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									                            CURRICULUM 课程设计

      Brentwood College of Asia International School
  Mandarin and Chinese Class Curriculum for Adults and

    Brentwood Chinese curriculum is designed by experienced education professionals
to meet the needs and interests of young learners who would like to explore a foreign
language in a fun way.

     Aside from learning language and practicing language skills,Brentwood Chinese
curriculum at all levels will combine the Western and Eastern cultural elements, as well
as use authentic and fun materials to motivate our young learners. A typical lesson plan
includes games, role-play, music, video, story books, and hands-on Chinese cultural
activities that appeal to the younger learners such as making handicrafts, kicking
shuttlecocks, and making paper-cuts and kites.

                                         Level I

      Aims of level I children's Chinese classes are introducing Chinese phonetic
alphabets – Pinyin and Chinese characters; using simple daily life expressions, singing
children’s songs and reciting children’s rhymes; becoming familiarized with
approximately 50 Chinese characters; and gaining a preliminary understanding of the
Chinese culture.

      Language objectives are greeting, self-introduction, counting, stating one’s age,
describing physical features, family, common household terms, terms of reading and
writing, classroom terms, drinks and food.

                                         Level II

    At level II children's Chinese classes, aside from continuing with our student-
centered class activities, we will review previous materials, and begin new learning
materials.I” Student’s listening and speaking skills will be reinforced; and their
vocabulary will be expanded.

   Goals of this course are encouraging students to use their basic language skills to
communicate with each other; reading and writing approximately 50 more Chinese
characters, and gaining a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.
   Learning objectives are nationality, cities, time, date, locations, occupations,
animals, nature, colors and clothing.
                                         Level III

      Aims of level III children's Chinese classes are understanding and conversing at a
more advanced level; encouraging students to talk about simple topics like “today’s
weather” and “traveling to China.” At the completion of level III students will recognize a
total of 150 Chinese characters, and have a good understanding of Chinese culture.
Another goal of this level is to encourage students to start reading simple phrases and
short paragraphs.

     Learning objectives are discussing the four seasons, time, temperature, weather,
sports, hobby, locations, occupations, animals, nature, colors, clothing, shopping and

                                         Level IV

    We strive to help young learners improve their fluency and communication skills,
and encourage them to use their language skills in various practical situations.

      Level IV children's Chinese classes focus on the reinforcement of conversational
skills, building vocabulary, and reading short stories.

     Teaching materials for level IV are carefully selected and competently compromised
by experienced professionals. All handouts for learning and practicing will be collected
in the “Chinese folder”.

    We cover objectives such as appearance and character, feelings, daily routines,
education, food and drink, weather, relationships, health, sport, etc.

                                         Level V

      Aside from language acquisition, we will gain awareness of China-Western cultural
differences; and motivate our students to use their language and cultural knowledge for
further study and leisure.

     Our goals are to help students further improve their communication skills at a
higher level, build a larger vocabulary, enhance reading skills, and begin to write on
various topics.

     Teaching materials for level V are carefully selected and competently
compromised by experienced professionals. All handouts for learning and practicing will
be collected in the “Chinese folder”.
     In addition to topics from previous levels, new objectives include shopping,
entertainment, holidays, transport, travel, emergencies, neighborhood, the town and
services etc.

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