2nd Grade Curriculum Guide in English

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					Curriculum Guide in English
Second Grade
Subject Description: English 2
Course Code: BENG02
           Summer                              Fall                         Winter                     Spring               Remarks
      Lecture             Lab          Lecture       Lab            Lecture        Lab         Lecture         Lab          Requirement
I. Sentences and Story           II. Nouns and Friendly      III. Verbs and Directions    IV. Descriptive Words and     1. Digital Presentation
Endings                                                                                   reports
                                 a. Listening for Details    a. Listening to Directions
a. Listening to a Story                                                                   a. Listening Clues
                                 b. What is Noun?            b. What is a Verb?
b. Sentences                                                                              b. What is a Describing
                                 c. Nouns That Name          c. Choosing Verbs            word?
c. Writing                       People and Animals
Sentences                                                    d. Verbs in Sentences        c. Words that tell how
                                 d. Nouns That Name                                       many
d. Telling and Asking            Places                      e. Writing Sentences with
Sentences                                                    Verbs                        d. Eye-Hand Coordination:
                                 e. Nouns That Name                                       Puzzle
e. Writing Telling and           Things                      f. Using Verbs
Asking Sentences                                                                          e. Words that tell size and
                                 f. Noun That Telling        g. Using Verbs in            Shape
f. How to start and end          Sentences                   Sentences
Telling Sentences                                                                         f.Using Describing Words in
                                 g. Noun That Asking         h. More About Using Verbs    Sentences
g. Writing Telling               Sentences
Sentences                                                    i. One or more than one      g. Writing sentences with
                                 h. One or More Than One                                  Describing Words
h. How to start and end                                      j. Verbs That mean Now
Asking sentences                 i. Writing Nouns in                                      h.Describing Word
                                 Sentences                   k. Writing Now Verbs in      Sentences
i. Writing Asking                                            Sentences
Sentences                        j. Making Nouns Show                                     i. Comparing Two Things
                                 Ownership                   l. Verbs in the Past
j. Sentences That                                                                         j. Using Words that
Command                      k. Writing Names of          m. Writing Past Verbs in     Compare
                             People                       Sentences
k.Wrting Different Kinds                                                               k. Using Word that
of Sentences                 l. Writing Titles and        o. Is and Are                Compare
l. The Naming Part of                                     p. Writing Sentences with    l. Comparing Three People
Sentences                    m. Writing Names of          Is and Are
                             Places                                                    m. Writing Sentences That
m. The Action Part of                                     q. Was and Were              Compare
Sentences                    n. Nouns That Name
                             Months                       r. Writing Sentences Was     n.Listening to a Report
n. Matching Sentence                                      and Were
Parts                        o.Nouns that Name Days                                    o. ABC Order
                                                          s. Has and Have
o. Sentences                 p. Nouns That Name                                        p. Using ABC Order
                             Holidays                     t. Writing Sentences with
p. Listening to a story                                   Has and Have                 q.Words with Opposite
                             q. Using Special Names in                                 Meanings
q. Putting thing in Groups   Sentences                    q. “ No ” Words
                                                                                       r.Finding Opposites
r. Grouping Things that      r. Writing Sentences with    r. Contractions
Go together                  Special Names                                             s. Putting Opposites in
                                                          s. Making Conmtractions      Sentences
s. Words That are Alike in   s. What is a Pronoun         in Sentences
Meaning                                                                                t. Writing Sentences with
                             t. Using I and Me            t. Listening to Directions   Opposites
t. Beginning of the Sory
                             u. Listening to a Letter     u. Following Directions      u. Making a Report
u. Middle of the Story
                             v. Telling Things in Order   v. More about Following      V. Review and Book
v. Sory Ending                                            Directions                   Reports
                             w.Using Order Words
                                                          w. Words with Two            a. Listening to a Book
                             x. Compound Words            Meanings                     Report

                             y. Coumpound Word in         x. Writing Sentences to      b. Finding Sentences
                             Sentences                    Show Meaning
                                                                                       c. Putting Words in
                             z. The Parts of Letter                                    Sentences

                                                                                       d. Reviewing Telling and
                                                                                       Asking Sentences

                                                                                       e.Reviewing Sentence Part

                                                                                       f. reviewing Nouns in

                                                                                       g.Using Nouns in Sentences
h. Reviewing Verbs in

i.Reviewing Now and in the

j. Describing Words

k. Listening to a Book

l. Title of a Book

m. More About Books

n. Learning About the

o. Using The Dictionary