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									Do you need help for your bankruptcy matters at Jacksonville then it is time for you to hire
Bankruptcy Attorney – Jacksonville

Bankruptcy – a legal problem-

Bankruptcy is of two types one is known as Personal Bankruptcy and other is Business
Bankruptcy. Going in for personal bankruptcy is a good way to deal with the consumer
debts like personal loans and credit cards. But this type of bankruptcy does not free you or
eliminates all kinds of debts as the debtor still owes debts to the federal government such
as student loans, back taxes etc. The debtor also owes for child support, alimony and other
post-divorce settlements. In case, the debtor has been convicted of a crime then it adds
further to the already existing problem.

Personal Bankruptcy

The personal bankruptcy is governed by Chapter-7 of bankruptcy laws that allows certain
exemptions or certain dollar amount on property that the trustee may not sell. The law
surrounding Chapter-7 personal bankruptcy is quite complicated and each case is dealt with
a unique way. Therefore, for this you have to approach the Bankruptcy Attorney
Jacksonville to deal with this chapter, if you are resident of Jacksonville. The bankruptcy
attorney – Jacksonville will be able to determine whether opting for bankruptcy is good for
you and advise you on some debt relief options as per Chapter -7 debt discharge plans or
Chapter-13, debt repayment plans and Chapter-11 reorganization.

Business Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy is for those who are in deep financial trouble and who would like to
come keep on doing their business without closing their set ups, and getting some financial
relief all at the same time. Chapter-11 does provide some relief in the form of keeping the
business in operation and reorganizing the business without going in for liquidation.
However, for starting the process under Chapter-11 it is very important for you to hire
bankruptcy attorney at Jacksonville if your business is located in Jacksonville. Bankruptcy
attorney do provide necessary help in dealing with the business bankruptcy under the
relevant sections of Chapter-11.

Some of the basic questions you should consider before hiring/appointing a bankruptcy
attorney at Jacksonville

Before considering hiring a bankruptcy attorney, the following questions must be borne in
your mind-

      The level of comfort you derive from the attorney in telling him or her about your
       personal information and the interest of the attorney in solving your problems.
      The credentials of the attorney such as the experience in dealing with the cases that
       is similar to you. The years of experience he or she has as an attorney.
      How the cost of the fees is structured by the attorney that is flat or hourly rates etc.
   The locationof the attorney’s office – whether it is conveniently located from both
    your residence and the court where the case is filed.

These are some of the issues that must be taken into account in bankruptcy cases.

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