company of
more than 2 seconds. According to coverage, such as Wal-Mart run out of stock to several
retailers, best buy, target and many cities in first day.

To source and sell 400000 500000 in first weekend compared to the original aybads of the 2 秒
300,000 of claims. Number of sales in the company many first time owner of it.

Number must update the retailer's company 2: stock the tablet. Buyers Apple also online
ordering at & t site options. However, this Apple and 2-3 weeks & t shipping before 3-4 includes
waiting for weeks.

Step forward than the Apple company 2 launch

Known and always display the related products at Apple, has designed the regular innovative
features outside the successful in the consumer market by storm. Years, since the beginning of
this revolution iPod. You must own today music lovers in the iPod models and some design. Was
was like minikomboter with the phone in your pocket and then the iPhone. Stylish design and
features and the increase in popularity is proved quickly away everyone and was proud the

Fire company

Apple didn't stop when Apple's popular Tablet PC touch screen market saw the emergence of the
company made sales in April last year to. Company and the aesthetics of usability is was worth
raving. Or process using Tablet gradually use and portability and comfort, Internet surfing and e-
mail the jukebox music brought a check if has a section in the consumer market, afraid of
possibility as just a symbol of the State began to appreciate and ease of document and file
He gained popularity among the students soon to study notes from the company. Drew popular
among people who are no longer moving to often laptop battery, light weiaitidnis. Is now in the
app store download thousands of applications opens a whole new world of functions of the
company. Company applications to expand the learning inside and outside the classroom
experience for both. Productivity tools, AIDS research, interactive lessons for everyone?
Provides an innovative way Ayboks company to buy and read the book.

Enterprise business                                          application converts the working
methods. Check the                                           company, you can edit office
documents such as                                            Microsoft Office and iWork
common files. You                                            can get the file from the vehicle,
creating a beautiful                                         presentation first, complex data
tables to annotate                                           Pdf files on the corporate network

Company sales increased popularity was evident, September 2010 7460000 was just six months
after the shooting. Says report 2010 of the last three months and add aybads 7. 33 million sales.

One of devices occupying a world between the Smartphone and laptop computers in the
company ' Steve Jobs "was convinced Apple presents, lacking some features for potential
customers. Obviously the Apple 2, 3/2 to mitigate these vulnerabilities. Is the much-anticipated
iPad2 3/11/2011 to market first. Company 2, also known as "HD" has been rumored.

Compared to the original company, here are some of the upgrades to the iPad2.

Great graphics and processor
2 Processor cores Tip 1 A5 iPad2 (binary). The A4 processor upgrade, the original company.
Call the differences if you have smooth multitasking application load video, movies, Internet,
surf fast, vasitimi, games, mobile applications from application, everything works good but just

Company faster and smoother and graphics performance of nine times more realistic play. The
style and supreme authority, Apple claims battery still the same amazing 10 hours continues.

Once again, the two Vasitimi
IPad2 two cameras-one has front and back. Got a taste of the vasitimi the release of the iPhone 4,
Apple fans. Also the iPad2 decided very popular recently to add a get function vasitimi two
iPad2 camera. Place the face front camera and your friend's face. Switch rear camera video call
and the person, or is happening around your your participation. If it rolls back the background
when not using the camera, vasitimi, can be movioorthi. Is HD, and all shooting minimasterbisi.

2-Color in a variety
Original company in black only available IPad2 both are available in black and white.

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