Chapters 17-19 by NuH5HDM


									Chapters 17-19

   1. Describe Jonas’s new level of feelings, and what caused them?
              He had not taken his pills for the Stirring for four weeks, and he knew this accounted for
   some of his feelings. Also, he had the memories from The Giver. E knew much more about
   Elsewhere than anyone else in the Community.

   2. What was Father’s responsibility when twins were born?
             He weighed the two, gave the larger to the Nurturer, and cleaned up the smaller one. Then
   he performed a Ceremony of Release.

   3. How did Jonas feel about becoming the new Receiver?
               He was not looking forward to it. He was beginning to understand that he would probably
   have a difficult and lonely life.

   4. What was the name of the Receiver-to-be who was selected ten years before Jonas?
            It was Rosemary.

   5. What happened to the Receiver-to-be who was selected before Jonas?
              After five weeks, The Giver transferred loneliness and loss to her. He continued to giver
   her both pleasant and unpleasant memories although he did not give her physical pain. After a while,
   she went to the Chief Elder and asked to be released. The Elder granted her request.

   6. What happened to the Community after the incident with the Receiver-to-be?
            Her memories were released back into the Community. It was very difficult for the
   members because they had never experienced the feelings before.

   7. Jonas and The Giver discussed the effects of the Community if Jonas would be lost. What did they
       think would happen?
              The Giver said they would have all the memories Jonas had received over the year. Jonas
   said they would not like it. The Giver said he could probably help any of the Community members
   the way he was helping Jonas. He said he would have to think abut it some more.

   8. Describe the release of the newchild.
                Father weighed both of the newchildren. He gave the heavier one to the Nurturer. He
   filled a syringe with a clear liquid, then injected the smaller newchild with it. He was talking
   cheerfully to the newchild during the procedure. The newchild moved around for a few minutes,
   then stopped. Then his father put the body in a carton and put the carton in a chute in the wall.

   9. What did Jonas realize as he watched the tape of the release?
              From his memories of war, Jonas recognized that the newchild was dead. He realized his
   father had killed it.

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