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									How to Register at AWSurveys

AW Survey is a site that provides the benefits mentioned above. The site is called aw surveys, a site that provides the facility to another web
survey. But many also say that this aw surveys scam sites but already many bloggers in Indonesia are paid by aw survey, certainly in the right
way instead of with
how to cheat .....
Ja straight to the point. For those of you who have not been able to registration tutor ... bellow here how to register at aw survey:
1. go to the
2.If you have entered on the front page AW Surveys and select Create A Free acount .
3.Fill in the necessary data such as usernames, passwords, etc. (remember to fill in the actual identity as AW Surveys will mengkomfimasikan
payments through the identity you give).
4.If you are finished Login with your newly created account
5.Look at the link below The Following Surveys are Available :
6.Click on these links and you will be given a new page with some links
7.Click on these links, then the new page will open.
8.Note that page and understand what the purpose of the website.
9.Once understood, return to the page AW Surveys and give criticism or suggestions in the box provided.
10.And booom free dollars will be placed in your account, the amount of free dollars depending on AW Surveys but the average of $ 4 - $ 8 in
all surveys. Make it easy??
11.After several surveys, free dollar that we collect may be sent via Paypal or AlertPay account, but once you reach $ 75.
12.Visit the AW Surveys in at least 3-4 weeks in case of existing companies that have in surveys.

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