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Dried Herbs


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									Dried herbs are a convenient substitute if fresh herbs are not available. However,
they have a much more concentrated flavour than fresh herbs, so you will need to
reduce quantities. As a general rule, use about half the amount of dried herbs that
you would of fresh.

Using Dried Herbs

Thyme. To remove the leaves of dried thyme from their woody stems, place the
sprigs on a clean paper towel, fold over, and rub the herbs vigorously. If using a small
amount, rub the herb stems between your fingertips.

Bay leaves. Soak dried bay leaves in water for a few minutes before threading on to
skewers between cubes of meat, chicken, of fish. The leaves will add flavour to the
meat without burning.

Stalks. Scatter the stripped, dry stalks of thyme or rosemary on to the coals of a
barbecue to give a smoky, herb flavour to the food that is being cooked.

Preparing Rosemary

Stripping leaves

To strip the leaves quickly from the woody stems of rosemary, hold the tip of each
sprig in one hand, and strip the leaves off with a finger and thumb, pushing against
the direction of growth.

Bright Idea:

Using a tea infuser

If you want to enhance the flavour of a dish without leaving bits of herb behind, put
the herbs into a tea infuser, and stir them into the dish at the end of cooking.


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