ATE 3 year template JC English by tW51w6


									                       JUNIOR CERT. ENGLISH – A TEMPLATE FOR THREE YEARS

           Language             Specific            Composition        Critical            Fiction             Poetry               Drama                Media
           skills               forms of            skills             literacy
Year One   Capital letters,     Forms of            Shaping the        Identifying:        Teacher reading     Let                  How drama tells      The picture as
           the full stop, the   narrative – first   narrative using    hero/villain        to enhance          paraphrasable        a story.             story.
           comma.               and third person,   storyboard,                            enjoyment.          meaning take a       Focus on             Focus on
                                fictional and       folded page etc.   tension/climax      Audio books.        back seat.           situation,           arrangement and
           Functions of         autobiographical.                                          Silent reading in   Focus on sensory     character, action.   impact.
           different parts of                       Identifying        point of view       class.              experience,
           speech.              Summary writing     beginning,                             Discuss text to     sound and shape.     Use TV series,       Use ad visuals
                                                    middle and end.    author’s            develop critical    Terminology          cartoons, ads.       and news visuals.
           Spelling patterns.   Personal                               intention.          literacy.           follows the          Read short           Reinforce areas
                                response writing    Visualizing                            Use text as         encounter:           scenes or script     of critical
           Punctuation of                           paragraphs.        (N.B.               springboard for     metaphor, simile,    extracts.            literacy.
           direct speech.       Different layouts                      Questioning and     composition         personification,
                                for poetry and      Oral telling.      response, not       skills.             alliteration,        Look at layout of    Link task: create
           Paragraphs for       drama.                                 question and        Introduce themes    assonance,           dialogue and         collage of novel
           narrative                                Pen to paper.      answer.)            issues and key      onomatopoeia         directions.          or poem.
           structure.                                                                      moments.
Year Two   Question mark,       Formal review       Shaping the        Distinguishing      Introduce forms     Select poems         Read a play.         Newspaper and
           semi-colon,          writing             work into          between fact and    and genres.         strong on tone       (Audiotapes are      advertising copy.
           colon.                                   opening, central   opinion.            Read short          and atmosphere       very useful,
                                Speech writing      point(s),                              stories and         e.g. war poetry,     particularly for     Propaganda.
           A hit-list           for debates         conclusion.        Identifying point   novels with an      love poetry.         Shakespeare)
           (custom built?)                                             of view.            agenda, or                                                    Link task: create
           of problem           Opinion pieces      Shaping the                            allowing more       Focus on             Discuss              copy based on
           spellings.                               work, whether      Identifying the     than one level of   imagery as layers    character, motive    texts studied.
                                Formal letters      spoken or          basis/premise for   meaning.            of meaning and       and situation.
           Different                                written, for the   certain views,                          association.                              Reinforce areas
           sentence             Narrative           audience.          their own and       Use texts to                             Identify key         of critical
           structures – use     expressing a                           others’.            develop critical    Encounter irony,     moments, and         literacy. Discuss
           and effect.          point – fable and   Varying sentence                       literacy.           satire, poems that   climax.              ‘media-savvy’.
                                anecdote.           structure for      Understanding                           use a persona.
           Topic sentences.                         effect.            irony and           Introduce closed,                        View specific        Analyse an ad
           Structuring                                                 implied meaning.    open and sub-       Ask students to      scenes for           with copy and
           argument                                                                        versive endings     select their         contrasting          visuals.
           through                                                                                             favourite poems      interpretation
             Language             Specific           Composition       Critical           Fiction              Poetry               Drama                 Media
             skills               forms of           skills            literacy
Year Three   Revise               More               Shaping           Re-examining       Focus on a novel     (H.L.) Study a       Revise studied        Revise concepts
             grammatical          sophisticated      narratives        concepts already   and/or short         number of poems      play, focusing on     already met.
             terms.               narratives:        through voice/    dealt with in      stories.             by one poet, and     turning points,
                                  the short story;   point of view,    narrative and                           one ‘big’ poem,      moments that          Look at
             Add to language      the memoir.        setting,          argument.          Look at character    and revise others.   reveal character,     examples of
             terms already                           significant                          development,                              problem               ‘objective’
             known cliché,        Atmospheric        action, climax,   Identifying        narrative voice,     Emphasise the        moments.              reporting.
             connotation,         ‘mood’ writing     resolution.       persuasive and     creation of          importance of
             synonym.                                                  manipulative       setting, tension,    knowing by heart     Use specific          Identify
                                  The objective      Choosing rich,    techniques in a    climax and           through sound,       terms: comedy,        persuaders in ad
             Reinforce            report             expressive        range of texts.    resolution.          shape, texture…      tragedy, plot,        and news copy.
             spelling patterns                       language.                                                 and meaning!         dramatic irony.
             and strategies for   Dramatic                             Identifying        Use ‘L.C. terms’                                                Link task: create
             checking             dialogue           Reporting         connotation and    theme/issue, key     For the unseen       Discuss               a biased and an
             punctuation.                            accurately and    inference.         moments, the         poem, read a         differences           objective report
                                  The debate         clearly.                             world of the text.   wide range and       between theatre       based on a
             Insist on proof-     speech                               Being aware of                          ask for responses    and film, and         studied text
             reading, reading                        Making and        tone, especially   Identify key         to specific words    page and stage.
             aloud etc.           The critical       illustrating      the humorous or    quotations or        or lines, and ask                          Choose favourite
                                  essay.             points.           satirical.         references.          about overall        Ask how they          ad, TV
                                                                                                               impact.              would play/direct     programme,
                                                                                                                                    /design…              cartoon…

                                                                                                                                    Presented by Cathy Keane and Kate O’Carroll
                                                                                                                                                      ATE Summer School 2003

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