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5 Simple Steps to Choosing the
  Right Purses and Handbags
Following 5 Simple Steps to Choosing
the Right Purses and Handbags:

1. Determine the Purpose
2. Know your Style
3. Try it on
4. Examine the Workmanship
5. Check the Price
1. Determine the Purpose :
Determine what you would be using the purse
or bag for. Will it serve a functional purpose
or is it just a cosmetic addition to your
wearing apparel. There is certainly a place for
2. Know your Style :
Each woman has her own personal expressive
style, and you would for sure have your own.
It is just a matter of getting familiar with your
style. That will help you choose things that
suit you nicely.
3. Try it on :
When you have shortlisted a few purses or
handbags check them on to see how they
look on you. Wearing them will too help you
get a feel of the accessories. An ideal purse
should look good and too feel good.
4. Examine the Workmanship :
At one time you have chosen your bag or
purse, see it carefully inside and out.
Especially, check for the stitches to consider if
they are strong and uniform. If you find loose
threads or gaps in the stitches, you should
look for another bag.
5. Check the Price :
Consider if the price is reasonable for the kind
of bag you are buying. You too
require checking if the price you pay
corresponds to the purpose for which you
would utilize the bag finally. If you plan to use
it just for one or two occasions to match your
wearing apparel, then you probably should
not spend too much on it.
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