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                          By Emem Juliet

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                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

What is liberty Reserve?

Benefits of LR

How to open a Liberty Reserve account

Liberty exchangers

How to fund my Liberty Reserve

How to Make Money with LR

                   WHAT IS LIBERTY RESERVE?
Liberty Reserve is an ecurrency. Other examples of ecurrencies are c-gold,
gdp, E-gold. It is one of the best ecurrenies and currency exchanger,

LR as it is popularly known is a 100% irrevocable payment system and
digital currency. You can send or receive money to or from anyone in the

Liberty Reserve is an account-based payment system where you can store
value in a certain currency and transfer payments to others. You can also
receive payments from others in any currency.

It is a safe, reliable and confidential method of transferring across the
globe. The payments you make with LR are irrevocable, this means that
they cannot be reversed. Liberty Reserve is instant, real-time currency for
international commerce.

Liberty Reserve is incorporated under the laws of Panama, with offices
worldwide, including New York, Germany, and France. It is similar to
PayPal, E-Gold, Pecunix, E-Bullion and other E-Currency services.

What is e-currency?

E-currency means electronic currency and is a means of exchange with
which you can make and receive payments online. No one can guarantee
the safety of e-currencies, they can disappear anytime. Just buy/keep as
much as you need only.

Digital currencies evolved as a need for merchants to have an alternative
to credit cards due to the high cost of accepting credit cards (credit card %
fees and fraud). Merchants using digital currencies get paid, and stay paid,
lowering their costs of operation, eliminating fraud, and pass on the
savings to their customers.

E-currencies are used online as means of exchange for goods and services
over the internet. Before you can use e-currency, the merchant/beneficiary
must accept it. E-currencies are mostly used for Forex, Gambling, games,
investments, MLM, ad bookings, hosting/Domain names, HYIPs, etc.

  1. It is available practically everywhere in the world, to nearly everyone
  2. It is, if you choose to pay a small fee, entirely anonymous, and
     almost entirely anonymous if you don't.
  3. You need to buy virtual currency from exchanges that has no
     guaranteed value.
  4. The security provisions are ridiculously complicated.
  5. It's a useful means of payment for those who cannot use PayPal,
     Moneybookers, cashU or others.
  6. It's a lot cheaper than using a bank wire.

For you to start transferring money using liberty reserve you need an
account at liberty reserve. Creating an account is very easy at Liberty
Reserve and it is free. Below is the step by step method of creating your
own account.

First go to the www.liberty
Click on create account.

You’ll be taken to this page
Then provide all the information required by filling the spaces. It consists

  •   Your first name
  •   Your last name
  •   Your email address

You also need to provide the answer to a security question; it is needed in
case you forget your account details and need to recover them. Also, write
a "personal welcome message", this can be anything, you will be asked to
confirm that it's correct everytime you log in.
The last thing you need to do on this page is enter the digits shown in the
colourful field. The intention is to protect you from a man-in-the-middle
attack. Of course, you'll also have to agree to their Terms of Service by
clicking AGREE.

Your new Liberty Reserve account number will be sent to your email
address. Log into your mailbox to find out your Liberty Reserve account
number. You’ll use to complete your registration, check your email for the
information they’ll send you.

Remember to store your passwords, PINs and Master Key in a safe and
secure way to prevent unauthorized access to your e-currency account.
Normally all e-currency transactions are final and cannot be disputed, even
in cases when your account was used without your consent.

When you get here click on login.

You’ll be taken to this page
Put your account number and password, click next.

You will see
Your welcome message is now displayed. Confirm it by ticking the box,
click on continue

Click on Access main account
Put your pin number and click login

Fill all information and click submit.

Congratulations! You now have a Liberty Reserve account.

Note: Please remember this information.
- Login PIN: PIN that you must input every time you login, also when you
- Master PIN: PIN that you input every time you do things that very
important like when you pay.
- Personal welcome message: This is what LR use to confirm its you.
Features of Your Account

Profile settings

Once you are logged into your account at Liberty Reserve, you can click on
"profile" and change your account name, password, and other features,
such as email notifications.


This feature allows you to send funds (make payments) to any other
Liberty Reserve account instantly.


You can withdraw (redeem) value from your Liberty Reserve account by
using any number of independent exchange providers listed on the Liberty
Reserve website. Usually, exchange providers will have an account number
starting with the letter, "x".

Exchange providers are not affiliated with Liberty Reserve and your
dealings with them are at your own risk. We recommend that you only use
exchange providers that are members of the global digital currencies


You can also deposit funds or value to your Liberty Reserve account by
using any number of independent exchange providers listed on their just
the same way you withdraw (see above)

Internal messaging

Once you are logged into your Liberty Reserve account, you can send
private messages to anyone else with a Liberty Reserve account. All you
need to know is their account number. You can also check your message
inbox to see if you received any messages, and you can save messages.
This is a private, internal messaging system developed exclusively for
Liberty Reserve account holders.

A balance is the total amount of funds or value that you have in your
Liberty Reserve account. It is displayed on most pages within your account
for your convenience.


One of the most important features of Liberty Reserve is the security of
your account. Passwords, PIN's, stop account feature, and anti-keylogger
(trojan) login system are just a few of the security precautions that Liberty
Reserve has added to keep your value safe and secure within your

                       LIBERTY EXCHANGERS
These are the places, companies, online merchants that you can use to
fund, transfer and withdraw money from liberty reserve. Reserve
exchangers are available in most countries of the world. Assuming
someone send you money through liberty reserve, you can o collect
directly thought the liberty reserve website. Moreover if you want to add
money in your liberty reserve account you cannot do it with them directly,
you have to go through the exchangers that they approve. You can check
at the liberty reserve website, if you are not sure of the exchanger you are
using. However you can find a list of liberty reserve exchangers here at

In Nigeria there are many liberty reserve exchangers like,,, and others.


Now that you have registered with a liberty reserve exchanger, you can
now fund your account. To fund your Liberty Reserve account or change
your Liberty Reserve money to physical cash you have to go to an
exchanger. Many digital currencies do not accept direct transactions to and
from their system. Liberty Reserve is not an exception. They make use of

Accounts are funded or cashed out using an exchanger, and quite a few
reputable exchangers accept exchanges of Liberty Reserve. Additionally,
the exchange rates for Liberty Reserve are currently much more feasible
than other e-currencies such as Pecunix. This fact makes Liberty Reserve
seem to be a viable option for smaller webmasters who are primarily selling
advertising or service on their websites.

There are so many LR exchangers in the world to choose from, do your
due diligence. Just follow the step by step method in their website to set
up an account and add your money. On Liberty Reserve's page, click on
"Buy/Sell LR" (left hand side).

Liberty is a form of payment. It is used to pay for goods and services
online easily. Example if you are into forex trading, you can put money into
your forex account through LR and trade with it. If you make money, pay
into your LR account for withdrawal. You can withdraw in your local
currency through your Liberty Reserve Exchanger.

When you hear people talking of making money with their Liberty Reserve,
it is through an affiliate program. Some Exchangers thought a way to get
more customers and brought out a referral program whereby they reward
whenever you bring someone to them. When you register, you’ll get a link
that you will use to refer others. Once they sign in through you and fund
their account, you’ll make some commission (money). So check the
exchanger you are using to see if they offer this service and register. Ask
them questions if you have any.

Liberty Reserve claims to be protected by an offshore trust, and claims at
all times to be backed 100% by US dollars for LR-USD accounts, and by
gold for LR-gold accounts.

Liberty Reserve’s user interface is simple and easy to use, and it is
reminiscent of AlertPay’s interface. The login process is a two step process
and Liberty Reserve does seem to have covered the bases as far as
providing a secure interface somewhere in between the simplicity of E-Gold
and the complexity of Pecunix.

Liberty Reserve is a good from of payment for those who can’t easily get a
credit card or use paypal. I too have a LR account, though I’ve not used.
But I thought of getting one, you never know when I might need it. Liberty
Reserve is a safe and secure way of making online payments. However,
nothing works better than your own due diligence.

Good luck.

About the Author

Emem Juliet is a world-renowned author, self-publisher and public
speaker. She teaches making money through investments and
businesses, and self-publishing. Unlike many speakers, she was a
successful entrepreneur long before she became known as an
author and speaker. She has a website dedicated to helping
people become financially free and have enough time for what is
most important to them, check it out here

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