Simsimi by Breathdigital


									Simsimi: chat with simsimi by your devices iPhone, iPad and Android
 Simsimi is the hottest conversation app for iPhone, iPad and Android. You can chat with this chatting
robot. It was created in 2002 by Korean tech company ISMaker. After so many years its popularity
remained very high. It uses artificial intelligence for conversing with human. It stores the conversation
and uses it whenever the same type of reply is required. There are over 10 million question and answer
conversations for providing a great experience to its users as the best simulated conversation they ever
had. Whenever a user types a message to simsimi app on their devices the app replies by scanning all
the previous related conversations from its database and gives a hilarious response. All the simsimi
users say its response is not surprising because these are based on the knowledge of its million users.

Simsimi’s intelligence grows by our input, we can teach simsimi our own words and all other users do
the same. When there are no data in simsimi for any message then the answer is I have no response you
can teach simsimi how to reply for those messages by selecting the “teach” tab and instruct it according
to you. Then simsimi will make responses as you teach it.

Simsimi is as good as siri for iPhone 4s but simsimi is unable to interact via voice recognition interface.
And many other things simsimi can’t do as setting alarm.

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