TEAM MEMBER DEBRIEF & SUMMARY FORM
FBCW thanks God for your life and obedience to His calling. We understand you have put a lot of prayers, time and effort in this mission
project. Thank you for caring for a lost world and allow God to use you to expand His Kingdom. Your input is very valuable to us, that is why
we ask you to take a few minutes to complete this debrief form as we believe it will help us improve future projects and strengthen our
partnerships. Thank you for your time!

Name: (optional)____________________________________            Project Location: __________________________________
Dates: _______________________                     Team Leader(s): _______________________________

1.   What was your greatest expectation of what you would experience on this project?

2.   Was that expectation fulfilled? ______Explain.

3.   What was the most challenging part of the project for you personally?

4.   Were there any big disappointments for you? ______ Explain

5.   Has this experience changed or affected your perspective of the “Great Commission?”

6.   Will this experience make a difference in your personal walk with Christ from this point on? _____ If so, how?

7.   Will you pray about returning on another mission project to this location? ______

8.   After this experience will you pray about being a part of a Mission Partnership? _____________

9.   Do you believe that the Mission Department played a helpful role in regards to your project? Please explain.

10. Please evaluate your project on the following items. Let us know if it was excellent(4), good(3), mediocre(2) or bad(1).

 Item                                           Rate     Comments
 Training you received
 Travel preparations
 Team unity
 Evangelism Training
 Transportation in country
 Efficiency of team meetings
 Ministry opportunities
 Team preparation
 Overall effect
 Field partners involvement
 Field partners leadership
 Prayer preparation
 Use of financial support
 Spiritual leadership of team
 Security & safety
 Clarity of objective before going

11. What would be your overall evaluation of this project? Please let us know what areas would you improve and how would you do it.

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