IW ent To Kill the Deer by dZfeOt


									I Went To Kill the Deer                      1. What relationship exists between the
                 Taos Pueblo Indian              deer and the eagle?
I went to kill the deer                      2. Why do the animals hear the heart
Deep in the forest where                         of the mountain beating when the
The heart of the mountain beats                  speaker cannot?
For all who live there.                      3. How does the speaker feel about
An eagle saw me coming and                       killing the deer?
Flew down to the home of the deer            4. How does the speaker justify his
And told him that                                killing of plants and animals?
A hunter came to kill.                       5. How will he make reparation to the
The deer went with the eagle                     earth?
Into the heart of the mountain        6.         A. Personification: What inanimate
Safe from me who did not hear            elements of nature possess human qualities
The heart of the mountain beating.       in these poems? Which animal has human
1 Have Killed the Deer                   B. Theme: Related to personification is
                Taos Pueblo Indian       what anthropologists call
I have killed the deer.                  anthropomorphism, the assigning of human
I have crushed the grasshopper           qualities and motivations to animals or
And the plants he feeds upon.            inanimate objects. Unlike personification,
I have cut through the heart             however, anthropomorphism implies a
Of trees growing old and straight.       world view in which human beings and
I have taken fish from water             other living things are on an equal plane in
And birds from the sky.                  harmony with one another. Clearly the
In my life I have needed death           speaker of this poem identifies closely with
So that my life can be.                  plants and animals and sees himself as an
When I die I must give life              equal but not superior part of nature.
To what has nourished me.
The earth receives my body               6. What does the speaker perceive as a
And gives it to the plants               disruptive force in the harmony of nature?
And to the caterpillars                  7. Explain the speaker's theory that his own
To the birds as                          death will be a healing force in nature.
And to the coyotes
Each in its own turn so that             C. Connotation is the emotional response
The circle of life is never broken.      evoked by a word. The speaker of these two
                                         poems uses the following verbs to describe
                                         his destruction of living things: killed
                                         crushed cut taken
                                         Explain the connotation of each of these
                                         verbs. Then think of four or five additional
                                         verbs for destruction and explain their
                                         special connotations.

                                         D. Literary Link: What themes or ideas
                                         are common between these poems and the
                                         other works covered in this unit?

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