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									            Student Directed Projects
Blue Valley North High School-Beginning Acting
      Wednesday, October 14, 2009 6:00 PM
      $1.00 Admission to cover food costs
                  A Driving Lesson
                By Brodsky and Lhota
                Director: Laura Hoefer
               Rep Mentor: Petra Weith
              Maureen- Veronica Propeck
                 Jude- Brittni Walters

                By David J. LeMaster
                Director: John Bricker
            Rep Mentor: Michael DeCoursey
              Woman 1: Joshlin Manning
               Woman 2: Emily Walton

                    Dearly Beloved
                    By Jessie Jones
               Director: Sarah Hennessey
                Rep Mentor: Will Easley
           Genevea/ Twink- Annie Yungmeyer
              Frankie- Anne Marie Laville

                  Bar Mitzvah Boy
                 By: Samara Siskind
               Director: Taylor Harvey
              Rep Mentor: Shaun Sutton
              Samuel- Timothy Williams
                Stacie- Jenny Phillips

                     Double Date
                    By: J. Holtham
               Director: Cortney Brown
              Rep Mentor: Adler Roberts
                Irene---Ellie Holcomb
                Pennie---Hannah Flaig
                 Nick---Nathan Reed

                     A Suggestion
                   By: Laurie Allen
               Director: Cameron Smith
               Rep Mentor: Brian Leeper
                Danny --- Max Agadoni
                Karen --- Nikki Merrill
                                Six Reasons Not To Be In A Play
                                        By: Alan Haehnel
                                    Director: Sofia Belhouari
                                    Rep Mentor: Milan Naster
                                   Jonathan Sears- Character 1
                                 Maddy Friedman- Character 2

                                    By Mike Beede
                              Director: Anne Elise Dimas
                               Rep Mentor: Rachel Reese
                          Easton Smith- Nora, Eve, Dr. Louise
            Gabbi Fenaroli- Adam, God, Duck, Girl, Comedian, Caller 1,2,& 3

                                          The Bo Show
                                        By Betty Gerard
                                     Director: Easton Smith
                                    Rep Mentor: Drew Gaddie
                               Anne Elise- Katie, Raspberry, Jack
                              Jennifer Peters- Jill, Missy, Egg Girl
                              Julia Christopher- Mommy, Ruthann
                                      Francine Gollub- Bo
                                      Jack Murphy- Willie

                                      A Celebrity Sighting
                                       By Jonathan Mayer
                                     Directed by Jackson Rist
                                    Rep Mentor: Katie Hoefer
                                    Maddy Friedman-Gwyneth
                                      Helen Proctor-Ronnie

 Your FAN CLUB membership will help to pay the food bills which will feed over 400 students this year
during student directed projects, repertory theatre and school play dinners. A big thank you to all of you
  who have joined. Want to join? Contact Pat Austin or Peggy Tingle, our FAN CLUB co-presidents..As
always, we encourage all Directors and actors to augment scripts wherever necessary to make the actions
    and words of the characters appropriate for high school and younger audiences. Your support is
                    appreciated. Donations to our food fund would be appreciated.
                       Max H. Brown, Theatre Instructor/Advisor

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