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No.241 – AUTUMN 2010
                                                                                             FINAL CONCEPT SELECTED

                         Cairnlea, Vic. 17th – 28th March, 2010

Official Publication of the Australian Croquet Association.
The ACA is a member of the World Croquet Federation and of the World Gateball Union.
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                                                                       CROQUET AUSTRALIA - AUTUMN MARCH 2010          1
          If you are playing one of the more
           intelligent sports in the world …

… don’t you deserve a smarter mallet?

             The Series 4: Graphite composite head construction with tungsten
             peripheral weighting. Lightweight profiled graphite shaft. $500 + pp

                                   Fenwick Elliott Mallets                     Adelaide
                            Tel: 0418 884 181

                                               CROQUET AUSTRALIA No. 241 AUTUMN 2010

                                             Croquet Australia (ACA)                      Selection Committee
                                                                                          Trevor Bassett (Chair)
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                                                                                          Contact details:
                                             Patron                                       Anna Miller, ACA Selector
                                             Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce              Contact details: (03) 5264 7663
                                             AC Governor-General of the Commonwealth of   Martin Clarke, ACA Selector
                                             Australia.                                   Contact details:
                                             President                                    Stephen Forster, ACA Selector
                                             Max Murray                                   Contact details:
                           CROQUET           80 Meads Road, Tilba Tilba, NSW 2546         Handicapping Committee
                           MAGAZINE          Phone: (02) 4473 7373                        Stephen Meatheringham, Rob McAdam,
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                                             Senior Vice President
                                             Steve Jones                                  Editor
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   From the ACA                          4   Phone: (08) 8182 5641
                                                                                          South Australia – Croquet SA
                                             National Refereeing Director                 President: Neil White
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   2009 Photo Competition 7                  Phone: (03) 9354 4251                        Email:
                                             Email:                   Tasmania – Croquet Tasmania
                                             National Gateball Director                   President: Ian Smith
   2010 Interstate Cup –                     Gilon Smith                                  Secretary: Graeme Denehey
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VCC Cairnlea. Photo: Stephen Forster.        George Karoly, Ken Hopkins                   Western Australia - Vacant
                                                                                  CROQUET AUSTRALIA - AUTUMN MARCH 2010                3
                   CROQUET AUSTRALIA No. 240 SUMMER 2009
                                                                                               club subscription, does the club eventually
From the President                            with a membership and we understand
                                              that the magazine does the rounds of club        pass it on to the local library, again

          ver the last few months we have     members. But that means that you don’t           spreading the croquet news?
          almost got back to normal –         have the magazine available when you                I try to ensure there are both short and
          whatever that is as we tidy up      need it to peruse with your next cuppa.          long articles, along with photographs, that
from the WCF Women’s World GC                    At only $37 for a year’s subscription it      are conducive to both the long read and
Championships.                                is about the cheapest worthwhile read you        the ‘glance.’ But is this format what YOU,
   Unfortunately we have some bad news        can get. If the magazine does not meet           the reader, really wants? I’d be interested
with the death of Nell Hass. Nell was the     your requirements then tell us and we will       to hear from subscribers. Please let me
Chairperson of the Australian Laws            do the best we can to do so.                     know what you would like more of, what
Committee and has been heavily involved                              Max Murray, President
                                                                                               you would like less of and whether the
in administration of croquet over a number                                                     magazine is the right mix to suit your
of years. Many of you may remember her                                                         tastes and your circumstances.
as the author of a very good publication      From the Editor                                    Costing the magazine takes in coloured

Take a Bisque; the book is still available           his issue I thought I’d introduce you     cover and centre section, 24 pages, the
and, for players who play handicap games,            – by photograph - to the hard-            odd advertisement or two (we would like
is well worth having in your library.                working State Correspondents.             more advertising; it’s cheap, cheap, cheap
   And the not so good news continues.        You’ve been reading their contributions          as compared with commercial advertising
With the ACA AGM coming up and we             for a number of issues now, so I thought I       rates) and of course the cost of postage.
look to appointments to officer positions     should put photos to names, so to speak.         Costs being what they are in this world of
in the ACA for the next twelve months,        Thank you Geraldine, Ian, Ricki and              ours, where we’re always being told there
we received the advice that Owen              Wendy - and also, thank you to all those         should be no free lunches, your
Edwards will not be available for             of you who supply your state                     Association does pick up the tab when
nomination to the position of National        correspondents with their ‘news.’ I have         there is a shortfall between publication
Refereeing Director (NDR). Also Chris         high hopes of welcoming a correspondent          costs and subscriptions – but it would be
Pont has advised that she will not be         from Western Australia next issue as well.       so much better if the magazine was
available for the position of National Golf      One of the magazine’s earlier long-           completely self-funded by subscriptions.
Croquet Director (NGCD). We will miss         serving correspondents was bid farewell             So please, when it comes time to
both from the ACA executive.                  recently. You will find a Vale for Nell Hass     re-subscribe, don’t pull the plug, rating
   Owen has been in the NDR position          on page 10. Nell was the Queensland              the cost as your way to get around
since 1996 and after 13 years has decided     correspondent from 1998 to 2005, and for         ‘economic downturn.’ Instead,
that it is time to hang up his Laws books.    the past two years she submitted articles        re-subscribe – and perhaps your address
He has been prominent in discussions and      on behalf of the ACA Laws Committee, of          label will win a prize!
formulation of Laws and Regulations and       which she was chair. Her articles in the           As from this issue, there will be three
associated documentation in both forms of     Croquet Australia magazine were a great          draws made, using the address label code
the game and has officiated at many           resource for me when I was writing the           as the determining factor. Prizes, at this
overseas events for different countries and   history of croquet in Queensland last year,      stage, will be modest, but croquet related.
the WCF. Owen will be missed both in          she was meticulous in her reporting and          For this issue, there will be three copies of
Australian and overseas Croquet circles.      was a wonderful role model for croquet in        the DVD, Swing into Mallet Sports,
   At this point in time the ACA is looking   general.                                         wending their way to three subscribers.
at how best to replace Owen. We thank            A magazine, whether it is a glossy            Maybe it will be YOU who will be
Owen and wish Owen and wife Maureen           weekly picked up at the newsagents or            contacted as a winner – however, the old
all the best in their “retirement” from       subscription-only like Croquet Australia,        saying, ‘you have to be in it to win it’ of
croquet administration.                       lives and dies by its content. Over the past     course applies.
   Chris Pont is well-known and admired       few issues, I’ve attempted to make the             How quickly the year 2010 is flying.
among Golf Croquet players as someone         magazine as reader-friendly as possible,         May your croquet over the remainder of
who has established a great and enviable      increasing the content provided by the           the year be fun, fun, fun.
record of getting things going. Chris has     states so that not only the elite but also the                         Carolyn Ribone, Editor
been the National Director of Golf            everyday croquet players and club

                                                                                                     YOUR ADDRESS
Croquet for about three years and has         tournaments are featured. At the same
been the driving force behind a number of     time, I’ve touched on national and
golf croquet initiatives introduced during
that time. She was involved in the WCF
                                              international news and, when available,
                                              technical articles of interest.                       LABEL COULD WIN
Women’s World GC Championship and
has now taken on the job of President of
                                                 As I put the magazine together – and
                                              this could not be done without the
                                                                                                      YOU A PRIZE!
her home club and her first aim, typically,   wonderful Erica at Minet Imaging – I                Just by subscribing to
is to improve the membership numbers.         often think of how it will make its way to          the Croquet Australia
Together with her companion, Max              subscribers. Is it by personal subscription,        magazine, you could
Wiltshire, we wish them all the best in       where it pops into your letter box, ready to       win a prize! Each time
their endeavours.                             be opened and browsed over a cup of                    an issue of the
   Lastly can I again make a plea for more    coffee, perhaps while relaxing in the                   magazine is
subscribers? We cannot afford to run this     garden; or is it when one is at your local         published, there will
publication at a substantial loss and to      croquet club, glanced through in between            be a draw for three
avoid that we simply need more                matches, sometimes weeks after it’s been                  prizes.
subscribers.                                  published? Those of you who do                     Prizes for this issue
   Have you thought of taking out a           subscribe, when you’ve finished do you                 are copies of the recently-
membership as a gift to your retiring         pass your copy on, maybe to the local              launched Croquet Queensland DVD, Swing
President or to the winner of your next       medical centre or similar where it might                         into Mallet Sports.
club event? There are a number of clubs       be picked up by potential players? If it’s a
                                                          FROM THE ACA
From the Executive Director                          internationally may be booked and
                                                     arranged through Escape Travel. I
                                                                                                      Our MacRobertson Shield Team is well
                                                                                                    into its preparation for the Test Series in

        appy New Year! It seems that 2010            encourage all croquet players to support       the UK from 6 – 22 August 2010 under the
        is set to be another busy year for           this venture as Croquet Australia receives     guidance of Australian Team Coach, Steve
        croquet.                                     a rebate on the total travel costs booked      Jones. Congratulations to Kevin Beard,
  Croquet Australia and Flight Centre                through Escape travel. A link will also be     Martin Clarke, Ian Dumergue, Robert
LTD through Escape Travel are working                provided on the home page of the Croquet       Fletcher, Stephen Forster, Peter Landrebe
together in 2010 in a joint effort to support        Australia website for booking enquiries        (Captain) and reserves, Trevor Bassett and
croquet in Australia. By booking through    Please           Greg Fletcher. There are two team
the dedicated (Croquet Australia                     note the booking office for all travel is in   practices organised for April and May in
Approved) Escape Travel Office (Phone                Adelaide and business hours are Monday,        Melbourne and Sydney respectively.
Jakki or Sarah on 08 8425 0700 or email              Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am –             The ACA Tournament Regulations have
your query to and              5.30pm; Thursday 9am – 7pm and                 been amended and a copy is available on
quote the Croquet members reference                  Saturday 9am – 5 pm. A toll-free number        the ACA Website. The ACA Handicapping
number CQ0210, you can ensure for                    is being organised and will be notified        Regulations have also been updated by
yourself, family and friends that your               on the ACA Website and to state                National Handicapper, Stephen
business and personal travel is not only             associations as soon as it is available.       Meatheringham and a copy is available on
the cheapest available but is helping to                 I would like to remind all croquet         the ACA Website.
build Croquet in Australia. Jakki Wylie              players in Australia that Croquet Australia      The Croquet Australia Member Protection
and Sarah Dean are our dedicated travel              has a Business Account with Budget. You        Policy and the Anti-Doping Policy have
managers. All travel, tours and                      will be entitled to corporate rates for car    both been amended and are available on the
accommodation within Australia and                   rental within Australia by booking with        ACA Website. The MPP was amended to
                                                     Budget. Please note that the National          take into account new legislation in relation
                                                                                                    to working with children and some
Publication Details …                                Insurance Policy also covers the Excess
                                                                                                    definitions were amended/added to page 46
                                                     Insurance on rental cars. Therefore if you
Frequency                                            are a registered croquet player attending a    of the Anti-Doping Policy.
Croquet Australia – a magazine published by          tournament or conducting business on             The WCF has announced that the 4th
Croquet Australia (ACA) – is published four          behalf of croquet, you do not have to pay      WCF Women’s World GC Championship
times a year. ISSN 1328-9128                         the excess reduction on rental cars. (This     will be held at the Toronto Cricket Skating
                                                     amounts to a saving of approximately $25       and Curling Club, Ontario, Canada on
Publication Schedule
                                                     per day on the rental fees). Online            18-25 June 2011. Alix, it’s time to think
Copy for the next issue (March) should reach the
                                                                                                    about defending your title!
Editor by 14 June 2010.                              bookings may be made by clicking on the
                                                                                                      The ACA AGM will be held at the
                                                     Budget Logo on the Home page of the
Subscriptions                                                                                       Victorian Croquet Centre on Monday 29
                                                     Croquet Australia Website www.croquet-
For details see inside back cover.                                                                  March 2010. A President’s Meeting will be
                                            or phone 1800 111 102
                                                                                                    held at the same venue on Friday 26 March
Advertising                                          and quote our BCD number N0245911.
                                                                                                    and an ACA Executive Meeting will be
Advertisements from croquet clubs for                This service may be used for private           held on Saturday 27 March 2010. There
forthcoming National and State events are            rentals as well as by players attending        have been no extra nominations for the
charged at $3 per column-centimetre.                 croquet events.                                ACA Executive Committee - therefore the
Advertisements from other sources may be                At the present time entries are coming      present committee will remain in office.
accepted at commercial rates but the ACA             in steadily for the Men’s and Women’s            The ACA is saddened by the news of the
accepts no responsibility for the quality or         Championships to be held in conjunction        death of Nell Hass. Nell made a wonderful
nature of goods and services advertised.             with the AC Gold Medal and Eire Cup at         contribution to croquet in Australia and
                                                     the Victorian Croquet Centre on 17 - 28        was most recently Chair of the Australian
Opinions expressed in this magazine are
                                                     March 2010.                                    Laws Committee. Our sincere condolences
entirely those of the contributors.
                                                        The inaugural Australian GC Open            go to Nell’s family and friends.
Croquet Australia (ACA) is not responsible for
                                                     Doubles Championship and Open Singles            Owen Edwards has announced his
statements other than those provided by the          Championship will be hosted in the             retirement from the position of National
ACA Secretary/Executive Director.                    Hunter Valley (NSW) from 15 – 23 May           Director of Refereeing. Thank you Owen,
                                                     2010. Entry forms will be available on the     for all your hard work and support whilst
Permission to reprint text or graphics               ACA Website in mid-March.                      you were NDR and I hope you enjoy your
Individuals, clubs or associations wishing to           I would like to thank the members of        retirement.
reproduce material from this magazine either         Deniliquin Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club          Christine Pont has announced that she is
in print or in electronic media should first seek    for hosting the National GC Handicap           retiring as National Director of Golf
permission from the Editor, and attach               events and the Rich River CC for hosting       Croquet. Thank you Christine, for all the
‘with permission of the Editor: Croquet Australia’   the National AC Handicap events over a         energy and enthusiasm you brought to the
to the item used.                                    number of years. This year the ACA             role. Being National Director at the time
                                                     decided to rotate these events and the         Australia hosted the WCF Women’s World
Australian Croquet Association (ACA)                 National GC Handicap Events will be            Golf Croquet Championship must have
                                                     conducted in Perth WA from 9 – 13              made the event all the more exciting.
                                                     October 2010; the National AC Handicap           The ACA would like to welcome Anne
                                                     Events will be conducted in Hobart             Quinn from Victoria as the new National
                                                     Tasmania on 25 – 31 October 2010. Thank        Director of Golf Croquet. The ACA and
  This issue …                                       you to WA and Tassie for agreeing to host      Croquet New Zealand are working
  Editor - Carolyn Ribone Manager - Anna Miller      the events and I encourage players to          towards establishing a Youth Challenge to
  Setting & Graphics - Erica Klodinsky
  Production, Printing & Distribution -
                                                     support the events and the host states by      give experience to our young, talented
  Minet Imaging, Boronia, Vic.                       making Perth and Hobart a croquet              croquet players.
                                                     destination this year.                                     Maree Skinner, Executive Director
                                                                                           CROQUET AUSTRALIA - AUTUMN MARCH 2010               5
                            WCF News
Denmark Accepted as WCF                       Outcome of Consultation regarding the operation of
Observer Member                               WCF Statute 214.2

T                                             O
       he World Croquet Federation is
                                                       n 10th January 2010 The WCF                  qualifying member association.
       pleased to announce that the
                                                       Management Committee                            The following member associations
       Danish Gymnastics and Sports
Association (DGI) has been accepted as                 requested WCF Member                         gave indication of their support for the
an Observer member. It becomes the 27th       Associations to consider a waiver for                 waiver:
member association of the WCF.                WCF Statute 214.2 for a proposed                         Australia, Belgium, England, Ireland,
The DGI is an umbrella sports association     development event in China in late 2010.              Italy, Germany, Scotland, South Africa,
representing a total of 5,000 local           WCF Statute 214.2 – “For the avoidance                Spain, Sweden, and USA. No objections
association and sports clubs of all types     of doubt, all Full Member Associations                were received from any member
based in Vejle, Denmark, including            and Associate Members shall have the                  association.
Danish Croquet. Within that, it has an        right to compete or send representatives to           On that basis detailed planning for the
active croquet membership of                  compete in all competitions of the                    event will continue with the organisers of
approximately 5,000 players in 226            Federation.”                                          “Expo 2010 Shanghai, China”, under the
croquet clubs. A small number of these           This was on the basis that the proposed            co-ordination of WCF Immediate past
clubs have their own special lawns            event, part of the “Expo 2010 Shanghai                President, David Openshaw.
dedicated for croquet only, but most clubs    China”, is likely to be for a small number            Brian Storey, Secretary-General, World
are playing on football pitches.              of players and in that event, it would be             Croquet Federation.
   The variation of croquet that they play    impossible to accommodate every             
in Denmark is rather different from that
played on an International basis, with
small mallets, playing one handed, nine       Current Association Croquet Ranking List (February 2010)
                                              (Top 10 Ranking, followed by Australians who feature in the top 100)
hoops with an irregular peg setting but
with great spirit and competitiveness.
                                                         Name          Country     Grade Games Wins Index %wins Tps Tpos Otps Sxps       Last
WCF President, Charles Jones, said, “I
was delighted to see that Denmark will be     1   Chris Clarke       England       2892   62    54      2902 87     47   1    0   0    Jan2010
joining the WCF. It is pleasing from both     2   Reg Bamford        South Africa 2834    53    43      2819 81     38   1    1   12   Jul2009
a European and World perspective to have      3   Robert Fulford     England       2833   86    68      2837 79     50   6    0   16   Oct2009
Denmark as part of the global organisa-           Rutger
                                              4                      Netherlands   2708   124   82      2574 66     56   2    0   10   Sep2009
tion. Given the sheer numbers involved in         Beijderwellen
Denmark, I am certain they will make a        5   Stephen Mulliner   England       2693   208   152     2698 73     83   12   1   15   Jan2010
great impact on WCF.”                         6   Ian Lines          England       2666   122   96      2624 79     45   2    0   0    Jan2010

4th WCF Women’s World                         7   David Maugham      England       2664   156   112     2630 72     79   7    3   14   Sep2009

Golf Croquet Championship                     8   Paddy Chapman      New Zealand 2661     97    82      2764 85     64   5    3   2    Jan2010

awarded to Canada                             9   Aaron Westerby     New Zealand 2642     44    34      2606 77     19   1    0   0    Jan2010

                                              10 Robert Fletcher     Australia     2632   156   125     2657 80     75   5    5   1    Jan2010
        he World Croquet Federation
        (WCF) have much pleasure in           15 Martin Clarke       Australia     2548   78    62      2517 79     23   3    0   0    Jan2010
        announcing that the Canadian          16 Bruce Fleming       Australia     2547   69    48      2594 70     21   0    0   0    Jan2010
Croquet Association (Croquet Canada) has      25 Stephen Forster     Australia     2490   92    64      2482 70     33   2    1   0    Jan2010
been awarded the hosting of “The 4th WCF      27 Peter Landrebe      Australia     2483   87    65      2408 75     30   4    2   0    Nov2009
Women’s World Golf Croquet                    29 Trevor Bassett      Australia     2473   74    47      2462 64     27   2    0   0    Jan2010
Championship”. This will be the first WCF
                                              33 Kevin Beard         Australia     2456   147   104     2423 71     39   0    1   0    Jan2010
World Championship to be held in Canada.
  The event will take place from Saturday     34 Harley Watts        Australia     2453   47    30      2450 64     13   1    1   0    Nov2009
18th to Saturday 25th June 2011 at the        50 Simon Watkins       Australia     2375   167   119     2317 71     10   0    0   0    Jan2010
Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club,     60 Ken Bald            Australia     2333   63    41      2261 65     7    0    0   0    Jan2010
Ontario, Canada. There will be an             69 Les Watson          Australia     2305   60    42      2301 70     13   0    0   2    Oct2009
expected entry of 40 - 48 players from        70 Mike Jenner         Australia     2302   39    29      2278 74     3    0    0   0    Oct2009
around the world in the main event. A
                                              71 John Hardy          Australia     2296   92    67      2308 73     6    0    0   0    Oct2009
Plate event will also be played.
   President of Croquet Canada, Jim           73 Greg Bury           Australia     2287   36    26      2334 72     7    0    0   0    Oct2009
Nicklasson said, “We are very pleased to      74 Mark Prater         Australia     2286   72    42      2291 58     12   0    0   0    Nov2009
have successfully bid for hosting the         81 Miranda Morgan      Australia     2267   76    55      2262 72     4    0    0   0    Nov2009
Championships and look forward to             82 Rod Kirk            Australia     2267   68    41      2170 60     7    0    0   0    Oct2009
working with all interested parties to make
                                              87 Jocelyn Sutton      Australia     2252   38    29      2353 76     11   1    1   0    Oct2009
this an event that will make Canada proud.”
                                              89 Greg Fletcher       Australia     2244   96    58      2210 60     10   0    1   0    Jan2010
  The current World Champion is Alix
Verge (Australia) who beat Iman El            90 John Levick         Australia     2243   77    54      2269 70     9    0    0   0    Oct2009
Faransawi (Egypt) in Melbourne,               93 Simon Hockey        Australia     2232   10    8       2187 80     2    0    0   0    Apr2009
Australia in November 2009.                   Further information can be obtained at
  Photograph Competition
Congratulations to the winners and runners-up in
the four sections of the competition. Again, the
standard was high, which made it difficult to
choose. Thank you those of you who submitted

                                                       Section 1.
                                                        Action                                                                                 Section 3.

                                                         Winner: Look what
                                                         happens when there’s a
                                                         steady eye and a steady
                                                         mallet …. (Greg Bury
                                                         hitting, Martin Clarke
                                                         watching, during the 2009
                                                         Interstate Golf Croquet).
                                                         Photographer: Sue               Winner: … and the out player
                                                         Leitinger.                      remained motionless …
                                                                                         Photographer: Lorraine
                                                                                         Holland, on behalf of
                                                         Runner-Up: Follow the           Leongatha (Vic) Croquet Club.
                                                         Leader. (Ian Grant and his
                                                         son (Chris) on adjoining        Runner-Up: Now watch
                                                         courts during the semi-         closely. The way our numbers
                                                         finals of the National          are this week, you might have
                                                         handicap championships at       to play pennant in
                                                         Rich River. Ian and Chris       Rockhampton! Photographer:
                                                         went on to be thhe finalists.   on behalf of Mackay (Qld)
                                                         Photographer: Doron             Croquet Club, photograph
                                                         Gunzburg                        taken in the 1970’s.

                                                         Section 2.
                                                         Players in                                                                          Section 4.
                                                        Club Settings                                                                        From the

Winner: Wishing! (A little
tongue-in-cheek as we do
not have a Club house –
instead we have a
Council table and this
tree is our notice board.
We have to take
everything we need to
play croquet out to our
courts; - it’s an oval, used only by us for sport, it’s rough but we maintain it as
best we can. We have land allotted to us by the Council for new courts, but
our first application to build them was rejected – we are trying hard!)
Photographer: Barbara Henwood, on behalf of the Lakes Entrance Croquet                   Winner: The way we were – Kyabram Croquet Club flying the flag early on.
Club.                                                                                    Submitted by: Mrs D. Rowston, on behalf of the Kyabram Croquet Club Vic.

Runner up: With Bowls We Share. Submitted by: on behalf of Goondiwindi                   Runner-up: Our Heritage. Submitted by: on behalf of Ipswich Croquet Club,
Croquet Club, Queensland’s ‘youngest’ croquet club.                                      Queensland, founded 1902.
                                                                                                          CROQUET AUSTRALIA - AUTUMN MARCH 2010                      7
                                 2010 INTERSTATE CUP
                            Player Profiles
Calling all croquet players, Swing into Croquet! Come visit VCC, Cairnlea, from 17 to 28 march 2010, where there is a plethora of top-level
Association Croquet on offer. See the six state ACA Bronze medallists vie for gold and Silver from 17 to 19th , follow your favourite entrants in
the Australian mens and Womens Championships from 20-23rd march, then cheer on your State team as they use skill and tactics in Interstate
(Eire Cup) competition. At the same time, check out the players who will represent Australia in the macRobertson Shield in August – and pass on
your good wishes. Below are the State team representatives – learn a little more about them and perhaps from them during their matches.

                                                                                          Victorian Team
Below are profiles on the Victorian Association Croquet Interstate team                     Members:
members – the team welcomes all to the ACA Gold Medal, Mens and Womens                     Wendy, Sue,
Championships and the Interstate (Eire) Cup – and may be ‘best’ team win!                  Steve, Judy,
STEPHEN FORSTER – Captain. Stephen is married to Julie, with 2 children,                  Kevin, Robert,
Zach 18 and Eden 15. This is his 15th time in the Team and 7th time as Captain.           Simon, Tricia.
He is a Theatre Technician at the Geelong Hospital. In 2009 he won the
Australian Men’s Single’s Championship, made the final 16 at the World’s
(Florida), Captained the Australian Trans Tasman Team, and will represent
Australia in the MacRobertson Shield, held in England, in August 2010. He is
looking forward to leading this Victorian Team for the challenge of winning the
Eire Cup for the third year in succession.
TRICIA DEVLIN, VICE CAPTAIN – This is the sixth time Tricia has been part of
the Victorian team, winning the Interstate Cup three times and coming second
twice in previous years. She began playing in South-west Victoria in 1995/6 and
became hooked on the game, playing in every Australian state and at every
opportunity. Her best individual results have been winning the Australian
Women’s Eight and reaching the semifinal of the Australian Women’s Singles
in 2009.
KEVIN BEARD – Kevin took up croquet in 1999 in an attempt to improve his
work-life balance. He plays association croquet, golf croquet and gateball at the
Brunswick Mallet Sports Club. Kevin’s best memory of croquet is winning the
Tom Howat Cup (ACA President’s 2nd Eight) in 2003. Most recent highlight is
selection for the Australian Team to play in the MacRobertson Shield in August
2010 in the UK.                                                                       NEW SOUTH WALES
Kevin is returning to the team after a two year absence, and is representing
Victoria for the sixth time.                                                          TIm muRPHy (CAPTAIN) – Tim, from Canberra Club, began his croquet career
                                                                                      in 2003 at Nowra, and has represented New South Wales seven times. Given
WENDy DICKSON – Wendy is a member of both the Brunswick Mallet Sports                 the opportunity, he always calls heads, and his memorable croquet moment was
Club and Yarrawonga and Border Croquet Club. Wendy started playing                    beating Rosie Graham and Pete Landrebe in successive games in the 2005
association croquet in 2005. This is Wendy’s first time as a member of the            NSW Champion of Champions when on a handicap of five.
Victorian Team and playing in the Eire Cup. Wendy has represented Victoria in
the Golf Croquet Interstate team for the past two years and recently played in        ALISON SHARPE (VICE-CAPTAIN) – Alison, who plays for both Killara and
the WCF 3rd Women’s World Golf Croquet Championships.                                 Chatswood, began playing croquet in 2004 at Strathfield and has represented
                                                                                      NSW from 2007 to the present. She, too, always calls heads, and her most
ROBERT FLETCHER - Aged 16 and a member of the Lismore Club, Robert                    memorable croquet moment was being part of the Winning Team when NSW
began playing croquet in 2004. He is a student, studying for year 11, and hopes       won the Interstate Cup in 2007.
to go on to do something in business /economics. His best memories of croquet
to date, in no particular order, are: Playing in my first Vic State Team last year,   PETER LANDREBE – Peter, a member of Cammeray, Blue Mountains, began
Semi- finalist at the Worlds in Florida 2009, playing and beating Stephen             playing in 1989 and has represented New South Wales from 2000 to the
Mulliner in the 2008 Australian Open Quarter-final, winning the ACA President’s       present. He always calls ‘non-spit’, and his most memorable croquet moment
1st Eight, 2009, being selected to play in the MacRobertson Shield in UK in           was double-banking with Tim Murphy.
August 2010.                                                                          ROSIE gRAHAm – Rosie, also from the Blue Mountains area, began playing
SuE LEITINgER – Sue began her croquet career in 1998, after seeing it being           croquet in 1991 and has represented 11 times since 1993. She always calls spit,
                                                                                      and says her most memorable croquet moment was being beaten by Tim
played in Yarrawonga. She joined Brunswick MalletSports Club and played in
                                                                                      Murphy in 2005. Since then she has “tried to pull myself together and play with
her first tournament a week later, narrowly missing out on the finals. Her best
                                                                                      more conviction. Tim Murphy is my inspiration”.
memory: winning the Essendon tournament by running hoop 2 from 23m on an
angle then finishing the break. A member of the State team Association Croquet        JOHN LEVICK – John, from Newcastle National Park, began playing in 1986.
1999, 2000, and 2010, Sue also plays golf croquet and gateball.                       He represented NSW in Golf Croquet (2007-2009) and joins the Association
                                                                                      team in 2010. He calls “Tails and Glenda” when away, and his most
SImON WATKINS – Simon, a recently retired carpenter who is playing in his
                                                                                      memorable croquet moments are Representing NSW as Captain 2007-2009
third consecutive Eire Cup, has been a member of Brighton Croquet Club since
                                                                                      (GC), Winning the GC Interstate Shield 2009, Representing Australia the
starting to play croquet in 1996. He will endeavor to play his part in defending
                                                                                      World Golf croquet championships in Cape Town in 2008 and being selected
the Eire Cup from the considerable efforts of the other States. He says this year     for NSW (AC) 2010.
will be the toughest, what with the calibre of opponents, but is looking forward to
the challenge.                                                                        ROBBIE STOCK – Robbie plays for Lismore. She began her croquet career in
                                                                                      2000 and represented NSW previously in 2006 and 2007. She always calls tails,
JuDy WEmBRIDgE - From the Bairnsdale Croquet Club, Judy began playing                 and her most memorable croquet moment is winning her first game for NSW.
at the end of 1998. She is a secondary school teacher. Croquet Highlights are: -
part of the Victorian teams which won the Eire Cup twice (2008, 2009);                KEN EDWARDS – Ken plays for Mosman. He began playing in 1989 "but with
represented Australia at the World Golf Croquet Championships in 2009.                several long interruptions", always calls heads, and says his most memorable
The Queensland Association Croquet
Interstate team consists of four metropolitan
club members (all who come from the
Windsor club) whilst Country also have four
members - three coming from the Laurel
Bank club and one from Headland Buderim.
Ernie Melville will also travel with the team
as its non-playing manager.
Short bios on the team members are as
JOHN HARDy – A member of the State
Team since 2004 and Captain since 2006,
(the last time Queensland. won the Eire
Cup). 2009 results included winner of the
Rene Cole, Gibson medal, Caloundra
Classic, Queensland open doubles and the
Queensland open singles.
LESLIE WATSON – Well known for his hat
or cap to suit the occasion (he also has
affection for feathers), makes a return to the
team after missing 2009. He seems to be in
the team every two years. Runner- up in the
Queensland open singles for 2009.
gREg BuRy – A player known Australia
wide as, prior to Greg’s semi-retirement
from the croquet scene due to work and           Queensland Team at Practice - John Hardy (c ) Les Watson, Deidre Hardy, Willy Silk, Rosemary Newsham (res)
family duties, he was a member of the team Greg Bury, Jocelyn Sutton, Cynthia Tacey (res ), Terry Ericson, Margaret Melville (v/c) and Ernie Melville (man)
for 18 years. Now back on the Sunshine
Coast, he has over the last two years represented the State in Golf Croquet but     Australian lady player. As the 2009 Qld Bronze Medal winner, she will carry our
we are very pleased to have him return to the Association team for 2010.            hopes of an ACA Gold Medal win and, if in good form at the start of the
TERRy ERICSON – Terry was last a member of the Association team in 2007             tournament, will be a major threat to any of the other players.
for the trip to Perth. Since then time off from work has been a stumbling block to DEIDRE HARDy – This will be her second year as a member of the State team
his being a regular member of the team. However, he is back this year and is as and was a solid performer with the team in 2009. Deidre won the Queensland
keen as mustard to perform at his best.                                             open doubles during 2009 and gave many players a run for their money with her
mARgARET mELVILLE – The team’s vice-captain and motivator of the ladies             aggressive and attacking style of play. Picking up those all important roquets is
squad who leads by example. Margaret was a member of the Australian Trans           a big part of her game.
Tasman Team for 2009, and was Queensland’s best performer at the Eire Cup           WILLy SILK – Willy can be relied on to win the majority of her games at the
in Sydney 2009.                                                                     Interstate level. Major tournament wins have, since her win in the Gold
JOCELyN SuTTON – Jocelyn is looking to regain her ranking as No.1                   Coast Ladies Open been hard to come by but a player not to be taken lightly.

                                                                                    WESTERN AUSTRALIA
                                                                                    Below is the Western Australian Association Croquet Interstate team for 2010
                                                                                    The leadership group is Martin Clarke, Chris McWhirter and Sandra Stevenson.
                                                                                    The WA team has only ever won the Interstate Cup twice and been second on
                                                                                    six occasions. Bios provided by their tongue-in-cheek (we think) Captain, Marty
                                                                                    Clarke. (The much-prized 2010 team photograph has yet to be taken).
                                                                                    mARTIN CLARKE – Mandurah. Marty is allowed out to play by Angela who
                                                                                    enjoys the break away from him as long as he comes back with a present and
                                                                                    some prize money. She will probably eat all the chocolate as well.
                                                                                    JEFF NEWCOmBE – Victoria Park. Jeff is allowed out to play by Elizabeth as
                                                                                    long as he does his best and doesn’t drink to much red wine (but how much is
                                                                                    too much)!
                                                                                    ALAN SANDS – Como. Alan is allowed out to play by Susan who can catch up
                                                                                    with her reading, soppy movies and a break from the rugby union (and hopefully
                                                                                    not too much croquet administration) whilst he’s away.
                                                                                    ERIC AyLINg – York. Eric is allowed out to play by Prudence who will not be
                                                                                    managing the team this year, but enjoying a break away from croquet stuff.
                                                                                    CHRIS mCWHIRTER – Forrest Park. Chris is allowed out to play by Dee who
                                                                                    will be getting ready for another hockey season and finishing the house
      New South                                                                     JANNINE HAWKER – Moorabinda. Jannine is allowed to play by Murray who
      Wales Team                                                                    will be at Cairnlea, the car fully loaded, tapping his feet in readiness for a trip to
       Members:                                                                     Tassie immediately following the last day's play.
   John, Alison, Ken,                                                               HELEN COLLINS - Como. Helen is a free spirit who needs no permission to
     Pete, Robbie,                                                                  play but will put croquet aside at the end of the event for her annual visit to her
    Rosie, Tim, Alex.                                                               brother and family in Sydney.
                                                                                    SANDRA STEVENSON – Nedlands. Sandra is allowed out to play by Bob who
                                                                                    will be able to use the time to settle into their new home.
                                                                                    mEgAN REyNOLDS – Moorabinda. Megan is allowed to play by Kim and the
                                                                                    boys but only if the fridge/freezers are full of food, 10 days is a long time on your
croquet moment as when he as asked to play in the NSW team for the first time in    own for three eating machines.
2009.                                                                               JENNy mCNAugHT – Mandurah. Jenny, the debut member of our team,
ALIx VERgE – Alix plays for the Royal Sydney Golf Club, began playing               recently returned to croquet after playing in New Zealand many years ago.
croquet in 2002, has represented New South Wales since 2008, plays both golf        Jenny is allowed to play by Barticus (also known as the legend after taking her
croquet and association and is the current WCF World Golf Croquet Champion.         for a cruise around New Zealand) who can carry on boating and fishing.
                                                                                                       CROQUET AUSTRALIA - AUTUMN MARCH 2010                           9
                 2010 INTERSTATE CUP                                                                                        VALE
                   Player Profiles                                                                                        Nell Hass
TASMANIA                                                                                                        It is with sadness that the death of Nell Hass is
                                                                                                                announced. Nell was well known to all club
 The State Selection Committee have advised that the following players, whose profiles follow below, have       members at Headland-Buderim (Queensland)
been selected to represent Croquet Tasmania in the Interstate Cup to be held in Melbourne March 2010.           through her work as club coach. She spent
PETER RICH – Peter, returning to the team after a break of a couple of years, hopes to do a little better       many hours introducing new members to
than previously. Apart from croquet he spends his time gardening and ocean kayaking.                            croquet skills and tactics.
ROB mCADAm – Rob is captain this year. It is his 10th time in the Tasmanian team. In 2010 he became             Nell joined Headland-Buderim in 1996. She was
runner-up in the Australian Open Plate event and also runner-up in the ACA Bronze Medal event. He won           a founder member of Coolum Club, then
the Tasmanian Mens Medal, the Tasmanian Gold medal and with Geoff Kingdon, the Tasmanian Open                   transferred to Caloundra, where she had a term
Doubles.                                                                                                        as President. Nell was one of Australia’s most
                                                                                                                highly regarded players. She contributed to
BOB BEATTIE – Bob is a member of Kingston Croquet Club and it is his seventh time in the team. He is the        explanations on the Laws of Association Croquet
winner of the 2010 ACA Bronze Medal. He competed in the Tasmanian and Canberra Open. His spare time             to the Croquet Australia journal, and was the
is taken up with grandchildren, mineral collecting and photography. He is looking forward to retirement as      magazine’s Queensland correspondent from
this will (maybe) leave more time for croquet.                                                                  1998-2005.
ROgER BOWLES – Roger was born in the U.K. in Her Majesty the Queen’s backyard (i.e. adjacent to                 Nell attended the Headland-Buderim Christmas
Windsor Castle) in 1944. He joined the Royal Navy in 1965 and visited Australia six times during the            Party at the club but fell ill soon after. She spent
following eight years. He emigrated in 1972 to work in air traffic control. After training and six years at     several weeks in the hospital’s intensive care
Melbourne airport, he moved to Hobart in 1979 for three years and, luckily for us, he is still here.            unit. Nell achieved so much during her long
CLAIRE BAmFORD – Claire is encouraged and supported by her husband Bob whilst enjoying herself in               association with croquet. Some of her many
the state team for the last twenty-six years. Claire says “It has been a pleasure to play with each and every   achievements are :-
person who has been in this team, and to meet those from other State Teams.”                                    Club
                                                                                                                1987 Nell joined croquet, was a member first of
PAm HAmILTON – Pam has been a team member for twelve years. She is a member of the Eastern Shore
                                                                                                                Coolum and then Caloundra, where she served
Croquet Club and is at present the president of the club and a member of the TCA executive. She enjoys
                                                                                                                as President.
bridge and grandchildren in her spare time.
                                                                                                                1996 Transferred to Headland Croquet Club
SuE BEATTIE – Sue has been playing croquet since the mid 1990s. She found it the most challenging               before it became Headland-Buderim
game ever but she really enjoys it and loves the competition. She feels that she is continuing to improve – a   State
bit like good wine. She has been a member of the State Team for about a decade. Last year she played in         1995-1997 State Events Manager
the Australian Women’s Golf Croquet Championships and in the Women’s World –“fantastic!”                        1998- 2005 Magazine Correspondent (Qld) to
ELAINE ROOmES – It is Elaine’s third time in the team. She is a member of Kingston Croquet Club, a              Croquet Australia
teacher and a new grandmother. She loves ‘photoshopping’ using her young grandson Reza as the subject.          2000 CAQ nominated Nell for the Australia
ELIzABETH BRINSDON – Elizabeth was taught by Barbara Woodmansee in the late 90’s at Glenorchy                   Sports Medal
Croquet Club which later amalgamated with New Town. She is now at Sandy Bay Croquet Club, whilst still          2001 - 2006 State Director of Coaching
managing to play at New Town. This is her first time in the team. Elizabeth has found the square shot and       2001 - 2003 Aussie Croquet Coordinator (this
rush line theory taught by Maurice Woodmansee and ball/movement by Garry Fox to be especially helpful to        was not only confined to school students)
her game.                                                                                                       2001 and 2003 Ad hoc Handbook Review
                                                                                                                (Constitution and Bylaws)
                                                                                                                2004 Director of Golf Croquet
                                                                                                                2005 – 2006 Director of Golf Croquet/Ricochet,
                                                                                                                she also wrote the OCG (Other Croquet Games)
                                                                                                                2006 - ACA Laws Committee – Chair since 2008
                                                                                                                ASSA Accreditation Level 2 in Sports Management
                                                                                                                NCAS Level 2 coach
                                                                                                                ACA Association Croquet Referee
                                                                                                                ACA Golf Croquet Referee
                                                                                                                Her favourite competition, which Nell managed
                                                                                                                for what seems like forever, was the Headland
                                                                                                                Swiss event held each June, which Nell changed
                                                                                                                to Egyptian, then changed last year to Mix and
                                                                                                                Match – she was to run this again this year.
                                                                                                                The Croquet Australia readership extends their
                                                                                                                sympathies to husband Ian and family.

 Ladies: Claire Bamford (Vice-Capt), Pam Hamilton, Sue Beattie, Elaine Roomes, Elizabeth Brinsdon
                 Men: Peter Rich, Rob McAdam (Capt), Bob Beattie, Roger Bowles

The State’s Association Croquet team has been announced as follows:
Roger Buddle (Brighton), Paddy Chapman (Brighton), Dwayne McCormick (Mt Barker), Dean Paterson
(Aldinga Bay), Gil Schupelius (Snowtown), Norma Amey (Broadview), Kay Chynoweth (Victor Harbor),
Barbara Hooper (Brighton) (Captain), Gloria Howell (Mount Gambier), Miranda Morgan (Brighton)/
Pauline Walkom (Mount Barker) has been appointed State Team Manager.                                                  Nell talking to the “Egyptian Day”
                                                                                                                             participants in 2009.
We wish the team every success at the Interstate (Eire Cup) event at Cairnlea, Vic.

                                AUSTRALIAN CROQUET ASSOCIATION
                       SUMMARY OF CHANGES
                                              Effective 15th March, 2010
The current Association Croquet (AC) Handicapping Regulations have been in place for almost 3 years, and the Golf Croquet (GC) Handicapping
Regulations 2 years. The Regulations are regularly reviewed to ascertain that they continue to meet requirements. Based on areas of concern and
feedback received revised Handicapping Regulations (both AC and GC) have been ratified by the ACA Executive.
Copies of the new Handicapping Regulations are available from the Croquet Australia web site at
Handicapping/. A new Association Croquet Handicap Card is also available from this web address.
Important changes to the Handicapping Regulations are outlined in this document. A number of the changes are identical for both AC and GC.
Smaller changes and formatting/grammar ones are not noted.
Changes outlined in this document are important for all competition Croquet players in Australia.
Explanation of major Changes – Association Croquet
When Handicaps Can Change - AC handicaps may now change at the end of any game. This will bring AC into alignment with handicap changes
as for GC. The rationale is that a player should play off as accurate a handicap as possible. If their index and past wins/losses indicate a handicap
then that is the one that should be used. While it is understood that this may take a little getting used to for some players, it does represent a
simplification to the system as there is now no difference between events run over a number of consecutive days and “long-running” events.
Handicaps >20 - Any mention of handicaps >20 being part of the National Handicapping Regulations has been removed. Higher handicaps are left
to clubs for their own use for beginners and others who do not progress to tournament standard.
Other Formats - The Regulation now cover shortened (14-point and other) games, Full Bisque Handicap and Advanced Handicap play.
(For further information see

Section(s) Comments
1.3        If a player moves state they will be allocated a new ID by that state and their
           previous ID will be available for re-use.
1.6        A match is defined by be either a single game or as a best-of-X games.
4.4        Non-automatic handicap changes will not occur within a match.
7.1        Club handicappers will review handicaps of their members on a regular basis. Such
           changes are sent to the state association if required by that state’s procedures.
8.2        At the end of an event tournament managers will send handicap changes to the
           state association if required by that state’s procedures. Removed the requirement for
           score sheets to be sent to a state association.
11.1       Expanded information on how handicaps will be assigned to overseas players.
13         For players not complying with the Regulations – in the first instance it will be
           reported to the National Handicapper; subsequent reports will be to the National
           Handicapper who will also pass on to Croquet Australia
Section(s) Comments
1.3        If a player moves state they will be allocated a new ID by that state and their
           previous ID will be available for re-use.
1.6        A match is defined by be either a single game or as a best-of-X games.
2.2        Handicaps higher than 20 are for internal use within clubs and are not part of the
           national system.
3.4        Any mention of long-running tournaments has been removed. Automatic handicap
           changes are at the completion of any game (that is, within a match).
4.1 – 4.4 Wording changed to be in a more logical order. Non-automatic handicap changes
           will not occur within a match.
7.1        Club handicappers will review handicaps of their members on a regular basis.
           Such changes are sent to the state association if required by that state’s procedures.
8.2        At the end of an event tournament managers will send handicap changes to the
           state association if required by that state’s procedures. Removed the requirement for
           score sheets to be sent to a state association.
13         Added “& Other Variations” to this Section. This now covers 14-point games (1/2
           index point exchanges) and those greater than 14-points (full index point
           exchanges). Full Bisque Handicap play and Advanced Handicap play and treated
           as regular handicap play for handicapping purposes. One ball play is not used for
           handicapping purposes.
14         For players not complying with the Regulations – in the first instance it will be
           reported to the National Handicapper; subsequent reports will be to the National
           Handicapper who will also pass on to Croquet Australia.
                                                                                          CROQUET AUSTRALIA - AUTUMN MARCH 2010                  11

MacRobertson Shield                          l      AUGUST 2010                                   l
   Meet the players who will contest the MacRobertson Shield on behalf of Australia in
  England in August 2010. The team will play tests against Great Britain, New Zealand and
            the USA. Go team! Show them how croquet is played ‘down under’!

                                                                                                                   macRobertson Squad at its third
                                                                                                                          training session:
                                                                                                                 Ken Bald (VIC), Tim murphy (NSW),
                                    Preparations for the                                                      Stephen Forster (VIC), Kevin Beard (VIC),
                                                                                                                greg Fletcher (VIC), Robert Fletcher
                                                                                                                (VIC), Rod Kirk (VIC), Pete Landrebe
                                    MacRobertson Shield                                                              (NSW). Front row from left:
                                                                                                               mike Jenner (NSW), marty Clarke (WA),

                                                                                                                 Ian Dumergue (WA), Trevor Bassett
                acRobertson Shield training is currently on hold while      comers to ease themselves out             (VIC), Steve Jones (QLD).
                team members join their States in preparation for the       of their jet-lag.
                Interstate Cup in March. After that, and with the make-up     The Shield itself begins on Friday 6 August when we play New
                of the playing team of six and two reserves (plus myself    Zealand at Heaton Park, Manchester. Each Test is best of 21 singles
as Coach/Manager) now settled, team members will be concentrating in        and doubles matches (each match is best of 3 games), and there is 1
earnest on teamwork and their croquet skills both physical and mental       day allowed for travel between venues after each 5-day Test is
as well as a variety of darstardly tactics to confound our opponents.       completed. We play USA at Roehampton, London, starting on 12
  We are fortunate to have had two very successful Mac Squad training       August, and finally Great Britain at Surbiton, London, on 18
sessions in August and November last year at Cairnlea and Tempe             August. Unlike the other 2 venues, all 4 Mac teams will be playing at
respectively, and we have two more coming up for the Team itself in         Surbiton. By 22nd August we will have been successful in our
April and May so that we can finely hone our preparations.                  endeavours, returning to Australia the following day with some excess
   Most of the team will be arriving in England early to prepare for the    baggage!
event on an individual basis. Our accommodation during the event              I would like to encourage you to send the Team emails of support
is already organised and it is both comfortable and inexpensive. In         during August. If you send them to the Executive Director, she will
London, we will be making use of a University Halls of Residence as the     forward them to us. Knowing that we have people supporting us back in
students will be away on their summer vacation. A few days before the       Australia will be an important motivator.
start of the Mac, we will have a hit out as a Team against a North West                                                             Steve Jones
of England selection in Southport. This will be a chance for the late-                    Australian Team Coach and MacRobertson Team Manager

                              Peter Landrebe (Captain) (NSW)                                                           Stephen Forster (Vic)
                              Some of Peter’s favourite croquet accomplishments                                        Stephen is married to Julie, with 2 children, Zach 18
                              and memories include representing NSW in the Eire                                        and Eden 15. 2010 will be his 15th time in the
                              cup for ten consecutive years, representing Australia                                    Victorian Team and 7th time as Captain. He is a
                              in the 2009 Trans Tasman and representing Australia                                      Theatre Technician at the Geelong Hospital.
                              in the 2008 world championships.                                                         He has competed at national level for many years,
                              He says being selected to play the MacRobertson                                          his latest accomplishments in 2009 include –
                              Shield event in 2010 is an enormous honour and                                           winner of the Australian Men’s Single’s
                              challenge, a challenge that he (in the role of captain)                                  Championship, he made the final 16 at the World’s
                              and the team have been working towards for the                                           (Florida), he captained the Australian Trans Tasman
                              last seven months .                                                                      Team. He is looking forward to representing
                              With a hard working ethic and high croquet                                               Australia in the MacRobertson Shield.
ambitions he is sure the team will achieve all the goals they have set for
themselves.                                                                                                          Ian Dumergue (WA)
Pete is a member of Cammeray and Blue Mountains croquet clubs both in NSW,                                            Ian is an underground miner with Barrick Gold
He plays with a 37inch 2lb 12oz Pidcock mallet with an Irish / golf grip.                                             Australia, at Darlot Gold Mine. He specializes in
The highlight for him regarding croquet in the last few years has been the arrival                                    long-hole drilling and is the Safety Representative
and emergence of new and highly skilled talent on the tournament circuit, young                                       for his crew. He is married to Ceridwen and lives in
and old, and with three debutants in the Australian starting team this year, it is                                    the Perth hills of Western Australia with their young
going to be an exciting team with which to be involved.                                                               daughter Sophia.
                                                                                                                      Born in Christchurch NZ, Ian was introduced to
                                                                                                                      croquet by his great-uncle Jack McNab in 1986 at
                             Kevin Beard (Vic)                                                                        the Sumner Croquet Club. He represented NZ in the
                              Kevin was born into a dairy farming family but left the                                 Trans-Tasman Test of 1991 in Perth. He moved to
                              farm for University to avoid having to milk cows twice                                  Australia in 1997.
                              a day for the rest of his life. He went on to complete    Ian debuted in the Australian MacRobertson Shield team in 2006 and is looking
                              a PhD in Animal Breeding and worked as a geneticist       forward to participating again in this series.
                              in the Victorian Department of Primary Industries for
                              30 odd years. Now semi-retired, he works as a
                              consultant to the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement
                              Scheme.                                                                                Trevor Bassett (Vic)
                              His croquet career began in 1999 in an attempt to                                      I am 30 years of age and work as a Financial Adviser
                              improve his work-life balance; this has proven to be                                   in Kyabram.
                              a wonderful decision. He plays association croquet,                                    I began playing croquet in 1990 at the age of 10. I
golf croquet and gateball at the Brunswick Mallet Sports Club in Melbourne. Kevin                                    have played in six Australian teams and ten State
lives in Moonee Ponds with his wife Janet and his daughters Sally and Catherine.                                     teams. During my career I have won 6 National titles
During his 10 years of croquet playing Kevin has achieved much in both Singles,                                      and 26 State titles.
Doubles and Teams. Some of these include - Won the Tom Howat Cup                                                     For those that haven’t heard, my wife Claire and I
(President’s 2nd Eight) in 2003; the Victorian Men’s Championship in 2006;                                           welcomed the safe arrival of our little daughter Evie
Victorian Open Singles in 2007 and 2008; the Victorian Open Doubles with Mike                                        on 28 August 2009. She is the highlight of our lives.
Jenner in 2007 and with Trevor Bassett in 2008 and 2009; the Australian Open
Doubles with Stephen Mulliner in 2008; the British Open Doubles Plate with David
Goacher in 2007 and was a finalist in the Championship of Ireland Doubles with
Gerard Healy in 2005. He represented Victoria in the Eire Cup six times (2003-7,
2010); and was a member of the Australian ‘A’ team in matches against New                                             Greg Fletcher (Vic)
Zealand ‘A’ in Melbourne 2005 and Auckland 2007.                                                                      Greg began playing in 2004 at the same time as his
Kevin also plays golf croquet. He won the Victorian and Australian Open Singles                                       two brothers and plays for the Lismore Club. He won
titles (2007 and 2008) and reached the round of 16 in the World Championships                                         the Australian Open plate 2007 in his first major
in Cape Town in 2008. He also represented Victoria in the Interstate Shield in                                        tournament. He’s won the Selectors Invitation twice
2008 and 2009. Kevin is very proud to be part of the Australian Team competing                                        and represented Australia at the Worlds in Florida
for the MacRobertson Shield in Great Britain in 2010.                                                                 2009. He won The Major Tingey Tray 2009 in
                                                                                                                      Presidents 8. He recently began to enjoy playing
                                                                                                                      doubles after having a wonderful time playing with
                                                                                                                      Robert in the NZ Open Doubles 2010.
                             Robert Fletcher (Vic)                                                                    Other interests are music, history, reading, chess,
                             Robert began his croquet career in 2004. He played                                       jokes, funny stories, table tennis, snooker,
                             in his first major tournament, the Australian Open, in     convincing people that Robert and Greg don’t look alike, and shooting rabbits.
                             2007. He represented Victoria in the Eire Cup for the      He’s ready to tour all over England looking at every historical place and maybe
                             first time in 2009 and is also on the current team to      even play some croquet!
                             play in Melbourne in March 2010. He represented
                             Australia for the first time at the Worlds in Florida
                             2009, and was a losing semi-finalist to Reg                COACH & TEAM MANAGER
                             Bamford. Other interests are history, chess, current
                             affairs, photography, cricket, table tennis, snooker                                    Steve Jones (Qld)
                             and showing rabbits. He is very much looking                                              Australian Team Coach and MacRobertson
                             forward to representing Australia In the                                                  Team Manager
                                                                                                                       Steve Jones began his croquet career in
                                                                                                                       Cheltenham, England, before shifting to New
                             Martin Clarke (WA)                                                                        Zealand in 1982. There he won the NZ Open in 1996
                             Marty learned to play croquet in 1992 through a                                           and four Open Doubles titles, as well as playing in
                             social club when living in Geraldton.                                                     four Trans Tasman Tests and four MacRobertson
                             Since then he has won every major Western                                                 Shields. Steve was also World Champion at Sonoma
                             Australian event at least twice. He has also won two                                      in 1989, and in 1997 wrote a book on croquet “Peel
                             national doubles titles, the open singles once, ACA                                       Appeal”.
                             Gold once, and the Presidents second eights once.                                         After jumping the ditch in 1999, he was reserve for
                             He’s played one Trans Tasman series and this will be       the 2006 Australian Mac team, before becoming Australian Team Coach in 2007.
                             his fourth MacRobertson Shield campaign.                   In real life, he works as a Business Development Manager for a marketing
                             Martin now lives in Rockingham with partner Angela,        company in Brisbane and, more importantly, spends as much time as possible
                             working as a despatch clerk for a brushware                travelling the world, drinking Italian coffee and wine, as well as (and sometimes at
                             company.                                                   the same time as) boating and fishing!
                                                                                                         CROQUET AUSTRALIA - AUTUMN MARCH 2010                         13
                                               AROUND THE STATES
                                               n W.A.C.A Referee, 1966, Training new

                                               referees, 1966-99.
                                               n Accredited W.A.C.A level coach, 1982-
                                               99 – came out of retirement in 2001 and

      Australia                                continued to coach almost up to her retire-
                                               ment from the game in 2004 (she coached
                                               three hours every week rain, hail or shine.)
                                               Country (Western Australia)
                                               n Training inaugural Tournament
                                               Managers, Moorabinda 1980, St. John and
                                               Gomes Park (Albany) 1985.
                                               n Playing and refereeing at country club
                                               tournaments over 40 years: Geraldton,
                                               Northam, Albany, Katanning, Busselton,
                                               Halls Head, Mandurah, Kalgoorlie, York
                                               and of course, Bunbury.
                                               n Consistent winner in all divisions of
                                               Country Week croquet.                             Kit celebrating early in her croquet career.
                                               n Country Champion for the Thorogood
                                               Trophy six times.
Again it’s hats off for                        n Five times winner of Champion of
                                               Champions (Played off in best of three
'Queen Kit' - another                          matches against the Metropolitan winner).
milestone - 100 Years                          State & National Level:
The Bunbury Central Croquet Club has           n Kit was the first Bunbury player to be
great pride and pleasure in congratulating     selected to represent the State on a
our esteemed retired member, Kit Webber,       National level.
on her 100th year. This remarkable lady        n State Team selection, 1968/73/74.
has been a devotee to the game and             Australian Croquet Association Gold             The successful Bunbury Central Croquet Club
institution of croquet in Western Australia    Medal nine times, 1967/81.                       Country Week team of 1970 - left to right
                                                                                               O.Ytting, B.Midgley, E.Woods and K.Webber.
for 47 years, only retiring in 2004.           n A.C.A. Assistant referee of National
  Her stamina, dedication and joy in the       Tournament, 1983.
game she loves has been an inspiration for     n Referee National Tournament, 1995.
many, not only Bunbury Croquet players,        n Referee World Croquet Federation/City
and her influence has encouraged many          of Bunbury Tournament, 1997.
others to keep playing to master this          n Proxy delegate to Australian Croquet
intricate and challenging game.                Council A.G.M. 1973. Delegate to
  Over the years Kit was seen as a             Australian Croquet Council 1974.
challenge to the top players of the time.      n Western Australia Sports Federation
With a remarkable handicap of minus 5,         Award of Merit Nominee, 1962/88
                                                                                                              The Birthday Cake.
she managed to win on a regular basis,         n Won the Australian Medal, 2009
although remaining humble with her             (awarded to recognise the contribution of      were “the creation of my family was one
conquests.                                     individuals to their sport, so came as no      of my finest achievements” (all 59).The
  Originally introduced to the game by         surprise that Kit earned the honour).          final words come from her family: “Mum,
her card partner, Kit joined the Banbury         What makes these feats by Kit more           you are an inspiration to us all. Not only
Central Croquet Club in 1957, but              remarkable is the realization that her         what you have achieved, but also the lives
admitted she didn’t like the game at first.    vision was impaired in her young days          you have touched with your loving
She persevered and by so doing reached         and she has sight only in one eye.             kindness, great community spirit and just
very high levels, serving the sport of           Kit’s loving family arranged a birthday      being there when needed”.
croquet in all capacities.                     party which was held on her day 26th Jan,         So Hats Off To Our Kit.
Club Level:                                    2010. In attendance were a number of                                              Vi Bebbington
n Club Champion for 16 consecutive             dignitaries, her close knit family (seven
years. She did not compete in her 17th         children plus grandchildren and great-
year, but followed with another eight years,   grandchildren), friends and neighbours,
totaling 24 years in all from 1968-93.         plus past and present members of
n Club Secretary 22 years straight,            Bunbury City Croquet Club. Telegrams
followed by another 16.                        from the Queen, Prime Minister and
n Club President of two years standing,        Governor General were read by the
twice.                                         Mayor of Bunbury, followed by the
n Nominee of South West Times                  cutting of the cake. Kit spoke and
(Bunbury newspaper) Sportsman of the           thanked her family for organising the
month award, 1966/72.                          event, and those who attended.
n Annual Tournament Manager, 1975/90             Kit remains very active, knitting,
n Life Membership, 1979.                       gardening, playing and winning at cards.
n Sports Director/Manager – Croquet            She only gave up driving last year. Kit’s
Inaugural South West Games 1985.               words, repeated in one of her son’s speech            Kit with Australian Medal Award.

                                                       AROUND THE STATES
Life Member – Sorrento                                 New Life Member -
Croquet Club
At the last half-yearly meeting of the                 Halls Head Country Croquet Club
Sorrento Bowling Club, held in December                Club members of the Halls Head Croquet Club surprised Gwen Anderson with a Life
2009, Geoff Bloomfield was honored with                Membership Award at the club’s trophy day in December, 2009.
a Life Membership for his outstanding                    Since joining the club in 1991 Gwen has been a very active participant in all aspects
contribution to the Sorrento Croquet Club.             of croquet. She has been club President for seven years, and club Secretary for a further
  Geoff was a founding member in                       eight years. On the playing field Gwen has eight club championships to her name as
forming a Croquet Club in 1996. In 1997                well as the honour of representing Western Australia five times in the State ‘Association’
Croquet was introduced at the Sorrento                 croquet team. Gwen is also an Association Referee, and level 1 coach.
Bowling Club, and it has progressed over                 Our newest Life Member is a very enthusiastic club member who takes part in all
the years to become a very active and                  club activities from busy working bees, committee duties, social events, etc., and is one
efficient Club.                                        of the first to offer help when required. Gwen is happy to give any players, new and
  Geoff held the position as Captain of                experienced, coaching
our Club for over a decade since its                   assistance and she has
inception. He has been involved in all                 introduced many people to
aspects pertaining to the efficient running            the joys of croquet in the
of our Club, which includes:                           Mandurah area.
1. While Captain, attended monthly                       Club members thank
Executive Meetings of the Bowling Club.                Gwen Anderson for the
2. Coaching of all new members.                        work she has put into their
3. The Club’s mentor and a great influence             club over many years. She
and motivator to all players.                          certainly is a worthy
4. Geoff has been a qualified referee for              recipient of Life Member-
many years, and has offered his services               ship of Halls Head
in this role on numerous occasions at                  Country Croquet Club.             Life members – Phyl Richards, Gwen Anderson, Val Warren.
tournaments held within our State.
5. For many years, Geoff has been our                  Colleagues”. This statement is a true                        from six others at Gosnells club while Bill
delegate to the West Australian Croquet                assessment of our greatest leader, Geoff                     Turner age 71 won his block at East
Association. He has provided expert                    Bloomfield. Your protégés salute you                         Fremantle Croquet Club. Bill won the
coaching abilities to Clubs throughout our             Geoff and congratulate you on this                           Final by pegging out in a close contest
State.                                                 recognition.                                                 26-23 at East Fremantle, watched by
  As one prospective player wrote to
Geoff in 2000 after having been shown the              Youth vs Experience                                          friends and members. Bill and Fleur were
rudiments of croquet, this characterizes               Youth versus experience was on display at                    the oldest and youngest to enter.
Geoff admirably: “I admire your                        East Fremantle on Sunday 7 February                             The tournament was played over Friday,
enthusiasm, personal qualities and the                 2010 in the final of the West Australian                     Saturday and Sunday at Gosnells and East
ability to sustain a highly skilled style of           Croquet Association Division 2 Annual                        Fremantle clubs with six games of 2.5
cohesive leadership with your                          Tournament. Fleur Brockway age 18 won                        hours from each player, plus a final.

  Golf Croquet Q & A
  Q1. In making a stroke through a hoop that           runs Hoop 2 with Black. yellow is now over the               Q4. In a singles tournament in which the
  required very fine control of the mallet, a          halfway line between Hoops 2 and 3. Is yellow                referees are SupR, Red is in the jaws of Hoop
  player rested the hand holding the shaft of the      offside, considering that Ray previously ruled
  mallet on the crown of the hoop. Was a fault                                                                      2. Bab attempts a jump shot from some 8 to
                                                       that it was to be played from where it lies?
  committed?                                                                                                        10 feet in front of the hoop. Ray is standing at
                                                       A2. Yes, Yellow is offside as it is not one of the four
  A1. No fault was committed as there is nothing in    exceptions to being offside listed in Rule 10(b).            right angles to the hoop and some 5 to 6 feet
  the Rules which prohibits touching a hoop with a     Bab’s previous determination that it may be played           from it. After the stroke, Bab says that the
  hand while striking.                                 from where it lay, whilst a valid direction, is not the      jump shot was successful; Ray says that it
  The striker is specifically prohibited from:         equivalent of the ball being directed to be played           was not.
  l resting the shaft of the mallet or a hand or arm   from a penalty spot, and Bab may now direct that it          The only thing on which they agree is that
  on the ground or an outside agency - Rule 13(a)      is to be played from penalty spot D.                         Red did not move. They call the referee – how
  (2) or
  l resting the shaft of the mallet or a hand or arm                                                                does the referee rule?
                                                       Q3. Play is in a double banked game, with one
  directly connected with the stroke against any       Supervisory Referee on the court, and is for                 A4. Rule 15(a) states, in part: “In the absence of
  part of the legs or feet – Rule13 (a) (3).           Hoop 5. Ray has decided to attempt to run the                a referee, if there is a difference in opinion on a
  Hoops are described as equipment – Rule 3(a) –       hoop with Red. yellow is some 12 inches directly             matter of fact, the opinion of the player with the
  and are not included in examples of outside          behind Red. Is there anything that Ray should                best view is to be preferred, but if the two views
  agencies in Rule 9(d).)                              do before addressing the ball?                               are equal, the striker’s opinion prevails.”
                                                       A3. As there is the possibility that Ray may touch           In this case, in the absence of any other
  Q2. In a singles game, Bab runs Hoop 1 with          Yellow while attempting to strike Red, the stroke is
  Blue. Red is offside in front of Hoop 2 and                                                                       witnesses, the referee has no option but weigh
                                                       classified as hampered and Ray should call the referee
  yellow is offside between Hoop 3 and the             to observe the stroke. If Ray does not call the referee,     up which player had the better view. As it is
  Eastern Boundary. Bab directs that Red is to         then Bab should stop play and call the referee. In           virtually impossible to view a jump shot from the
  be played from penalty spot E and that yellow        either case Ray should not play until the referee            side of a hoop the referee has little option but to
  may be played from where it lies. Ray plays          indicates that they are in a position to watch the stroke.   accept the striker’s opinion.
  Red back to in front of Hoop 2 and then Bab          To do so is an offence under Rule 14(a) (9).                                                      Jim Clement

                                                                                                       CROQUET AUSTRALIA - AUTUMN MARCH 2010                         15
                                               AROUND THE STATES
                                               Royal Park Celebrations
     Tasmania                                  The Royal Park Gala
                                               Day on Wednesday,
                                               December 9th 2009,
                                               commemorated to the
                                               day the events of 1959
                                               when the then Mayor
Australia Day weekend at                       opened the club’s new
Devonport                                      lawn. The Royal Park
Our summer has been HOT, evidenced by          Croquet Club was
Karen Boswell in her bikini at the             founded nearby in
Devonport weekend in January. Once             1907 and is Tasmania’s
again, eager croquet players made their        oldest croquet club.
way to Devonport to take part in the             The healthy early
                                                                             Secretary Carol Steel, Committee member Rosemary Patterson and
annual Australia Day weekend                   membership had                President Robert Godfrey, looking on as the mayor of Launceston,
Competition.                                   declines to no more          Alderman Albert van Zetten, presented a certificate of Honorary Life
With the                                       than a dozen in                                  Membership to Bea Fletcher.
inclusion of                                   2006, and there was                               Albert van Zetten, presented a certificate
two players                                    the prospect of closure before the arrival        of Honorary Life Membership to Bea
from Sandy                                     of new blood as a consequence of the              Fletcher in recognition of her 30 year
Bay, all                                       closure of the Cosgrove Park club. Growth membership of the club.
major clubs                                    has continued from that point, and at 47             Even in her eighties, Bea is a regular
were                                           members, the membership is now the                club player, and while no longer playing
represented                                    largest it has been in the 103 year history       in inter-club competitions, is still an active
this year!                                     of the club.                                      and much admired member of the club
  The short                                      The mayor of Launceston, Alderman               committee.
games with
changes of                                     ACA Bronze Medal,                                 which put him in the box seat to win the
partner each                                                                                     event.
game were
                                               December 2010                                       The final day started with two rounds to
not only a lot                                 The Tasmanian Division of the ACA                 go with Bob undefeated but to play Peter
of fun, but                                    Medal competition was won this year by            Rich and Rob McAdam, who both had
provided                                       Bob Beattie. His wife Sue had won it the          two losses. A loss to both could have left
many                                           previous year and was seeded 1 this year.         all three with two losses. In an exciting
challenges as                                     Nine people competed and the event             game, Rob defeated Bob 26/23 after
well – how                                     was held over five days, including two            pegging out one of Bob’s balls when he
we all love                                    weekends. This format was due to both
                  Karen Boswell enjoying the                                                     was a few hoops behind with his second
that top          summer heat at Devonport.    lawn and player availability and also
                                                                                                 ball. In the last round Bob soundly
lawn!!!            How’s THAT for a bikini!    necessitated matches to be played outside
                                                                                                 defeated Peter 26/3 to take the title with
  The best                                     of the usual order.
                                                                                                 just the one loss. Rob was second with
part was to get to know and play games            At the end of the first three days Bob
                                                                                                 two losses, and Sue pipped Peter into 3rd
with players from different clubs around       was undefeated, but still had four games
                                                                                                 on net points as both had three losses.
Tassie.                                        to play, mainly against players seeded
  The hospitality of the Devonport
                                               above him. At that stage six players (all         Tasmanian Open
                                               from Kingston Club) were still in
members was again impeccable and the
                                               contention with two losses or less, but
                                                                                                 Tournament 2010
food was more than delicious – I’m sure                                                          The final of the Open Championship was
most people had to diet for several weeks      some had played more games than others.
                                               Elizabeth Brinsdon, who was playing in            won by Liz Fleming of Queensland who
after!                                                                                           followed up her previous win in this
                                               the event for the first time, had won a
  Saturday night was a highlight with          game but lost another two with score-lines        Championship in 2001 with a copybook
plenty of entertainment from a few very        25/26 - surely this must be some sort of          win over Sue Beattie (Kingston) 26tp/0,
talented members and the final sumptuous       record? The number 1 seed, Sue had                26tp/13.
afternoon tea and prize giving provided                                                             Sue had beaten David Wise of South
                                               suffered two defeats - to Claire Bamford
plenty of mirth.                                                                                 Australia in her semi-final but found a
                                               0/26 (in a match which featured the best
  Congratulations to Patsy Paine, not only     play of the event) and to Rob McAdam              very determined and accurate Liz in the
for all her organisation of the games etc.     9/26. Elaine Roomes had scored two very           final. In her semi-final Liz managed to
but also for being the grand winner of the     hard fought wins over Claire and Rob,             hold off a very determined Clare Bamford
event. Thanks again to Barbara Clements        both games taking well over three hours.          of Kingston 10/26, 26/15, 26/21. Clare
and all her team for giving us such a             On the second last day Bob continued           was leading 21/17 in the 3rd game, having
wonderful time.                                his winning run, but was fortunate to beat        pegged one of Liz’s balls out. Liz then
  Everyone should put it on their calendar     Claire, who missed a short roquet after           picked up a long roquet from near corner
for next year as an event not to be missed!    running rover and handed the innings to           one to near corner four and finished the
Put January 22nd and 23rd 2011 in your         Bob who went on to win 26/24. However             game with a three- ball break.
Diaries, now!                                  it was his come from behind win over Sue             Geoff Kingdon of Devonport Club had
                                                AROUND THE STATES
                                                                                                  hit or topped 35 degrees. It was good to

  New South
                                                                                                  know everyone was working to get
                                                                                                  through the playing program, but doing so
                                                                                                  in a fashion where they were looking after

    Wales                                                                                         themselves. If ever there was an event
                                                                                                  with a theme of “Slip, Slop, Slap” meshed
                                                                                                  with a melody of “Drink plenty of fluids
                                                                                                  and sit in the shade between turns”, this

                                                                                                  was it!
                                                                                                    Finally, arising from all the enjoyment

                                                                                                  the players experienced during the event,
                                                                                                  and for the combined efforts of those
                                                                                                  assisting with the organisation, I’m
Hyatt Open                                                                                        pleased to report the 2010 Open raised
                                                                                                  around $750 for the club’s coffers.

                                                     Stephen Richards receiving his trophy.                                   Stephen Richards
       he 2010 Canberra Hyatt Open was
                                                                                                                                Event Manager
       played in hot and humid conditions       won by Roger Buddle who defeated David
       on the Club lawns from 22-27             Wise in an all SA final. The full results
January. It attracted 18 players from far       and some photos are on the Club website.
and wide (including Queensland,                   The Club is very fortunate to continue
Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria,         to receive the wonderful support of the
not to mention from Sydney and assorted         Hyatt Hotel Canberra, which has
regional centres in NSW and even a few          generously donated the trophy for this
folk from Canberra)!                            event over a great many years and
  The Open was won by Stephen Richards          provides a delightful refuge for players at
who just beat Simon Watkins (Brighton,          the end of a long, hot day’s play. My
Vic) 2-0 in the final. The Y-Event, for         thanks to Michael Fish and the Hyatt
losing quarter-finalists, was won by John       Hotel team for their support again during
Byers, a former Canberra member now             2010.
playing out of Caloundra, who got up over         All players also coped extremely well
Jim Nicholls (Wagga) 2-1 in the final of        with the consistently hot conditions,                     Meet Wendy Fothergill,
that event. And the Plate event for players,    particularly those required to play 3 games              your NSW correspondent.
who did not make the quarter-finals, was        on a couple of days when the temperature
an epic battle with Rob McAdam                  Jetstar Competition                               Priorities
(Kingston) in the Mens, winning 5/26,           Congratulations to Cecelia Stevenson              Croquet is all about getting your priorities
22/21, 26/3. Geoff led 20 to nil in the         who won a $300 travel voucher in the              right. Visitors Ray and Eileen Irlam, who
second game before Rob made level on            Jetstar competition with her photo of             are going to
the bell right on time. Geoff was then able     typical croquet players acting with               move to
to score the wining hoop.                       decorum as is their wont at Sandy Bay             Tasmania to
  The Ladies event was won by Hazel             Croquet Club.                                     live, are
Lloyd (Eastern Shore) who went through                                                            scouring the
the block round undefeated.                                                                       countryside
  Other winners were:                                                                             for a club
n Handicap Pam Hamilton (Eastern Shore)                                                           they like, and
n 5-20 Roger Bowles (Eastern Shore)                                                               THEN they’re
n 10-16 Jim Ferguson (New Town)                                                                   going to find
n 18-20 Chester Lovell (Kingston)                                                                 a house to
  We were fortunate to have Liz Fleming                                                           buy!                   Ray and Eileen.
and David Wise coaching the state team,
                                                 Cecilia Stevenson and Co celebrate Jetstar win
then and Divisions 1 and 2, and then 3                        the Sandy Bay way!
and 4 respectively. Their time and effort
was much appreciated by all who took            Esther celebrated 95th
advantage of their knowledge and skills.
                                                Happy birthday to
                                                Esther Hutchins of
                                                Eastern Shore Club.
                                                At the grand age of
                                                95 Esther is still
                                                playing some
                                                croquet, has learnt
                                                mah-jong in the last       Esther Hutchins and
                                                few months and is            Mavis Spalding                 Meet Ricki Barrett,
                                                still driving her car.      enjoying birthday         your Tasmanian correspondent.
 David Wise at 3rd /4th div coaching session.                                     cake.

                                                                                        CROQUET AUSTRALIA - AUTUMN MARCH 2010             17
                                               AROUND THE STATES
                                               Magazine some years ago. We used it with          The president Mrs Lesley Hobbs looked
                                               great success at various promotions, such       splendid in her period costume as she
                                               as Werribee Mansion, with Adrian                welcomed the President of Croquet

        Victoria                               Masterman-Smith, Mary Graham, and
                                               Simon Watkins.
                                                  We pioneered the concept of obstacle
                                                                                               Victoria, Mrs Val Brown, and her husband
                                                                                               Tom, the Mayor of Southern Grampians
                                                                                               Shire, Mr Marcus Rentsch and visitors. At
                                               courses and crazy croquet as well. Wacka        the luncheon the history of the club was
                                               and Cracka have been our mascots for            provided by our historian Janis Kirkwood.
                                               years, while we waited for me to get on           The club was first established in 1909,
Children are welcome                           with some kid’s stories and picture books.      playing on the Recreation Reserve, later to
at the Brunswick                               I have been dreaming and speaking of a          become Meville Oval. A meeting was held
Malletsports Club                              mini-croquet course for years.                  and a club was formed with 100 people
I have to confess a special interest here: I      Many of these ideas sat on the sideline.     attending, (the club already had 50
am a children’s book author, and have          I think really, we needed a group of kids       members). The first tournament was held
been pondering and working on the issue        to bring it all alive!!                         with doubles play on four courts with
of getting kids into croquet for years.           Not anymore, as our club now has a           eighty entries. The Secretary was
Well, I think all that quiet work has helped   very special membership: a Playgroup.           presented with a watch in a silver case for
Brunswick Malletsports Club to break           Our Playgroup fits the space we                 successfully running the tournament.
another barrier.                               created. Just what we wanted.                     There were 72 full members in the
                                                  In the midst of our club, we have a          second year with membership ten shillings,
                                               membership growing up, all members in           with five shillings of it going to the council
                                               any sense: popular, belonging and               for upkeep. In 1927 there was a problem
                                               supported by the older membership.              with the availability of the ground, as it
                                                  A recent marketing campaign got us           was shared with cricket and tennis who all
                                               noticed a bit, and we were approached by        played at once, so it got very cramped.
                                               a mother, Lucy Menting, who was looking           At this time Mrs Palmer was the
                                               for a space where she could have a              president, so her husband Harold Palmer
                                               Playgroup. That is, a formally but loosely      very generously donated land, sheds and
                                               constituted group of mothers and fathers        seats. To raise money, debentures were
                                               with new babies, who soon grow up!              taken out by members so the courts could
                                               Councils help them form the playgroup,          to be built. This was done—though the
                                               and there might be up to ten children.          horses used became bogged in the mud.
                                                  Well, as part of our long held aim of          The new grounds were opened for play
                                               opening the club up and getting into the        on the 4th February 1928. The
                                               community, it fitted into existing policy,      membership at that time had risen to one
                                               but was also a great leap forward. It has       pound ten shillings. We are very fortunate
       A croquet player in the making.
                                               been a great success : the group love           to have had members with forethought to
  It wasn’t all my idea! Two of our            coming along to our quaint space, the           establish the club in this way.
members, Catherine Doherty and Tim             members love having them along, the               Our afternoon consisted of a game of
Stagg, had a child recently, so we have        mothers and fathers have learnt (Puzzle)        association doubles with Val Brown
had a youngster growing up in the club         croquet, and come along to events.              (Horsham) and Barb McKean
and the malletsports scene. Robert even           Already, our club has to plan for when       (Warrnambool) the winners. Ricochet
came to Canberra recently and is often         the now toddlers will need their own            players also had a game, with Pat
seen at Gateball tournaments.                  equipment and games. As part of proposed        Langford
  So, we knew it worked for us. But, there     changes to our Club’s layout, I am hoping       (Hamilton)
was more to be done.                           we will end up with space for the Mini-         and Wal
  For years, we have encouraged children       Croquet. The Playgroup come along once          Ladlow
to come along. I believed what we needed       a week, and have a few hours together.          (Hamilton)
was to get youngsters into playing the         The group changes composition, as               the
game, way before they were school-age.         sometimes fathers come along. The group         winners.
We have a special croquet set made of          occasion-ally has a BBQ and sometimes           Afternoon
pool spaghetti, which featured in this         play croquet.                                   tea
                                                  As an exercise to getting a happy club       followed.
                                               one is justifiably proud of, the Playgroup        Our life
                                               is a great asset to us. I am very proud to be   members,
                                               part of it all. I think our Club can continue   Doris
                                               to forge ahead, and other clubs can also        Lanyon         Doris Lanyon, Moira Whyte (Life
                                               use some of these ideas.                                       Members) and
                                                                                               and Moira cut the birthdayOlive Kitchin (92)
                                                                                                                             cake at Hamilton
                                                                               Lowen Clarke    Whyte,            Croquet Clubs Centenary.
                                                                                               unveiled a
                                               Hamilton Croquet Club                           new Life Members board which now
                                               celebrates its Centenary                        hangs in the club rooms. The cake was cut
                                               Hamilton croquet club celebrated its            by Doris, Moira and our oldest member,
   The Playgroup mothers and children at the   100th birthday at the club rooms in             Olive Kitchin. A great day was had by all.
          Brunswick Malletsports Club.         Kennedy Street.                                                                 Helen Hadden

                                                    AROUND THE STATES
                                                    Try” Day organised by Multicultural               only a novelty for the students but for

                                                    Youth SA on 9th December for students             many of them as well. We may get a
                                                    from the Adelaide Secondary School of             further request from the School to
                                                    English. It is located in what used to be         organise something for the students during

       Australia                                    Croydon Technical School on Torrens
                                                       Students came from many different
                                                                                                      the school holidays.
                                                                                                         If the event is repeated next year I think
                                                                                                      we should participate again. Now knowing
                                                    countries – Sudan, Somalia, Bosnia,
                                                                                                      what is involved we would be able to be a
                                                    Afghanistan, Iraq and Indonesia just to
Congratulations to Mary                             name a few. Many had only been in
                                                                                                      little more organised. Certainly we would
Keur – 90th birthday!                               Australia for a few months. They attend           need more personnel and perhaps some
                                                                                                      handouts for MCYSA Staff and the
celebrations                                        the School until they are assessed as being
                                                    capable of coping in the normal                   teachers that give some basic information
Mary was a member of Glenelg Croquet
club for 25 years, and was President                educational system.                               about croquet, the location of Clubs, etc.
from 1993 until 2002 when the 100 year                 We were told that there would be nine          In all I think that it was a very worthwhile
celebration of Glenelg Croquet Club was             groups of fifteen students. The plan was          exercise.
held at Holdfast Bay Bowling Club. She              for each group to spend 30 minutes at                                                  Doug Amey
continues to be a member of the Holdfast            each of nine “stations” where different
Bay Bowls and Croquet Club.                         sports were available for them to try. We
   Mary arrived in Australia from                   were a little concerned when bus loads of
Holland 60 years ago. To help celebrate             students arrived and some 250+ of them
her 90th birthday, 32 family members                descended on us. It was a bit chaotic but
came to Adelaide from interstate and                we did manage to give everyone
overseas. One of the many celebrations              (including a few teachers) a hit.
for Mary was at the Holdfast Bay Bowls                 The AFL, SANFL, SA Volleyball
and Croquet Club on Tuesday 12th                    Association, SA Cricket Association and
January at a morning tea given by her               the Adelaide United Soccer Club were
five daughters.                                     among those organisations represented so
                                                    it was good that SACA was there too.
Multicultural Youth SA                                 The Multicultural Youth Staff and the
Come-n-Try Day                                      teachers from the School were very
                                                                                                                 Meet Ian Rick, your
– Botanic Park                                      appreciative of the opportunity to have a
                                                                                                           South Australian correspondent.
Iain Fraser and I attended the “Come and            try at running hoops as croquet was not

                                             Letter to the Editor
To follow is a letter from our South Australian correspondent, Ian Rick. I feel it is a story that reflects how the game of croquet can encourage
those unwell or with a disability to strive towards a healthier lifestyle, at the same time having fun. Ian also tells me: “I have had a bit of a set
back in my personal life, but I am a survivor. I am thankful that I can continue on with the job of SA correspondent as It keeps me busy and
keeps me focused.” Our best wishes to you Ian, and we all look forward to your contribution to the magazine as the South Australian
correspondent. Editor Carolyn.
   I read with interest the article by Ros Dryden my right side as well as loss of speech. I asked       As I recovered I soon became aware that I
of West Toowoomba Croquet Club in the              her what would be the outcome if I decided not had lost motor function in my right leg, it would
Winter 2009 edition of Croquet Australia about to go through with the operation. She told me          not move. I also found that speech was difficult.
taking the “dis” out of Disability. What an        that the prognosis would be bleak, even fatal.     I knew what I wanted to say but I had no
inspiration to read both Dave’s and Gerry’s           I had the operation in December 2003. I         co-ordination of speech. Recovery was slow.
stories. I feel compelled to share with you how    remember waking up to see my wife, Denise,         Finally, one morning I awoke and involuntarily
I myself came to love this wonderful game.         bending over me, smiling, but with tears in her    stretched my right leg. I rang for my primary
   In May 2002, I was diagnosed with               eyes. I could not speak as I was attached to a     nurse, Yvonne and pointed to my right toes. I
Pulmonary Cryptococcus as a result of cutting      breathing tube. She told me that I had been in     could wriggle them!
up River Red Gum for my wood fire. If I had        an induced coma for 14 days as I had a heart          I was soon on my way to Hampstead
just taken the simple precaution of wearing a      attack during the operation and had incurred a     Rehabilitation Centre where I spent the next
face mask when using my chain saw all that         blood infection.                                   few weeks learning to walk again as well as
followed would never have happened. In                                                                working with a speech pathologist. I learned to
August the same year I collapsed at work and                                                          walk again on the 18th March 2003, the day
was admitted to my local hospital. My doctor                                                          after St. Patrick’s Day. I went home to continue
sent me down for an MRI scan of my brain                                                              my recovery.
which showed an abscess on the left side of my                                                           In November 2004 I was admitted to the
brain. I was taken down to the Royal Adelaide
                                                                                                      RAH again as I had been suffering excruciating
Hospital where I was admitted.
                                                                                                      headaches and falling asleep for long periods. I
   My condition got progressively worse. The
                                                                                                      fully recall my Specialist standing up from her
specialist informed me that the anti fungal-
                                                                                                      desk and placing her arm around me saying “
drugs were not being effective on the abscess
and that an operation to remove it was required.                                                      I’m so, so sorry.” I knew that the Cryptococcus
She told me that I should be aware that there                                                         had come back. I asked her again about the
would be risks involved and that, due to the                                                          outcome. She told me that the fungus had
location of the abscess, I could lose function to                                                                                   Continued Page 22
                                                                                           CROQUET AUSTRALIA - AUTUMN MARCH 2010                   19
                                                   AROUND THE STATES
                                                    Wynnum Mallet Sports Centre turns
                                                    on the Lights

CAQ Golf Croquet Singles
The CAQ Golf Croquet Open Singles was
held at Headland/Buderim Croquet Club on
February 13/14 2010. The weather treated us
kindly even though it was hot, as the sea
breezes acted as welcome relief.
There were thirty two (32) entries with some
on the reserve list.
   A first for Golf Croquet in Queensland,
there were no score sheets and the scoring
was done electronically. My sincere thanks
                                                                                                                   Playing under lights at
go to Elizabeth and Fred Van Vuht, who put                                                                         Wynnum Mallet Sports
the program together. It was most                                                                                          Club.
professional and certainly appreciated by the
Tournament Manager and the Queensland
Tournament Handicapper, who received the           On Saturday 30 January 2010 at 1900 hrs (after a barbeque), Councillor Peter
results later on Sunday evening.                   Cumming, Patron of the club, officially switched on the lights for courts 1 and 2.
The tournament was played in Round Robin           Excitement among the club members, their families and invited community
blocks of eight (8) players. In the semi-finals,   guests was high as the new lighting turned twilight into beautiful playable courts.
the winner of Block A played Winner of               Night-time mallet sports came to fruition thanks to community support and a
Block C and the Winner of Block B played           welcome grant of $30,000 from the Queensland Gambling Community Fund.
the Winner of Block D. The final was played        David Jones (Vice President) steered the application through all the phases for
by the two (2) winners of the Semi-Finals.         approval.
   The winner of Block A was John Philpot            The Club’s AGM approved that the facility be called the Wynnum Mallet Sports
of Noosa Club with six (6) wins – he tied          Centre, in recognition of the centre becoming the home of Association and Golf
with Wayne Strong of Bribie Island but went        croquet as well as Ricochet and Gateball.
through on results of his game with Wayne.           The club is looking forward to a new generation of mallet sports enthusiasts
The winner of Block B was Terry Ericson of         now that students, sun sensitive individuals, day workers and those who wish to
Windsor with seven (7) wins and an almost          participate in a healthy, outdoors, non contact sport whilst enjoying our Bayside
complete score. The winner of Block C was
                                                   evening sea breezes can now be accommodated at the Wynnum Mallet Sports
Heinz Breustedt of Bribie Island, with 7
(seven) wins. The winner of Block D was
                                                     New members have been arriving on our doorstep as a result of a concerted
John Hardy of Laurel Bank with 7 (seven)
                                                   effort to bring croquet to the attention of Bayside residents through the media of
wins and an almost complete score.
   The semi Final between John Philpott and
                                                   the Wynnum Herald and the Brisbane City Council’s Activity and Healthy Parks
Heinz Breustedt was won by Heinz                   program.
Breustedt, with a score of 6-5. The semi
final between John Hardy and Terry Ericson
resulted in a win to Terry 7-2.
The final between Terry and Heinz was a
very exciting game, with neither giving each
other anything. The score was 7-3.
   The most excitement was left to the final.
There were at least fifty (50 ) players as
witnesses, with the State Director of
Refereeing right there to watch this feat.
Terry score a hoop from the border at a
30-degree angle. It was sensational. The
crowd clapped and cheered, Terry was
embarrassed but elated at his success. Move
over Alix Verge, we had one to cap your
sensational hoop at the World Women’s Cup
(but, darn it, no photo).
   The CAQ thanks the Headland Buderim
Club for making their facilities available for
this Tournament.
          Carmel Donley, CAQ Events Manager                        Referee Ian McLaren with Terry Ericson and Wayne Strong.

                                                 AROUND THE STATES
Gala Golf Croquet Day at Bribie Island
Bribie Island Club set a very high bench
mark with the first Gala event of the year.
Jocelyn Brain, Bribie’s new Tournament
Manager had her hands full with an
enormous response from many applicants.
   A draw for 40 was arranged but many
keen players missed out, unfortunately.
Perhaps more tournaments for higher
handicap players should be held. Bribie’s
hospitality and smooth management is
legendary; the venue is close not only to
Brisbane clubs but also to the burgeoning
Sunshine Coast Region where there are
hundreds of players.
   It was a brilliantly fine day, the expected
rain held off, and all the games went
smoothly. Players were allotted a partner for
the day and it is this co-operative                Bribie Island Gala Day winners - Helen Priestley (Headland-Buderim), Helen Philpott (Noosa), Chad
                                                    Freshwater (Richardson and Wrench, Sponsor), Elizabeth Vugt (Noosa), Barry Nichol (Wynnum)
camaraderie that has established the Gala type
event as a very popular part of the Calendar.                              preparation; together Bribie players top-dressed two lawns. A root
The Gala is at the serious end of the serious/fun continuum; players       barrier buried along the side next to large trees will prove to be a
are able to gauge their progress and skill development against             great investment. A memorable afternoon tea was waiting for all
opponents from other clubs in a friendly context. Referees are             players at the end of the day. This is the hard work involved in
present to explain rulings and to create expectations of match             volunteering but it pays handsome dividends into the future. The
standards. These events are now quasi tournaments. It is very              improved condition of the lawns was a pleasant surprise, enjoyed by
obvious that Golf Croquet is now being taken seriously by players of lots of visitors who remembered lawn three with dread.
the other disciplines and that both the game and the players’ skills          The Gala Day was a great success thanks to all involved and
and strategies are developing enormously as a result. Golf Croquet is congratulations went to the winners; Elizabeth Van Vugt (Noosa)
evolving into a very precise and strategic contest with plenty of          and Barry Nichol (Wynnum). Runners-up were Helen Philpott
scope for flair and risk-taking.                                           (Noosa) and Helen Priestley (Headland/Buderim).
   Such a tremendous amount of work goes on behind the scenes of             Congratulations to Jocelyn on her first Tournament Management
these events! A working bee of 18 people helped in the huge task of        role and on her first outing as a Referee.

Broadbeach Celebrated                             lunch was served, the dining area was              Laurie and Keith McLeod won the
                                                  ablaze with colour: the Club’s colours of          Association doubles competition,
60 Years                                          maroon and gold featured in the table              Grahame Litchfield the Golf Croquet and
As the year 2009 drew to a close,                 decorations and in helium balloons. The            Barrie and Margaret Barnard the inaugural
Broadbeach celebrated its 60th                    Club member with the longest continuous            Maria Barrett Gateball Doubles Shield.
anniversary. On 30 November, 42                   membership, Edna Laurie, gave the                    The Club’s Golf Croquet team was
members and guests attended a day of fun          welcome address.
mallet sports and a celebratory lunch.                                                               presented with the winner’s pennant and
                                                    Following lunch, Betty King, a talented          the Association Croquet team with the
  Weather-wise, the day was perfect and           Gold Coast artist and wife of Club
the members and guests enjoyed a variety                                                             runner-up pennant. This is the first time
                                                  member Len King, presented the Club                ever that the Club has won a pennant
of fun mallet sports organised by the Club        with a beautiful framed painting of the
Captain.                                                                                             competition and the first time that the
                                                  Clubhouse and court and grounds.
  At the adjacent Bowls Club where the              The year 2009 was not only the 60th              Club members have played in an
                                                  anniversary of the Club, but also Q150. To         Association Croquet pennant competition
                                                  compliment the CAQ Q150 history                    as Broadbeach Croquet Club.
                                                  project, the Club produced its own                   Thank you to all who attended making
                                                  historical record in the form of a full            such a memorable day for our Club.
                                                  colour booklet. Pam Pick undertook a
                                                  huge research project to gather
                                                  information and Maria Barrett edited and
                                                  produced the booklet. Maria launched the
                                                  booklet and made a presentation of copies
                                                  on behalf of all Club members to the CAQ
                                                  President, Liz Fleming.
                                                    Then the Club’s annual award
                                                  presentations took place. Assisting with
                                                  the presentations were Len King (winner
                                                  of many of the Broadbeach Club awards),
                                                  Maria Barrett (Immediate Past President),
                                                  Liz Kent (GCTR representative) and Liz
                                                    Len King won the Association                              Meet Geraldine Trivett,
                                                  President’s Plate (for the 9th time), Edna             your Queensland correspondent.

                                                                                          CROQUET AUSTRALIA - AUTUMN MARCH 2010                 21
Letter to the Editor                                Murray Bridge Croquet Club where I met the
                                                    late Gwen Mitchell, the Captain, who
                                                                                                             I have also regained my driver’s licence.
                                                                                                          This gives me the independence to travel and
From Page 19                                        explained the rudiments of the game to me. My         compete in tournaments, something I never
                                                    first attempts were woeful! I had balance             dreamed of doing all those years ago. I firmly
formed an abscess on the right hand side of the     problems, and could only hold and attempt to          believe that a disability should never stop
brain causing the headaches and subsequent          play a stroke side style, a feat in itself. It took   someone from pursuing their dreams.
seizures that I had also been experiencing.         all my time to concentrate on the swing, hit the
   She said that the surgeon was concerned                                                                   I am reminded of what the new President of
                                                    ball and try to stop from falling over!               the United States said in his inaugural speech,
with my ability to survive another operation as         I persevered, and after about four weeks I
I was down to 70kg! (I’m 188 cm tall). Again,                                                             a catch phrase which I really think applies to
                                                    was having some degree of mastering the               us. "Yes we can!"
she warned me of possible outcomes of the           game. When I arrived at the Club one day for
operation but stressed that it was my only                                                                   This brings me to Ros Dryden’s article. As a
                                                    my lessons, Gwen came to me and told me that
chance of survival. I agreed to the operation.                                                            direct result of that, I contacted Jill Biello of
                                                    she had a surprise for me. She showed me a
When I awoke I saw my specialist standing                                                                 the Murray Mallee Stroke Support Group and
                                                    modified mallet made by Glen Eckert from the
near me. She gave me a big smile and two                                                                  arranged for her to bring a group of stroke
                                                    Broadview Club (who is now himself,
thumbs up signal. I was understandably elated       unfortunately, recovering from a stroke). Glen        recovery persons to our Club in late October.
and did a quick inventory of me - yes both          had made the mallet out of an arm crutch,             On the day twelve persons, comprising of
hands work, both feet work, A.E.I.O.U. yes, I       fashioning a wooden mallet head on the end of         stroke recovery persons and their carers, turned
can speak! Yeah!                                    it. I was able to play croquet side style with my     up to be taught Golf Croquet. It was a beautiful
   My recovery was quite quick after that and I     left arm and support myself with a walking            afternoon and with the able assistance of
attended a Stroke Support Unit at the Julia Farr    stick with my right.                                  Maureen O’Toole and Betty Joy, I had great
Centre over the coming months to come to                From then on nothing was going to stop me         pleasure in teaching these wonderful people
grips with understanding what had happened to       from playing this game. I attended the gym and        the aspects of the game. They played for about
me. (The condition had left me with stroke-like     gained strength in my arms and legs and more          an hour and a half and then were treated to
symptoms). I was able to get used to the fact       importantly, better balance, so much so that          afternoon tea. The result was very positive,
that my life would never be the same. I learned     within 12 months of playing with the modified         with Jill telling me that the group thoroughly
that a positive attitude was the best attitude to   mallet I was able to switch over to centre style      enjoyed themselves and that they were looking
have to assist my recovery.                         with a normal mallet.                                 forward to their next visit in 2010.
   By chance I read an article in the local paper       Without fear of contradiction I can say that         I for one was very happy with the result as I
about a game requiring the strategy of chess        Croquet has played a very important part in my        was able to give something back to a group
combined with the skills of snooker. I              recovery. Without this game and the support of        whose peers had helped me so much in the past
discovered Croquet! So off I went - some three      fellow Croquet players I feel that my future          during my own recovery.
years ago now - on my mobility scooter to the       would have been very bleak indeed.                                                               Ian Rick

                                            Calendar of Croquet Events
 17 – 28 March 2010                         AC Australian Championships: Gold Medal (17-19 Mar)                  Victoria
                                            Mens & Women’s Singles (20-23 Mar)
                                            Interstate Cup (24-28 Mar)

 15 – 23 May 2010                           GC Australian Championships:                                         Hunter Valley, NSW
                                            Open Singles & Doubles

 6 – 22 August 2010                         MacRobertson Shield                                                  England, UK

 25 Aug – 5 September 2010                  GG Championships Gold Medal (25-27 Aug), Men's & Women's Singles (28-31 Aug), WCF Interstate
                                            Shield (1-5 Sept), Qld (Sunshine Coast) Gold Medal: Headland Buderim; Men's: Noosa Coolum;
                                            Women's: Headland Buderim, Nambour; Interstate Shield: Hedland Buderim, Noosa, Bribie Island

 1 – 4 October 2010                         President’s Eights                                                   VCC, Cairnlea, Victoria

 9 – 13 October 2010                        National GC Handicap Championships                                   Perth, WA (Cambridge, Como,
                                                                                                                 Nedlands & Forrest Park Croquet Clubs)

 25 – 31 October 2010                       National AC Handicap Championships                                   Hobart, Tasmania (Sandy Bay, New
                                                                                                                 town, Kingston & Eastern Shaw Clubs)

 20 – 28 November 2010                      AC Australian C/ships: Open Doubles & Singles                        VCC, Melbourne, Victoria

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