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									                 Special Session Schedule (Code: sams-12)

                    Differential Geometry and its Applications

Venue: Room 0103, 1st floor, East Sub-building, Guang Hua Tower

(地点:光华东辅楼 103 室)

          Date     Dec 17      Dec 18       Dec 19       Dec 20    Dec 21
       Morning   plenary       special      plenary      special   plenary
                 lecture       session      lecture      session   lecture
       Afternoon special       special      free         special   free
                 session       session                   session
       Evening   free          public       banquet      free      free

                           December 17 , 2008
                      Morning ( plenary meeting)
  Venue: Room 202, East Sub-building, Guang Hua Tower
       8:30-9:00   Registration (East Sub-buidling, GuangHua Tower)
       9:00-9:20   opening ceremony
      9:20-10:10   plenary lecture (Prof. Ma Zhi-Ming, CAS, Beijing)
     10:10-10:30   group photo
     10:30-11:00                           tea break
     11:00-11:50   plenary lecture (Prof. Zhang Wei-Ping, Chern Inst.)
                      Afternoon (special session)
     13:30-14:00   Viktor Schroeder (Univ of Zuerich),
                   Geodesic Ptolemy Spaces
     14:00-14:30   Jih-Hsin Cheng (Academia Sinica ), Surfaces of
                   prescribed p-mean curvature in the Heisenberg group
     14:30-15:00   Xusheng Liu (Fudan University) , Vanishing theorem
                   for irreducible symmetric spaces of non-compact type
     15:00-15:30                           tea break
     15:30-16:00   YiBing Shen (Zhejiang University)
                   Projective Changes in Riemann-Finsler Geometry
     16:00-16:30   Wei Huang (East China Normal U), Analysis of
                   Solutions to the Ricci Flow which are Initially Singular
     16:30-17:00   Bobo Hua (Fudan University), Generalized Liouville-
                   type Theorem in Non-negatively curved singular spaces
     17:00-17:30   Gudlaugur Thorbergsson (University of Koln,

                   On bounded curvature in quotients
                          Evening (free)

                            December 18 , 2008
                         Morning(special session)
     8:30-9:00      Alex Nabutovsky (University of Toronto)
                    Length of geodesics
     9:00-9:30      Qingchun Ji (Fudan University)
                    Bernstein Type Theorems For Minimal Lagrangian
                    Graphs of Quaternion Euclidean space
    9:30-10:00      Watler Wei (University of Oklahoma)
                    Generalized weighted Poincar’e-Sobolev inequalities
                    and p-harmonic forms
   10:00-10:30      tea break
   10:30-11:00      Guanghao Hong (Xian Jiaotong University)
                    A NEW PROOF OF REIFENBERG’S
                    TOPOLOGICAL DISK THEOREM
   11:00-11:30      Changqing Hu (Suzhou University)
                    Constant rank theorem of the level sets of
                    hypersurfaces in R^{n+1} with prescribed mean
   11:30-12:00      Tom Wan (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
                    Calabi-Yau Components in general type Hypersurfaces
                        Afternoon (special session)
   13:30-14:00      Regina Rotman (University of Toronto)
                    Lengths of geodesic loops on complete Riemannian
   14:00-14:30      Xiaoxiang Jiao (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
                    On Minimal Two-Spheres immersed in Complex
                    Grassmann manifolds
   14:30-15:00      Naqing Xie (Fudan U) and Xiao Zhang (Chinese
                    Academy of Sciences)
                    Positive mass theorems for asymptotically AdS
                    space-times with arbitrary cosmological constant
   15:00-15:30                               tea break
   15:30-16:00      Jiaqiang Mei (Nanjing University), Remarks on
                    topology of spaces with lower curvature bound
   16:00-16:30      Xaioping Yang (Nanjing University of Sci-Tech)
                    On minimal surfaces in the Heisenberg group
   16:30-17:00      Weimin Sheng (Zhejiang University)
                    Admissible Metrics in the $k$-Yamabe Equation
               Evening (public lecture)
Speaker: Prof. James Glimm, President of AMS)

Title:    One Mathematician's View of the Growing Role of Mathematics
          across Science and Beyond
Venue:    Room 202, East Sub-building, Guang Hua Tower

                            December 19 , 2008
                             (Plenary Meeting)
         Venue: Room 202, East Sub-building, Guang Hua Tower
     9:00-9:50       plenary lecture (Prof. Robert Bryant, MSRI)
    9:50-10:30                                tea break
   10:30-11:20       plenary lecture (Prof. Craig Evans, UC, Berkeley)
  Time: 18:00-21:00
  Venue: The 8th floor, Shanghai Grand Theatre at People’s Square
           No. 200, North Huang Pi Rd.

                            December 20, 2008
                             (special session)
     8:30-9:00      President Jyh-Yang WU (Chung-Cheng University,
                    An equation of motion with quantum effect in
     9:00-9:30      Xingwang Xu (National University of Singapore)
                    Constant mean curvature spheres in Riemannian
    9:30-10:00      Hongyan Tang (Tsinghua University, Beijing) On the
                    Schrodinger flows
    10:00-10:30                              tea break
    10:30-11:00     Chiung-Jue Anna Sung (Tsinghua University, Taiwan)
                    Harmonic forms and Weight Poincar\'{e} inequality
    11:00-11:30     Shu-Cheng Chang (Taiwan University)
                    The CR Obata’s Theorem
    11:30-12:00     Albert Chau (University of British Columbia, CA)
                    Limits of the Kahler Ricci flow and non-negatively
                    curved Kahler manifolds
                             (special session)
    13:30-14:00     Changping Wang (Peking University)
                    Laguerre geometry of hypersurfaces in R^n”

   14:00-14:30     Xiangyu Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
                   Title: Isometric groups and automorphism groups in
                   homogeneous spaces
   14:30-15:00     Ge Jianquan (Tsinghua University)
                    A proof of the DDVV conjecture
   15:00-15:30     tea break
   15:30-16:00     Haizhong Li (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
                   Variational problems in Geometry of Submanifolds”
   16:00-16:30     Daguang Chen (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
                   Pseudoharmonic mappings
   16:30-17:00     HongWei Xu (Zhejiang University)
                   Topological and Differentiable Sphere Theorems for
   17:00-17:30     Fred Xavier (University of Notre Dame)

                         December 21 , 2008
                          ( Plenary meeting)
Venue: Room 202, East Sub-building, Guang Hua Tower
    9:00-9:50    plenary lecture (Prof. Richard Schoen, Stanford)
   9:50-10:30    tea break
   10:30-11:20   plenary lecture(Prof. Yuan Xiao-Ping, Fudan)
   11:20-11:40   closing ceremony


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