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									Selena’s Life

  Paola Luevanos
 August 14th, 2006
Paola Luevanos

                             Selena’s Life
 April 16, 1971 is the day when Mrs. Marcella Quintanilla and Mr. Abraham Quintanilla

brought Selena Quintanilla-Perez to life. She was born in Lake Jackson, Texas and raised

in Corpus Christi. She has a brother and a sister, her brother’s name is Abraham

Quintanilla the third, and her sister’s name is Suzette Quintanilla.

 Selena’s and the Dinos first Performance were in 1980 in the PapaGallos Restaurants.

Selena recorded her first album in the year 1984 under the Freddie label. 1989 is when

Selena got her big break down. That year, she signed with Capitol/EMI Latin label.

Selena’s concerts were drawing thousands of people and her band was expanding. April

3,1992.In 1990, a fan approached Abraham Quintanilla with the idea of starting a fan

club. Her name was Yolanda Saldivar. Her wish was granted. She was often referred to as

Selena’s biggest fan. Yolanda was a very close friend of Selena’s, but later on, one of

Selena’s worst enemies.

 Money also started to miss from Selena’s Etc. account. Yolanda who supposed to be

Selena’s friend was stealing from them. On March 12, 1995, Selena fired Yolanda.

Selena and Yolanda returned to the Motel and argued. Selena told Yolanda that she could

not be trusted anymore. At 11:48 am, Yolanda took put a gun and fired right to poor

Selena. The bullet struck in Selena’s right shoulder. With Selena’s last strengths ran
toward the lobby to get some help. Selena collapsed on the lobby floor as the clerk called

911. Soon as the ambulance to take Selena to the Hospital at 1:05 pm Selena was

declared dead. Thousands of Selena’s fans passed by her coffin. But still dead Selena will

always be alive in our heart. KEEP SELENA’S MEMORY ALIVE.




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