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									Welcome to the Purchasing Division of the City of        that the purchase will eventually be made by a                    In addition to the specifications, certain      each project. Contact the Purchasing Department
Modesto. We appreciate your interest and hope            competitive bid and what you spend for expensive         terms and conditions governing purchases are also        for further information on this plan.
this brief guide will be of benefit to you as a          designs, demonstrations and layouts does not             outlined in the bid form. Award is made to the
prospective new supplier or as one of our present        guarantee you an order. Specifications prepared by       vendor who meets the specifications, terms and           BID AND PERFORMANCE BONDS: Bid and
suppliers. Our aim is to be helpful to you in your       City Departments are carefully reviewed by               conditions stated, including the delivery                Performance bonds are required only when it is
sales effort and to promote a climate for good           Purchasing to eliminate undue restrictions and           requirements, and offers the lowest price. Cash          absolutely necessary to protect the interests of the
business relationships with the City of Modesto.         other limitations, which unnecessarily reduce            discounts are encouraged and may be considered in        City, and they may be required on certain
This pamphlet will outline our purchasing                competition. The Purchase will eventually be             the award.                                               purchases, depending on the complexity of the
procedures, and our policies affecting purchasing.       made from the lowest responsive and responsible                                                                   procurement and dollar value.
Should you need more information, please feel free       bidder meeting these objective specifications.           SHIPMENT: Deliveries in almost all cases are
to contact us.                                                                                                    required to be made to the City, FOB: destination.       BLANKET PURCHASE ORDERS: A Blanket
                                                         BIDDERS LIST: The City has an online system                                                                       Purchase Order allows a vendor to sell goods to the
                      PURPOSE                            which allows vendors to register online to               DELIVERY: Requirements for delivery are                  City on an as-needed basis at specific prices or
It is the Purchasing Division’s purpose to maintain      automatically receive bid notifications. The online      specified on all bids and purchase orders. Failure       under a specific pricing formula, for a specified
continuity of services and supplies to support the       registration system allows vendors to receive            to meet the specified date may cause cancellation        period of time (one fiscal year or less). A vendor
various city departments enabling them to provide        automatic notification of bids for vendor-selected       of the order and will reflect on the vendor’s            holding a Blanket Purchase Order does NOT ship
their services to the public. The Purchasing             commodity codes. The vendor online system can            performance rating.                                      goods until an authorized City employee issue a
Division’s goal is to obtain the best overall value to   be accessed from the City’s home page at                                                                          written or verbal release for specific goods to be
the City, consistent with the quality and quantity .                                                        INSPECTIONS                           supplied pursuant to the Blanket Purchase Order.
required.                                                                                                         City specifications define the quality and               Only items which are described on the Blanket
                                                         BID RESULTS: After the due date, bid awards are          performance required of each purchase. Variations        Purchase Order may be purchased. The vendor
                 ORGANIZATION                            a matter of public record. Abstracts of written bids     from the specifications make a shipment subject to       should reference the Blanket Purchase Order
Purchasing services for all city departments are         showing prices and awards are available for your         rejection. In addition to quality condition checks at    number on all invoices.
centralized under the City Purchasing Manager.           inspection. Due to the quantity of bids received,        delivery, purchases are subject to inspection for
The Purchasing Manager has sole authority under          we are unable to furnish copies of the abstract or       conformity with specifications. Such inspections         CHANGE ORDERS: The Purchase Order is the
the City Charter and Municipal Code to purchase          accept telephone inquiries as to bid results. Formal     may be made at the supplier’s plant, upon delivery,      City’s contact with the vendor. Therefore, any
personal property and services for the City.             bids results will be posted online.                      or when the items are later applied to their intended    change to that contract must be in writing and
Vendors are encouraged to contact the Purchasing                                                                  use. A vendor’s record of compliance with                authorized by the Purchasing Manager.
Division Buyers to discuss the City’s requirements       It should be understood that a formal bid                specifications is an important factor in evaluating      Department personnel may NOT make changes to
for goods and services. Do not ship materials or         constitutes an offer to enter into a contract with the   buying sources.                                          the Purchase Order.
initiate any services without a Purchase Order           City which, if accepted, is binding upon you. If
Number.                                                  your bid is accepted, your contract will hold you to                 OTHER REQUIREMENTS                           TAX: The City is exempted from federal excise tax
                                                         all the terms and conditions of the bid                  INSURANCE: In all instances in which vendor              by federal law. Prices quoted by vendors shall
        POLICIES AND PROCEDURES                          specification.                                           personnel enter City of Modesto property to repair,      include sales or use tax, unless otherwise
BIDS: It is the City’s policy to obtain competitive                                                               install, service, construct, etc., the City of Modesto   requested; all applicable taxes should be included
bids whenever possible. Written bids are the             PROTEST AND APPEAL PROCEDURES: In                        requires General Liability and Auto Liability            on invoices. Use tax is paid directly to out-of-state
primary means of obtaining prices; phone                 order to maintain fairness and impartiality, the City    Insurance for not less than $1,000,000. The              vendors, if the vendor is licensed to collect such
quotations are solicited when practical. All written     has established a bid protest and appeal procedure.      Certificate required must also name the City of          tax.
bids are due on the date and time specified on the       A copy of the procedure can be obtained by               Modesto as additional insured, and must include
bid form. Emergency purchases may be made                contracting the City of Modesto Purchasing Office        Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage.                BILLING: The purchase order number must
without the use of the public notice or sealed bid       at (209) 577-5405.                                       Whenever insurance is required on a Purchase             appear on all invoices, shipping tags, and all
procedure.                                                                                                        Order, the vendor will be supplied with complete         correspondence relevant to the order.
         Sometimes a vendor will expend                  SPECIFICATIONS: Written specifications are               requirements for coverage. Some vendors have
considerable time and money in presenting his/her        used in the bidding process to describe the level of     their carriers issue the Certificate to cover “all       PAYMENT: Payment is made to the vendor after
product to an individual city department in the          quality required; unless otherwise specified, all        operations” for the City of Modesto. This                receipt of invoice in triplicate and delivery and
hopes of making a sale. If you do this, remember         merchandise purchased is new and unused.                 eliminates the need to provide a Certificate for         acceptance of material on the purchase order.
Partial payments can be arranged if necessary. The      operation of the office or department involved, or         STANDARDS OF PURCHASING PRACTICE
Invoice Processing Section of the Finance               which are immediately necessary for the                    1.   To regard Public Service as a sacred trust, giving
                                                                                                                                                                                VENDOR’S GUIDE
Department will process invoices and receiving          preservation of life or property. Be assured that               primary consideration to the interests of the
reports and forward to the City Clerk who will          true emergency purchases at such times without                  governmental unit by whom we are employed.
issue checks for payment to the vendor. Using           Purchase Order numbers will be approved.                                                                               TO DOING BUSINESS
                                                                                                                   2.   To purchase the best value obtainable, securing the
departments are not responsible for payment to                                                                          maximum benefit for each tax dollar expended
vendors, and all invoices are to be sent to Accounts    RECYCLING: Consideration will be given for
Payable.                                                products that contain recycled material or have the        3.   To avoid sharp practices, giving all qualified             WITH THE
                                                        potential of being recycled, if fitness, quality,               vendors an equal opportunity.
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: It is the policy of the              purpose and prices are equal.
City of Modesto to encourage equal opportunity in                                                                  4.   To respect our obligations and to require that         CITY OF MODESTO
all of its contracts for goods and services. We see     BUY LOCAL: Preference shall be given to the                     obligations to us and our governmental unit be
new and small businesses as an important part of a      purchase of supplies and materials from local                   respected.
competitive bid process, which deserve our              merchants, quality and price being equal. Local
                                                                                                                   5.   To accord vendor representatives the same
encouragement and help.                                 merchants who have a business location within the               treatment we should like to receive, remembering
                                                        City and a current City business license shall be               that they are important sources of information and
GIFTS AND GRATUITIES: The City of                       granted a two (2) percent bid preference. The two               assistance in our buying problems.
Modesto maintains a strict policy prohibiting the       (2) percent bid preference is based on the amount
acceptance by its employees, or gifts and/or            of that portion of the bid which is subject to sales       6.   To strive constantly for greater knowledge of
gratuities from any supplier or potential supplier.     tax. Some exceptions do apply.                                  purchasing methods and of the materials we buy.

       SALES CALLS AND CONTRACTS                        SUMMARY: We hope this brief outline has                    7.   To be receptive to counsel from our colleagues and
Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,           helped you in understanding our Department and                  to cooperate with them to promote a spirit of unity.
Monday through Friday. We will try to see you on        its purpose.                                               8.   To conduct ourselves with fairness and dignity and
the first visit even if you have not called for an                                                                      to demand honesty and truth in buying and selling.
appointment. However, the buyers specifically                   We know that we can assist you by:
assigned to your product lines may not be               •   Directing your attention to our web site which lists   9.   To cooperate with all organizations and individuals      FINANCE DEPARTMENT
available. In order to conserve your time and               our preesent needs.                                         engaged in enhancing the development and standing           Purchasing Division
ensure you an adequate hearing, we urge you to          •   Consolidating our requirements.                             of the Purchasing profession.                                  P.O. Box 642
make a definite appointment before coming to the        •   Arranging for demonstrations before the proper                                                                          Modesto, CA 95353
Purchasing Division. Routine “courtesy” visits are          people.                                                10. To remember that everything we do reflects on the              (209) 577-5405
not encouraged.                                         •   Aiding in obtaining the greatest yield for your time       entire Purchasing profession, and to govern our              FAX (209) 544-8821
                                                            and effort                                                 every action accordingly.
           All sales representatives should deal
directly with the Purchasing Division. No one
                                                                   We hope you will help us by:
outside the Purchasing Division can commit the
                                                        •   Keeping us informed concerning new items and
City to a purchase. Do not ship materials or initiate       tends.
any services without a Purchase Order number.           •   Remembering that contractual commitments may
Doing so puts the vendor at risk of not getting paid        only be made by purchasing personnel.
for unauthorized sales.                                 •   Checking with us before leaving demonstration or
                                                            loaner equipment or supplies with departments.
EXCEPTION: There are obviously tines during             •   Aiding us in obtaining the greatest yield for our
emergencies when an order must be placed by City            time, effort and the taxpayer’s dollars.
personnel after hours or on weekends, times when
the Purchasing office is normally closed.                   When we do conduct business with you, it is our
Emergency purchases may be made for items                   desire to have you feel that each transaction has
which are immediately necessary for the continued           been satisfactorily concluded.

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