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									    How To Open
 A Paypal Account In
 Nigeria In 15 Minutes
  using your Nigeria
 Address...Plus hidden
   ways on How To
   Generate Income
Everyday Through Your
   Paypal Account...
       Nwosu Desmond.

Introduction And Disclaimer:

 If you have been on the internet for sometime now, you will definetely agree with me
that sometimes it look almost impossible for someone to run a successful online
business without having a paypal account.

Have you been in a position where you wanted to purchase something online, only to
find out that you must have a paypal account before you can purchase such products? I
have been there several times without number.

It was because of this burden that led me to this research and finally i can boldly say
that anyone who follows my principle will be able to open a paypal account in Nigeria in
15 minutes using your Nigerian address and not changing your i.p.

That may sound stupid but it is true.

I want to say that at the time of writing this, the informations provided here are valid and
work like magic BUT paypal can decide to upgrade their security system at anytime
which might stop the effectiveness of the steps outlined here.

In other words, dont wait. Let's begin immediately.

  What Is A Paypal Account?

A paypal account is an online payment solution system that makes you fund your
account with them to enable you make and receive payments online. With a paypal
account you can buy things online and also receive money from it too.

Owning a paypal account is very important such that most internet marketers own and
use paypal account.

Paypal don't accept Nigerians. Why?

It is because of reasons that they only can explain but they claim that the rate of frauds
in Nigerian is too high that if they grant Nigerians access to their websites, it will not
only make them lose money but also lose their credibility online. Unfortunately a lot of
Nigerians who wants to use paypal for various but legitimate purposes have been held
back because of that simple decision made by paypal. Believe me paypal is very strict.

In this report my major aim is to show you how to safely and securely open a paypal
account in Nigeria like i did without much problems. Infact you will be able to operate a
paypal account in Nigeria in just 15 minutes after reading this e-book. Surprised?

Well,by the time you get to the end of this report you will agree with me and maybe
call me a genius.

 Should i Open A Verified Or An Unverified Paypal Account?

If you have ever tried opening a paypal account before then you will agree with me
that there is a case where you open an unverified paypal account and also there is a case
where you can open a verified paypal account. The truth is, they are almost the same.
Most Nigerians- maybe you too-once they open a paypal account the next thing they go
after is to try to verify it.

I have news for you. For now, dont open a verified paypal account, use an unverified
paypal account. It is more secured.

What Can An Unverified Paypal Account Do?

[1] It can receive payments

[2]It can be used to make payments or transfer money

[3]You can use it to pay people who has paypal accounts

[4]You can withdraw your money anytime you want to.

So the only difference between a verified and an unverified paypal account is that
while an unverified paypal can receive small payments let's say $1,500 a verified paypal
can receive and withhold as much as $5,000. just that. But there is a secret that most
people don't know. It is more secured to open an unverified paypal account because
paypal will see you as an un-serious person and wont bother checking your i.p and other
security details but if you are verified that is when they come after you. Even those in
countries like U.S.A, U.K go through that same problem.

In this report i will show you how to open an unverified paypal account because like i
said that is the easier way to go BUT if you are still serious about using a verified paypal
account, read this ebook i wrote last year about opening a paypal account in Nigeria.

Enough of all that story let me begin the process of showing you step by step on how to
open a paypal account in Nigeria using your Nigerian address and your Nigerian i.p.

Let's Begin

                IN 15 MINUTES.

The first thing is for you to go over to the paypal website and that is
Once you get to the website,look at the top of the page and click on      SIGN UP . If you
find that hard to do, then just go directly to the registration page which is

After clicking on the sign up page, you will then be directed in less than 20 seconds by
paypal to another page where you will be asked to select:



Type of account

In the country choose     NIGER [i will explain later why you should choose Niger]. In
the language section choose the U.S ENGLISH and then Choose a PERSONAL
ACCOUNT type. Click Get Started...

When the next page displays. It will bring out a form that you will be required to fill.
Some the informations that you will be asked to fill are;

First Name;
Last Name;
Email Address;
Phone Number

I don't think those one's will be hard for you to answer. So i will just go straight to the
area where you will asked to choose: A country,-put your address,-phone number,-zip
code,-paypal account login and finally password recovery question an answer.

This is where most Nigerians get to and then there seems to be no way out. Well i have
found it. In the section where you will be asked to select your  country of citizenship ,
choose NIGERIA.

   The reason is this, i have come to find out that NIGER address looks almost like a
Nigerian address that it will take only someone who has been to both countries to be
able to detect. I am serious, not only does the name NIGERIA and NIGER looks similar
the addresses that are used in both countries are alike..and i will prove it.

 Once again choose NIGERIA.

  After you have done that, go ahead and place your Nigerian HOME address in the
address section . Put the Nigerian ZIP which is 234 and your state Code, for example if
you stay in Lagos it will be something like 23401, while someone who stays in Ibadan
will have to write 23402.

Just in case you are not sure of your zip-code, just include 23400. It will be accepted.

After you have done that go ahead and complete the remaining questions there like.
QUESTION & ANSWER section . Choose a question and answer that you will not
easily forget so that just incase you misplace your password you can easily get it back
rather than trying to open another new paypal account, you might lose money if you
neglect the importance of choosing and answering a question you wont easily forget.

Also in the   Paypal account login information box, choose the email that you are
going to be using for your paypal account. It will be like your account number, so when
someone wants to pay into your paypal account all they will need is just your paypal
account email address.

When you do all this, click the    SIGN UP button and the finally..

You will be taken to a page confirming your registration. In the last page paypal will
notify that you have been sent a confirmation link in the email you placed in the form
while registering, Go back to the email address that you placed. Open the paypal email,
click the link and confirm. And then...

    have been able to open a
   paypal account in Nigeria,
  Using your Nigerian address.


 Nice question. This is what happened.

While NIGER is seen as your country or region and you choose         NIGERIA as your
country of citizenship, If tomorrow they see you open your paypal account in with a
Nigeria i.p, they wont block it because they will “assume” that you are in your country
[Nigeria], not just that like i said if you are using an unverified account it even increases
your chances of not being blocked to 101%. I have tried this techniques and it has never
failed me.

What i just shared is a principle that     presently works, except if paypal decides to
upgrade their security system tomorrow. Meanwhile i will advice that you don't always
check your paypal account. Check your paypal maybe once or maximum twice a month.

Another way to add to this system is to block your I.P address. With this you can open
your paypal account without any fears. Once you are able to use a powerful sofware to
change your i.p address you be will be sure that your money in your paypal account
won't get frozen.

I want to give you a software that less than 50 people use in Nigeria. It was created by
the chinese and very expensive too. Download the software to your system, follow the
instruction's and your I.P will be covered or changed to a country suitable for paypal.

Download the software from; .

 NOTE: Whenever someone pays money into your paypal account, paypal           immediately
sends you an email that a payment has been sent to you. Which means that you should
only check your paypal, when you want to transfer the money.

Don't say i didn't tell you oo... Because even people who lives in the USA face
trouble's from paypal.


If you make money from your paypal account[which i will discuss how to do that].
There will be times when you will need to turn your paypal money into cash. OR what is
the need of making money that can't touch.

  There are several ways to receive your money. You can use a USA bank account,
which i explained in

  The easiest way so far is to use the “check method”. Where paypal sends a check over
to you.

Now we know that paypal will not send check to you in Nigeria, so it is time to use
another method. Change your address. Yes, except if you know someone in          NIGER that
can be trusted worthy enough to receive your payment. If not use this method:

Change your home address to an address where you can easily receive payments. If
you know someone in a foreign country ask him for his address, USE it. So what
happens is that , your change your address immediately to the “new” address you have
gotten. When you do that,locate in your paypal account where you are asked to
“transfer” . Transfer your money to this new address. Once your money is sent. You can
then change it back to NIGER . Simple techniques that works.

Now if you don't have a friend or relative that can do the job for you. I offer a service
that gives you a unique U.K address and phone number that you can use. This unique
U.K address goes for just N2,500 a year. With this address, you can use it in any website
like or any other website where Nigerian is not accepted. I am in a

way affiliated with so the address that i will send to you will
be secured. When your check arrives there, they will send it over to you here in Nigeria.
Once again the price is just N2,500 a year.

When your check arrives. Take it to your bank and they will help you turn it into cash.


This is where i will leave you in the hands of someone else. I dont fund paypal account
for people, so i will direct to where your paypal account can be funded, safely. There is a
company in Nigeria called: Global Trends Network[G.T.N]. They have a website called They offer other services too that you can check from their websites.

Please note that i am not in anyway affiliated with GTN website or company so what
transactions you make is at your own risk. But so far they have been good and reliable.

Another place where you can fund your paypal account for N180 ton $1 is A Nigerian internet marketer too. So go over to the websites and
check it out, Or go directly through


I won't spend much time on this. You will need to do study on them.

[1] Affiliate Marketing: This is a situation where by you sell someone product and for
every sale that you make. You will be paid a commission for it. That means if you sell a
$100 product, the product instantly pays $50 or more into your paypal account. Sell 80
copies of that product and you will be going home with over $4,000.

There are several websites where you can get products to sell some of them is:

 Visit each of this website and start picking products to sell.

Also i will advice that you visit;

[2] Information Product Marketing: If you are like me, you want to create your own
product. Where you create the $100 product and when you make a sale you keep the
$100, so instead of making $4,000 as an affiliate you make $8,000. cool cash.

Information product simply means selling your own product and keeping the money
100%. For this purpose i have created a powerful information ebook that shows you how
to generate five figures every month selling information product right from your
bedroom. Just send an email to for more information's.

[3] Offer services : One simply and easy way is to master a certain kind of skills and be
selling it to internet marketers for a fee. There are thousands of marketers who are in
need of certain services offer it to them and they will be glad to pay you. One of such
service is the e-cover design, in less than 45 minutes you can master this skill and in
less than 15 minutes you can do a job where someone will be begging to pay you $50 for
it. Check out websites like ,
, and see how much they are charging for a single cover.


I promised to give you the following ebooks by Ewen Chia: all for free.

Not only have i receive the right to give this e-book to you but also
                                                                   i am handing over
the complete private label rights too. That means, remove HIS name, put YOUR
name, sell it for any price and keep the whole money to your self.

Here is the download link:

With that i have come to the end of this report.


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