Dear board members, by dZfeOt


									June 21, 2012

April Freeman
California Board of Occupational Therapy
444 North Third Street, Suite 410
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Ms. Freeman and Board members:

I am a licensed occupational therapist, and I am writing in support of the new proposed
regulations related to advanced practice in hand therapy, PAMs and swallowing. I feel
the proposed changes will reduce the confusion that now exists when therapists who are
not CHTs use the initials HTC after their name. It will also differentiate between an
expert level of certification, and meeting minimal requirements to practice in an
advanced area.

In this paragraph, please include examples of how your patients and referring
physicians have been confused by the HTC initials.

I appreciate the board taking this initiative to make the proposed changes and whole
heartedly support your efforts in resolving this ongoing confusion.


<insert name and address>

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